Neville Goddard Lectures: "We Find the Father in Us"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “We Find the Father in Us”


I have told you everything that I have heard from the Father and I have held nothing back. From the time the Father revealed himself to me, I have shared that revelation with you. Whether it be on this level of Caesar—how to achieve objectives—or on the true level where we’re all seeking the Father. For finding the Father…little else is worth finding and it is in us as persons where we find the Father.

Wednesday night as I retired, it was quite early, between 9:30 and 10, I was communing with myself; and I said that I’m closing on Friday, is there any better way to explain this principle to those who are coming, any more simple way than I have told you? Naturally, I assumed that there was in some strange way a simpler way…and let it be revealed if there is a simpler way. When I woke in the morning around 5:00 I woke with this experience. I found myself in a space ship on the way to the moon. I was not alone, maybe a dozen of us, and here I am coming straight to the moon at this enormous speed, yet in control of the space ship. I came as close as I could touch it, and then the ship turned and entered the moon, this dead body, into what appeared to be a tunnel. Then I said to someone, “Well, do I get out?” and he answered, “Yes you get out.” So I got out, and here is this, the end of the voyage, the moon…that everyone on earth is “reaching for the moon.” You have a big business venture: I’m reaching for the moon. It seems to me beyond my ability to attain it, but I’m reaching for the moon. Everyone has said that, long before man contemplated putting his foot upon the moon. It has been simply a goal…reaching for the moon.

And so, I arrived at the moon. When I got out, here it’s like a sideshow of a carnival. All the trinkets, the most horrible artifacts, little cups, little vases, little lids, made not by artists. You would simply distort the name of the artist if you thought an artist did it…the most horrible little things, all being sold to the tourists. That was the end of the journey. That everything that man has as an ambition is like these little things you buy at a carnival and it all turns into dust. They were made of clay…everything was made of clay. Here was the old money register banging out and taking money, selling these little things meaning nothing… and that is the world. All their ambitions turn to dust and even when they achieve them all turn to dust.

This was early Thursday morning when I woke at five. But it taught me a tremendous lesson to share with you. I did go there, I reached it. I’ll tell you how I got there and tell you that no matter what ambition, you realize it is as nothing. The only thing is to find the Father, for the Father is the source, the cause of all the phenomena of life. He’s not found on the moon; he’s found in you. You will find the Father in a first-person, present-tense experience, in only one way. There’s no other way you’ll find him. And that way I’ve shared with you. But there was a lesson in this, for everything in this world contains within itself the capacity for symbolic significance. The moon has…the reach of man is the moon, at least today. And so here was the reach. How to tell them that no matter what ambition they have, symbolized as the moon, they can reach it. So then, how did you reach it? Well, I was on my bed when I communed with myself and that bed is on earth so we are on earth. You could be on a bed, you could be seated in a chair, you could be any place, but you are on earth, and you’re reaching for some tremendous ambition to be realized here on earth.

Well, it’s like sitting on a bank and the current from a bank may not be discernible, but give yourself to it, yield to it completely, and you will see that it is in motion and it will bear you to your objective. Many a time you have sat on the bank of a river and you didn’t see the current…you couldn’t see it, but you did notice some little object moving on it in a certain direction. So seated on a bench or on a chair or lying as I did in bed, and you’re asking for something to give them and to feed them to make it easier. Then it was shown that you simply completely abandon yourself to your wish as though it were true. So my wish was the highest ambition of man, every man, for I can’t tell what you individually want. Some want marriage, some want money, some want recognition, some what health. But I don’t know you individually to the point of knowing what you in your heart of hearts really want, because many of us will conceal the true ambition and state. “Well, I would like so-and-so for so-and-so, meaning, that so-and-so is myself. So we come with all kinds of veils hiding our true desires. But it was shown me: yield completely. I had to completely yield to this state. And here you are moving at a velocity beyond the wildest dream and yet you feel quite safe. On the bed in this city I am moving in a space craft.

So here, you can move…move, but you steer it. My goal was the moon, but when I got there they were all trinkets. So everyone who bought anything only bought dust. Horrible little cups, little saucers, little vases, little this, and here the old money register working overtime and it was worn out. Then how do you return?—by simply awakening. I awoke to find myself…I could hardly believe that I was back here in L.A. on my bed. The thing was so completely objectively real, so solidly real it was difficult to persuade myself that I had just returned from the moon.

So everything contains within itself the capacity for symbolic significance. The moon played its part and the stupid little things played their part. So even when I go now to a sideshow at a carnival they’re all playing their parts. And you use them to reveal a tremendous story, a story to tell the world that no matter what they have as an ambition in the end it’s trivia compared to what man’s true ambition ought to be: which is to find the source of the phenomena of life. The source of the phenomena of life is the Father, and you’ll find him only when you find him in yourself. You won’t find him as another; you’ll find him only as yourself.

So we are told in scripture, “Hereafter, I will no longer speak to you in figures”—meaning in parables—“but I will tell you plainly of the Father.” Now as you read the 16th chapter of John, there is no attempt to tell it plainly. It’s there, but where is it? Read the whole of John to get what he’s getting at, and you will find he’s revealing himself. And the whole drama unfolds within him. But as it unfolds within him, and it’s told by the evangelist, people think as the world teaches this story; and that is not the story at all. Listen now carefully to these words. I said, “Who is the Christ?” and they say, “The son of God.” Well, with that I will agree. But who is the Lord?—the Lord is Jesus. And you say Jesus is Christ? Yes. And therefore the Lord Jesus is one and the same? Well, Christians are taught to believe that is true. The Bible doesn’t teach that. We’re coming now to the end of Revelation…in the Book of Revelation, “And the kingdom of the earth has become the kingdom of the Lord and of his Christ” (11:15). You wouldn’t say, “the Lord and of his Christ” and bring them together, would you? The Lord is one and his Christ…I say, the Father and his son…so, the kingdom of the lord and of his Christ.

Well then, who is the Lord? At the end of the book, the very last verse tells you who he is: “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev.22:20). The word Jesus means “Jehovah” and Jehovah means “I AM.” So the Lord is I AM and his Christ is his son. Christ means “the anointed,” and the only “anointed” in scripture is David: “This is he; arise and anoint him” (1Sam.16:12). Then David tells of the decree of the Lord: “And the Lord said unto me, ‘Thou art my son, today I have begotten thee’” (Ps.2:7). Here is David, the sum total, the essence of the journey of man in this world. When he comes to the end, at the very end if you took all the generations of men and all of their experiences and fused them into a single being, and projected that being, it would be David. That is David and that is the result of your journey.

So you left the Father, “I came out from the Father and I have come into the world; again, I am leaving the world and I am going to the Father” (Jn.16:28). But when I go back, I go back as the Father. That was the reason for my journey into this world. I came out, and in coming out, I seem to be the son of God coming into the world as told me in the 82nd Psalm: “I say you are gods, all of you, sons of the Most High; nevertheless, you will die like men and fall as one man, O princes” (82:1,6). So we came out as sons, lower than the Father; having had the experience we return as the Father. For in the end, there is only God and there can be nothing but God in eternity.

So he brings out himself as sons less than himself; then when we go back, having gone through the experience, we have to go back as God the Father. If he is a father, he has a son, and that son is simply the personification of the entire journey that we have made as men. So in the world, we pass through all the experiences that man could ever have. Summarize the entire humanity and all of its experiences and personify it, and you’re going to get the eternal youth David. He’s going to call you Father. So finding the Father is the only thing in this world for man.

You might have read today’s paper and tens of millions must be disgusted, because undoubtedly it was all over the country. It’s not only in the L. A. Times; I presume every paper in the country told the story lifted from the present magazine “Women’s…” I think it’s Home Journal and the cover story of a former first lady. Everyone so adored her. She was this glamour girl. And then you see the greed behind that picture as written by her secretary… that she sold even the gift of her father-in-law at her wedding to what was our present president. Sold it and sold gems from gifts from foreign countries to buy what she considered a more beautiful diamond. I wonder how Joe Kennedy feels tonight when he sees it in print…not that he didn’t know it before. And this whole greed…and you wonder why this union took place between that greed and a half-billion dollars? And then you wonder what is it all about? It’s all trinkets. When you reach the limit of your ambition, called the moon, so you reach the moon, it’s all made of clay. It’ all dead…the moon is dead. I saw it as clearly as I’m seeing this here and touching it like this. The whole thing is just as dead and not one thing grows upon it. It’s all dead, but we colonized it and selling trinkets as we do here on earth.

We fill our paper with ads to make you buy what you don’t need and what you don’t want, and take from you shadows, called money. You don’t need it any more than you need a hole in your head beyond what you now have. But you will go out and reach for the moon to get it, as he did, to sell the little things that the father-in-law gave her as a wedding present to his son that he loves. And those foreign countries sent their swords with jewels on them. From one she took the big emerald, because that plus what the father-in-law gave her plus something else could be sold and then she could buy, what?—another little trinket. All tonight who saw and worshipped that creature, if they read it, and they will eventually, and then down into the mire where it should go. It all belongs there. So, all the ambitions of men come to dust.

The only thing left for man…the only thing that was for man in the beginning was to find the Father. So he said he called the twelve and said to them, “We are going up to Jerusalem, and all that is written of the Son of man by the prophets will be accomplished” (Luke18:31). But they understood none of these things, for this was hid from all of them and they did not grasp what was said. Going up to Jerusalem…the Bible tells us of two Jerusalems. The one below is the human womb, a woman’s womb on earth who is in slavery with her children. She bears children into slavery, all enslaved by the body that they wear. I must take care of all the functions of this body, and I can’t pay any slave in the world to perform these functions for me. Whatever they are, no matter how wealthy I am, how powerful I am—whether I be a Stalin who could kill twenty million and be exonerated or a Hitler—he has to perform his natural functions for himself. If he doesn’t, they’ll bury him. And so, is he not enslaved by the body that he wears? The Jerusalem from below, Paul tells us, bears children into slavery along with herself. So every woman in the world bearing a physical child is herself enslaved and enslaves the very one that she bears.

But there is a Jerusalem from above and she is free, and she is our mother, said Paul in his letter to the Galatians (4:26). Man must be born from above. And then he goes through the series of events from that moment to the very end. But within that series comes his freedom…when his son appears and he has found David. David said to him, “Thou art my Father, my God and the Rock of my salvation” (Ps.89:26). He finds the sum total of his journey: he’s gone through the entire gamut of human experiences, hidden in a merciful way from his present moment in time. For if he could only remember now the horrors that he’s passed through, well, he couldn’t go on. But when he meets the Son, the Son’s presence calling him God the Father frees him forever. And he only waits for that moment in time, which can’t be long delayed, until he takes off for the last time the garment of slavery, which is the body of flesh and blood.

But while we are here…though I tell you I saw it and it is all trinkets, the whole thing is dust, made of clay, nevertheless, rent must be paid, food must be bought and clothing must be found. All of these things must be in the world of shadows, the world of Caesar. And so what it was showing me to do: conceive it. It seems far away? It isn’t so far. You will move with the velocity of light, really far faster than what we now say. You said days to get there? Doesn’t take days, it took me a split second to get back; therefore, it could not have taken longer. Only going was more difficult than returning. Going, I am yielding myself to my wish fulfilled, and you’ve got to work yourself into the mood, into the emotion, so that takes longer. So you’re working yourself into the feeling of the wish fulfilled, giving it all of the sensory vividness of reality, all the tones of reality, and you’re working yourself into it. It might take you a minute, might take you even an hour. You may even fail to catch hold of that trap. But the minute you catch hold of it and let yourself go completely, you will go with the current and it will bear you straight to your objective. When you get there, you’ll have it, you’ll realize it.

But I tell you that no matter what you realize in this world as your objective, it will turn to dust. It’s made of clay. The only real objective that will never pass away is the discovery of yourself and the being that you really are is God the Father. All the honors of men are as nothing. Yet we read them morning after morning in the paper. The man wants another medal, he wants another honor, another something else, and he will give anything…he’ll even buy it to get his name in the paper. Only those who murder or do some frightful thing are mentioned in the obituary, except if you have a million dollars. If you have a million dollars you get into the obituary. It invariably will say a millionaire, so-and-so, died last night. Have a million dollars and you’ll be mentioned in the obituary. Or you kill someone or do some horrible act and you’ll be mentioned in the front page. But do a normal thing in this world, do a lovely decent thing in the world, who knows and who cares? That’s not news. But I’m telling you what lasts as against what doesn’t last. All the other ambitions of men…so they leave a foundation, providing buildings are built with their name on it and endowed, and the thing goes on. Perfectly all right, let them do it…but it all turns into dust.

If I could only take you now with me to the moon as I saw it. Colonized by us, there were only Americans there. And was the cash register busy! It was worn out from selling the junk, and all these stupid little things, like Coney Island. I’ve gone to Coney Island unnumbered times when I lived back east, and I’ve certainly gone to sideshows at carnivals, and you know what you buy. Well, it was just as junky as that, not anything of value, on a dead body floating in space. Here it was still…that was the objective, the end of man’s journey. He achieved his ambition and it was made of clay. So they got what they wanted, and that’s the world in which we live.

So I tell you, I asked so seriously before I went to bed on Wednesday night, “Show me something to share with them. I have shared everything that you’ve given me. I have told them that you and I are one. I have told them that your son is my son, confirming the oneness of our own being. I have told them how I was born from above. I have told them how I came out of the grave, how I rose in that grave, the resurrected one. How my body was split in two from top to bottom and how like a fiery serpent I ascended into heaven. And how that dove the symbol of the Holy Spirit descended upon me and remained upon me as it smothered me with love. But is there something else that I can tell them? I’m closing Friday.”

And these were my thoughts as I communed with self on what simpler way of telling them to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Then came this most vivid…if I could only take you with me into that space craft and show you the vividness of that journey and the dead body in space a quarter of a million miles from earth. And I could almost reach out and touch it. Then the craft moved and then entered a tunnel, into this very wide tunnel, this dead mass. But in it I stepped off the craft with permission. I said, “May I step out?” and then I stepped out.

And that is what Blake meant: “If the spectator could enter into any one of these images in his Imagination, approaching them on the fiery chariot of his contemplative thought” (Vis. of Last Jud.). You’ve got to enter into, for unless I actually enter into a state, I don’t know it. Unless I actually become one with what I am seeing and enter into what I see, I do not see it, not really. I see it as a spectator. But if I am not a spectator anymore and become a participant, I must step into the image to become a participant. So I’m a spectator approaching that object and then I step into it. I got permission, “May I step out from this craft?” and the man said to me yes. Then I stepped into a solid, three-dimensional world just like this, and saw all this junk for sale. All these little things they were going to bring back from their journey to show their friends what they had accomplished.

So a man accomplishes a huge fortune and the children can’t wait for him to die to get it. The grandchildren why they can’t wait…they would ease it quicker because they want it… don’t let him live too long. But the old man doesn’t realize that’s what they are entertaining as thoughts. And that’s the whole vast world. You think that’s a cruel statement? Truth is cruel, it’s a two-edged sword. Can’t wait for you to depart this world, because you have what I could use. And what was it?—trinkets. It was called money. I can see the old cash register now, but everything was solidly real all around. And the return journey didn’t take any craft. It was longer going by getting to the moon than returning, because returning was simply waking. The minute I woke I could hardly believe I was on my bed in this city of Los Angeles. It was just as real as you are now to me. You are no more real and you are no more vividly real than all the things that I touched there.

So I share it with you. How do you do it? Unless you actually become and enter into the thing that you see, we do not see it, not really. We have to actually enter into it and it becomes perfectly real, and when you return you’ve accomplished it. Leave it alone, it will come into your world and you will have it. Share it with your friends and they’ll all see it as I in the not distant future will see that as I saw it in the wee hours of Thursday morning…that is, because I went to bed on Wednesday night the wee hours would be Thursday morning. When I take this off, it’s all mine. I can be here, there or elsewhere as quickly as I was here when I was standing on the moon. Open my eyes and here I am. It didn’t take any four days as it takes our astronauts to do it. The time was only spent in getting into the mood, getting the mood and abandoning yourself completely to that state. As you abandon yourself to it, then you move toward your objective and you’re doing the steering. You are steering yourself toward your objective whatever it is in your world.

So here, I have shared it with you and I do not know what else I could tell you. I have told you from my own experience that I have actually fulfilled scripture; and there is no purpose in this world for man other than the fulfillment of scripture. “I have come to fulfill scripture” he said (Luke22:37). And there is not a thing else for me to do, just to fulfill scripture. Then beginning with the psalms and the prophets and the Old Testament, that is the law of Moses, he interpreted to them all the things concerning himself (Luke24:27). He is the center of the entire Bible…but who is he? Say “I am”…that’s Jesus. That’s Jesus and there is no other Jesus. We are buried with him; I am crucified with him. And he rose…well then I must rise with him. So we rise individually. Well, when you say “I am,” that’s the Lord Jesus; and when you say Christ, that’s the son bearing witness of his fatherhood or his Lordship…not until the Christ appears. So in the 11th chapter of the Book of Revelation: “And the kingdom of the earth has become the kingdom of the Lord and of his Christ”—the Father and the Son. The summary, the sum total of all the generations of men and their experiences fused into a single being and personified is the eternal youth David…and he is your Son. All you are called upon to do then is to tell it.

Then, like Luke in his first four verses of the gospels when he tells us: “Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things that have been accomplished among us, just as they were delivered to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and minister of the word, it seemed good to me also, having observed all things closely from the beginning, to write a very clear understanding of it for you, most honorable Theophilus, that you may know the truth whereof you’ve been informed” (Luke1:1). Now, Theophilus is simply…the word means “one who loves God.” If you can honestly say tonight that you are seeking God more than you are wealth—but I mean seeking God the cause of wealth, the source of everything in the world—if that is truly what you are seeking, then you are Theophilus and he is writing this narrative for you. He’s telling you what he has experienced. Man is only telling you what he and he alone in himself experienced; because no one saw these things happening in the soul of the one personified in scripture as Jesus. Jesus is the personification of all men in whom the seed erupted, in whom it came to flower and blossomed in fullness. So everyone in whom it blossoms is that being called Jesus. So in the end there is only God the Lord and the fruit of his journey which is called his Son. And his Son is personified as an eternal youth, David.

So take what I’ve given you this night concerning moving into the frame. Single out your objective. It’s just like a moon, really. As far as you’re concerned now it’s dead, it doesn’t exist. You need…and you name it. That’s dead, isn’t it? It doesn’t live…just like the moon. But to you, if you realize it, it may be the most marvelous thing in the world. You think it will be. Well now, what would you feel like and what would you see, and how would you act, and what would you do if you realized it? Now feel yourself into that state…actually feel it. It’s like getting off the bank and giving yourself to the current that you can’t quite detect. It’s not discernable from the bank. You’re on the bed and you can’t quite see it. You know where you are. Your friends are not there to congratulate you…and yet in your mind’s eye they are congratulating you. Not a thing in this world will support what you are doing. Everything denies it; your senses deny it, your reason denies it, and yet here you are seeing it in your mind’s eye. But unless we actually give ourselves to what we are seeing, we don’t really see it at all. So you simply give yourself to what you are doing and you’re on the current and it takes you off. Then with the current you go, holding your ship in position, and you get to the state where you step into it. As I asked permission, “May I step out?” and they said, ‘Yes, you may step out.” So I stepped into the objective and it became like this, three-dimensional, solidly real. Then I realized it was all trinkets anyway. No matter what the ambition was, it still was trinkets.

A man once controlled the whole vast world and he sets out…like a Hitler…and what was the end of Hitler’s life but ashes. What was the end of Stalin’s…they changed the streets and the rivers and the cities and all things named after him; and they will eventually take his name out of the encyclopedia in Russia as one who never lived. He’ll become what is said in the Communist jargon a non-person. They’ll take it out as though he was never born and that whole thing was a myth. They’ll take it out because such a monster could not have existed in Russia, and they’ll actually delete the entire history of the man, and it will be ash. Yet he wanted to leave forever these little stamps in the world. So they follow, one after the other, and what have they in the end?

Today, as I was coming out I turned on the radio and they gave some bulletin, some woman…and I vaguely recall the case of years ago. No one who is not my age will remember this horrible murder. Her name was Ruth Judd. They found her. They thought she had long died and suddenly they found her. Well, my son would never know—he’s forty-five years old and he would never know of that. My daughter certainly would not know of it, she’s twenty-seven. How would she know of that? And so, they’re going to bring it up and make a monstrous thing out of it. Anyone my age will know it, but isn’t that ash? The papers if they can’t find something more horrible by tomorrow morning will give it a headline. So why feed our children who never even heard of the woman and what does it matter? She certainly by now must have paid her price to society if society demands something from her. To live with the conscience of having done it and the consciousness of it, hasn’t she paid the price? But they’ll still demand a pound of flesh.

So the whole thing turns to ash. Nevertheless, if you want it with all your heart, take what was shown to me Wednesday night as I came back from this journey. Get into your own space craft…not a craft…your space craft is simply what you construct in your mind’s eye, a scene implying the fulfillment of your dream, and feel yourself into it. You’re reaching your moon, for the moon seems to be the limit of a man’s ambition to reach what is, at the moment, your present ambition. That’s your moon. Feel yourself right into it until you can step into it and it becomes three-dimensional. So you can talk with them and they congratulate you on your good fortune. You are thrilled because you have achieved what you want in this world of Caesar, and you are thrilled with it. Then return to your body in the twinkle of an eye…having touched the last hand, given it a fleshly tone, and accept his congratulations, and listen to his voice and accept the sound of his voice. Make everything you are doing real. Having made it real, open your eyes and in the twinkle of an eye you are back. But you did it! And you can’t reverse it. As you’re told in scripture, you gave it the right of birth, you gave it your blessing. It was your Jacob, your subjective state. Faith is simply the subjective appropriation of the objective hope. You hope to realize so-and-so. You must first appropriate it subjectively. So the subjective appropriation of the objective hope is faith. And without faith, it is impossible to please him.

So we please who?—the Lord. Who is the Lord?—I AM. He is the creator of the world; he does everything in the world. And who else is he? He is the Father. Well, if he’s a father, then he must have a child. Yes, he has a child. He has an eternal youth and his name is David the beloved: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased” (2Pet.1:17). You will find him only at the very end; you will not find him before. But take my word for it, you will find him. Because not one child born of woman can fail: God is in him and God is playing the part. There is no such thing as a lost soul in this world. Everyone is redeemed. If one understood the Christian faith wisely, one would know that the Christian gospel if told as it ought to be told is “humanity is redeemed”…not “going to be,” is! You’re simply waiting your turn to be called…when that which is already in you is fertilized. Then it is germinated, and then moves into development, and all the story concerning Jesus Christ unfolds in you. Then you know who you are. You are the Lord Jesus and his Christ which is your son David.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Now are there any questions, please?

Q: I’d like to know how to overcome the feeling of time…of being rushed in time.

A: Well, if by time you mean the achieving of earthly desires, I do believe it is based upon one contingency; but if it means time concerning the discovery of the Father, I believe that is all fixed in the book as it were. That “The vision has its own appointed hour, it ripens, it will flower; if it be long then wait, for it is sure and it will not be late.” That is in the 2nd chapter of the Book of Habakkuk (2:3). So that the vision of the Father when one realizes he himself is God the Father, that is predetermined and that’s fixed. But our objectives in this world, I believe it’s based upon our faith. A complete acceptance of the goal should bring it, well, instantaneously. It should. We can delay and dillydally—it’s not important, it’s not pressing. You would like it now but it’s not important. So we don’t really give our whole to the thing desired either for ourselves or for others. But I do believe the intensity of imagining has much to do with the time interval on this level. But when it comes to the real objective in life—which is to fulfill scripture and discover God the Father as oneself—that is predetermined. You’re told no one knows—no not even the son, only the Father—when he will awaken himself in you as you.

Q: Can one take an act of Imagination after it’s reached a certain point toward fulfillment and reverse it and nullify it through revision?

A: Well, I teach that all the time. To revise what we know we’ve set in motion, what we know in our stupid moments that we did. Because I wouldn’t want to revise something if I had not started it in some unlovely way…I’d let it go to harvest. But if I’m aware of the fact that I have been using my Imagination unlovingly on behalf of myself and others, well then, I should do something about it. We’re told in Ecclesiastes, “Do not curse the king, no, not even in your dream, for a bird of the air will take the word and he will bring it back,” (10:20), for it can’t return void. No, not even in our sleep curse anyone. But we all have done it in our sleep and waking here is sleep, really, for we’re unaware of who we are. And we set in motion unnumbered unlovely things in the world. We say to ourselves, as you’re told in scripture, “But no one sees me, therefore, it doesn’t really matter”…as though the omnipotent one and the omniscient one isn’t present to see it. So we are told, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked, as a man sows, so shall he reap” (Gal.6:7). It’s automatic. I can’t expect to reap something other than what I have sown. You sow corn, you’re going to get corn; sesame, you get sesame. I may be disappointed that I planted corn, maybe I want something else for a harvest, but I did plant corn. Well, the same thing is true of the things we are growing in this world. And it’s all to educate us; this is a world of educated darkness. People are trying to change it into a heavenly spot. There is nothing in scripture to change this world into some beauty spot. It’s a schoolroom and a schoolroom was never intended to be a home.

We’re closing tonight. And if you’re on the mailing list and if and when we are here you’ll be notified. So until whenever we meet, thank you.

Good night.

Neville Goddard Lectures: "We Find the Father in Us"
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Neville Goddard Lectures: "We Find the Father in Us"
Well, I teach that all the time. To revise what we know we’ve set in motion, what we know in our stupid moments that we did. Because I wouldn’t want to revise something if I had not started it in some unlovely way…I’d let it go to harvest. But if I’m aware of the fact that I have been using my Imagination unlovingly on behalf of myself and others, well then, I should do something about it.