Neville Goddard Lectures: "The Remnant"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “The Remnant”


I cannot conceive that there is a greater satisfaction than sharing in the divine creative activity. There is no room for boasting, I assure you; for everything is by grace, and so we did not earn it. But we can share in this activity. As Paul said in his 3rd chapter of his 1st letter to the Corinthians, when someone proclaiming, I am of Paul and I am of Apollo, he said, “Who is Paul and who is Apollo?” He said, “I have planted and Apollo has watered, but God gives the growth” (verse 4). You can plant anything and that seed will remain dormant unless God gave the growth.

But, he made it quite clear that at all times in eternity there will be a remnant…always a remnant. And then he quotes the 52nd and 53rd chapters of Isaiah as he explains what he means by the remnant. When Elisha petitioned God against Israel, saying that they had killed his prophets and destroyed his altars and I alone am left…and “What did God say?” asked Paul. God said to him, “I have seven thousand men who have not bent their knee to Baal” (1Kg.19:18). Then added Paul: “So too at this time there is a chosen remnant, chosen by grace. And if it is by grace, then it is not based on works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace” (Rom.11:5). So it is all by grace. Yet no one knows God’s elective love…what is the secret of his election? How does he elect the remnant? So we can’t boast if we are within it. But I have every evidence in this world to make a bold claim that this is a remnant. Now, we can’t take 7,000 as 7,000 people. Seven means “spiritual perfection.” But we did not earn spiritual perfection: Fitness for the kingdom of God is the consequence not the condition of his grace. So the moment that man is called, and that is the individual, by that very call when he is embraced and has union with the Holy Spirit that fits him. Prior to that he was not; therefore, the whole is grace.

Now Paul asks the question—and this is most important—in his letter to the Romans, you’ll find this in 10th chapter, but the entire epistle to the Romans rests upon his argument for the paramount importance of faith. And by faith he means faith in the pattern, faith in God’s plan of salvation. For to him Christian preaching was preaching Christ not as a man but that great mystery that is Christ. Christ, as he defined him, is the power of God and the wisdom of God wrapped into a pattern, the pattern man, that will unfold within the individual (1Cor.1:24) And when you hear the story, your response to that something that has happened in the world of men is the measure of your faith. That kind of faith Paul is speaking of. Not that I believe I’ll get a promotion in my job or that I will get a large sum of money or that I will inherit some estate. He’s not speaking of that kind of faith. He doesn’t deny it, but the faith of which he speaks is the faith in the pattern, the faith in what he calls Christ.

But the churches have completely distorted and made of it a little icon, make it a person. And he asked, “What brings you out to see, a man that can be tossed by the wind?” So now he asks the question: “How can men call upon him in whom they do not believe? And how can they believe in him of whom they’ve never heard? And how can they hear unless there is a preacher? And how can men preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news!’” (Rom.10: 14). But not everyone heeded the gospel. As Isaiah said, speaking now…and Paul uses it in the most marvelous argument, “Lord, who has believed what he has heard from us?” Then he concludes, “Therefore faith comes from hearing, and hearing comes by preaching Christ” (verse 17). He’s only speaking of the kind of thing that you hear concerning Christ. That’s the only faith of which he speaks.

So in the end, when he writes Timothy that he’s about to depart this world, that—“The time for my departure has come. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2Tim.4:7)—he means that faith, that he kept that vision of the end in time of trouble. No matter what happened to him, whether he was in prison, shipwrecked, no matter what happened he held aloft that vision, the vision of the end, these mighty works that must come to man in the end; and he kept repeating it to everyone.

They are mighty works of God that come to the individual as he is about to depart from the age; not go through the little gate called death, but from this age into an entirely different age. Because he is then born from above, and birth from above means that the power of God and the wisdom of God has been born in that individual, fitting him to function consciously in an entirely different world, clothed differently. But an entirely different age; things unknown to any man here…a world but unknown. Not a thing here relates to what you see there. You perceive it, but it’s unknown until you take off this garment finally and find yourself there.

So let no one ask you and try to persuade you to use any term here to describe anything in that age. Because if you try to, you confess that you are lying, that you really haven’t seen that world at all, for it is not related by anything you see here. So Paul now tells them—only those who are sent can be the preacher. Others may pick it up, and trust in him, and carry it all forward. And the sent have a consciousness of being sent. They are fully aware of that moment of union with God, and they are fully aware of every event that takes place. But he doesn’t say that there are not others. Well, I can tell you from my own experience and your letters and your visions, there are others, many in this small gathering, who have been born from above. But, as we are told in the gospels, some bring forth a hundred-fold, a fully conscious state right from the very beginning to the end, others, sixty-fold, and others, thirty-fold. All are qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven on different levels of power to be exercised in that state.

Now, many here have not brought through the full consciousness, but I assure you from the visions that I received this week that three of you have been born from above. Not only that, but one lady who has not brought them through she has had all but the dove. Now, we’ll tell you her story. It begins—if you were with us a little while ago, not too long ago—in her vision she was coming down the coastline of California, and she asked someone to say, “Let me know when we pass Pt. Conception” and this one said, “Why, we passed that thirty miles back, that’s a way back, don’t you remember?” She felt a little foolish, a little bit sheepish about it, and then said, “Yes, I forgot.” But she did not remember the moment of conception. As another lady’s vision who had a fully conscious moment of conception, and saw all the others in that hospital, and the majority of them with only one exception other than herself were totally unaware of conception. So, she does not remember the moment of conception. But I said to her the thirty miles is really thirty years. That happened thirty years ago and therefore your birth from above is imminent.

Now this is what follows in her vision. “I fell asleep and just as I fell asleep, I heard a voice, and the voice said, ‘Father, Father.’ And I felt so much fatherly love for what I heard. I knew I was the Father, and I answered, ‘Yes, my son.’ And I knew I was the Father and I knew the voice that I heard was the voice of my son.” That is not an adumbration; that is the Father in you, your very being that you know yourself to be, showing you in symbolic form what has happened. This is not to happen, this has happened. It’s followed by this. She said, “I simply felt the need of rest for my eyes the next day, and I cupped my eyes, and the most beautiful baby appeared before me, the infant. And then I cupped my eyes a second time and the most beautiful youth appeared”…again, confirmation of the first.

And then came this. She said, “I found myself in this house, and this most horrible man, a criminal, he was thief and murderer, both, ran out of the house. I started through the kitchen to intercept him on the outside. And my female companion was frightened to death and she gave reasons, which I do not remember, why I cannot go through the kitchen. There was a small, very small alcove and an unusually small little window leading out. I thought, well, I would squeeze myself through that like a serpent, and so I stuck my head through and the whole thing squeezed my body it was so tight. There I am squeezing myself through, and suddenly it all gave way as though it were made of paper. At that moment, he rushes back into the house, this time with a jackknife in the right hand and a butcher’s knife in the left. I came behind him and held both hands and slammed the jackknife shut on his hand, cutting it. And how I did the other I do not know, but I also wounded the left hand with the butcher’s knife. And I held him firmly…when my female companion rushes in holding this enormous saw in both hands above her head. And standing before him, as I held him, she said to me, ‘Shall I saw him in half?’ At that moment I screamed, ‘No!’ and got between the two of them with my back to her, and I said, ‘I love him.’ I took him into my arms and embraced him and said, ‘I love him.’ At that moment, I looked into his face and he’s not the criminal who scared us, he was a friend of mine that I had known and respected so much, who died many years ago. And I looked into his face and here was the man that I so respected because of his integrity and his courage. I loved him in those days for his individualism.”

Well, read…it’s a very small poem…The Hound of Heaven. Take the first…read the whole thing…but the very end, when he is exhausted and he sits, “And the one that chased him and chased him, all through the night and through the days, down through the arches of the years, all through the labyrinthian ways of my own mind, and in the mist of tears I hid from him.” Now comes the search and the chase and the constant chase. In the very end, ‘He who bravest me bravest thee.’ He comes on to tell us that he himself is what the one is seeking: “I am he whom thou seekest.” And man discovers only in the very end of the journey that the seeming tormentor was the one he was seeking, his lover who is God the Father. So you read it, it’s a small little poem. You can get it in any works, that is, a volume of poetry. But, here in this glorious thing that is what you did.

Now, she would cut him down the front, from top to bottom, and cut him in half. And you threw yourself between the two, with your back to her with the saw above. When you are severed in two, which is the cutting of the curtain of the temple from top to bottom, it is done from behind. You don’t remember, but you gave your back to the lifted saw. But you don’t remember the blow any more than you remembered the conception or remembered the birth. It’s only been brought back to you in lovely imagery, beautiful imagery. But that whole thing is over, my dear. I do hope now…but your Father knows best why he kept it away from you, from the surface mind…but it would be nice to look forward to the descent of the dove. But your journey is over…you’ve had the three.

Now, here is another one. She’s holding a box in her hand and she knows that she is within that box. She’s holding the box, like a shoe box. It’s an elongated box and she knows that she is within the box. Then she heard her own voice—because, first of all, she knew she was in the box, but she did not know what I am or who I am. She did not know “who I am or what I am, but I’m in that box.” Then she heard her own voice coming from there and the voice said, “I am Joseph, but I cannot get out until I become Jesus.” Perfect imagery, for the fulfillment of the entire thing is Jesus.

Now listen to the words. The Bible begins, “In the beginning God”—the seed plot of the Bible is Genesis and Genesis ends—“in a coffin in Egypt.” Well, who is in that coffin?—Joseph. The word coffin like the word tabernacle means “an elongated, moveable place of worship, covered with a skin.” In this elongated box—all symbolism, beautiful imagery—is Joseph. Now how does the Bible end?—the end of Revelation “Come, Lord Jesus!” For the next line is only a benediction, “The grace of the Lord Jesus be upon all.” That’s a benediction…but the actual ending of the book is “Come, Lord Jesus!” Now he tells you, “I am the beginning and the end.” So God as man is buried in what we think to be a living, living body, and it’s dead. We think this is alive and it’s dead. So in this is the buried one, it’s Joseph, but he cannot get out until he becomes Jesus. Then he will break the shell and Jesus comes out. Jesus means “Jehovah.” So man becomes the Lord God Jehovah, and breaks the shell, and resurrects from that tomb. She has already had the conscious union, and so she knows she will have all these events consciously done. That is her destiny: It’ll be conscious.

Now, here comes another, and in her case, “I found myself in a huge domed room and I instantly knew that the dome was literally my skull, I knew it. But it never occurred to me that it would be so spacious. I found myself positioned in the back and up, in the very back and up.” And she said in her letter, “There is a room there. But I always thought it would be simply a close fitting thing. No, the whole dome was my skull and it was not closely fitting at all. And then at that moment I woke.” Well, to find yourself in the skull, which is the tomb of God, and to find yourself awake, tells me right away you came out. You had to, because the minute you awake out you come. But you didn’t bring the imagery with you. But, at least you had a partial; you knew the waking, that’s resurrection, but you did not bring forward the exit from it. So, that’s the part you play. You did not completely forget, you only partially. Because there are two sides to the coin: The night of awakening is the night of birth. And so I can say to you, you have been born, born from above.

Then she said, “After this the world seemed to change. I looked upon the people in the world and, Neville, it’s strange to describe it, it doesn’t make sense, but no matter where I looked and saw people, the world looked like a huge great dollhouse filled with mechanized dolls. That’s all that they are, mechanized dolls.” Now, she also went on in her letter to ask if certain things could be related to a major event that happened this past week in our lives. Why, certainly. Everything in this world and every event in this world contains within itself the capacity for symbolic significance. We do not always recognize it. We do not always relate it to anything that is taking place in us. But just as you said, it’s a mechanized dollhouse; everything on the outside is simply bearing witness. And it’s all just as you said, dead as all outdoors, but it’s related to something that is very much alive in us.

So here, we put it this way. The nation saw on TV and the nation has mourned, and internationally everyone mourned for the passing of what on the surface is a very fine man, young, cultured, educated, with everything seemingly to live for in this world…on the surface, as far as we know, a devoted family, a very close family, altogether everything, multiple millions at his beck and call, a senator. If we start now, he was first in the public eye as a lawyer; then his brother appointed him to the highest legal position in the country, Attorney General of the United States. Therefore, he’s the personification of law. Now he’s set up in his own right with the ambition to become President, the highest governmental office that we have; therefore, he’s the personification of government.

If you saw the funeral, no show that you could ever see produced in California or in Europe or in any part of the world could come near it in production. It was just…every second counted…and when you think they only had a matter of a day or two to arrange that production involving millions of people! On the inside of the church two hundred priests, cardinals, arch-bishops, all kinds, down to the lowly priest, but two hundred of them. The choral group, the music, everything was just on cue, with millions lining the sidewalks, and all this done in a matter of forty-eight hours maximum to put this on. When a show goes into rehearsal for weeks and sometimes months in the shooting and this is done live, without any retakes, and everything was just perfect. He is the personification of that institution. For what normal person could depart this world and find within to conduct a service of so many archbishops and cardinals? And then from our President down, and governments sent their representatives and all that…the personification of that greatest of institutions of an orthodox nature.

So in her case, when she saw it…I will now turn to the last chapter of Revelation: “And those who will not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ let there be a curse upon him”…the very last chapter. The word is anathema. But the word anathema in the Aramaic means “Come, Lord Jesus!” The churches translate that word—the King James Version leaves it un-translated—and the word next to it, which is Arabic, they leave it un-translated. The Revised Standard Version translates it as “a curse.” But they give you, if you have a good dictionary, they’ll show you it actually means literally “Come, Lord Jesus!” If they do not believe in Jesus it means “O Lord, come!” or “the Lord who is to come” or “the Lord who is coming.” But, that’s what it means.

So here, she turns her back upon all organizations, all laws, all customs, all institutions that would interfere with her own direct access to her God the Father. And when she made up her mind for that, she could now look dispassionately upon a scene taking place seemingly not related to her; and yet, it is telling her of her freedom, the passing of that personified, embodied institution from her mind, law from her mind, government from her mind that would interfere with her direct access to her Father. So then she’s born from above. But no one can hold onto these things and expect birth from above, for they still have an intermediary between themselves and the Source. And when you give up all and you stand alone, you and God the Father, then you’re born from above. And the next one, he reveals himself as you as God the Father; and his Son calls you Father. And like this lady, she too, feeling an intense masculine feeling, a fatherly feeling for her son, answered automatically, “Yes, my son.”

So here in this small audience…how quickly…so I said earlier, I can’t conceive of any greater satisfaction than knowing in the depths of one’s soul that you are sharing in a divine creative activity. The thirty years, last 59th of this century, I was sent…rather, I was called and sent. Now, that is my birth from above was in ’59 and here it is now my ninth year. So it’s been now thirty-nine years since that conscious union with God and incorporation into his body, becoming one body, one Spirit with the risen Lord. And I knew the night of the birth the mission that was mine. Now I’m telling you I cannot boast for the simple reason such an undertaking as this no one who is sent commissions himself. I didn’t volunteer, I was drafted. I certainly didn’t volunteer. I was called, incorporated into the body, and sent. So he said, “How can men hear unless there is a preacher? And how can men preach unless they are sent?” (Rom.10:14).

So you will find in all the pulpits of the world they do not preach Christ. They discuss the issues of the day, the contemporary things. I am quite sure that yesterday morning from the pulpit across the world they are asking the question, “What must we do and can do to change this moral illness?” That’s not Christ. Tell the story over and over and over until you get a deeper and deeper response from those who hear the story. You will say, well now, you tell the same thing. Well, tell the same thing; there is no other story to tell. What does it matter when the whole thing is simply a dollhouse of mechanical dolls? Are you going to be confused about this departure and that arrival and all these things? The whole thing is an externalized play bearing witness to an inner activity in the soul of man. Now, if you can see it and you become emotionally involved and weep and carry on, and feel the whole thing was a horror of horrors, you are not seeing it objectively and seeing it related to anything in you. You are tied to it, completely tied to it.

But if you can see it dispassionately and see the whole thing as something external to yourself but reflecting an inner activity in you…you have departed from these that would bind you, these that would curse you. For the word anathema as defined in the dictionary is “a curse that is solemnly pronounced by the ecclesiastical authorities; a curse solemnly pronounced and with it goes excommunication.” Well, you’re told in scripture: “They will put you out of the synagogues…and they will murder you and they will feel that they are serving God. And they will do this because they know neither the Father, nor me” (John.16:2). If they knew the Father, the real Father, they would know me, for we are inseparable, therefore, they would not murder me. So they serve a false Father, a false God. They do not know the Father, they do not know the Son, and I know that from my own experience when I speak from here or on radio or on TV the arguments, because it’s in conflict with their pre-fabricated misconceptions of scripture.

So then I say one day you will know who you are and you will know that you are God the Father. But you will know it only because God’s only begotten Son stands before you (Ps.2:7); and before he even calls you Father, you know you’re looking into the face of your Son. And you’ve never known such love for one as you know at that moment your love for that Son. And so, God, to give you himself, had to give you his Son. How else could you be God were you not the Father of God’s only begotten Son? And so, his only begotten Son stands before you and calls you Father. Then, and only then, do you know that you’re God the Father. There’s no other way to convince man that God succeeded in his purpose, which was to give man himself, other than through the Son. So, “No man knows who the Son is except the Father, and no one knows who the Father is except the Son and any one to whom the Son chooses to reveal him” (Mat.11:27).

So, “No man has ever seen God; but the only Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he has made him known” (John 1:18). So any picture painted of God is a false God. Any picture painted of the Son is a false one. Because you do not know that you are God the Father until that Son, and when he comes no uncertainty. You look at him and there is no uncertainty in your mind concerning the relationship between yourself and the one that you behold. It’s your Son and you are his Father. Then the vision fades and you sit there, or you lie there, bewildered with this fantastic gift, called “the grace of God.” For grace means “God’s gift of himself” that was unearned and unmerited. So you are cleansed, in spite of the fact prior to that you were unworthy of receiving so marvelous a gift. But God so loved you he gave his only begotten Son, and his Son, calling you Father, reveals to you who you really are. So God’s purpose then was fulfilled.

So here, your response to what you hear concerning the true Christ will be the measure of your faith, your real faith. And you hear it over and over and it deepens that faith. Then you have one consuming hope and you “set your hope fully upon the grace that is coming to you at the unveiling of Christ in you” (1Pet.1:13), and then you are he. And it was Jesus Christ who David in the Spirit called “my Lord” and “my Lord” means “my Father.” No one seems to see it. It’s right in scripture…you can read it both in Matthew and in Luke, the 22nd of Matthew, the 20th of Luke. And here he calls him…he asks a simple question, “What think ye of the Christ?”—he doesn’t stop there—“Whose son”—he’s trying to bring out the son—“Whose son is he?” So when they reply, “The son of David,” then he asks this pertinent question, a most important question: “Why then did David in the Spirit call him my Lord? If David in the Spirit calls him my Lord, how can he be David’s son?” And so, only by David calling you “my Lord, my Father” would you ever know you are the Lord Jesus Christ.

So the book ends on the call and the plea, “Come, Lord Jesus!” It begins, “In the beginning God”—the first book which is the seed plot of the whole bible, which is Genesis, and ends on the note—“in a coffin in Egypt.” This world is Egypt and it’s all dead, it’s in a coffin. But the hope is fulfilled in the end: “Come, Lord Jesus!” So, all that was promised in the Old is fulfilled in the New. And the very end tells you how it’s fulfilled when he comes. When he comes into his own he is God the Father, and if he is God the Father there must be a Son. So the Old Testament ends upon the note a boy, a son is his father’s honor. “If then I be a father, where is my honor?” You read it in the very 1st of Malachi (verse 6). Here, a son honors his father. Well then, if I be a father, where is my son, where is my honor? Now, the book closes on that note and it opens with the genealogy of the coming of the son. And then the whole thing unfolds and the whole thing unfolds in man and the drama is the drama of the individual man and woman in this world.

So I can’t tell you my thrill tonight to see what is taking place. It’s all scripture, for he said, “I came down from heaven to do my Father’s will; I didn’t come to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. And this is the will of him who sent me, of all that he has given me I should lose nothing, not one. But no man comes unto me save the Father who sent me draws him” (John 6:38,44). So I do not draw consciously, I have to let it come. But the Father in me who sent me draws. And having been sent, everyone who is drawn must come as part of the great remnant. He always will have the remnant…no matter what the world does. Three and a half billion in the world today, there will be that remnant. That’s how God builds his living temple and that living temple is made up of the redeemed, all woven into the one living body, the one Spirit, the one Lord, the one God and Father of all.

So it’s not a temple made with hands, like the cathedral you saw on the television when the drama was on—all that is made with hands. And what went into it was not printable in the sense that they bickered over dollars—how much for this stone, how much for this altar, how much for this? And all that was right down to cold, cold bargaining. That is not the temple of God. The temple of God is not made with hands. It’s living, it’s a body. It’s the body of the risen Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ. And how one being, who is not magnified to fill the earth, but one being, could contain within himself every being, eventually, and still remain one man is the great mystery. For that’s true. You fuse into it without loss of identity, and you are sent with the consciousness of what has happened. And you grow from then on more and more aware of what has happened. So everyone who comes into it brings his gift and his gift is that measure of divine creative power and wisdom that he got through being reborn from above. Therefore he adds to the wisdom of God, he adds to the power of God, he adds to the luminosity of God; for you bring light, you bring power, you bring wisdom. And the body grows in wisdom, grows in creative power, grows in luminosity, and grows in light.

So here, it is my hope that everyone that he draws that I would have the satisfaction of hearing that they have been born from above. Beyond that it’s automatic. But why some of us do not bring it down, the Father has for a moment shut off this level where it can’t come through. But I will say to my friend who wrote his, he has been born from above. And these are not adumbrations of his. He has gone through it. I would say to him I hope that when the dove descends that at least that one comes through. But if it doesn’t, it doesn’t make any difference…you’ve been born from above. And what the world will call death, when you depart this world, will not be death. There will be no restoration to a world like this. You will be in the new age, complete new age, with a body adjusted to that age, and the power equal to conscious use in that age. Glory beyond your wildest dream! You can’t compare anything in this world of death to that.

So, everything in this world has symbolic significance…everything that is taking place though it’s remote from you and seemingly not related. For this lady has no relationship whatsoever with the passing of this great man, but she has a memory and she knows the curse that was heaped upon her head by an invisible being. She only heard the voice. And when she asked why? the voice replied, “Because I want you.” The organization does not want anyone to escape from it; and it brings down the curse and the threat of excommunication for any departure from its own pre-fabricated misconceptions of the great mystery of Christ.

But you are free now. It doesn’t matter what happens to you from now to your normal departure from this world. You have been born from above, so it doesn’t really matter. If this very night you are hurt, if this night you are wounded—not physically, necessarily, but because of things in the world by those that you love most—then you’ll be able to overcome it. Because you know who you are, and you can accept anything that happens in this world. But whatever happens, it’s happening by law. The whole thing is the unfolding picture caused by internal activity and that activity within you. But now you’re not going to blame yourself for the act, no, you don’t relate it that way. But it had to show itself in some way to show you that you did reject the interference between yourself and your direct access to the Father.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Now remember there is no room for boasting, because it is all by grace, grace, grace and still more grace.

Are there any questions, please? We will be here every Monday and Friday until the end of this month, so I think we have five lectures left. Then we’ll be gone for three months, approximately. It’s too late now to put ads in, so remember we are here every Monday and Friday until we close the last Friday in this month.

Q: (inaudible)

A: My dear, when you are sent you are given the ability to do it. I certainly did not feel qualified. I was not educated. I have no formal education. And you go back into scripture, Moses said he could not do it; he had an impediment. Paul pleaded and three times he asked to be removed; and the Lord said to him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness,” in your weakness (2Cor.12:9). He claimed he, too, stuttered as Moses claimed he stuttered. Everyone who is called and sent is not qualified in their own eyes. He does not look for qualification based upon the external formal education. Because, you know when you speak he is with you, and you don’t need anything but to know that you’re sent.

And you can’t face any audience and see anyone in the audience that you feel so important that it’s going to make you feel uneasy. You cannot see anyone…you respect them, you love them, because they are loved by your Father and eventually, they, too, will be born from above. But you can’t face any audience and feel in any way inferior to them, can’t do it. I am yet to meet the man since this thing happened to me…I am yet to meet anyone that I can respect because of his social, intellectual or financial background. I refuse to accept any aristocracy other than the aristocracy of the Spirit. Because everything here is dead, it will not even leave a trace. In fact, your footprint at ebb tide will last longer than the things here.

Something is coming out of man that is immortal. The covering of man he sheds it as the outer covering of a grain of wheat. It’s what is in it that is being germinated and being warmed into animation: That is the immortal you. So, after a while it doesn’t really matter. You will speak to children, or you’ll speak to adults, or you’ll speak to the so-called educated and those who are not educated, it’s the same thing. Your words will come just as normally and naturally and no effort. But everyone who truly is sent never feels qualified, they feel inadequate. Because, using normal human standards, naturally, you don’t have it.

And today…of course I don’t invite it anymore, but when I was first on the platform starting, because you were a little bit uneasy you invited all kinds of strange criticism…but then after a while it stops. But after the birth, it really stops. No arrogance on your part, but it completely stops after the birth. In my case it took thirty years of teaching only the law, for I knew nothing about the promise. I read it, but I couldn’t understand it until I experienced it. So, from then on I could speak from experience and not from theory. I wasn’t theorizing after that moment. I could tell anyone who was misguided who Christ really is, and the relationship between Christ who is God the Father, and the only Son, who is not Jesus at all, he is God the Father. The Son is David. And I’m not theorizing. I go back into scripture to find support for it.

And without any reason whatsoever, all the priesthoods of the world will tell you that 2nd Psalm means Jesus Christ, and it doesn’t state that at all. He inspired the prophets; he is the Jehovah of the Old Testament. The very Spirit of Christ that inspired the apostles is the Spirit of the Lord God Jehovah who inspired the prophets. So he inspired the psalmist to write the words: “Thou art my Son, today I have begotten thee” (Ps.2:7). But man cannot bring himself to believe this peculiar, strange mystery that is concealed in scripture. When it happens to the individual, well, he speaks from experience. It doesn’t matter what people thought prior to that, they were only theorizing. Now they must modify their theories and change them to fit the truth. And if anyone questions my honesty or if not honesty, the truth of my vision, death will prove to them that I was telling the truth all along, but they had not the eyes to see it. I have many who will question it. Oh, they will listen and they will be attentive enough, I would say, to yield somewhat and to concede, well, an interest in my experiences, my mystical experiences, but not enough to let the truth of it change their lives. They will still hang on to that pre-fabricated misconception of Christ. They will listen, but not to that degree that is going to disturb them

If you saw this show last Saturday, you certainly saw the show of shows. Here is one simple little thing—this is no criticism, none whatsoever, for we are all compassionate, our heart goes out to the entire family—here, a man on TV, in all, this morning, I could hardly believe my ears. I’m looking at the man, who came on the show called Today’s Show. It’s a two-hour show that comes on every morning at seven and runs from seven to nine. I turn it on at seven—I always get up between five and five-fifteen anyway—so at seven o’clock I turn it on to set my watch and just to see if the thing is working right. I have an old, old clock in the living room…it’s my mother-in-law’s wedding present, well, that goes away back as you know. And this little watch that my wife gave me when I was drafted into the Army, it sort of is tired, so it loses and loses. So I just, every morning at seven I turn it on and keep on the news for about eight to nine minutes.

And this morning, this sad, solemn voice, he said that no one ever knew of this tragic moment. But, here—no one knew of this—she was all alone, no one but Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Robert Kennedy. She was in the cathedral at night in the darkness, all alone, with the body of her loving husband. Well, here the man is telling you the story and here is Mrs. Kennedy under camera, the spotlight is on her, and she is kneeling down, she wants to get up, and you can see a shadow move in front of her to tell her, “Not yet.” While the cameras are moving on, a spotlight is on her, and the man is actually telling you she is all alone. Well, either we are all morons, or they think we are, because here is a spotlight, a baby spot coming out on her so that the whole vast cathedral is in the darkness but that one spot, she’s in black, kneeling and she tries to rise, and you can almost hear him say…and the camera continues. She tries a second time and you can see the shadow of a man moving back and giving orders. And this man on TV…well, he’s an old timer…after all, he’s been on that program for years. Is he fully conscious of the fact or really has persuaded himself that he’s addressing morons? Maybe he does because he sells the darnedest things, and if you can put those things on in the morning and get intelligent people to buy them, well, they must be moronic. But who would just…would they stop for one moment, “Where did the camera come from? Where is the shadow? Where is the light?” And she’s all alone? And he emphasizes that thing over and over, that she was all alone in this sad, sad moment with her husband’s body.

And then, of course, you take leave of your senses and you say, “Well now, the world is insane.” Her description of it as a dollhouse with mechanized dolls is perfect.

Good night.

Neville Goddard Lectures: "The Remnant"
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Neville Goddard Lectures: "The Remnant"
What does it matter when the whole thing is simply a dollhouse of mechanical dolls? Are you going to be confused about this departure and that arrival and all these things? The whole thing is an externalized play bearing witness to an inner activity in the soul of man. Now, if you can see it and you become emotionally involved and weep and carry on, and feel the whole thing was a horror of horrors, you are not seeing it objectively and seeing it related to anything in you. You are tied to it, completely tied to it. But if you can see it dispassionately and see the whole thing as something external to yourself but reflecting an inner activity in you…you have departed from these that would bind you, these that would curse you.