Neville Goddard Lectures: "The Cup of Foaming Wine"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “The Cup of Foaming Wine”


First, let me remind you we will be here every Monday and Friday until we close the end of June.

We’re told in the Book of Psalms, “In the hand of the Lord there is a cup, with foaming wine, well mixed” (Ps.75:8). I will take the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord. This cup is man’s fate; the wine is well mixed. It’s not all bitter and it’s not all sweet; it’s mixed, foaming wine, well mixed. One being takes it and in that taking, “Shall I not take the cup which the Father has given me?” (Jn. 18:11). So one being takes it and we are contained in the one being, but we were contained before the foundation of the world. As we are told in Scripture, “God called us in Christ before the foundation of the world. He destined us in love to be his sons…according to the purpose of his will” (Eph.1:4, 5).

From that moment on there was no turning back. And it was a play. And we are all controlled by a power beyond ourselves who has fixed us in a vast and firm pattern. Nothing happens that is not his doing. He has a time for everything, and everything happens exactly on time. We play all the parts, and in the very end, we come out and we are God. It’s the only way that God could give himself to us, that we would know we are God. This is told in the parable of the Prodigal Son (Lk.15:31). He said to him, “Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. It was fitting that we make merry and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and he is alive; he was lost and he’s found.” But the first son could not understand that. If I owned the earth, I could die of starvation for the want of a little food, though I owned it all, if I didn’t know that I owned it. Until we come out from the Father, and separate from the Father, and go through the play, we do not know we are the Father.

So to give me himself I must separate from the Father. And when man separates from the Father, at that very moment there is a tragedy and a triumph, a fall and a beginning of a new creation. Because complete incarnation is essential to individuality…yet this incarnation involves separation from God the Father, death, and descent into hell. We’re in hell now…this is hell. We have taken the cup and drained it. Well, we drained it in Christ Jesus…and bear in mind we are all crucified with him. “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me” (Gal.2:20). So all together came out, and all are being formed into the image of God, moving back as God himself.

But it does involve a complete forgetfulness, and as we come out we fear we never again will see our Father, who is built in from all eternity within ourselves. We can’t see him on the outside, for he’s given himself now, given himself to us. So we can’t see him on the outside. When we next see him, it’s our self; we actually awake as God the Father. And we return, and the fatted calf is ours, and the ring, and the robe, and the scepter, and everything that was given to that second son who went out. But we cannot crow, because we did not volunteer to go. As we are told in the 8th chapter of Romans, that “The creature was made subject unto futility, not of his own will but by the will of him who subjected him in hope; that the creature would be set free from this bondage to corruption, and obtain the glorious liberty of the sons of God” (verse 20). So we cannot crow of any bravery on our part; we were simply selected, we were chosen. So he chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world and all together fell. We are the gods who fell in the One that is God, God the Father. And so, we were told then, “You will die like men. You are gods, sons of the Most High”—but you don’t know it, you don’t know you are one with your Father, and so—“and fall as one man, O princes” (Ps. 82:1, 6). So the fall is on, but it is the beginning of a new creation, something far greater than ever before, because we are now individualized, each to know himself as God the Father.

Now let me share with you some of these marvelous visions that came this past week. It’s so unlike what the world thinks it’s going to be, so completely unlike it. Here, a lady writes, “I’m on a boat. I’m going down the coast of California. I turn to someone on the boat and I say to him, ‘Let me know when we pass Point Conception’…just when we pass Pt. Conception. And then, ‘Why, we passed that a way back there, thirty miles back, don’t you remember?’” She feels a little bit foolish, a little bit, I would say, unnerved, and she said to this one, “Oh yes, I do. I’d forgotten.” Point Conception passed thirty miles back. Well now, that is a measure of space, but it really is a measure of time, it was thirty years ago.

Now, listen to the second part of this. This happened on the 17th of May; on the 18th of May this happened. “I am in a strange home, and here I am two, not one, there are two of us. I, the real one, the Spirit being, and here one that resembles me, looks just like me, with the only difference it looks like clay. It’s the color of clay and it seems to be dead. It is standing up but it appears to be dead. It seems to be simply a shell. And then, attached to the navel of this zombie and then attached to an infant that I’m holding in my hands is this long umbilical cord—one to the navel of this zombie and one to a baby, a little infant that I’m holding in my arms. I said to myself—I only thought it, I did not voice it, I simply thought it— ‘Why, they must drive to the hospital and have the cord severed.’ At that very moment, this zombie moved as under compulsion, as though it were completely subjected to my thinking, and it moved towards the car. Then I entertained the thought, ‘I wonder if they will dirty the car?’ Then I said, ‘Certainly not…not that kind of birth’ with the emphasis on “that.” Then I thought again, ‘You must slide under the wheel’ and my thought was conveyed to her, and the body simply slid under the wheel. Then I reached over and put the baby next to her, to this body of mine. I looked at myself and it was a shell, something that was dead. And I put it next to her. Then I said to myself, ‘No need to worry, they’ll make it alright.’ Then I woke.”

I can say to this lady, “If it hasn’t happened since you wrote me the letter, your birth, my dear, is imminent.” Everything in it…the symbolism is perfect. Thirty miles back…and “Jesus began his ministry when he was thirty years of age.” After Pt. Conception, after conception by the Holy Spirit, one is born. In my own case, it was exactly thirty years. That’s why I told a friend of mine here it’s going to take you thirty years. At the moment she heard it she didn’t like it. She wanted it tonight, after what took place in her world. Well, I still say in my case, and I can only speak from experience, I followed the path of the pattern man. I did say…because the mystery of life must be understood in terms of faith… and therefore don’t give up. I’ll say to her—she’s not here tonight—but I would say to her, “Don’t give up.” If you feel you can shorten the interval, by all means do it. But I’m only saying that in my own case it was thirty years between that embrace of the risen Lord and my birth from above. So here, this lady had passed the point of conception, thirty, well, it’s thirty years ago. But she had forgotten it, for she confessed in the second dream, “I’d forgotten that.” Don’t you know you passed it? “Oh yes, but I’d forgotten it”…so many of us do not bring it back to the surface.

For here is one, a friend of mine, who is here tonight, and he, in his dream, a very vivid dream, in the depths he is healing an enormous number of people. “By healing,” he said, “they were not all physical cases. In fact, the majority were not physical. But there were all kinds of things needing to be helped, and I am healing, I’m actually healing everyone. It takes me two seconds to a person, and they’re all walking away healed and very happy. They were not all physical cases. There was a group of people bringing me one after the other…and then I said to myself, ‘What am I, a healer? Am I a teacher? Just who am I?’ So I asked the group and they took a book and they opened the book, and then pointed to the right side, bottom, and here was the name of a man.” He said, “I can’t bring who the name is.” It is not in scripture. It has a great sound of a Hebraic sound, but it is not in scripture, not that name that he brought through; but the tone of the story as he read it, that this one was the most effective of all healers. And even to the end of his days when his bones were withered and dried up he was still the effective healer.

Then he thought, “As I contemplated on this state, that that’s not a very desirable thing; I don’t want to live a very long life just healing a bunch of people.” But he’s doing it anyway. He did it with his father. That was healing. Wasn’t a physical thing, lifting him from low man on the totem pole to the very top one in the entire area, so that he is really the outstanding one in all the Western states by his own confession in a letter that I got from him today. So here is a fantastic healing ___(??), that’s not physical, that was a professional healing: From the low man in his own profession to the top man in his profession, beyond this state. So, in his case, I would remind him that Job, at the very end of his career, when he prayed for his friends and forgot himself his own captivity was lifted. The fortunes that he lost in the interval all returned a hundred-fold greater; and everything that he lost, including his children, his wife, his friends, they all returned but multiplied. And his fortunes were enormous by turning from self to the help of another. For, really, in the end there is no “other,” it’s one’s self pushed out. So any time that I exercise my Imagination lovingly on behalf of another, I am actually doing it to myself. And because I’m doing it to myself I’ll find my world without taking thought just simply expanding beyond my wildest dreams. Financially, physically, everything expands in my world if I would do it in that manner.

So I would say to him, it’s a marvelous thing that you did. What I’m getting at is this, in his letter he said, when it came through or came to the surface mind, he couldn’t remember the name. He was desirous to remember that name, for they pointed to the name and the story attached to the name. So he went back to sleep and fell into the depths. In the depths he remembered; as he surfaced, he forgot it. Went back in and he remembered; as he surfaced he forgot it. He said, “Neville, the next morning when I woke my bed looked like a football field that had been really well played” because all night long he was going into the depths, remembering it perfectly, surfacing and forgetting. So the lady who wrote the first letter that I used tonight, she forgot that she passed that point of conception, and then admitted, “Yes, I forgot.” But she was looking forward to that moment in time when she would conceive of the Holy Spirit. She has already conceived, and it’s time for delivery. I would say to her it’s imminent.

Another lady here, she said, “In my dream I was explaining scripture to a young Negro man. All I can remember was this, having explained scripture I said to him, ‘Our name is the Lord God of hosts.’” Well, that’s marvelous…that when you in the depths of yourself know your name, and can turn to another one of a different race and bind yourselves together in that unity and say our name is the Lord God of hosts. Well, that’s tremendous growth and expansion in the awakening of the mind of God in man. And so they came, really, in a most marvelous way, one after the other this week, as you’re all moving toward the inevitable end. So don’t falter, keep them coming, one after the other.

Now, I told a story about a week ago—in fact, it’s a week since I’ve been here—where this lady said that I appeared in her vision. And then, as she saw me, I gouged out my eyes and then extended them to her. Then I walked forward and with my thumbs I pressed them into her eyes, giving her eyes that could see outside of anything known to mortal minds. Then I bent over and my head grew to enormous proportions and it became transparent; and within it every living thing in the universe was contained within my head. Then I rose and my head returned to its normal size. Then I raised my right hand and then ___(??) the top of my head, bent over, and showed her, and the greenest of green grass was coming out of it. When I went over the first time and pressed my eyes into her eyes, I called her, Brother. She is a lady, mother of two and very much a lady, in her twenties, but very much a woman. But I called her, “Brother.”

Now her letter that came this week tells me that a radiant being of gold walked out of her, and it was a man. Then he turned and looked back at her. Then in the deepest bass voice, with his hand extended, he said, “Grab my hand and come on.” That morning she sat in her rocking chair and fell into a doze and the entire scene replayed itself, with one exception. She found herself in the replayed scene measuring the distance between where he stood and where she, in her body, lay. Then she heard a voice coming from within her and the voice said, “He is two weeks away.” She took it to mean that he is at the middle between where I am and where he is. Were I you, my dear, accept it literally…it should be on you now. And she’ll know who it is that came out.

I call you all brothers, for the simple reason we are brothers. We’re all sons of God. In this world of division, yes, we are men and women, and we are sons and daughters. But not in eternity; in eternity we are all sons of God, and together form God. So I called her advisedly in the vision, Brother. And in scripture he did not say, Go unto my sisters and tell them; he said, “Go unto my brethren and tell them I ascend unto my God and to your God, unto my Father and unto your Father” (Jn.20:17). So go to my brethren and tell them. It’s all one grand brotherhood, all. Regardless of the female garment worn today or any other garment, we’re all brothers in eternity, and together, collectively, we form “the one body, the one Spirit, the one Lord, the one God and Father of us all” (Eph. 4:4).

Then she said, “I saw a pulsing, living organism. It was an organism but it was pulsing and living. Then I noticed a little trapdoor. Then I noticed a little man who had found the trapdoor and he opened it. Then he was being squeezed out of this pulsing organism.” Now, that’s a beautiful adumbration, a forecasting of the birth. For a man comes out of what seemingly from the outside for one moment is completely sealed and closed. But there is a trapdoor, and he discovered it. He was within…no one moved it from without. He discovered it and he was within that organism. And then as he opened it, he is being squeezed out through that trapdoor. That’s what man finds. It’s within his own skull, and he awakes within his skull. He intuitively knows that at the base of his skull there is that little trapdoor, and he pushes and it does give, the stone rolls away. He comes out and he squeezes himself out. You don’t walk through that door…it’s a very narrow gate. Narrow is the gate; wide that leads to destruction, but narrow is the gate. And you come out of it as a child comes out of the womb of a woman…you squeeze out. And that’s your birth from above.

So here, all are moving towards the inevitable end, which is to awaken as the Lord Christ Jesus. And everyone will, may I tell you. No one will fail and no one will turn back. The wine is mixed and very ___(??). As Blake so beautifully told it, “Joy and woe are woven fine, a garment for he soul divine.” It’s not all bitter and it’s not all sweet. What we have at a Jewish wedding…we always have the little sweet wine and the little bitter wine, but there’s always more in the sweet glass than there is in the bitter glass. The bride and groom must drink from these two glasses. They must take the very, very dry wine and the sweet wine. Then the rabbi puts these glasses down and crushes them…puts them under his feet and he crushes the glasses after they’ve taken both the sweet and bitter. But always more in the sweet glass than there is in the bitter glass.

So this is the foaming wine of the 75th chapter of the Book of Psalms. “In the hand of the Lord there is a cup, with foaming wine, well mixed.” It’s very well mixed as you go through life ___(??). Today, I came back from a funeral…a friend of mine, a close, dear, intimate friend of mine who had everything on the surface to live for, but everything. Making $350 a week and doing what the world would envy, doing it beautifully, only thirty-three, beautiful, perfect figure, everything. And then for reasons not explained because she left no note to anyone, she simply decided to call it a day. What a blow to her parents when they all lived for her. And so, I was asked to say a few things to comfort them, because she’s not there. And so, they wondered why? What on earth would cause them to have this experience? Well, God knows. It’s not only the one who departed but those who are left have to learn the experience. So they were all very emotional and weeping and weeping. I had to point out to them that the very shortest verse in scripture is “Jesus wept.” He wept at the same moment, just like this, at a funeral for the one that he loved dearly. “And Jesus wept,” the 11th chapter of the Book of John.

So if one could depart this world and find no one in the world to shed a tear that would be the most pathetic thing in the world. That someone could go and no one cared enough to shed one tear? That would be a horror of horrors. In other words, that would be a monster departing. But no, she did have multiple tears shed. But she had her lesson to learn, and they, by being left not able to touch her and feel her and talk to her, they had their lesson to learn…and so they learned it. In the end and only in the end do we understand the play.

So we are told, “According to my purpose I have called you.” And then he tells us what his purpose is, “As I willed it, so shall it be; as I have planned, so shall it stand. And my will shall not return until I have executed and accomplished the intents of my mind. In the end, in the latter days, you will understand it perfectly” (Is.14:24). For I put the whole plan into the mind of man, called eternity: but I put it so that man cannot find out what I’ve done from the beginning until the end (Ecc. 3:11). In the end, man will find out. The end will come suddenly upon man in a series of dramatic mystical experiences, his birth and resurrection from above; resurrection first, followed immediately by the birth. Then the discovery of the Fatherhood of God as himself because the Father’s Son calls him Father. Then the complete splitting of the curtain of the temple and it is his own body that is split. Then his ascent into the Holy of Holies in the only way that you could never get up: He goes up in a serpentine form, because he’s going into Zion. And David captures Zion by going up the stairway in a circular motion. For if we read the scripture, the way he took Zion, he could only have taken it if he built the stairway in a spiral. And so he goes into Zion, which is the Lord’s choice of his habitation.

Then comes the final seal of approval with the descent of the dove upon the one who has had these three experiences, and the voice does declare that he loves you. That is the end of the drama. You remain only to tell it…as Paul remained to tell it. After the whole thing was done, he had to remain to tell it. He did say he would rather depart this world and be with Christ in the risen state; but the need was greater for others, and so he had to remain in the flesh until a certain moment when he’s relieved forever, and enters the one body, the one Spirit, the one Lord, the one God and Father of all.

So here, that wonderful parable…someone complains, he doesn’t know he has it all, because he hasn’t journeyed. He wasn’t called, he wasn’t chosen. There are unnumbered who are not called, who are not chosen. And we complain because we suffer and we can’t afford to suffer. But we, in the Father’s eye were so loved he wanted us…knowing the horrors that we have to pass through. But with Paul, he said, “I consider the sufferings of the present time not worth comparing with the joy that is to be revealed in us” (Rom.8:18). So we suffer, certainly we suffer. The loss of a child…it need not be a physical pain…but that is a more enduring pain than a physical pain. The physical pain, we can relieve it somewhat, and the chances are it will pass away in a normal span of time. But the loss of one you love dearly doesn’t pass away that way. Everything reminds you of the one that goes, especially a favorite child, thirty-three, successful in the business world, and everything to live for. But who knows God’s plan? God planned it. Because he’s crucified with ___(??). He said, “No one takes away my life, I lay it down myself. I have the power to lay it down and the power to lift it up again.” And so, he’s wearing my cross as he’s wearing your cross, he’s wearing every cross. But he has succeeded in his purpose: Because in one he did rise, and in others he rose, and he’s rising in this room here. He’s rising…there are those who have risen in this room, and, therefore, I say he is continuing the resurrection. Eventually all will rise and all that came out will return risen…just as God the Father had planned it.

Now, another one came. This is an interesting one. She said, “I’m in a large beautiful house, dimly lit. There are about, oh, several hundred people present. There was a single, I would say, aisle leading up to a stage. On the stage was an enormously large table. There were people at both ends and then the far back—not the side facing the audience—but the backside of the table…suddenly, someone said something and I looked up and there you were standing in the center of that table. Not on it, but at the center of the table, dressed in a white robe. I said to this one who drew my attention to you, ‘Why, Neville isn’t given to theatrics.’ And with that I found myself on the stage. Before I left that party I said, ‘He always is here for a lecture, not theatrics.’” So she finds herself on the stage…and then I turn to her and I’m in my civilian clothes, dressed in normal civilian clothes, and I say to her, “I’m not here to give a lecture. Come, this is the last dinner.” And then she woke. She said, “As I woke, I could not help but relate it to my pictures I’ve seen of The Last Supper.” That’s something that always comes before the inevitable end, but this time the end from it all; not restoration but complete freedom…into the liberty of the sons of God. So he gives his last dinner. Now she has that…and very sweetly wrote the whole thing out for me.

So your visions and your dreams have been perfectly marvelous and please keep them coming. I have many when I talk on Monday night, because Monday will be based upon the world of Caesar in the use of Imagination. They will be told on Monday, this coming Monday. The subject will be “Imagining Creates Reality.” Having this on a Monday night and Friday night, people are always wondering, “Is he talking tonight about it?” and rather than come and be disappointed, they just don’t come. So I’ve taken this small ad in tomorrow’s paper to let people know once more I will be here on Mondays and Fridays that follow until the end of June. And for those who like the world of Caesar—the majority do—I’ve titled a few, one is “Imagining Creates Reality” and the second is “There Is No Fiction.” So be careful what you imagine, for there is no fiction. These are my two subjects for next week.

Now let us go into the Silence and get some good questions later.

* * *

Q: Neville, you said last time that many have had the birth and have not been able to bring it back…or some have…what would that do to the other visions? In any way affect them?

A: I can’t conceive of the birth not being followed in the order in which I’ve told you, I can’t. Therefore, he’s forgotten all. And the same one whose letter came about not bringing back that name but in the depths of his being he knew it perfectly, as he surfaced he forgot it, there are reasons, possibly, in the whole play for him to forget the other two. Surely, from the letter that I had recently I must conclude he’s had the experience. And from my own chronological record I can see how it happened to all others. Christine had it in the same manner. Bob had it. Benny had it…he has one coming up in July, waiting anxiously for July…but he certainly had the other two in the order in which I said he would have them. And so, if the order remains this way, I can’t see how he would have one…and from what he told me, I am convinced of the birth. Well, the others…he didn’t bring through the name, therefore, he didn’t bring through the others. It’s in a way unfortunate, because it’s such a dramatic scriptural effort, a compelling thing to prove to one the truth of scripture. But, maybe his choice in this section of time is for something different.

Q: Neville, does the term “the Son” have several different meanings? Like in the Book of John, it’s stated several times that “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

A: Yes, but he also said, “I and the Father are one,” in the same book. I am the Son, but I leave the Father—so if a seed drops from me, I can’t deny it is my image. Give it the right environment and it will grow into my likeness. And so, the son goes out…he’s the seed, the creative power of God, the wisdom of God. And so, God in procession is the Son; God the eternally abiding one is the Father; the Son returning is the Holy Spirit. So when you start to return…the three are one. So we speak of the Son. But man’s literal mind thinks that our son, although he looks like his father and may even be bigger than his father, he came after his father, and that’s how the mind thinks; therefore, he is the son, he’s not the father. But in the mysteries the Son and the Father are one. “I and my Father are one” (Jn. 10:30), and, “He who sees me has seen the Father. Why then do you ask me to show you the Father? Haven’t you seen the Father? You’ve been with me this long?” proving that he did not know the mystery behind the story. And it was not revealed, as scripture shows, it was not revealed to the apostles until after the resurrection, after the ascent. They did not understand scripture, for at the very end of Luke he was still explaining…and this was after his departure. “And did not our hearts burn when he opened to us the scriptures…and explained not only the law of Moses but all the prophets and the Psalms” (Lk.24:32)—proving that they did not understand it until his departure. Then it happened in them, and then they understood it.

So the Son and the Father are one. His Son, which is not Jesus Christ but David, called me Father. That’s the mystery. That’s where everyone…simply a stone…knocks himself against that block. They cannot believe for one moment that is truly the Son that was set up in the beginning to reveal man to himself as God the Father. “I have found in David, the son of Jesse, a man after my own heart who will do all my will” (Acts 13:22). And that is in every man. Even when it comes to someone taking their own life, it is David who does the will of the Father…carrying out “the will,” you take it. And David goes right through…he wins every battle, never lost a battle. The most horrible battle David won, because David is in man. “I have put eternity into the mind of man” (Ecc. 3:11) and that word Olam, which is translated “eternity,” is also “the youth, the lad, the stripling.” And they call these three titles, David…all in one chapter (1Sam.17:56). They speak of him as the youth, the stripling and the lad. That is “eternity” that he put into the mind of man…and he wins all the battles.

Now you wouldn’t call suicide a battle that is won. It is if that is the compulsion. It takes courage to do that. People say, “Well now, she was a coward.” Coward, nothing! It takes courage to do that. That was the courage of David. When David received the order from the Lord, he never questioned the order from the Lord when he stripped himself and danced in the nude around the ark and was condemned by the daughter of Saul for his behavior unbecoming a king. But who was she to question the king? He was the king…and all the actions of the king are allowed if done by the king or if commanded by the king. Well, the King of kings commanded it, to do all the acts, and so he did everything that he was commanded. That’s David and David is buried in everyone and one day he is going to stand before you, after the explosion, and he calls you, Father. For, you were there all along and he was obeying your order in these garments that really are dead even though he lives in them.

But my friend who had this experience of the birth, when they drove off together and she knew, “It’s alright now, everything’s alright.” The body was dead, it was just an empty shell. She was a living Spirit watching this thing go off.

And other questions, please?

Q: Neville, are you aware of any __ (??) in the Hebrew between the word for sun, the star in our solar system, and the word son, meaning a child?

A: No, no.

Q: In many writings there have been ___(??) a sound connection.

A: A sound connection? No. In Hebrew it’s Ben. Benny is the little son. So, for many words translated son…but the one most translated is Ben, Benjamin. But it’s more from the actual context of the thing itself that you arrive at the son. ___. But only one has an actual name that means son, it’s Ben.

Q: Neville, that dream of the lady who had the zombie ___(??). That’s what it meant, though, that she was a living Spirit?

A: She was. She appeared…the whole thing…she saw that which resembled her, it looked like her. The only thing that did not resemble her—because this lady is very fair, very blonde—and this looked like clay and the color of clay. Undoubtedly ___(??) but not give her that color…she’s so very, very fair. But it looked like clay and it was dead, and it simply responded to her thinking, as though it were under compulsion to obey her thought. She said, “Now they must drive to the hospital to get the cord severed,” and this zombie obeyed and started moving towards the car. Then she was concerned whether it would soil the car. She corrected her thought and said, “No, it’s not that kind of birth.” Then she thought, “You’ve got to slide under (but thinking, she didn’t speak it) you’ve got to slide under the wheel,” and the zombie moved under the wheel and took up the position of the driver. So, it simply responded as she thought. So everything here moves under compulsion, but we don’t see it because we aren’t aware of the being that is in us. ___(??).

Q: Neville is impregnation by infinite love also a gift, as the birth, or can we do something about it?

A: Claire, everything is a gift. No one earns salvation. That is one of the most difficult things to get over to the world, this so-called fading memory. It’s utter nonsense. You couldn’t earn grace: grace is the unmerited gift. No man in this world could by his behavior, although it is thrust upon him, he could not claim he is worthy of the gift and therefore when he received it; it was not the result of what he had done. It was the consequence of the grace that had been given when he…his ___(??) is simply something given by grace. So anyone who tells me that I am working towards it, I am purifying my body, purifying my thoughts, purifying all these things, all well and good. Do it, it’s nice for you. But don’t think for one moment you by any purification you’re coming near receiving grace. Grace is going to come on time. God gives it to everyone: He gives you himself. Grace is God’s gift of himself to man, unearned, unmerited.

Good night.

Neville Goddard Lectures: "The Cup of Foaming Wine"
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Neville Goddard Lectures: "The Cup of Foaming Wine"