Neville Goddard Lectures: “A Prophecy” (1967)


Tonight I call it “A Prophecy.” We’re told in scripture, “Where there is no prophecy the people cast off restraint.” This phrase is also interpreted, “Where there is no vision the people perish” (Prov.29:18). Prophecy is the word of the Lord God Jehovah. And the Lord God Jehovah is he who was, and is, and is to come. So here, this word partakes of and is related to the past, and the present, and the future.

So let me share with you what was given to me a few days ago. What would it really matter if you owned this whole vast world and did not actually experience this? What would it matter if in a few days, only a few days, you died and that was it? Well here, listen to this carefully. I have told you through the years now since it happened to me back in l959, for I knew nothing of it prior to that. It came like a bombshell. I knew nothing of the reality of David. I knew nothing of the reality of this fantastic prophecy as stated in the Old Testament. I did not know until it happened to me that the New Testament was only fulfillment. I didn’t know it.

Well now, last week a very dear friend of mine, and this is what happened to her on 24th of March and this voice spoke to her. Now this is a lady and may I tell you very feminine, very, very much the lady and very feminine. The voice said to her, “You are David, my dear, and I want to love you with all my heart. I am God. I am. I am. I am. And I am you.” And that’s it. Listen to it carefully, “You are David, my dear, and I want to love you with all my heart. I am God. I am. I am. I am. And I am you.” What an experience!

Here, I have told you the whole story is told in this simple little drama, that God is bringing himself forward. God is love. You can’t conceive of a lover without a beloved. It’s inconceivable. I must have an object of my love if I am a lover. The word David means “the beloved.” I must bring forward that to share with me my creative enterprise. He’s bringing forth his creative power, and that creative power is David. There is nothing but God and his creative power, and he’s bringing it forward, and it is David. Here is a lady, very much a woman, very feminine in every sense of the word, and here she is called David. Here, the voice is saying to her, “I am God and I am you.” “I and my Father are one” (John 10:30). So I tell you this is the most wonderful revelation that one could ever have.

But now, let me refer you to the 89th Psalm. This is it, “I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord forever; and with my mouth I will praise his steadfastness, his faithfulness to all generations.” And now it ___(??)…there are fifty-two verses in this 89th Psalm. You can divide it into four parts. The first four verses is simply a preface—it’s what it’s going to do—it’s all a preface. Then comes from the 5th, as I would divide it, through the 18th, it’s a healing praise of the Lord. And then, from the 19th to the 37th, it’s an oracle of all that the Lord God has promised to David. Then from the 38th to the 51st, it is simply a lament— everything he promised seems to turn to dust. He’s promised every conceivable thing in this world to David, and then it turns to dust. But, the very last, the 52nd verse, he ends, “Blessed be the Lord forever.”

Now, these are the names given to David in this psalm, “my chosen one, my servant, my anointed.” Here, these are the titles of God, as given us in the New Testament, called the Lord Jesus Christ. He is also called in this psalm “the first born.” Now we read in the Book of Revelation, the very last book, “Jesus Christ the faithful witness, the first born of the dead” (Rev.1:5). This is spoken of David. It is said of Jesus Christ, he is the chosen one. It is said of Jesus Christ, he is the anointed; for the word Christ means “messiah”, which means “the anointed.” So here we have the anointed one. We have the servant. He said, “He is the servant of the Lord. I came not to be served but to serve.” Here, my servant…we read in the Book of Acts, “I have found in David the son of Jesse a man after my heart, who will do all my will” (Acts13:22). Then who is David? Who is Christ?

So, she heard, “You are David.” I’ve been looking and looking and looking to find the ideal man that will do all my will. Now, may I tell you, you haven’t heard it in the way she has heard it, but you are that which God has found, in this sense, he will do all my will. I have found in David, the son of Jesse…well, Jesse means “I am.” That’s all that the word means. And “I am” is the name of the Lord God Jehovah. That’s the name of God, “I am” (Exod. 3:14). So, I have found in David, the son of the Lord God Jehovah, a man after my heart who will do all my will. So buried in her, as she heard it, is that which the Lord God has found.

Now, what will I do? I tell you this is a play. I know it from experience. I’ve gone through it. I’ve finished. And I say to you, will you tomorrow play, when I send you into this horrible world, will you play the part of a blind man? Yes, Lord. Will you play the part of the deformed? Yes, Lord. Will you play the part…and I name it, one after the other. And I go and I play it. Because I have to play it that he may, as I play it, work in me; for “He who began a good work in me will bring it to completion at the day of the Lord Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:6). Well, Jesus Christ is the image of himself: “Let us make man in our image” (Gen.1:26). I am put through the furnaces of affliction. I play the part of a blind man, and the world tells you I’m playing the part of a blind man because I once did something that now is reaping blindness. Forget it! Listen to the words in the 9th chapter of John, “Master, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” He answered, “Neither this man, nor his parents, but that the works of the Lord be made manifest” (verse 1). Forget all this nonsense that people tell you that when some child is born crippled or some child is born blind or born in any way that that is because in some previous embodiment he did this, that and the other. Forget it. It’s all nonsense. It’s not based upon truth. They’re trying to justify everything in this world by this, that and the other. In this world, you forget it.

So she was asked, “Would you play this part?” And she has played them. She has played the part of the blind, the deaf, the dumb, the lame, every part. That’s why now she hears, “You are David, the one that I want to love” and he calls her “my dear.” Well, “my dear” is “my beloved.” The word David means “my beloved.” And you can’t conceive of a lover without a beloved. What would be a lover without a beloved? He’s in love with his ideal and his ideal is his image. He’s bringing forth his image from himself, his own creative power, to share in his fantastic enterprises. I’m only bringing forth creative power. I’m not bringing forth a woman with which I will live and have some sexual ___(??). What? That’s nothing. That’s part of this world. I am bringing forth creative power. And so the divided image in this world, between man and woman, so what! That’s part of the play. That’s not what I am bringing forth; I am bringing forth my beloved. I’m in love with creating. I’m in love with being a creative power, and it’s all brought forth from me. It’s my beloved. So “You are my David, my beloved. I am God. I am. I am. I am. And I am you.”

Now tonight she does not know that she is David, and she does not know that she is the Lord God Jehovah. So I say the Lord God Jehovah is he who was, who is and who is to come. So this must be related to the past, the present and the future. This is prophecy confirming scripture. She will actually know by experience that she is the Lord God Jehovah. The day will come she will see David. There’s only one David. David will face her and call her Father. She, mind you, Father. That’s right. And David will be her only begotten son, only personifying her creative power. That’s all that he’s doing. There’s only God unfolding in this world, nothing but God. And he is in love with his power to create, and he falls in love with his creative power, and it’s David. He brings him out.

David is simply the sum total of all the generations of men and all of their experiences. I have played the blind man. I have played the deaf, the dumb, the scorned. Now listen to it carefully…from the 38th to the 51st verse in this psalm, 89th Psalm. Listen to that lament. He said, “Remember, Lord”—he’s asking, because he remembers the promise—“And now they scorn me, they scorn your servant, and they mock the footsteps of thy anointed.” Everything that was told him simply turns to ash. Isn’t that the world? He is promised to be the king of kings and the scepter will never fall from his hand. He is promised everything in this world that everyone wants. And everything collapses. That’s the world. But the end, the 52nd verse, the last, “Blessed be the Lord forever.” He still will not give up; he remembers the promise. He remembers what was told him, and he will not give up, no matter what happens to him.

So I will tell her, and tell her, meaning also you, she will lean against this vision in a day of trouble. As Paul said, “I did not become disobedient…I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.” And Blake, in his Jerusalem, “he kept the divine vision in time of trouble.” She will find it necessary to remember this and she will lean against it in time of trouble. She has to. She’s in a world of mortality. There’ll come a day when she has to say goodbye to the one she loves so much in this world, when she has to make changes in her world, maybe a reduction, I do not know. But she will remember this and she’ll lean against it, if she’s David. Not only she is David, but the one who said to her “You are David” also said “and I am you, and I am God.” I am God the Father…so she will remember this whenever something happens to her in this world that will disturb her.

So I say to you remember this tonight. Go home and read it. Doesn’t matter which one you take. The King James Version, they use the word vision; in the Revised Standard Version they use the word prophecy. Well, prophecy and vision are the same in scripture. It’s simply the word, prophecy is the word of Jehovah, and his word is true. So when this happens in man, who then is Jesus Christ? Well, Jesus Christ is called the chosen one. Is he not called the anointed? The word Christ means “anointed.” And is he not called the first born as we are told in the very first chapter of Revelation, “Jesus Christ the faithful witness, the first born from the dead”? And all of this is said of David in the 89th Psalm? Well then, who is David and who is Christ?

When it becomes alive in you, as you’re told now in Revelation, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” And the word spirit by definition is “the current of air”—that’s the first definition given for it—“the current of air, that breeze.” It’s also now defined, after the current of air, which is the first revelation of it, as “God, as Christ, as life itself.” So that the prophecy is now alive; it becomes alive in man., and as it becomes alive in man, that’s Christ. So the prophecy comes out, as she heard it, and when the prophecy is realized in one, it’s made alive. That is called Spirit in scripture. “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Rev.19:10). And spirit is that current of air. It comes like a current of air, the most fantastic air; and air, which is wind, is the same as spirit both in Hebrew and in Greek. But, it’s also defined as God. It’s also defined as Christ, and defined as life. So, the letter kills, the spirit makes alive.

So the whole thing becomes alive in man. When it becomes alive in man, you know who Christ is and you are he. Not some little being born in some strange way 2,000 years ago; this is the eternal drama unfolding in us. And there is only the drama of God: He’s in love with his creative power and he’s bringing it forth. He brings it forth and it’s David who stands before him and calls him Father. “I have found David”—this is the 89th Psalm—“and he cried unto me, ‘Thou art my Father, my God, and the Rock of my salvation’” (verse 26). Then he makes promises to David: He will never take from him this power, not forever. His love is forever, it’s his creative power. But in spite of this, everything happens and the king’s scepter falls from him, and he’s betrayed, he is ruined, everything happens to him. But in the end, “Blessed be the name of the Lord forever.”

She will not, having heard it as she heard it, having witnessed it, she will not falter, not in eternity. I’m not denying she will pass through trials; all must pass through trials, for we must be perfect as our Father who begot us is perfect. We are the creative power of God. “You must be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Mat.5:48). “I the Lord am holy,” therefore, you must be holy, and it takes the furnaces of affliction to do it. He said, “I have tried you in the furnace of affliction. For my own sake, I do it, for my own sake, for how should my name be profaned? I will not give my glory to another” (Is.48:10)…can’t do it. I must bring out my power, just my power, not a power believing in some external power. It must be my own power that believes in nothing but itself. It can’t be a power that believes in the stars, in teacup leaves, in anything outside of self. It can’t believe in anything but itself. That’s God’s power. It’s completely pure, not believing in anything outside of itself. You can’t believe in anything and be this power. And that is David.

Yes, he suffers. David went through all things. So read the story of David and you will see he betrayed, he did everything in the world. Haven’t you? Did he not send Uriah into battle to be killed that he might get Bathsheba? Yet here is God’s beloved. He’s trying out his power on one level, another level, another level, and finally he finds there is no power but himself. So he’s trying out…and God is bringing out his own creative power. There is only God in this world. There’s nothing but the Lord God Jehovah. There’s not God and, not God and something else in this world, there’s only God.

So here is this fantastic prophecy, “You are David,” to a lady. Doesn’t mean that only a little boy is David. No. We are the divided image of God—male, female made he them—and out of this divided image he’s extracting a unity of one, his own creative power and in anyone. So I say to her, this very feminine person, she will one day have the experience of confronting that which she brought forth from herself, and it will be David, David of biblical fame. He will stand before this heavenly being and call her Father. And she will not be embarrassed…she’ll be father, father to this David. And what is then David? David is simply the symbol of what she brought forth from herself because she is God. Listen to the last revelation to her, “And I am you.” He is telling her, first “You are David, my beloved.” The word she said to me is “my dear.” “I am God. I am. I am. I am.” Three times it was affirmed. “And I am you.” First, I am God…and I am you. So I am bringing out my creative power. I’m not bringing out another creative power, just myself. So in the end, there’s only God. We all awake as God. There’s nothing but God, nothing less than God. And this is the play by which it is done.

So, you and I go through all the horrors of the world. And may I tell you, the day will come you will give a banquet. It’s the most heavenly banquet. It will come like this [snaps fingers] out of the night, and every part you have ever played you will restore to its primal beauty—the one that was the blind, you’ll make perfect in sight, the one that was deaf, the one that was dumb, the one that was lame. And you’ll walk by in such joy and every part you ever played, for you’ve played them all. This is a play…this whole vast world is a play and you and I are playing all the parts. When you have played the last part, having played all, you’ll be lifted up. And one day, suddenly, it comes without any warning, you will find yourself completely lifted up in a buoyant body, an immortal body…and this sea of imperfection and you’ll walk by and every one before your eyes will be made perfect. The blind will see; the deaf will hear; the lame will jump. Everything will be completely lifted up and made perfect, and you are the perfect one walking by. “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” You’re the author of it all.

In the very end, that choral group, that heavenly chorus will sing out your praises, “It is finished,” the last cry on the cross. For this [body] is the cross. There is no other cross, no wooden cross. This is the cross on which the Lord God Jehovah has been crucified. For when it comes to the very end and that choral group sings out “It is finished,” you return only for a short interval to tell of the experience and to tell that the whole thing is true, that thy word is true. So you come back and simply tell it, that’s all that you do.

But I tell her, and through her, you, it will be one day a prop against which she will lean when the blows get hard. They must get hard, because one day she has to say…recently she said goodbye to her mother through the gate of death. She has to, in a more intimate way, say goodbye to others even than her mother. And she has to say goodbye to things. But she’ll lean against this vision in time of trouble. And so I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision, said Paul. Why do you think it impossible that God should raise the dead? Yes, he will raise you up, the I-ness. Not the little thing called Neville, not the little thing called by her name, but something out of you I will raise up. Raise up what?—-my creative power. And it’s personified. Why?— because I am a man. May I tell you God is man. It seems impossible to the speculators of the world, but I tell you God is man, and that man raises up his creative power, therefore, he raises you up. And you are man…and you are he.

So if the voice said to her, “And I am you,” there can’t be another. But I must be in love. If I am in love, I must have a lover, and the word David means “the beloved.” It also means “boiling, seething, or a pot for boiling.” Is this not a pot for boiling? Is this not seething with emotion, morning, noon and night? That’s what David means. David means “a pot for boiling.” I am boiling, morning, noon and night, trying to accomplish this, that and the other. That’s my beloved: I’m bringing forth my power, my creative power.

Now, I ask everyone here to take it to heart. I can’t tell you my thrill as a teacher that someone in this small audience has experiences like this. When I think of the experiences that I have received from you, from so small an audience, I can’t tell you…my cup is overflowing. I will close my eye tonight in such peace that I’ve accomplished my work… that I’ve told it to the point where I see the whole thing appearing and unfolding in my life. Everyone is awakening in my world, but everyone. I haven’t any failure. And so, I can go back to myself, the depth of myself in such, well, such joy that I have finished the work that you gave me to do. And who gave it to me? I gave it to myself…it’s not another. There can’t be another: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God the Lord is one.” It’s not two, just one. But it seems now, in some strange way, fragmented into many. Alright, so it’s fragmented, this compound unity, one made up of others, but in each of that fragmented rock the whole drama unfolds.

And so, “Where there is no vision the people perish. Where there is no prophecy the people cast off restraint.” Without a vision of this nature, well, you’ll cast off restraint. You say, “So what, if death means all, if that is the end of it all, well then, why should I make any effort to be this, that or the other, if death is the end?” For when you know that you are the immortal being and you’re here for a purpose, and have a vision of this nature, or you hear of such a vision, and you remember the vision, well then, you will not cast off restraint. You’ll make every effort to continue, no matter how things happen in this world. For he said, “Who sinned, Lord, this man or his parents? Neither this man nor his parents, but that the works of God be made manifest.” What works? He only has one work: Let us make man in our image. That is the only work. So he’s bringing forth from me his being, and his being is his own creative power. God is a creator; he’s bringing forth a creator.

So, I will raise up from you a son and the son will be my son, and I will be his father (2Sam.7:12). He’s raising up his creative power…and the son and the father are one. So when we are told in the 10th chapter of John “I and the Father are one,” who is speaking? Who is speaking? Christ is the power of God we’re told, not a little thing: Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. So who is making that statement? Is he not the power of God and the wisdom of God making that statement? We think it’s a little man. It is the power of God saying, “I and the Father are one.” It is the wisdom of God who is saying, “I and the Father are one.” But man has been taken away into the belief some little thing on the outside that was uniquely born. Yes, uniquely born when this thing happens in you. What an experience!

So I say to everyone, listen to her wonderful revelation. For this vision need not be video. If vision and prophecy are the same word, and prophecy is simply the word of Jehovah, it could be video, audio, or a combination. And so I hear him, that’s video in that sense of scripture. Or I can see it without hearing, that’s video. Or I can hear it and see it, and then that’s video. That’s the vision of scripture. So she had this fantastic vision. And bear in mind, two months before, sitting alone after a day of rain, when she heard, “I am faith, hope and love.” Then a voice of tremendous authority, this masculine voice, speaks within her and said, “I am the Father.” And she broke into tears and could not control the tears. That preceded this experience by two months.

I can’t tell her how thrilled I am tonight that this has happened in her. For in the end I only bring forth myself. There is nothing but God. Not a bunch of little gods running around; not a bunch of little David’s running around; not a bunch of little Jesuses running around, there’s only God. But this is the mystery. This is the mystery of the Christian faith, which is the fulfillment of Judaism. Judaism is the foundation. Without it you have nothing. They tell me about Hinduism and all this business…it hasn’t a thing to do with this fantastic vision of God. You may say, “Well, after all, how can you just say it hasn’t when there are so many millions?” I don’t care how many millions there are. There are only eleven million Jews in the world who keep the vision alive, and there are almost three billion people in the world. And yet that little remnant keeps it alive. Christianity—not as practiced but real Christianity—is fulfillment of that foundation stone, and that foundation stone is in the Old Testament. Listen to these words, “Do not think I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have not come to abolish the law and the prophets but to fulfill them. And truly I say unto you not one iota, not one dot, will be removed from the law until all is accomplished” (Mat. 5:17). Nothing will be removed until all is accomplished. And so, in us everything must be accomplished. I don’t rub out the law, rub out the prophets. This is prophecy. And the prophecy because God is he who was, and he who is, and he who is to come, well, they must relate it to the past, the present and the future.

And so, David…who could have told me, born in the year 1905, that I was the father of David? It never occurred to me that we were ever related. I was taught in my world…I was born and raised in a Christian family…that I was related to David of biblical fame? I could not. No one ever told me that; it came by revelation. I not only am related, I am his father. I have found him and he called me Father. Who would have known that? Who would have known that in the very beginning the only God imposed upon himself this restriction; and his purpose was to bring forth a creative power, and that was his beloved, called David? David is the personification of this creative power that will share with him this creative enterprise. And he’s bringing him forth from himself…and that’s David.

I never thought that David wasn’t historical. I read it. History tells us it’s 1,000 years B.C. That’s 3,000 years ago. History does not begin to date God. How can you date God? God has no beginning or end. They date David, and David is related to me, not as an ancestor but as my son? And if he is my son and the words of scripture are true, “I will tell of the decree of the Lord: He said unto me, ‘Thou art my son, today I have begotten thee.’” These are the words of David, and David is saying, “I will tell of the decree of the Lord: He said unto me, ‘Thou art my son, today I have begotten thee’” (Ps. 2:7). And then he calls me Father? Am I that one who said to David in the beginning, “Thou art my son”? Yes. But I didn’t know it until I passed through all of the furnaces of affliction—the blind, the lame, the halt, the withered—and in the very end when I gave a banquet and made them all perfect, all restored. Then years later came this wonderful revelation, like a flower unfolding.

I went to my friend’s home in the hills last Saturday and he had these two lilies that were given him a year ago on an anniversary. When they came they were in bloom, and then, naturally, they died. All of the leaves fell off and here were these two stumps. Without saying one word to him, knowing nothing of plants, I wondered why he kept them. They seemed dead, completely dead, but he kept them. The sun beat upon them, the rain would come, all these things…all dead. And last Saturday when I went to his place, five beautiful flowers out of this dead stump. Here this thing all of a sudden is in bloom, these five beauties out of a dead, dead bulb…what I thought dead.

And so, God died, he became me that I may become God. And for a while, a long while, I seem a dead stump and I walk through life playing all these dead things. For the blind man died, the crippled man died, the poor man died, the rich man died, I’ve played them all. I have played such fabulous fortunes in this world. My memory has returned. I played such fabulous fortunes. It would make, well, to tell it, “Oh, he’s simply crazy.” Just to tell you what I know from experience, from my memory, what I experienced in wealth, what I have experienced in poverty, what I experienced in disgrace, in scorn…in everything in the world. I’ve played it. Then that dead stump suddenly bloomed and all that was prophesied, foretold by the Lord God, happened in me. The anointed one—he descended upon me in the form of a dove and said he loved me—that’s the anointed. David stood before me and called me Father, called me the Lord God, because David is the Son of God.

Everything said in scripture I have experienced. But I have gone through everything that I was told I would. When you go home, read that 89th Psalm. The lament begins in the 38th verse and goes through to the 51st verse. The first four verses simply…that’s a preface. Then comes a hymn in praise of the Lord, from the 5th through to the 18th, the most glorious praise of the Lord. And then comes the oracle of God concerning the promises he is making to David, from the 19th through to the 37th. What promises! What glory! What wealth! What power! And then comes the lament…everything seems to go to ash. But in the end he still ___(??), he keeps the divine vision in time of trouble. He does not, even though he collapses, he does this, he does the other…“Blessed be the Lord forever.” The Lord gives, the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Lord forever.

And so I tell you she will lean against this vision in time of trouble. It has happened to her. I have her record at home. She wrote it out for me, and I made a copy of it, and I have it at home. She will, and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, she’ll play many parts until suddenly that dead thing unfolds suddenly. It becomes alive and it blooms within her. It may happen tonight. It may happen in this embodiment. I do not know. I can only tell her that though she has played all these parts, and she’s played them all, she will suddenly find it all unfolding within her and she will be the Lord God Jehovah. There is nothing but God. I don’t care what the world will tell you: There’s nothing but God.

You’ll play every part in the world, all the disgraceful parts, made to feel you’re unwanted, made to feel that you are this. And so, listen to the words, “I have found in David the son of Jesse a man after my own heart who will do all my will” (Act.13:22). Now I am the author, I have written a play. Now, he who sees me ___(??) plays the part sees him who sent me. I do not send another, I send myself. But I say seemingly to a puppet, “Are you willing to play the part of a blind man?” “Yes, Lord.” He doesn’t know that it’s himself, but he answers, “Yes, Lord.” And so I send him. I never send him alone; I go with him. “He who sees me sees him who sent me.” I go into the world. How do I know I’m with him? Well, what is his name? Well, he said his name was John. But before he said John, what did he say? He said, “I am…John”, that’s my name. When he said “I am”, that was my name (Ex. 3:14). So he said, “I am John.” So he goes through the world, “I am John.” I am Irma, I am Judith, I am Bob, I am Ginny, I am Jack, I am all these. Alright, before you said anything you said “I am”.

So I am everything. I never left you alone and therefore I go through all the pains of the world. I play the part of a blind man. I have played the part of the dumb, the deaf, the weak. I wasn’t back on some throne watching it; I went with it, for there’s no one else to play the part. God conceived it and God had to play it, for there’s no one that could play it but himself. And so, he’s bringing forth a greater creative power by playing the part himself, and he goes into the world, and he plays all the parts in the world. In the end he awakens and there is only God, without loss of your distinctive individuality. Believe me. I’m not speculating, I’m not theorizing. I am telling you what I know from experience.

So do not be afraid and don’t be ashamed of any part that you are playing, or may play. And the past, alright, is forgotten. But may I tell you it all will be remembered. When it’s remembered, you’re going to give the most glorious banquet and redeem every part you have ever played. You will restore the blind to perfect sight, and restore the deaf to perfect hearing, and restore the lame to perfect form. Everything you will restore and do it in the twinkle of an eye as you’ll walk by, because then you’re perfect. For, you must be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect, for you and the Father are one. “Be ye holy for I the Lord your God am holy.” And you’ll be holy because the Lord God is holy. And everything in the end will be forgiven. And so the cry on the cross, “Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do,” and in the last, “It is finished.”

So I can’t thank her enough for sharing with me. See, not everyone will share it. But when I think of this wonderful, small crowd and such visions, such experiences coming through! I can’t tell you my satisfaction. I feel so completely satisfied with what is coming through. And so, whether tonight is the last night, or tomorrow night, or the next month, or next year, makes no difference to me at all. As far as I’m concerned, it’s done, the whole thing is done. It’s all over. But I want to leave it to everyone to encourage everyone to continue if you’re cast in a role. But while you’re cast in this role, may I tell you, there is a law by which you make modifications. And so the blind man can become successful, the dumb can become successful.

There was a pianist who died a few years ago. I would go to so many of his concerts. He played beautifully…blind…they led him to the piano. But when he got to that piano it was like an open book. You and I couldn’t sit down at that piano and bring anything out of it. He sat at the piano and this blind man played beautifully. So, he still became in his own mind’s eye famous. He was famous. He became wealthy. He became someone people loved. He was everything in spite of the handicap of blindness. Now, his blindness was not imposed upon him because of some so-called karma, forget it. Hasn’t a thing to do with it. “Why is this man blind, O Lord? His father, his mother, or because of what he has done? Not because of what he has done or his parents did, but that the works of God be made manifest.” Read it in the first verse of the 9th chapter of the Book of John. Hasn’t a thing to do with all the silliness that people talk about.

This is the God of mercy I’m talking about. I’m not speaking of some God of hurting, what, himself…there’s only himself. Did not God harden Pharaoh’s heart? Who hardened it?—the Lord. Therefore, how can you blame Pharaoh for not letting my people go? He hardened the heart and hardened the heart and hardened the heart. So you have a law by which you can modify the blow while you are playing the part. You don’t have to come in and play the part of the buffoon and feel sorry for yourself. You can play that part and still be very important in this world…to cushion all the blows in the world.

Let no one tell you that they are important because of any accident of birth. So what! All this on the outside, this little garment is the outcast in scripture. My hand is against every man and every man’s hand is against me, in scripture. This is Ishmael. This is Esau and it cannot inherit the kingdom of God; only that which is coming from within which is the one I’m bringing forth, my beloved. So all these are not born of God; these are born of the womb of woman. He’s bringing forth something entirely different, born out of the skull of man, and that is his beloved, his creative power. His creative power is the very being that you now ___(??). You say “I am”…that’s the power. Because when it’s raised up within you, there’s no change of identity, that’s the being. And it is that being that finds David, who calls him, Father. He’s bringing forth his creative power and his creative power is himself. So, if he brings it forth he begets it, therefore, it’s called a son. But it’s himself; therefore the father and the son are one. Get it? And to prove it David stands before him and calls him Father.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

___(??) that wonderful vision of my friend. Dwell upon it. “You are David, my dear. I am God. I am. I am. I am. And I am you.”