Neville Goddard Lectures: "One Being Fell Containing All"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “One Being Fell Containing All”


We are told in the Book of John, the 11th chapter, that “it is expedient for you that one man should die for all” (11:50). One man should die for all. Here, you and I, raised as we were, think in terms of one man, an individual man. I would have you change that now for a moment and think of a cosmic being containing all of us within himself—call it by any name that pleases you, call it Christ—that in all is this one being that died for all. And when he rises in one there is conferred upon that being the name Lord, for only one could rise; only one fell. So one came into all and we are called one by one according to his purpose, for he is rebuilding his temple that he deliberately destroyed to expand it into something far bigger, far greater, and far more wonderful. So one being containing all within him fell into this world of death. The same one being is rising in all, but individually. And that one being, upon that one as he rises in the individual, upon that individual is conferred the divine name Christ or Lord.

Now Paul in his wonderful letter to us tells us, “From now on I regard no one from a human point of view; even though I once regarded Christ from a human point of view, I regard him thus no longer” (2Cor.5:16). I do not see him any more as I formerly was led to believe that he was a man, something external to myself. And then he tells us why, and here we find events versus tradition…that Paul was led from tradition to self-discovery. For “When it pleased God to reveal himself in me, I conferred not with flesh and blood” (Gal.1:16). He went out to destroy those who believed in some external savior, as he was taught to believe someone came in that form. Then he discovers that it isn’t so at all, that Christ of whom they spoke was a pattern, a pattern of salvation contained within every child born of woman. That every child born of woman contained that pattern, the pattern of salvation, and it unfolds in one way only. He tried in his way to explain how it unfolds.

I do not see the perfect pattern as he describes it. I cannot find the true, I would say, details, but he tells us to imitate God as dear children. To imitate anyone or anything in this world, I must first see it or hear it. How could I imitate something that I do not see, that I do not hear? “So be ye imitators of God as dear children” (Eph.5:1). It is my purpose to tell you how to imitate him. You can’t imitate it as someone on the stage; you can only imitate it by hearing what took place and then believing it. So then I will tell you how it takes place. As he said, “How can I believe in him that I have not known, and how can I know of him unless there be a preacher, and how can there be a preacher unless he is sent?” (Rom.10:14). And so, if he is sent then it is through faith that I can believe. I can’t believe otherwise, for I haven’t seen him and I haven’t heard him, but if you tell me that you came from him, well then, I will simply accept if you tell me the truth, and I will set my hope fully upon this that is about to be unfolded in me. For if one being became all and one being fell, and one being is going to rise, he rises in all, but each in his own good turn. He calls us according to his purpose. So he will call me…as he did in ’59 of this century, 1959. He will call you, maybe tonight, but he will call us individually according to his purpose, and the same being is calling, the same being is rising in everyone in this world.

Well, I cannot conceive of anything in this world comparable to this. For unless we are called, we remain in a world of death. And the wheel of recurrence goes over and over and over, for there is no escape unless we are called out of the world of death. But I can assure you from what I know from my inner vision that everyone will escape, because he can’t leave one section of himself in the world of death. But he calls us all individually according to his purpose as he now erects the temple. The temple is made of the redeemed being that is Jesus Christ. One being fell containing all, one being rises raising all; but he raises each according to his purpose as he builds them into the redeemed and greater structure called the temple of God, which is the house or body of God.

So if I would imitate him…as I’m told “Be imitators of God as dear children”… I must first have a pattern. Well, a pattern is a fully, I would say, realized form. Here is an original form that I will now accept or propose for imitation. We know that in all walks of life if I have a mold, here is a mold into which some molten metal is poured to form some casting. Well now, do I have a mold? I am told in scripture that he prepared the mold for all of us, but we must first be reduced to that molten state. Is that really true? Can I be reduced to a molten state? Burn this body and I am reduced to dust. Yet to cast me into a mold I must be reduced to a molten state, but not by putting it into the dust and not by putting it into the furnace. It is something that happens in man.

Christianity is based upon the claim that a certain series of events happened in which God revealed himself in action for the salvation of man. Is this true? Is this claim of the Christian world true? I tell you from my own personal experience it is true. We have gone astray from it, and we are worshiping something on the outside that never took place. It hasn’t a thing to do with any individual man who ever came into this world. When Paul tells his story, it is the first story told in the New Testament. His work became the first, the original revelation—it preceded the gospels by at least twenty-five years—and it hasn’t a thing to do with what happens to an individual between the cradle and the grave. If the one called Jesus was a carpenter, if he was a mason, a bricklayer, if he was anything, a pimp, it would not concern Paul. What happens to the individual between the cradle and the grave is unimportant; it is what happens in the individual, and what happens in him he cannot share it with another save in words. He can tell it to others, what happened, but he can’t persuade them to accept it. And so Paul ends his life discussing with anyone who would come to him, as we are told in the last of the Book of Acts, and he spent his days from morning to night discussing the kingdom of God and trying to persuade them concerning that kingdom. And some believed while others disbelieved (16:2).

And so that is the world in which we live. We simply tell it, what happened to the individual. It is such an unusual thing that the average person will not accept it. It doesn’t make sense. They’re more concerned in the world of Caesar to make an extra dollar. The pressure is on to pay rent, to buy food, shelter, all these things, clothing, and all the pressures of a man. He is more concerned with how to do it, how to meet the obligations of Caesar than to listen to this eternal word which will lift him out of the world of Caesar into the eternal world. For, this is the temporal world…but it is continuous and it goes on and on as though it is forever. It will be forever until one hears the Word of God, responds with faith, accepting it, and then waits in hope…and sets his hope fully upon the grace that is coming to him at the revelation of Jesus Christ within him (1Pet.1:13), where the one being containing all of us fell for a deliberate purpose: to expand beyond what he was prior to the fall.

We did nothing that was wrong to warrant the fall. We agreed to actually come down into the world of death and struggle in the world of death; taking on ourselves these garments of death and be enslaved by them, and then overcoming them in perfect confidence that he who contained us all, which is the one Father who contained all, and we are the sons of the one. As we are told in the Book of Deuteronomy, there will be no more children born in this world than there are according to the number of the sons of God. Not one child can be born in this world that is not actually inhabited by a son of God. The words are—you read it in the 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy—“He has set bounds to the people according to the number of the sons of God,” so that no one can be born who is not actually a garment worn by a son of God. So he can’t leave one of the sons in this world. But the son had to empty himself of everything that was his in order to actually fall with the one being that brings all into the world. That one being is God the Father. He raises us individually as himself, because it takes us all to form the one being that is God the Father.

Now, it’s a pattern. When I speak of Jesus Christ, I do not think of a man. Paul said, “I no longer regard Christ from a human point of view. I once regarded him from the human point of view, but I no longer regard him from a human point of view.” Well, how did he regard him, for here is the first outpouring of the mystery? How did he regard him? He regarded him as a pattern, the pattern man that unfolded in him…and it began with resurrection. Paul found himself, as I found myself, awakening within the grave. I had no idea until that moment in time on the 20th day of July of 1959 that I was buried in my own skull…as you are buried in your own skull and you don’t know it. But I tell you I prophesy for you. It may happen tonight and I hope it does.

But it comes suddenly, unexpectedly. It comes upon you like a storm wind and you are awakened within yourself to find yourself buried, entombed in your skull. Then you emerge from it, you come out of that skull, and that is your birth from above. Which we are told in the Book of John is essential: “Unless you are born from above, you cannot enter the kingdom of God” (Jn.3:3). The kingdom of God is simply the new age, spoken of in scripture as “that age” as against “this age.” This age is the age of death, where everything begins and ends in death. “That age” is eternal life, where those who came down into the world of death became victors, they overcame death. They’re victorious and they rise; and upon the one who rises, the same one who fell, is conferred the name of “Lord.” Well, “the Lord” is the name of God. So he was God who came down. You are God when you break the shell and rise. And there is no other being in the world.

So, no matter what a man does, Paul is not concerned. Whether you are a thief by tradition, by your profession—there are those who are a thief by profession—he doesn’t condemn them. There are those that are everything in the world that the world will condemn; he doesn’t condemn them. He doesn’t care what happens to the individual between the cradle and the grave. His only hope is that they will hear his story and believe it, and in believing it then break the shell, and then rise above all this nonsense in the world of Caesar. So he doesn’t really care what happens between, say, birth as we understand it and death as we understand it. He is only concerned about telling the story.

Now he said, “The story was told to us as it was to them, but it did not benefit them because it was not received with faith in the hearers. They heard it but they discounted it and they did not believe it. They believe in this world and getting better and better intellectually, and more and more financially. And so I read the story concerning Russell, Lord Russell. Bertrand Russell, you know him. He is very proud of the fact he calls himself a socialist, but don’t for one moment ever discount the fact that he is very proud of being Lord Russell. He is an Earl and very proud of that fact, although he will claim that he is a grand socialist and atheist. These are his words and I quote them, “I regard religion as a disease born of fear, a source of untold misery to the human race.” That is Lord Russell. He is now pushing 100 and he has not vetoed that statement or in any way modified it. He simply believes in it.

Then H. G. Wells, also receiving all the honors of the world, said, “Christianity…” and you know the famous statement but he changed it to suit his purpose. You’ve heard the statement “the ever present help in time of trouble.” He calls it “the ever absent help in time of trouble.”

Now these men receive all the honors of the world conferred upon them and they love it. They are still seeking more. One is gone from this world and one is doting at the age of…well, why shouldn’t he…at the age of 100. He sees nothing wrong in killing twenty million people in Russia, but he sees everything wrong with the destruction of 100,000 in Viet Nam. He sees nothing wrong with the horrible slaughter that Stalin did in the world, but he sees everything wrong in America because we took over the British Empire. We didn’t claim the part, we set them free, and now they are as much a colony of America today, little England, as America, this fabulous land, was a colony once of England. He can’t see his own prejudice. He can’t see his venom against this land is based upon his Lordship is no more, because we in this country look upon all these titles as so many silly little things. It’s like Alice in wonderland. But he can’t stand it, because he’s a grand socialist…but don’t you fail to recognize the fact that he is Earl, he is Lord, Lord Russell. So to him religion is a disease born of fear.

Well, I tell you, it is not a disease. Yes there are numberless false interpretations of the great mystery. Paul tells us himself, he didn’t know, he thought Christ was a man, a little man who came into the world and claimed that he was the Messiah to save the world. But then it was revealed in him in a series of supernatural experiences. For, Christianity is based upon the claim that a certain series of supernatural events happened in which God revealed himself in action for the salvation of man. Then he realized that these series of events spelled out the pattern man and the pattern man was Christ, and it was no other Christ. Christ was not a little man. Christ is the pattern man buried in every child born of woman, and it takes all the blows of the world to reduce us to that liquid state. And it is, may I tell you, a liquid state.

The first unfolding is the awakening within the grave. The grave is not in some cemetery, the grave is your own wonderful body; but the location of that grave is your skull and that’s where you are buried. And the day will come and a storm wind will awaken you. There is in the Talmud, the Jerusalem Talmud, a tradition that the Messiah was born in Bethlehem the night of the destruction of Jerusalem, and he was carried away by a storm wind. It’s a tradition of the great Talmud. I tell you it is true, it is a storm wind that possesses you…something so fantastic that you can’t quite describe it. I can’t describe it save to tell you that you reverberate from head to toe, and you feel the whole thing is coming apart, the whole body is being shattered. But you aren’t shattered, you simply awaken. Something happens in you and all of a sudden you are awakening. Naturally you expect to awaken where you have awakened day after day as long as you live…but it isn’t so. You awake as you’ve never awakened before and you awaken in your skull. There you find that the skull is a tomb and you are in that tomb and it is sealed.

Then you come out. You actually force yourself out of that tomb and come out as you came out of a womb; but this is the womb from above, rather than the womb from below. For you must be born from above; for unless you are born from above you cannot inherit the kingdom of God and you can’t enter it. So you come out from above. And then the entire imagery as told us in scripture surrounds you…witnesses to the event. You are told that the angel of the Lord said to those who are going to be witnesses, “Go and you will find it…God is born this day in Bethlehem”…and the proof of that fact that he is born you’ll find a little babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, and he is lying on the floor (Luke2:11,12). They went hastily and they found exactly what they were told. But he who was born was unseen by those who witnessed the sign of his birth. They couldn’t see him because now he is Spirit. God is Spirit, therefore, God is born…and God cannot be seen by mortal eye. So God is born. They couldn’t’ see him, but he detected every thought of theirs as though their thoughts were objective to him. He didn’t have to speak it as they were all completely outside, just as though they had voiced what they had not spoken. And yet they began to speak…he heard every word they had to say, and he, the invisible one that was born, the sign of his birth was there and it was carried away by a storm wind. The wind was fantastic, an unearthly wind. Now he is God, and God is God the Father.

God the Father if he is father must have a son, and the son stands before him and calls him Father in fulfillment of the prophecy of scripture. Well, the son who is God’s son is calling him Father, revealing to him that he really is God the Father, though still one to return to the limitation of his cross and share it with his brothers to tell them and encourage them what is in store for them. So here, he returns to this state having seen his only begotten son, who is God’s only son, and that son is the consummation. If I took all the generations of men and all of their experiences and personified them, it would be that son proving that he has finished the race. He has completely gone through the entire fight of this world, and now the crown of righteousness is his. He is now ready to receive the crown of salvation because all of the generations he played them. He has played every lovely and unlovely thing in this world, and then he sees it all coalesced and projected into a single youth, beauty beyond measure, and that is his Son calling him Father.

Now the third mighty act shows you how it is reduced to molten metal. And here he finds himself, as told us in the Book of Zechariah, standing upon the Mount of Olives, and then the Mount is split from east to west, and one-half moves northward and one-half moves south. Here, this entire valley…well, he sees the entire…but the Mount of Olives is his body. He didn’t know that before. He read it in scripture, but he didn’t realize the Old Testament is an adumbration…it is simply a forecasting, a foreshadowing, in a not all together conclusive and immediately evident way. It’s simply an adumbration: the complete shadow but not the actual substance. So here, it is told as a mountain, and the mountain, we are told, he stood upon the mountain and the mountain was split from east to west, and one side moved northward and one side moved south. Here he realizes that that whole story is about himself. His body is split from top to bottom, from east to west, and one side moves northward and one side moves southward. And at the base of the body split from top to bottom is a golden, liquid, molten metal. It’s living. He looks at it and he knows it is himself. He fuses with it and up he goes into his skull. The kingdom of heaven, we are told, is within you (Luke17:21). He returns now from that state where he was in the world of generation into the world of regeneration, and the whole heaven reverberates like thunder.

So here, he returns in a molten state and is cast into that mold which was prepared for him before the foundation of the world. Here now he becomes a living jewel that radiates and reflects the glory of God, and he is the express image of God, and the express image of God is God himself. So, “Let us make man in our image” (Gen.1:26)…that’s the primal wish…so he actually has made him. And the gods…one of the sons—and all together form the God, the Lord—that one has completed his journey. But because we are all brothers, he is compelled to remain in the world after the event and tell it in the hope that many of his brothers who are still asleep will believe him that Christ of scripture is a pattern. It is not a man separate from himself. It is a pattern, the pattern of salvation. And there are four mighty acts that form that redemption, and it begins with his awakening within himself. Then comes his discovery of his own fatherhood, who is God the Father, through the Son who calls him Father. Then the splitting of the temple where he is reduced to molten metal, rising up like a serpent and casts himself into the mold prepared for him. And that mold, two years and nine months later, is observed by the Holy Spirit, and he approves of the work done. He descends upon him in bodily form as a dove and smothers him with love. Now he knows that he has filled the entire mold and that it now is shining. It is a glorious living stone in the living body of the risen Christ.

So Christ is the one being who fell containing all within himself. “He chose us in him before the foundation of the world” (Eph.1:4). And then pre-arranged and agreed to…we agreed to fall with him, all of us because without all of us he couldn’t fall. And that was simply an agreement for expansion beyond, because truth is an ever-expanding illumination. If God now reached the limit of expansion then let him die. But there is no limit to expansion, there is no limit to translucency; there is only a limit to contraction, to opacity. So he put a limit upon contraction which is man, and the limit on opacity which is called doubt and is personified by a thing called the devil. So, when one doubts what he hears, that is only the devil personified.

So if I can’t believe it…any more than Bertrand Russell believed it, any more than many of the wise people. But as Paul said after his revelation: “The wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of God…and he takes the weak and confounds the mighty. He takes the foolish and puts to nought the works of the wise” (1Cor.1:25). So we really believe that we are getting wiser and wiser, so we think, and there is no wiser and wiser, save wiser and wiser nonsense. Here, we have gone into Viet Nam with all of our power and we can’t extricate ourselves. Here our present President spoke of this little thing as a fourth-rate power, but he can’t get out…a fourth-rate power. He criticized the previous President for his handling of the problem, how they shot down our planes…the same thing…and what is he doing? He criticized his predecessor for not going in and acting, and he hasn’t gone in and acted. We have mighty power and we can’t use it, just can’t use it. So the wisdom of the world is foolishness in the eyes of God, and he takes all of this nonsense and lets it go on. Let one add upon it and add upon it and give each other medals. So undoubtedly Mr. Russell has unnumbered medals upon his chest that were conferred upon him because he was a great mathematician, and he was this, that and the other. Undoubtedly, a brilliant master of the English tongue, he could match words to thoughts beautifully. Because of that he confuses the world.

And so, Paul could match them too. But he realized after the revelation that that was not what the Bible was about at all. He thought that the coming of Messiah would come from without, until he realized that it all came from within. That one man fell and his own book, the 82nd Psalm, told it: “I say that you are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you; nevertheless, you will fall like men and die like men, and you will fall as one man, O princes” (82:6). Can you imagine that? There it is in the 82nd Psalm, we’ll fall as one man, all of us. And then he calls us princes. Well, if we are princes then our Father is king. If our Father is the King of Kings then he is he Lord of Lords, and he is the Lord God Jehovah. Now he is raising us to himself so that each becomes fully aware of being God the Father. We are sons destined to be fully aware that we are the Father, for the Father is comprised of all of his sons. Regardless of your present sex, you are a son of God, and in the end you are destined to awaken as God the Father.

So here in this wonderful story of scripture, which is completely misunderstood, you and I are called upon to hear a story from one who actually was sent. I tell you that I was sent. Now how can there be a preacher unless he is sent? Well, the preachers who are preaching today are not sent. They have not yet been awakened, so they are giving you all kinds of stories concerning the interpretation of scripture. I am not. Prior to 1959 I would have, but since 1959 I can’t, for I was called and sent. Only one who was called and incorporated into the body of God is ever sent. And when you are called and actually incorporated into the body of God, it’s like an impression made by a seal on wax or clay, so you come out bearing the image of God…but mortal eye can’t see you. You simply disintegrate, as all bodies do, and you’ll die before your friends’ eyes. They see you as a mortal being, full of weaknesses and all the limitations of the flesh, and so they are mislead. They can’t hear what you say because of what they see. They see a body disintegrating before their eyes. They see one in need as they are in need, and they can’t believe what they are hearing from you because they are judging from appearances. They can’t quite understand that God does not see as man sees. Man sees the outward man; God sees the inner man and the inner man has been impressed upon God like a great seal upon wax. When he returns to his little body that will continue to disintegrate, he is unseen by mortal eye. But if you could see him, he is radiating and reflecting the glory of God and he is the express image of the person that is God. But only those whose eyes are open could ever see it. They could never see it with mortal eyes. They could only see the body slowly disintegrating before their eyes.

But I promise you who hear me—and I hope you receive it—no matter how young you are in this world it isn’t long before you depart this world. Don’t be afraid, you’ll be restored to life in a world just like this to continue your journey. But if you actually believe it and hear it, you will not see me in that world. I will not be in that world, but you will know of me. They’ll be talking there where you will go of the work that I did here, because I will not be there. I have left the world of death, only waiting for the moment when this little garment is taken off. I will not be restored to this world of mortality. “I have finished the race, I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith, and now there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness” (2Tim.4:7). Into that I go, but I’ll be there waiting for everyone in this world, because we’re all brothers, and all must come into that union and be the one being that came down bearing all.

Now mark my words, I am not fooling you…it isn’t long to wait. No matter how young you are in this world, it isn’t long to take off this garment to find yourself restored. And you’ll find many of your friends who have gone before who will come after, and they’ll be in a world terrestrial just like this, laboring in a world just like we do here. Possibly in a different profession, but you will labor. You will say “Where is he who taught us?” You won’t see me, but eventually you will because you’ll come where I am. I tell you I’m going to where you cannot now come but you will come, for everyone will come there. For everyone will awaken as God the Father…everyone in this world.

Now I’m not trying to persuade you to change your attitude for one moment concerning the speaker. I am telling you what I know. I am not manufacturing it. I did not receive it from a man. Just like Paul, no man taught it to me. I didn’t get it from man; it came through a revelation of the true nature of salvation…something entirely different. Salvation: not a man saving me, but a pattern man buried in me that awakens in me. And when he awakens in me, he awakens in the first-person, singular, present-tense experience. I am having the experience and then I know who he is. I was taught to believe he was another, but when he awakens in me I realize I am he. Now, remain in the world long enough just to share it and tell it.

So the unknown author of the Book of Hebrews: “Holy brethren” he said “look to Jesus, the apostle, the high priest of our confession” (3:1). Holy brethren he calls everyone he addresses…we now are sharers in the great gift. Let me now look to Jesus the apostle. Well, the apostle is the one who is called first and then sent. Now, he speaks of him as the only apostle. He’s right. Everyone who is called is Jesus, because your true name in the end is Jesus. That’s who you really are. He calls the apostle and then sends him, for the apostle is one who is sent. Sent to do what? To tell the story of salvation, that’s all…to tell the gospel, the good news. But not everyone who hears it responds with faith. Many hear it and discount it. They are far more interested in the honors of men, and tonight if you told it to many of the prominent people in the world, they would be completely disinterested. They are not interested. They may have fifty million dollars and their interest is not fifty million but a hundred million. They may be eighty years old when they hear the story, but they still want more of what they must leave behind. They won’t take it with them as you know. They will enter a world just like this, devoid of what they have compiled and built here, and cast in a role best suited for the work yet to be done in them by the son of God who is wearing that garment.

So he may cast them in a role from a fifty million dollar surplus into shining shoes or cleaning latrines. It’s the best that could be done for them for the work yet to be done in them. And they’re right in this world and the world is just like this. May I tell you, I’m speaking from experience, I am not theorizing. But how can I take you with me when I sit on a chair and suddenly I’m unexpectedly…something is happening in me and I’m beginning to see what I should not see. I am seeing a world that is real, just like this, and then consciousness follows vision and I step into that world. Here I’m in a world just like this, then it closes upon me, and this world is shut out. Here I am exploring a world just like this. To return to this world…and when I was in that world my body was real. It was seen by others and heard by others, but it was body just like this. You ask yourself a thousand questions…well, if in that world I had a body just like this and yet those who knew I sat on a chair saw that body sound asleep, then how did I get that body? That’s how you get the body when you die here. That body was just as real to me and to those who saw me and heard me as the body that you now see. So this body if destroyed would not have destroyed that body that was in that world. It was just as real. And so “you cut down the oak by the axe and the little lamb is slain by the knife, but their forms eternal remain forever and they are simply reproduced by the seed of contemplative thought.”

When I stepped into that world I knew what I was. I was a man called Neville. I was so aware of being Neville I clothed myself in the body that was Neville. Yet I knew, clothed as I was in that body, that there was a body that others knew to be Neville that was sound asleep on a chair, or reclining on a bed. And here I am still Neville, clothed as Neville, fully conscious of being Neville. How did it happen? It came by the seed of contemplative thought. So when you die here, you actually remold yourself in the likeness that you know, only reduce it in age, and you take it back not to an infant, you take it back to what pleases you. What would please the average person in this world? To be twenty with the same intelligence that he has when is eighty. So if I could only be twenty with what I know as a man who is eighty, wouldn’t that be marvelous! Well, you do it. You return it by the seed of contemplative thought. Who does it? The God in you does it. So you return, not through the womb of a woman but by your own being of contemplative thought.

And so, that seems to be the ideal age that man returns to, because that to him seems to be, “If I only had more time what I could accomplish.” And he returns to that age and he is exactly what he wants to be. He is not sans teeth, sans eyes, sans anything. He has all that he wanted which he lost when he struck the age of seventy. He was without eyes, without teeth, without all things when he struck seventy. But not when he goes back and he is clothed and he is perfect, with everything that was missing while he was here as they simply cremated the body. And then he goes on in that world just as he does here, and he matures, and he gets older and older, until that moment in time when there is that eruption in him which is the pattern man that is buried within him…which is God. Then that pattern unfolds within him. And when it does and completes it, he leaves this world permanently, and returns to the one that is awaiting all. That one body which is “the one body, the one Spirit, the one Lord, the one God and Father of all” (Eph. 4:4) and all must come into it. So he simply now looks upon the world he has left behind, with all of his brothers clothed male and female, and contemplates them, waiting for them to awaken as he awoke.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Now are there any questions, please? Well, if there aren’t any questions, we are here every Monday and Friday, and will be until June. So thank you. Good night.

Neville Goddard Lectures: "One Being Fell Containing All"
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Neville Goddard Lectures: "One Being Fell Containing All"
So, no matter what a man does, Paul is not concerned. Whether you are a thief by tradition, by your profession—there are those who are a thief by profession—he doesn’t condemn them. There are those that are everything in the world that the world will condemn; he doesn’t condemn them. He doesn’t care what happens to the individual between the cradle and the grave. His only hope is that they will hear his story and believe it, and in believing it then break the shell, and then rise above all this nonsense in the world of Caesar. So he doesn’t really care what happens between, say, birth as we understand it and death as we understand it. He is only concerned about telling the story.