Neville Goddard Lectures Index


The Shaping of the Unbegotten (1/7/64)
The One Greater Than John (1/9/64)
Binding and Loosing (1/14/64)
The Larger Venture (1/16/64)
This is My Name Forever (1/19/64)
The Supreme Ideal (1/21/64)
No Other Foundation (1/23/64)
Purified by the Death of Your Delusions (1/28/64)
Now My Eye Sees Thee (1/30/1964)
He Has Put Eternity into the Mind of Man (2/4/1964)
In a Vision of the Night (2/06/1964)
Grace versus Law (2/11/1964)
The Power of Faith (2/11/1964)
The Last Days By A Son (2/11/1964)
Eternal States (2/20/1964)
His Eternal Play (2/2?/1964)
All Are Human (2/27/1964)
Our Real Beliefs (3/6/64)
Who Are The Condemned? (3/10/1964)
The Law of Liberty (3/13/1964)
I Am Called by Thy Name, O Lord (3/17/64)
God Only Acts (3/20/1964)
Jesus or Barabbas? (3/24/1964)
Life Through Death (3/27/64)
The New and Living Way (3/31/64)
His Own Credentials (4/3/64)
Be Master of the Mood (4/10/64)
The Mystery Hidden for Ages (4/21/64)
The Friend of Sinners (4/24/64)
They Did Not Die (4/28/64)
A Confession of Faith (5/1/64)
The Clever Rascal: The Unjust Steward (5/5/64)
Speaking from Experience (5/8/64)
What is His Name? (5/12/64)
Signs and Wonders (5/15/64)
Jesus: God’s Plan of Salvation (5/19/64)
God Has A Purpose (5/22/64)
Call the Next Witness (5/26/64)
Thy Dead Shall Live (11/13/64)
Gathered One by One (11/17/64)
What Does the Lord Require? (11/20/64)
Go Down to the Potter’s House (11/24/64)
You Are My Witnesses
The Primal State
For Hatching
Eternity in Man’s Mind
The True Story of Christmas


The Real Man 1/5/65
Falsehood is Prophetic 1/8/65
Twenty-seven Heavens 1/12/65
The Cabala 1/15/65
This is My Name Forever: I AM 1/19/65
Works of Faith, Not Miracles 1/22/65
The Art of Dying 1/26/65
The Womb of the Universe 1/29/65
The Smile 2/2/65
The Sower 2/5/65
Creation 2/9/65
The Law 2/12/65
Law/Story Telling/Picture Taking 2/16/65
On The Law 2/19/65
The Dreamer 2/23/65
Where Are You Staying? 2/26/65
The Word 3/2/65
Believe in Him 3/5/65
It is Within 3/9/65
The Apple of His Eye
God is in Christ, Reconciling
Have You Found Him?
The Bible is the Word of God
Spiritual States
God’s Law
The Marks of Jesus
Inner Talking 4/16/65
Shared Experiences 4/20/65
In Praise of Wisdom 4/23/65
Creative Moments
My Husband
The Witness of the Spirit
This World is a Dream
The Art of Imagining
Greatest of All Blessings
The Implanted Word
Your Mood Decides Your Future 5/21/65
The Unknown Actor 5/25/65
The Law: Self-Circumcision 5/28/65
On the Mysteries 6/4/65
Memory 6/8/65
God’s Eternal Law and His Promise
Evil: Turning to Other Gods
Scripture Must Be Fulfilled In Us
The Fundamental Sin
Your Creative Power
Life is a Race
The Name of God
The New Man 11/9/65
What Are You Sowing?
The Unrighteous Steward: Memory
Teach Us to Pray
It is Within You
The State of Paul
The Rock


Your Future
Believe It In 1/07/66
Behold the Dreamer 1/11/66
The Bible is All About You 1/14/66
The Human Imagination 1/21/66
Everyone Has the Plan in Him 1/24/66
What Must We Do? Believe! 1/28/66
Time to Act 2/1/66
Commune With Yourself 2/4/66
Invisible Things
You Find Jesus Christ in Yourself as Yourself
Name of God is Key to Understanding the Bible
The Rock, The Water and The Wine
Summary: The Eternal Plan
Neville’s Thoughts If Leaving Permanently
Our Real Beliefs
Behold This Dreamer
God Only Acts
Love Endures
Free Or Slave
What Must We Do?
The New Man 10/18/66
The Primal Wish
The Miraculous Child
The Congregation Of God
Life is For Acting
Take My Yoke
The Return of Jesus
Occupant or Inmate
The Eternal Father
An Apostle
God Plays All the Parts
The Word
We Are Witnesses


Imagination: My Slave 2/13/67
Remembrance Of Things Future 2/17/67
Imagining Creates Reality 2/21/67
Adam And Christ Are One 2/27/67
Keep The Sabbath 3/3/67
The Rock And The Highway 3/6/67
The Riddle 3/10/67
He Dreams In Me 3/13/67
He Stirs In Me 3/20/67
He Wakes In Me 3/24/67
Become Like A Child 3/27/67
The New Idea Against The Old 3/31/67
Coming To Know The Only True God 4/3/67
Put On The Lord Jesus Christ 4/7/67
A Prophecy 4/10/67
Down To The Sea In Ships 4/14/67
The Father And Son 4/17/67
Generation And Death 4/21/67
Going Up To Jerusalem 4/24/67
Closing Summary 4/28/67
Imagining Creates Reality 9/11/67
Have You Found Him? 9/15/67
Yours For The Taking 9/18/67
Test Yourselves 9/25/67
Infinite States 9/29/67
The Name Of Judah 10/2/67
Secret Of Praying 10/6/67
A Spiritual Feast 10/9/67
The Wearer Of The Mask 10/13/67
Trust In God 10/13/67
The Signs Of The End 10/20/1967
A Lesson In Scripture 10/23/67
Love Divided From Imagination 10/27/67
Imagining Creates Reality 10/30/67
Whatever You Believe And Persist In Will Come To Pass 11/3/67
The Bible Is Addressed To The Imagination 11/6/67
The Most Practical, Yet Most Profoundly Spiritual 11/10/67
The Purpose Of Life: To Fulfill The Word Of God 11/13/67
Jesus Christ, The True Identity Of Man
Purpose: To Build A Dwelling Place For God
Baptism Into One Body
Sent To Disturb With Truth 11/27/67
Christmas: Birth That Gives Eternal Life
He Supplies The Spirit In Us
Season Of Advent
Christmas, The Birth Of Christ In Man
Imparting And Implanting The Word


Awake, O Sleeper!
The Man Within
Live in the Answer
God Speaks to Man in Dream and Vision
The Gospel in Paul’s Letters
God the Protean Being Becomes Humanity
Blake: Four Types of Vision
Genesis 3:16, Childbearing
The Creative Power: I AM
Salvation History Invades Time
Power Sent Me 2/16/68
The Word of God
Did A Man Called Jesus Christ Walk the Earth?
Raise Imagination to the State of Vision 2/26/68
They Related Their Own Experiences 3/1/68
The Way 3/4/68
The Last Days 3/8/68
Conception 3/11/1968
Truth of Concept Known by Feeling It Inspires 3/15/68
Persistent Assumption
States and the Meditating Being
The Serpent: Jesus Christ
Seek Ye First the Kingdom
Whom Do You Seek? (4/1/68)
Eschatological Visions (4/5/68)
Suffering of Jesus is Like That of David (4/8/68)
Real Meaning of Good Friday And Easter 4/12/68
Jacob’s Ladder: Christ
I Remember When
My Word Shall Accomplish My Purpose
The World is Imaginal in Character
Moses and Joshua
Natural Effects Have Spiritual Causes
Who Am I?
No Other God
Manner of Jesus’ Birth is a Sign
All Things Exist in the Human Imagination (5/24/68)
The Cup of Foaming Wine (5/31/68)
Imagining Creates Reality (6/3/68)
There is No Fiction (6/7/68)
The Remnant (6/10/68)
Old Testament is Prophetic Blueprint of Life of Jesus Christ 6/14/68
John 10: The Shepherd
Imagination, The Real Man (6/21/68)
Born From Above, John 3
We Came Out from the Father and Return (6/28/68)
Eternal States (9/9/68)
Twelve Hundred and Sixty Days
Rouse Thyself! Awake!
Fall and Restoration
The Fathers
Brazen Impudence
I Am in You
Power and Wisdom
The Spirit of Truth
Before Abraham Was
The Head: The Source
A Revelation of the Risen Christ
Fall in Love with Christ
Imagining Creates Reality
The Storm and the Calm
How to Interpret Scripture
Build on the Only Foundation: Jesus Christ
The Knowledge of God
Jesus Christ, Your Creative Power
The Heavenly Vision
On the Law: Test Yourselves 11/18/1968
The Name of God, I AM, is Synonymous with God 11/22/68
Advent: The Coming of Jesus Christ 11/29/68
Divine Acquittal: When Christ Awakes in Us 11/29/68
God’s Almighty Power and Wisdom 12/2/68
Partakers of the Divine Nature 12/6/68
The Mystery of Christmas 12/9/68
Christmas: The Birth of Man as God
God Enters into His Shadow


The Mystery of Imagination 1/6/69
The Mystery of Grace 1/10/69
The Mystery of Forgiveness
The Mystery of Eschatology
The Mystery of Election
The Mystery of Inspiration
The Real Baptism
The Wonder Working Power of Attachment
The Maker and The Maker of Things
When the Spirit of Truth Comes
We Are the Gods Who Came Down
The Rock
As He is So Are We
Christ Bore our Sins
Can You Believe in Jesus, a Pattern
The Goal of Life
The Game of Life
The Only God is I AM
The Mystery of the Bible
Simon Lifts the Cross
God’s Plan of Redemption
Word Became Flesh, Dwelt in Us
The Two Sides of This Teaching 3/28/69
Our Religion of Easter
Crucifixion: I AM the True Vine
Outer World Responds to Imaginal Acts 4/7/69
Creating One New Man Instead of the Two 4/11/69
Man is Soul and Body is Emanation 4/14/69
Forgiveness and the Immortal Eyes 4/18/69
The Law and the Plan of Redemption 4/21/69
Persons Represent States in Scripture 4/25/69
A Riddle 4/28/69
One Being Fell Containing All 5/2/69
The Wisdom, Power, Glory Buried in Us 5/5/69
Holding to Our Faith? 5/9/69
All Things Possible to Him Who Believes
The Lord’s Anointed
God is The Great Artist
Revelation of the Word within Us
The True Battle of Armageddon
The Law of Liberty
Love: God Bestows Himself
The Nature of God is Revealed in Us
Pursue Truth with Ceaseless Questioning
God’s Mystery of Christ
The I in Me is God Himself
Personifications, Not Persons 6/20/69
Forming of Christ in Us 6/23/69
We Find the Father In Us 6/27/69
Imagination’s Power 9/15/69
The Dreamer 9/19/69
Who is Paul?
All are Men in Eternity
Judas Betrays Messianic Secret
J, E, and P Manuscripts
Believe It In
No Other Foundation
The State of Paul: The Free Man
Scripture Must Be Fulfilled In Me
Sorrow Produces Glorious End
We Are God Himself
The Invisible God Behind The Made 10/27/69
Fundamental Revelation: Jesus Christ in Us
The Riddle
Thou Art Our Father, Our Potter
Kingdom of God: The One Body
Experience the Mystery of Christ 11/14/69
Thy Words Were Found
God Only Acts and Is
All Dreams Proceed from God
The Christian Mystery Experienced 11/28/69
The Season of Advent
The Secret of Causation
Christmas: Gospel Proclaims Event
The Mystery of Christmas


The Promise Fulfilled
Where Are You Staying? 1/11/1971 ?
Imagination Creates Reality 2/19/1971
Paul’s Prayer Interpreted 2/22/1971
If Any Two Agree… 3/22/1971
The Perfect Law of Liberty 4/2/1971
Proof, The Law Works 4/5/1971
Where is Golgotha? 4/9/1971
The Hidden Secret of God 4/12/1971
Order – Then Wait 4/16/1971
Revelation of Purpose 4/19/1971
Consigned to Disobedience 4/23/1971
Control Your Inner Conversations 4/26/1971
Salvation History – Not Secular 5/7/1971
The Spirit Of God 5/10/1971
Step Into the Picture (Who God Really Is) 5/10/1971
Self In Self and Risen 5/14/1971
Experience Scripture 5/28/1971
God-Given Talent 5/31/1971
Gifts Bestowed by GOD 6/4/1971
I AM All Imagination 6/4/1971
The Mystery Called Christ 6/7/1971
Who Is The Real Messiah 6/11/1971
The Dweller on the Threshold 6/14/1971
Who Paul Really Is 6/18/1971
The Secret of Imagination 6/21/1971
Purpose Revealed 6/25/1971
Imagination Plus Faith 7/19/1971
His Purpose 7/21/1971
Poor Brother Donkey 10/18/1971
The Potter’s House 10/25/1971
The Flood Is Still Upon Us 11/19/1971


Faith Is Loyalty to Unseen Reality January 28, 1972
What Is Man? January 31, 1972
Feel After Him February 1972
Repentance: A Gift from God February 28, 1972
Divine Vision March 3, 1972
God’s Son 1972
Know What You Want March 6, 1972
Feel Chosen 1972
John the Crown of Scripture March 6, 1972
You Must Experience God March 10, 1972
Ends, Ultimate and Temporary March 17, 1972
Rearrange the Mind March 24, 1972
Fulfillment of God’s Promise March 27, 1972
Where and When Did It Happen? March 31, 1972
Justified States April 3, 1972
Consummation April 28, 1972
Even the Wicked May 5, 1972
Revelation May 8, 1972
God and I Are One  1972

No One to Change But Self – Lesson #4
No Other Foundation 2
No Other God
North of the Strip
One Greater Than John
One Thousand Two undred & Sixty Days
Order – Then Wait (1970)
Order Your Conversations Aright
Out of This World Chapter 1 – Thinking Fourth Dimensionally
Paul’s Autobiography
Paul’s Prayer Interpreted
Persistent Assumption
Predestined Glory
Pre-Existence (1969)
Proof, The Law Works (1971)
Prophetic Sketches
Pruning Shears of Revision
Purified by the Death of Your Delusions
Purpose Revealed (1971)
Questions & Answers
Release Barabas & Crucify Jesus
Remain Faithful to Your Idea – Lesson #5
Revealed Truth
Salvation History
Seedtime and Harvest (1956)
Seeing Christ Through The Eyes of Paul
Seek the Kingdom
Self In Self And Risen (1971)
Sharing in Creativity
Signs From Above
Sons of the Most High
Sound Investments
Spiritual Sensation (1969)
Step Into The Picture (Who God Really Is) (1971)
Step into the Picture (Who God Really Is)
Test Him And See (1969)
Test Yourself
That Which Already Has Been
The 10 Aspects of Correct Prayer
The Art of Dying
The Artist is God
The Awakening of Faith
The Battle of Armageddon
The Bible – Your Biography
The Bible’s Mystery
The Birth Of The Babe
The Book of Job
The Bread and the Wine
The Cabala
The Coin of Heaven
The Core of Man
The Creator
The Crucifixion
The Cup and the Cross
The Cup of Experience
The Divine Body
The Father
The First Principle (1969)
The Flood Is Still Upon Us
The Forming Of Christ In You (1969)
The Foundation Stone – Imagination
The Four Mighty Ones
The Fourfold Gospel
The Free Man
The Game of Life
The Gospel
The Great Mystery
The Great Possession
The Great Secret
The Greatest Prayer
The Heart of the Dreamer
The Heavenly Vision
The Hidden Cause
The Incarnate Revelation
The Knowledge of God
The Last Days
The Law
The Light of the World
The Living Word
The Lord, Our Potter
The Man Within (1968)
The Miraculous Child (1966)
The Morning Star (1970)
The Most Precious Gift
The Mystery Called Christ (1971)
The Mystery of Baptism
The Mystery of Inspiration
The Mystery of Life
The New Christology
The One Greater Than John – The 1964 Lectures
The Only Christianity
The Pattern Man (1968)
The Pattern Man (Unknown)
The Pattern Of Scripture Is Real
The Pearl of Great Price – Neville Goddard
The Perfect Image
The Perfect Law Of Liberty (1971)
The Potter’s House
The Power and the Wisdom
The Power of Awareness (1953)
The Promise Explained (1970)
The Promise Fulfilled
The Pure in Heart (1963)
The Revealer
The Rock
The Roll of the Book
The Second Vision
The Secret of Causatiion
The Secret of Imagination (1971)
The Secret of Imagining (1970)
The Secret of Prayer
The Seven Eyes Of God (1959)
The Shaping of the Unbegotten – The 1964 Lectures
The Shaping of the Unbegotten 1963
The Shaping of the Unbegotten
The Signs Of The End 1967
The Signs of the End 1968
The Sin Against the Holy Spirit
The Source
The Sphere Within
The Spirit of Truth
The Spirit of Within
The Spiritual Cause
The State of Vision
The Story of Judas
The Talent
The Tree of Life
The True Vine
The Ultimate Sense
The Value of Dreams
There is No Fiction
Thinking Fourth Dimensionally – Lesson #3
Three Propositions
True Forgiveness
Trust in God
Truth, The Word of God
Walk by Faith
Walk on the Water
What are you Doing?
What Does the Lord Require?
What is Truth
Where are You From [Assassination of John F. Kennedy]
Who Are The Condemned?
Whom Do You Seek?
Wonder Working Power
Worship the Creator Not The Creature
You Are a Cosmic Being
You Can Forgive Sin
You Can Never Outgrow I Am
Your Faith is Your Fortune – Neville Goddard [FULL BOOK]
Your Husband
Your Maker
Your Supreme Dominion
Yours For The Taking

To date index
The Nature of God
Every Natural Effect
A Movement in Mind
A Parabolic Revelation
A Paraboliic Revelation
A Prophecy
A Riddle
A State Called Moses
Abdullah How We Got Together Q&A
All Powerful Human Words
All Powerful Human Words
All That Is Divine
All That You Behold
All Things Are Possible
All Things Exist
An Assured Understanding
An Inner Conviction
Assumptions Harden Into Facts – Lesson #2
At Your Command
Awake O Sleeper
Awakened Imagination (1954)
Barabbas or Jesus
Be Imitators of God
Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens
Before Abraham, Was I Am
Behold the Dreamer (1966)
Behold the Dreamer Cometh (1969)
Behold This Dreamer (1966)
Believe in Him
Believe It In
Biblical Language
Binding and Loosing – The 1964 Lectures
Blake on Religion
Brazen Imprudence
Building Your Temple
By Blood and By Water
By Water and By Blood
Catch the Mood
Changing The Feeling of “I
Chriist is Your Life
Christ Bears Our Sins
Christ in You
Christ Unveiled
Christmas Man’s Birth As God
Come, O Blessed
Consigned To Disobedience (1971)
Control Your Inner Conversations (1971)
Divine Signs
Election & Change of Consciousness
Enter the Dream
Esau and Jacob
Escatology- The Doctrine of the Mind
Eschatology – The Drama of the End
Eternal States
Every Natural Effect
Experience Scripture (1971)
Faith in God
Faith, Hope and Love
Family Portrait
Fawcett’s Letter
Feed My Sheep (1956)
Feel Deeply
Feeling is the Secret (The Art of Realizing Your Desires) [FREE BOOK]
Follow Me (1968)
Follow the Pattern
Fourfold Vision
Freedom (1968)
Fullfillment of God’s Plan
Gift Bestowed By God (1971)
God Became Man
God Given Talent (1971)
God is Light
God’s Almighty Power
God’s Creative Power
God’s Dwelling Place
God’s Plan of Redemption
God’s Promise to Man
God’s Wisest Creatures
God’s Word
Good Friday – Easter
Grace VS Law
Have You Found Him
He Dreams in Me
He is Dreaming Now
He is My Ressurection
He Wakes in Me
His Eternal Play
His Name
His Purpose (1971)
His To Give, Yours To Receive (1970)
I AM in You
I Am The Cause
I AM The Lord
I Remember When
If Any Two Agree (1971)
If You Can Really Believe (1974)
Imagination Creates Reality
Imagination Fulfills Itself
Imagination My Slave (1967)
Imagination Plus Faith
Imagining Creates
Infinite Power
Infinite States
Inner Talking [Rare Lecture]
Is Christ Your Imagination?
Jeremiah’s Discovery
Jesus Christ
Judas the Revealer
Law – Story Telling – Picture Taking
Live in the End (1968)
Live the Answer Now
Love Endureth
Many Mansions (1969)
Moses – Elijah – Jesus
My Husband
My Word
Neville Goddard – 1943 New Yorker article “A Blue Flame on the Forehead
Neville Goddard Lecture “Creation = Faith (1968)
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures #1 “Be What You Wish Be What You Believe
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures #2 “By Imagination We Become
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures #3 “Answered Prayer
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures #4 “Meditation
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures #5 “Feeling is the Secret
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures #6 “The Law of Assumption
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures #7 “Truth
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures #8: “Affirm The Reality Of Your Own Greatness
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures: “Be What You Wish To Be, Be What You Believe (1951)
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures: “Meditation (1951)
Neville Goddard Radio Lectures: “Stone, Water or Wine (1951)
Neville Goddard: A Divine Event
Neville Goddard: A Lesson in Scripture
Neville Goddard: A Movement Within God
Neville Goddard: A Portrait by Israel Regardie [Images]
Neville Goddard: Consciousness Is The Only Reality – Lesson #1
Neville Goddard: God Speaks to Man
Neville Goddard: No Other Foundation
Neville Goddard: POWER AND WISDOM
Neville Goddard: Power Called “The Law

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