Cool Wisdom Books was the home of a children’s book called “Don’t Feed the Animals”.

After a content site I worked for closed down and 220 articles and 8 years of work had no where to go, I batch imported those articles here for safe keeping (there may be some some artifacts on the older articles).

For years I always told my SM clients to “stick to one niche” to be successful…but to tell you the truth it really just isn’t fun…

I work as a developer — into HTML, CSS, PHP, APIs, WebGL and later VR and AI, and then there is this other side – a fine-and-graphic-artist-children’s-book writer into education and design and then this somewhat public persona hidden from my other occupations — astrologer, psychic, girl into spiritual development with weird and serendipitous meetings with mystics around the world.

This blog will have an “allochromatic” variety of musings — finally!!! free to post, write and share without thinking if this is following any arbitrary “rules” of content marketing. So, if you subscibe to the newsletter please expect tech, myticism, astrology, science, psychology and commentary and images reflecting the many levels of experience on this “plane” of existence.

I’m sure there are others like me out there. __〆( ̄ー ̄ )

Welcome to my world,

Tima Vlasto