Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in August 2016 - Astrology & Astronomy 1

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in August 2016 – Astrology & Astronomy

Look towards the West on Saturday night at a rare Venus-Jupiter conjunction!

The astronomy

The two most benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus will be the closest they have ever been and it won’t happen again until 2065!

Though Venus and Jupiter conjunct each other often. A thing called an appulse will happen that will not again until 2065!

Venus and Jupiter will be in conjunction in right ascension at 2200 GMT with Venus passing 0.1 degrees north of Jupiter. But that’s not the moment when the two planets are closest to each other that moment will come 31 minutes later, at 2231 GMT.

This conjunction is on the tail end of Jupiter’s transit in Virgo – and conjunct the fixed star Zavijava at 27°23′ Virgo (which interestingly enough Einstein used during the solar eclipse of Sept. 21, 1922, which fell close to it, to determine the speed of light in space).

The astrology

From here on astrology – so those of you who cringe at the word don’t read on…lol.

Zavijava is like Mercury and Mars (Words into/informing/creating action) so being in Virgo would be to notice (before Jupiter moves into Libra), how much are we just “barking dogs” (a symbolism of that star is “Corner of the kennel for dogs that barked at nearby Leo or “most knowledgeable””) sort of like do we “bark” or talk about our Leo (talents, need for love romance, ecstasy, creativity) or do our actions (Mars) show it clearly – “do we walk our talk” or just “talk about our potential selves” as if they have already manifested and the world, our lovers, our bosses, our countries whatever don’t deliver to this imaginary created self we convince ourselves we are, and feel self-righteous about or misunderstood or underappreciated. Even though we’ve done nothing but imagine our potential selves as lacking stuff.

Also it will help us examine how the story we tell ourselves about ourselves, how our philosophies (Jupiter), teachers (Jupiter), gurus/priests (Jupiter) have either expanded our sense of self or contracted it.

Virgo will let you see this clearly.


How much of what we talk about is just “grapevine philosophy” and most of all Venus and Jupiter the two planets most representative of wealth – beauty and all materially wonderful joys of abundance how well these teachers, beliefs, have embraced a sense of the abundance of “beautiful words, beautiful asking”. Truly if we see how all of Nature is abundant (look at how many leaves there are on one single tree) and then look at your life (your tree), and see if your “mind-trip” has embraced this abundance or is there a lack of. It will be clear why under the brilliance of this conjunction.

When these two planets come close we get a “glorious” glimpse of heaven maybe heaven on Earth and Virgo will give you this epiphany while you are drinking a simple cup of coffee, or looking at the eyes of your lover or all the beautiful things we create here and cherish. It depends on the person and where it hits.

As for action (Mars), Virgo wants us to clean ourselves up a bit. For example, it is one thing to know, lets say, you are an artist and talk about it, or know you are in love and talk about it. It is one thing to sit back and know how wonderful you are, but when someone treats you unfairly to not say anything or to say ugly things back in anger (Mars). This conjunction inspires us to the most beautiful in word and deed. For Virgo, God is in the details, god is in the smallest things we do everyday. And this gives us a chance to be “Gloriously Beautiful” (another symbolism of Zavijava) as well as Venus. Gloriously beautiful because we pay attention to the detail, as all beautiful things are beautiful in the detail of them. A wrinkle up close and in detail is just a beautiful line.

To know how to receive (Venus) and attract the mechanism of it  not just the idea. Seriously, the low down would be to just walk up to someone and ask for what you want in the most beautiful way you can. Like just say to a lover, I want a kiss, to get married, have sex, have a baby. At a place of work, I want to work here, to a friend, I want you to come with me to my event, just find the words, feel so full of wanting it, you just ask beautifully.

Virgo is practical, so we can easily see the discrepancy between how much we mouth off about who we (even under our breath) in comparison to what we actually are and clearly how easy (Jupiter and Venus create ease) how easy it truly is to receive many things, favors, objects of beauty, money, love etc….if asked for in the most lovely way.

Venus asks Jupiter in this case. How can I receive your bounty. How can I receive your wealth, love, how do I ask for it, attract it, contain it, express it, with all your accumulated wisdom of our souls, what do you suggest is true? If you see the symbol of Venus is a circle (spirit hovering over a cross (the earth) pregnant with possibility. Jupiter is a crescent (soul) on a cross, the soul informing the earth picking up information. These two now can give birth to an entire new experience of awesome living and it may be surprisingly simple.

So this conjunction is a very small moment of opportunity, lasting less than a day or two, to see this, feel this  ease and remember it and carry it beyond Jupiter as Venus goes forward over the next year.

This conjunction of Jupiter and Venus could bring lots of good stuff if embraced and remembered, like a magic tool for life that makes gold, but if it just passes and you are asleep, it will just be another “feel-good” day….and nothing will come out of it. If you figure it out and hook into it, it will be a skill that will transform your finances, creativity and love life for sure. It’s a wealthy vibe, an awesome vibe, the most awesome of earthly pleasures vibe…the note will sound when the two planets meet. It’s up to you to remember it’s song to sing it again and again