Neville Goddard Lectures: “Put On The Lord Jesus Christ”


If you opened the Bible and you read “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to gratify its desires,” what would it mean (Rom.13:14)? I couldn’t put him on were he a physical being, could I? If Jesus Christ is a man, as we are, could I put him on? I’ll put it in that light. How could I put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh? Well, first of all, the word flesh, as Paul uses it, is the body as opposed to the Spirit. I will now change the word Spirit to Imagination, and leave the word flesh, meaning, say, my body and all of its senses, and one is opposed to the other. Then I could see some light, how I could put on the Lord Jesus Christ and ignore the evidence of my senses.

But, would it work? Well then, try it. I’m called upon to try it. Test it. “Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?” Well, if he is in you, then he cannot be a being of flesh and blood. It cannot, if he is in me. Now I’m invited to test it, “Test yourself and see. Do you not realize Jesus Christ is in you?” (2Cor.13:5). Now we are told all things are possible to him; there is nothing impossible to him. Now I can see how I can put him on. And so, I see a world and my senses anchor me. I would like to transcend them, I would like to be other than what my senses and my reason dictate. Can I put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision, now, for the flesh? I can, you can, and we are called upon to do it, to transcend the limitation of the flesh by putting on the Lord Jesus Christ.

We’ll understand it better if we’ll take a story in scripture, one of the first stories that’s told in the Book of Genesis. Here…first let me go back and quote the last Book of the Old Testament, Malachi, “Is not Esau Jacob’s brother? Yet I have loved Jacob but I’ve hated Esau” (Mal.1:2). Now, this is said of the Lord. Well, here the Lord is the Lord of love. And this is not a conclusion reached philosophically, this is the countenance of a self-revelation of God, when you stand in the presence of infinite love, and it is God. Yet, here are the words, “I have hated Esau.” How could I hate Esau? Yes, I can say I have loved Jacob, but don’t say you hate Esau. Can it be hate as you and I understand it? Don’t you dislike the limitations of the flesh? You find yourself locked in a prison, for instance, and you don’t like the confinement of a prison, don’t you hate what this pledge is telling you? Don’t you hate the sentence that reason tells you that you heard: six months, hard labor or maybe life, hard labor? You heard something and reason tells you that is it, and your senses confirm it, for here are the bars and here is this place where you are. Now, could I put on the Lord Jesus Christ and escape? Do I really believe that all things are possible to him? Now, that’s what I’m called upon to do and to exercise this right of mine. But, when I exercise it I must believe in what I am doing, believe in him. What must I do? Believe in him whom my Father sends, and I and my Father are one, so I gave him to you. I am in you. You and I are one.

So, what does this mean now? Well now, here I am inside of you…this is how I teach others to do it. When I teach others to do it, I am bearing the name. He has four names given to him in scripture. I am bearing his first name when I teach you how to do it and that is Wonderful Counselor. The others will come in three dramatic ways, but this comes first. I hear the story of Jesus Christ. I am willing to try it. When I begin to try it, I’m wearing his first name, Wonderful Counselor, and when I tell it, I am the Wonderful Counselor. Who is the Wonderful Counselor? We are told, “The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name. He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you” (John14:26). Well, what did you say to me? Well, I am the word of God…and scripture is the external word of God, so everything you see there I did. So I only come to tell you the truth of scripture. But in the world of Caesar, where you find yourself and I find myself, I also tell you in the word of scripture how to transcend it and not keep it upon you as a prison. And so, I would be of counsel…he’s called, Wonderful Counselor. So here, in this 9th chapter of the Book of Isaiah, “To us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder, and his name will be called ‘Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’ Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end” (9:6). So here, the first one comes when one hears the story and simply believes it. So, if you believe it.

A friend of mine returned only yesterday…I saw her tonight and she’s here tonight. She was called East. Last year she was there and left a small circle. She went back to find enthusiasm in that circle and three completely dynamic, out of the circle of eleven. Well, she was the Wonderful Counselor, planting the seed there. She went to her daughter-in-law to find the daughter-in-law, who is facing a major operation, enthusiastic over putting on the Lord Jesus Christ, not afraid of consequences, not afraid of anything, putting on the Lord Jesus Christ. Having seen her husband who is supposed to be, well, in a state that would not allow him to serve his country as an officer in the army—he’s a trained officer, that’s his business. He’s not drafted; that’s his choice in life, and he wants to go where all the trained men should go when the country is fighting. That’s his choice. And so, by putting on the Lord Jesus Christ he’s on his way to the conflict that rages now in Asia. Alright, that’s his choice, no judgment. She just shows him how to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and therefore to escape from his mental confusion that could confine you forever and therefore rob you of doing what is your choice…to be a soldier in the Armed Forces of our country.

So you tell it to anyone in this world. Don’t say you should be a so-and-so, and a so-and-so, no. What do you want, money? That’s alright. What do you want? Fame. What do you want? Well, can you put on the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you know he’s all spirit? For God is spirit and those who worship him worship in spirit and in truth. I couldn’t put him on as a garment that’s physical, but I can wear him. For when we are told that the Lord came mightily upon Gideon or the Lord came mightily upon David, it is simply wearing it as you would a suit of clothes. I put him on, he comes mightily upon me, I wear him, and give sensory vividness now to all that he is seeing in me.

So, in my Imagination I would see what my senses will not allow, what my reason is not dictating. And no matter how much I add of reason, I could never make up what I lack in the Spirit, which is all Imagination, I could never. Here, my Imagination allows me to see what I want to see. So I go into a court, for instance, and I hear the case tried. I know that I am completely innocent of all. I know I am right, yet I’m accused. Here I am accused and now I’m in pain. But I heard how to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. I see the jury, I hear the arguments, I hear the attorneys. My own attorney, who is taking my money, is telling me and whispering in my ear that I don’t have a chance, not a chance. I’m paying him to represent me, but he’s telling me as though he really is representing the opponent. And so, what do I do? I shut him off completely. I take off the garment of the flesh and put on, now, the Lord Jesus Christ, where all things are possible. And I hear, I see the foreman and I imagine now he is telling me back in the court after recess, he’s now making the statement “We find the defendant not guilty.” That’s all I’m going to hear.

Now everything that I heard from my attorney, what I heard was the judgment charged the jury, what I heard as the argument progressed led me to believe, as a man of flesh, well, I could never find that I am set free. But I will hear the foreman say “We find the defendant not guilty” and close my eyes to everything that I’ve seen, my ears to everything that I have heard, and only hear what I want to hear. He comes in, he rises and states he finds the defendant not guilty and there is no appeal and all charges are placed upon the shoulder of the one who brought the action against me. Now, I’m telling you a true story…these stories are true.

If you know how to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, who is your own wonderful human Imagination, see him as Spirit, pure Spirit, not flesh and blood. As we are told in Paul’s letter to the Galatians, “Are you so foolish? Having begun with the Spirit, are you now ending with the flesh?”—accepting the evidence of your senses as opposed to what you want to hear and see in this world (Gal. 3:1). And so, learn to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no preparation for the flesh. You try this and you are actually wearing the first name, that name is the Wonderful Counselor. You not only wear it, but as you teach it to others and you tell others how to apply it, you are the Wonderful Counselor. The Wonderful Counselor is the Holy Spirit, and so you’re clothed with the Holy Spirit as you walk giving the good news of escape. For the first word recorded in the Book of Luke, he quotes the 61st chapter of Isaiah, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me” (Is.61:1; Luke 4:18). And then he tells you in the same part, do what?—to set free the captives, to set everyone free by showing him how to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Set them free. Don’t say, well, you shouldn’t have done it. They were blind when they did it…because, really, you aren’t hurting anyone but self, because there’s only one in the world. We’re all one. And so, tell every aspect of your own being how to be free and set them free.

Now, how do I call the next name? The next name is called Mighty God. Well, the greatest act of God as recorded in scripture is the resurrection, followed by birth from above. So when a man is resurrected within himself, awakens in his skull and then comes out of his skull, that moment of his exit from the skull marks the hour of the birth of Israel in him, the new name. So you are told, “I am wrestling with the world”—wrestling now with the Spirit of God. My name is Jacob; I deceive everyone. For I heard this story, I deceived my father, I deceived my brother, I deceived my father-in-law. How did I do it? He said, “He came with guile and deceived me into giving him the blessing that belongs to you.” Well, belongs to what? The outer man comes first in the world, it’s called Esau. So Esau comes into the world, and he’s first, he’s covered with hair all over. The one after, he comes; he’s a smooth skinned lad and it’s Jacob. Jacob means “supplanter,” he supplants his brother. He deceived his father-in-law by painting the cattle, or rather, painting poplar things before the cattle at the moment of generation, so when the offspring comes out it’s always striped, as they beheld; for we become what we behold. So, the cattle came back from the act of generation and brought forth what they were beholding at the act of generation.

So here, the outer man, this Esau, is disliked by the Lord Jesus Christ, and the inner one who is deceiving, Jacob, he loves. So the act of ignoring the evidence of my senses and self deceiving, I’m deceiving myself. I am persuading myself that I am the man that at the moment reason is denying and my senses deny. And yet, to the degree that I am self-persuaded it works. So I try it again. I try it on everything in this world…and I find that if I walk as though I were what I would like to be, and walking in that assumption, the assumption hardens into fact. After a while, having discovered this, I am now wrestling with the Lord and he changes my name to Israel. But, the word Israel, if you break it down, it would be Ish Rash El. It really would be “the man of the Spirit of God.” But it’s defined in the concordance, in Hebrew, as “he will rule as God.” He will rule as God. All of a sudden my name is changed now, because I am actually practicing what I have heard. I am practicing the good counsel: how to put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now comes my resurrection. I am first of all awakened, for resurrection is simply the awakening. I awaken within my skull to find myself completely locked. It’s a sealed tomb. And then I come out. As I come out, that’s my exodus. My emergence from the tomb is my exodus from Egypt; and that is the hour of Israel’s birth: the man who is going to rule in the place of God, and he rules as God. So that’s the next name I acquire, Mighty God.

Then comes my next name and that name is Everlasting Father. Concealed within me was the sum total of all the generations of man, personified as a single youth that’s eternal, called David. Then, all of a sudden exploding within myself comes David and David calls me, Father. And so, now I know who I am; I didn’t know it before. Even after the birth I didn’t know it. After the resurrection I didn’t know it. But now I know it. And it takes the Son to tell me who I am, so David stands before me and calls me Father. God’s only begotten Son calls me Father, revealing to me who I am (Ps. 2:7). Now comes the relationship, if he is my son and he calls me Father, and he is God’s only begotten Son, then my title now is Everlasting Father.

Now comes the next title and that is Prince of Peace. But the Prince of Peace comes with the next event, and that event is when the curtain of the temple—and we’re told the curtain is the flesh of God, the body of God—and the curtain is torn from top to bottom by a violent act. And then the Son of man ascends into heaven, into this region of Zion, which is his skull. But he goes like a serpent. Now we’re told, in the 6th of Hebrews, that when this takes place he is now a member of the order of Melchizedek, a priest forever. Then he defines the name Melchizedek. Melchizedek by translation is “king of righteousness” and because he is king of Salem, and Salem is shalom, he is now “king of peace,” forever and forever. Now he has no father, no mother, no genealogy, no beginning of days, and no end of life, for he’s one with God, bearing now the four titles (Heb. 7:3).

He’s now the Wonderful Counselor, who can advise all how to escape, no matter what the sentence is. If your senses are now demanding that you accept as fact what reason dictates, you accept that as fact, he comes as the Wonderful Counselor and tells you how to escape: Imagine that you are as you would like to be, whatever it is and wherever it is. Imagine that you are the man that you want to be, whatever that man is, regardless of what mountainous states seem to separate you from that attainment. That’s the Wonderful Counselor. And then all the others, he can’t believe ___(??). He can get the good advice, but he does not know of the one who stands before him who has had all of these names conferred upon him, because he is still seeing flesh and blood; and you are not a being of flesh and blood, though you must wear it until the last moment when you breathe your last here and take it off forever, the garment of flesh. Because then you awaken as the Ancient of Days…for these titles belong to the Ancient of Days, who is no less than the Lord Jesus Christ, the risen Lord..

So here, this creative power is your own wonderful human Imagination. Learn to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Try it. It doesn’t mean that you will be some holy man. Forget it! That’s not the Lord Jesus Christ. He came eating and drinking, and they called him a glutton and a drunkard. His friends were, what, the harlots and the tax collectors and the people who were the outcasts. They were his friends. For he knew that all the so-called little states divided were phony, they meant nothing to him. For he had a ___(??) with the God of this world, and he was the king of a world that was not of this world. He comes into the world to explain to man how to put him on. How to actually exercise his divine right, for he’s housed within him, and put on the Spirit, and put it on in a mighty way.

So, all of a sudden, I’m in a room. I don’t want to be in that room. It seems to be an eternal task now. I go to work, I come home at night, have my dinner, here’s my little place…and no means to go out…and it’s just the same thing, one right after the other. But I don’t like that. So sitting in my little room, with no means, I assume that I am now what I would like to be, that things are as I desire them to be. But I give to this state all the sensory vividness of reality. I give to this state all the tones of reality, just as I’m taught in the Book of Genesis (27:5). So when I come to deceive my father, I put on tones of reality. I take the skins of a kid, wrap them around my hands, around my neck, and so when I come to my father, he thinks he’s going to touch Esau. So I come dressed as Esau, as the outer world, so he feels the reality of an Esau.

Well, who is the Father, something on the outside? No, it’s the Father. What’s his name? I AM. So I clothe myself and deceive myself into believing that what I’m doing is real. I give it sensory vividness; I give it all the tones of reality. And then, as we’re told in scripture, Esau returned from the hunt to discover that his brother had deceived his father into giving him the blessing. As he came in, he had no sooner arrived in the presence of his father than Jacob left. Jacob hied away. Why? So I close my eyes to the obvious and then in that moment I’m clothing myself in the tones of reality. I open my eyes upon this world and the world returns. The world returning to my consciousness is Esau coming back from the hunt. This is Esau returning. So I open my eyes and all of a sudden the whole thing comes back. So I say to myself “Why, Neville, you been simply self-deceived, you’re fooling yourself.” Because, where is the being that was here? Well, he’s vanished now.

So Jacob leaves the scene, Jacob doesn’t remain, Jacob vanishes. But the father said, “I gave him your blessing and I cannot take it back. I have pronounced the blessing on him.” It felt so real when I did it that I gave that the sense of reality. Now that the outside world returns to tell me that I was self-deceived, I know even though I was at that moment self-deceived it’s going to happen. And it’s going to take the place of the present world. If I’m in prison, I’m going to be set free, and it’s going to take the place, my freedom will take the place of my imprisonment and that’s my new habitation. And so, I supplant my brother in the affection of my father. So he’s called “the supplanter”; his name is Jacob. Then, he goes beyond that to the name of Israel—one who will rule as God—as he moves forward to higher and higher levels of consciousness within himself. The whole drama is taking place in us. All things exist in the human Imagination. “Man is all Imagination and God is man and exists in us and we in him. The eternal body of man is the Imagination, and that is God himself.” God is Spirit, so I can’t put him on as a flesh and blood being. I can put him on as a Spirit…and I do put him on as a Spirit. I encourage you to actually go out and tell it, tell it to all your friends. When you do it, you are then wearing the name, the first name, the Wonderful Counselor.

Now there’s a lady here tonight who wrote me this past week. She said, “I had a dream a few nights ago. The early part of the dream was a very light sleep and I woke to hear myself speaking to myself. I said to myself, ‘I am just underneath. Fall to me.’ Then later on I went into a deep sleep and dreamt all through the night an unremembered dream. I know I was dreaming, but I know also it’s an unremembered dream, save at the end. The people of the dream said to me, ‘Leave by the rear curtain’ and I knew in the dream that that would have tremendous significance…that I should leave by the rear curtain.”

Now the first part, I’m speaking to myself, and I’m the speaker and the one listening and I’m saying to myself, “I am just underneath, fall to me,” like a father looking up into a tree and saying to his child, “Come, jump, jump to daddy. I’ll catch you. Have confidence, fall. I will support you. I am just underneath, fall.” Well, they hesitate it seems so high and so dangerous, and some just can’t jump. But here, she’s being encouraged to fall. Trust me implicitly and take upon me the being that I am. Take upon yourself…take me…clothe yourself with me…inviting her to go all out now, no matter what she wants, and trust implicitly making no preparation for the play. Trust me I’m just underneath, fall to me.

Now, the second part—“Leave by the rear curtain.” Now, this is also in scripture. The curtain behind the curtain hides the Holy of Holies. You are told that’s the curtain that is torn. But may I tell you from experience the advice is perfect, “Fall to me” and then you also fall through ___(??). But I can tell you that a few years ago William Blake, that great, wonderful, awakened giant in this world, he said to me—we’re separated in time by a hundred and fifty years, but we’re so tightly woven in the tapestry of thought we are together in the tapestry of thought. But in time and space he came into the world in 1757 and I came in in 1905, so he departed a hundred years before I made my appearance. So we are in time and space widely separated, but not in the tapestry of thought, I assure you.

So he said to me, “Fall backwards, Neville, just let yourself go”—for, your back that’s where the curtain is—“Fall backwards.” And I did. I seemed to tumble through interstellar space, and when my motion was arrested, I looked off and here in the distance this glorious one man. His heart seemed to be just a ruby in flame. But here is one man, a perfect man, the heart aflame, a ruby that’s actually flaming. As I approached him, the one man became a multitude of men and women, all the races and nations of the world contained in one man. Just as he told in his Jerusalem, “When you see it it’s one man and as you approach a multitude of nations.” He also told it in his last vision. And I know from my own personal experience when I fell backwards. I fell not forwards, I fell backwards, based purely upon what he suggested and actual confidence in what he told me. I fell, kept on falling, like some meteor coming through space. Then that motion was arrested and when it was arrested, all things seemed to settle, and here is this glorious man; seen in the distance one man, as you approach him a multitude of nations.

So here, the advice to you, my dear, was sound., to fall… and just beneath, the very being that you really are. Now trust it implicitly. For we are now pushed out into the world of sense and we think everything here is right. So I’m born in a certain state of life and I think, well, I must remain here, and make a tremendous physical effort to transcend it through education or meeting the right people, doing the right thing, and all these things I must do. Yet I hunger to transcend the limitations of birth, but everyone tells you, you can’t do it unless you first take this step and that step and that step. They give you all the ways of death. Now I go back to the word, he said, “’My ways are not your ways,’ saith the Lord.” Well, what are the ways of man? Knowing the right people, doing what is considered the right thing in order to get on in this world. Now, what is the Lord’s way? He said, “I am the way.” The way to what?—everything in this world, but specifically to the Father… nevertheless, to everything in this world. I am doing it.

Well, how do I apply that? Do not consider means. “I have ways and means you know not of,” so don’t consider means just go to the end. The end is where I begin. In my end is my beginning. So I go to the end. I conceive a scene all in my mind’s eye, and then as I conceive the scene it must have meaning. What’s going to be the meaning of what? I want it to imply that I am what I want to be. So I will conceive a scene. How will I do it? Well, take people that you know, wouldn’t they see you as you would like to be seen were you the man that you want to be? Yes, they would know it. They’re my friends. They would know of it and as friends they would rejoice. Others would know of it too, who were not so friendly and maybe they would not rejoice, but if you want to use them to give you the feeling of reality, then use them too. Because it’s not in the scene; it’s what the scene implies that is the important thing. What does it imply? So if I hear people discussing, just discussing me, and some are saying, “Do you know what’s happened to Neville?” and I’m listening eagerly, all ears to hear what they’re saying. “Well, you know what has happened to him?” and then tell the story that I want the world to tell. “This has happened to him, can you imagine that?” Others were envious, they show their envy; others who were friendly, they show their friendship. I’m all ears listening, letting everyone play the part that they would have to play in this drama. Now the potency is in its implication, so I just simply listen.

I have a friend…I wouldn’t call him a friend… I dare say if I met him, I would be a very dear friend of his because he’s a friend of so many I love. He spoke of William Butler Yeats and he spoke of A.E., George Russell, and he spoke of all these great Irish poets that were always so fiery. So, in this, he’s telling the story of the critics of the day and how insane they really are—he’s written many books himself—and no two agree, all have their own little opinion. If you put them all together…he said the most amazing thing is that one man could be so many things, because all of a sudden this one said this of the book, that one said that, and he gets twelve outstanding critics and no two are in agreement on the things that they see that no one else sees.

So he said, “William Butler Yeats once said to a friend of mine, he said, ‘Do not for one moment be concerned about what the reader is thinking. I don’t write for the reader.’” He said, “I can’t write for my readers. I am so completely trained to hear what my character is trying to say to me, I haven’t ears for anyone else but my character. I am writing about a character and the character has to tell me what to say. Let the reader now be frightfully surprised what both are going to tell him, both the character and myself. Because, I can only write what the character is telling me to say. So I strain to hear what the character is saying.” Now, he said, “Shakespeare did this. Do you think for one second Shakespeare tried to educate people? No, he was being educated by his own characters.” That’s true. You can hear them.

So, you listen to some friend’s voice, all in your Imagination, and strain to hear what he’s saying. Do you know you can’t always dictate what you want to hear? He is speaking. If you’re honest, you’ll hear it and you’ll put it down. That’s what he’s really saying…all tuning, tuning the character. And then, if you do it this way and forget the so-called reading public, what does it matter? You’re tuning in characters. Well now, in this scene you bring them in your mind’s eye. You think they’re friends; some will not turn out to be friends. You think they’re friends, but few will listen carefully and all of a sudden they hear of your good fortune. You set up the picture that something marvelous happened to you, and they listen to hear the reports. And some are envious. But listen. You’ll hear quite a story. And then listen to another and you hear another story. You’re surprised of those who…you never thought they were so dear and important to you…how they really rejoice…and everyone is telling the story.

So you do it this way and may I tell you it works. This is what I speak of as the creative power of God, for God is your own wonderful human Imagination. So, you’re told that God does not look like man sees. God doesn’t see as man sees, for God sees the heart. He goes right to the heart, beyond the façade, and sees and hears what is actually taking place in the heart of man, what he really feels about you or about anyone for that matter. And he sees in the dark, as told in scripture. The darkness doesn’t keep him out. Nothing…you can’t hide from him. He sees everything. So when he sees the heart, he knows what’s in store for this one. So you cannot hide from God, because God is within you. He’s not in space, he’s all within you. Your own wonderful I-am-ness, that’s God.

So I ask you tonight to try this. Believe me. I am on this platform, I am wearing the first title, the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, telling you that things are possible, all things are possible. But now, you are the operant power. It doesn’t operate itself, you have to operate it. And so, will you believe it? Try it. If you try it, I tell you it will work. As Lord Lindsay of ___(??) College at Oxford, he said to this group of ministers, he said, “You ministers are making a mistake. In your pulpits you’re arguing for Christianity and no one wants your arguments. You ought to be witnessing, does this thing work? Well then, share it with the rest of us.” If it works, well then, share it with us.

Now, on this level we can share this, the good news, the good counsel. You have to wait to experience the other titles, because I cannot share it with you, save the words. I cannot share the relationship of father-son that is between you and David until it happens to you. I cannot take you with me in that serpentine motion up into the skull until it happens to you. But it will happen to you. And I cannot take you into that wonderful transparency when the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descends upon you and the words of scripture are heard, spoken all about you. Then you will know who you really are.

But in the meanwhile, we can share the good advice, or the good counsel, and tell you that you are not necessarily restricted forever based upon your position at birth or your present state based upon whatever you’ve done. You could put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the senses and simply transcend the world of the senses, and move from level to level, from state to state. There are only states. States remain while the occupant moves on. So, to expect that this city will cease to be because I leave it is stupid. Well, it’s just as stupid to believe that poverty will cease to be when I vacate the state of poverty. It remains for you or the whole world to fall into it. You can either go into it deliberately, as some people do, they go into the backyard and eat worms. Perfectly alright, let them eat worms. They can go into it knowingly or unknowingly. But the state remains. All states are permanent. You don’t change states; you change yourself. You move from one state to another state, and let the state remain.

And so, people think they’re going to change poverty in the world, rub it out. You’ll never rub out poverty in the world. They’re all falling into it. Rub out war. “I did not come to bring peace but a sword, to set the young against the old, son against father.” And so, I’m not trying to establish peace in the world. Peace, what? When a man cannot…you can’t muzzle his Imagination. Okay. Some one says, “Let us have peace now. Let him have his billion and you have nothing. Let us establish this status quo, keep it forever. Wouldn’t that be wonderful”…for him. Alright, leave him alone, so he has a billion. But don’t let him put that on you and say, well now, you must be satisfied with what you have. Not when you put on the Lord Jesus Christ!

So you cannot possibly establish a state, a general state for all. That’s what certain countries in the world tried to do, bring everything down to the lowest common denominator. Can’t do it…not if you know Christianity. You’ll rise to the very top if you know it, if you want to go to the top. And so, whatever you want you simply put it on. What would it be like? Who can stop me tonight from sleeping in the assumption that I am what I want to be? If I sleep as though I were, I will in the not distant future rise into that state. If it takes all of the people who now oppose me to help me, they’ll help me, without their knowledge and without their consent. They’ll be so reshuffled in the world that they’ll play the part they have to play to bring me into that state that I have assumed I’m in.

So I say to everyone, put on the Lord Jesus Christ. He comes to set everyone free, to set the prisoner free, open the eyes of the blind, to do everything to set a man free. And so, you put him on. He is your own wonderful human Imagination. And because all things are possible to him, he’s everything. You put on whatever you want, and sleep and wake in it and live in it, just as though it were true. No power in this world can stop it. The very opposition will be aiding. I couldn’t walk off this stage were I not opposed. The bird couldn’t fly without opposition. The fish couldn’t swim. The car couldn’t move. So don’t be afraid of opposition. They’re simply moving you out. Without tremendous opposition I couldn’t really take off in a vertical way, I couldn’t do it. I must have whatever it takes to make me move into where I’m going. So don’t be afraid of opposition. Leave it alone. And you will find those who would oppose you only playing the part necessary to get you to move where you want to be, if there’s any blood in you.

I know I’m speaking tonight publicly…have been since 1938. And when I was a young boy, in my twenties, a lady, a class of forty of us, and she said before the class of forty that I don’t want to do this to Neville as a person, he must forgive me for this, but I want to make an example and use him to illustrate my argument. He will never be able to use his voice to earn a living. He does everything that is wrong, and so, don’t copy him; look at him, listen to him carefully to see all the things that are wrong. That’s Neville. There were forty of us in the class.

Well, I’m not saying that one should not sell shirts, and one should not sell socks, and one should not go out and do something else, but not one of them is actually using the voice professionally. They all thought they’d be actors or singers or something else, all using voices. Not one in the class of forty but the speaker ever used the voice. When she told me that, I got so mad. Far from going down in effort, I simply used that force of opposition to move up, and never once went back to another school. Took a few months in this place, spent my money, and the only thing I got out of that was that opposition. I learned nothing else, but nothing else. But the only thing I really got out of that $500 I gave to the school was that one little moment when she opposed me and said that I was, well, I was beyond help. Well, I ___(??) purpose, just simply for that. I could realize that.

So don’t be concerned. Let no one pull you down…put on the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s your own wonderful human Imagination. And walk in your Imagination as though you’re walking in, well, the world thinks reason, but now, put it on and walk in that. Let the world ___(??). If you want another in your world to be important, treat him as though he were. If you want someone in your world to be known and be important, treat them as though they were, and in your own mind’s eye build them up and they’ll all be lifted up. Do it without their knowledge, without their consent. You love them enough to want to do it, do it. Don’t ask them if it’s possible or permissible, do it. Treat everyone with respect if you want them to be respected in this world, and they will respond, everyone will. So you live as though things were as you desire them to be and they’ll become that way.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

___(??)three weeks, closing on the 28th of this month. I do hope I will see you all within the next three weeks. Next Monday I have a lovely story to tell you that was told me last night at dinner. Nothing thrills me more than to hear good stories coming from this circle, confirmation of all that I am talking about. This is a profound story. It came so simply as we sat down to dinner and she tells me this story. So when you hear it you’ll know what I mean, what I’m trying to say when I tell you that you are, male or female, the father of David…for this is a lady’s story.

Now are there any questions, please?

Q: What book in the Bible has the story of Jacob and Esau?

A: That’s the Book of Genesis, the 25th through the 31st chapters. But go and read it through his death in Genesis. He disappears in the Book of Genesis, that is, the character. But they’re all states. Bear in mind, when you read these stories, they’re all states; they aren’t persons as we are…states of consciousness.

Few minutes left… May I also draw your attention to my book that now has five under one cover. Four are out of print. And then my new one, Resurrection, I do believe it’s a unique one, for the simple reason I do not know of any similar revelation in print, and it’s based purely upon my own personal experience, I’m not theorizing. I told it just as it happened to me, the true story of the resurrection and the birth from above and the fatherhood of God and the tearing of the temple, the curtain of the temple, and the descent of the dove. The whole thing happens within one, as though it’s taking place in the outer world. But while it is taking place, it seems to you to be taking place in an external world.

Well, if there aren’t any questions, then thank you.