Neville Goddard: The Frank Carter Lectures

Lecture 1: 6/6/76

Frank Carter: I decided to tell this story about Neville. I decided to use my middle name which is Eammon’s. It was my mother’s maiden name. My authority rests on the fact that I spent Neville’s last day with him. As you all know Mrs. Goddard was quite ill and she was in the hospital.

So, Neville as far as I can figure knew exactly when he was going because he left two documents. One is a formal document and the other is a handwritten note. Now what had happened was that three years before he departed I had the vision of his death as Judas. At the time, I didn’t know what it was, I saw Neville in front of a restaurant and I started to speak to him and suddenly he choked and he fell back and when he fell on the sidewalk he spilled all of his bowels.

Well the dream was so grisly that I simply couldn’t tell him and yet at that time he was saying from the platform, “I love to hear that you have seen me die”. Well I kept hearing him say this, but I still couldn’t bring myself to tell him this awful dream which I’d had.

So, one night I was leafing through scripture and suddenly my eye fell on this passage in the first chapter of Acts. This is the description of Judas, Peter is speaking —

I was going through scripture and my eye fell on the description of the death of Judas in the first chapter of Acts. Now Peter is speaking here. He is describing Judas who was numbered among them in the ministry and he says, “Now this man with the reward of his iniquity purchased a field and falling headlong he burst asunder in the midst and all his bowels gushed out”.

Well I was so excited I could hardly wait to tell Neville, but it was too late at night. So I practically sat up all night and when I figured that it was a decent hour in the morning I got on the phone and I got Mrs. Goddard on the phone too because I wanted her to hear this and I told him. I said, “Neville you are Judas” and he said, “Yes, Judas betrayed the Messianic secret” and then he said, “You know that there are two traditions of the death of Judas”. One is in the Gospel account where he goes and hangs himself. The other is this account which I just got through telling you how he bursts asunder in the midst and all of his bowels gush out.

Then he went on to say, “In the orient, suicide is a very honroable thing. The one who commits suicide in the orient disembowels himself” and then he repeated once more, “Judas betrayed the Messianic secret”. Now just in case there should be someone here who did not hear him toward the end, I want to mention that his truly great experience was the discovery that he is the father of David and he told all of us that we are to have the same experience. We are going to awaken as God the Father.

Now what I am telling today would have no purpose, it would make no sense whatsoever if it were not for the fact that every lecture Neville said, “I am not speculating, I am not theorizing, I have awakened as God the Father and every one of you is going to have this experience”. So that laid the groundwork.

Then that last day we were going to a dinner party, a very early dinner party, and I literally spent the whole day with Neville and I’m positive I’m the last one who saw him here. So, I went to his home to pick him up and he was so happy because he felt that Mrs. Goddard would soon really be well and she was coming back from the hospital, but now Neville was so anxious not to disappoint his hostess that he left Mrs. Goddard in the hospital one day longer so he could go to this dinner party.

Now I know in retrospect that he left her in the hospital because he did not want her to see his body. So, on the way to the hospital I told him about a dream I’d had the night before and then I had awakened with great great anxiety and he said to me, “It’s wonderful that the depths of your being have given you a warning”. Now I know now that the anxiety I woke with was my inner self telling me in advance of what was about to happen.

So we went to the hospital and I went down to do a few errands and when I came back I told him about my trip downtown. I said, “It was so hot, terribly hot, but it made me think here we are deep deep in the heart of Woodland” which was Blake’s term for this earth, the furnaces here on this earth and he said “Yes, we are in Woodland and there are those who believe that no one ever returns from it” and I said, “Do you see those who haven’t come in?” and he said, “Yes, I see them” and I said, “You see those who have come out?” and he said, “Yes, I see those” and I said, “Then you see all three” he said, “Yes, I do and those who have come out who have returned to eternity are the most exalted beings you could ever imagine.”

When we arrived at the party the first thing we wanted was a martini. So, I got mine and he got his and then he gave me the first piece of bread and cheese. He said, “Here Frank, take this” so I took it and then just before we ate my hostess asked me if I would like to have another martini, I said, “Certainly” and Neville said, “Wait. Here Frank, take this” and he took his unfinished martini and poured it into my glass. So, I finished his drink. I don’t think I have to point out the parallel here between the Last Supper and what he was enacting there. Then after dinner he suddenly stood up and he said, “We’re going” and with that we left.

When we got home to his place both of us decided that we didn’t care for anything else to drink that night and after a brief conversation I went home and retired early, but for some reason I couldn’t sleep. There was a dog howling outside my window. So, the next morning the phone rang and it was his daughter, she had come to get him to go pick up Mrs. Goddard, and she said, “Frank, I think daddy went during the night. Can you come over?” I said, “Certainly, I’m on my way”.

So, I rushed over and when I got there the body had already been sealed off. The authorities were there, the coroner, the county officials and members of the family of the daughter’s friends. The coroner kept asking me what had happened, he said, “Was Mr. Goddard a heavy drinker?” and his daughter said, “Well he used to be, but not lately” and he asked me how much he had to drink and I told him, “Well, no more” and then I remembered that he had given me the last half of his martini. I said, “Well, he didn’t even have two” and I said, “Why are you asking me all these questions?” and he said, “We don’t understand all the blood” and I said, “Well I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t seen the body”.

With that he said, “Come with me” and he took me in to the part of the house that was closed off and there was Neville lying on his back in a rigid position with his arms stretched out like this, nude with a napkin over his face, and the coroner said, “We don’t understand all the blood. See?” and with that he reached down and picked up the napkin and showed me and there was the image which I had seen in my dream all those years before.

A terrible contorted expression on his face as if he had choked to death. Now that is what I saw in my dream, I saw him choke and then fall backward and when he fell backward his bowels gushed out. Now naturally when he died here on earth his bowels didn’t gush out, his blood gushed out. The coroner said, “apparently he shed every drop of blood in his body” and with that he put the napkin back over Neville’s face and then before we left he said, “we don’t understand all the blood, see?” and once more he reached down and picked the napkin up so I could see the face.

So, I knew in that instant, in a way that I could not understand, a way that I could not prove, that I was actually seeing scripture, which was written 2,000 years ago made history because he had already told his group that he was Judas. I think some of you may remember the lecture some years ago when he talked about the dream, which one of the members of the audience had had, about his death as Judas and at that time he explained that Judah is the great revealer because the word Judah comes from Yahd which in Hebrew is the word for hand.

I didn’t know how to begin, what to do, where I would go from there. I certainly had no proof, there was no one I could tell. I did tell a few people. Something told me to tell the two men in the family of Neville’s daughter’s friends who had cleaned up his blood. Something told me to tell them that I had seen him die this way some years ago, so that it was on record so to speak.

The following week I was in his home and I happened to go near his armchair where he spent so much of his time and there beside his armchair was a note. The note read, “Isaiah 53 first verse who hath believed our reports” following that were the words, “This is my true experience of the last supper. Judas betrayed the Messianic secret” following that in scripture, “Amos chapter eight verse 11: Beyond, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, it will not be a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but for the hearing of the word of God” following that, the scripture from Isaiah 22 22nd verse to the 25th verse, “And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder so he shall open and none shall shut and he shall shut and none shall open and I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father’s house” and then to paraphrase the rest describes the hanging of the burden of the vessels of the fathers house on this nail and then the nail is cut off and the burden falls.

Now this note I found on Thursday. Well, when I saw that note it was as if I had gotten a telegram from eternity because I knew that was his way of letting me know that he knew that his death was going to fulfill scripture, but I still didn’t know what to do with it.

Then some weeks later I was able to see the document which he wrote as a lead in to Resurrection, which as you know is his great great statement on his experience. He describes all of his experiences from the birth, to the appearance of David, to the splitting of the temple and then finally the benediction of the dove. Well he had told us that he wanted to write a lead into Resurrection, something that would help prepare the reader for what was coming.

I can’t quote the whole thing, I started to read it to you, but I think really, it’s too long so I will tell you the gist of it. He says that what happened to him goes beyond any reasonable thing, it was all revelation. That he knew that anyone hearing this story if he were in their place he would think, “Well poor Neville he must of had a very hard time of it” then he goes on to make the assertion that Jesus is the I Am of every man in this world and his son the Christ is David. Then he says, “Until I got this down on paper I didn’t feel that I had accomplished the work which I was sent to do” then he goes on to say, “I now present my two witnesses, the internal witness of my experience and the external witness of scripture”.

So, between the lines he is telling us that he knew perfectly well that he was sent into this world by the Elohim, that is to say the brothers, the compound unity which is God. Sent here to the characters in the play to let them know the means by which they were to depart from this play.

A few days before our dinner party I called him to tell him that I was having a very very high experience. I couldn’t account for it, but my consciousness was going higher and higher and higher and I said, “Neville, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that some kind of authority is going to be given to me. I don’t understand it, I certainly didn’t earn it” with that he broke in and he said, “No, it’s all a gift. It’s all grace” and I said, “Well, that’s my story” and he said, “Do you want to hear my story?” and I said, “Yes” he said, “Mrs Murphy went off to Lourdes to see the Holy Relics and while she was there she saw the braces and she saw the crutches and when she was coming back through customs a customs inspector said, “Mrs. Murphy, do you have anything to declare?” and she said, “Why no” and he said, “Well do you mind if I open your suitcase just the same?” and she said, “Why no, help yourself” So he opened the suitcase and looked around and he found a bottle and he said, “What is this Mrs. Murphy?” she said, “Why I’ve been to Lourdes to see the Holy Relics and I’ve brought back a bottle of holy water” he said, “Do you mind If I inspect it?” and she said, “No by all means” so he opened it he sniffed at it he tasted it, he said, “Mrs Murphy this is not a bottle of water this is a bottle of scotch” and she said, “Down on your knees and pray to the Holy father it’s another miracle.”

So, I am sure you’re not surprised that he announced his coming demise in the form of a joke. I didn’t get it, I laughed at it I thought it was funny, but I didn’t get it until someone said, “don’t you see the first words? “Went to Lourdes to see the relics” I thought well that is right there aren’t any relics at Lourdes, relics in the sense of remains, you simply have the crutches and the braces and what have you. So, there can be no question of doubt that he knew exactly what was coming.

He had enough control, as I see it, that he was able to arrange his wife not finding his body, because that would have been a terrible blow to her. If she had seen what I saw it would have set her back terribly. Now are there any questions?

Harry: Frank.

Frank Carter: Yes?

Harry: Do you intend to continue some of Neville’s work?

Frank Carter: I feel that I must tell what I have found. What I just got through telling you was the key to the discovery in scripture that Neville’s name, both Neville and God appear in the form of Hebrew and Greek words and they don’t just appear, they appear in the very passages that have to do with his experience. So, this is what I feel I must tell because I feel that the people who supported Neville have a right to hear this story. Is that what you mean Harry?

Harry: Yes.

Frank Carter: Yes. I am here for four Sundays. Those of you that got an announcement of course know. After that I don’t know. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I was in a state of shock for about a year especially when I began finding these things in scripture, I simply didn’t know what to do with it. Actually, I secretly hoped that it would go away, but it didn’t go away. So here I am, the last place I ever thought I would be.

Female Speaker: Will you be teaching Neville’s work?

Frank Carter: No, I don’t feel commissioned to teach. He said it all, especially the law, that’s not my– I’m not qualified.

Female Speaker: But I mean as a study group, there are many people who were interested, but still would like to speak about it and talk about it like his ….

Frank Carter: Yes, well that is my purpose in holding these sessions. If there is a genuine response after these four then I intend to go on, yes. Any more questions? Well if not then thank you for coming. I’m sorry that it was held up, but I wanted to make sure that everyone got here since I lost my room, but what a gain.

[applause] Thank you.

Lecture 2: 6/13/76

Frank Carter: I think I will start today by telling you one of Neville’s favorite stories, you know he adored children. It seems a little girl came home from Sunday school and the parents asked her what she had learned that day and she said, “Oh we learned about Mrs. Murphy” and they said, “Mrs. Murphy?” and she said, “Yes, you know good Mrs. Murphy will follow me all the days of my life”.

Now what is so precious to us about that is that the little child, not understanding the spiritual principle personified it, she turned it into a person. Paul in the letter to Philemon did exactly the same, he took his own bowels and personified them. Now before I go on let me tell you what Paul says, how he identifies himself. In the second letter of Corinthians the 12th Chapter the 11th verse Paul makes this statement, “I am become a fool in glorying” now Paul spoke both Hebrew and Greek, he was bilingual undoubtedly, he was tri-lingual because he was a Roman citizen I assume he spoke Latin as well because he ended up in Rome according to Acts.

Now when Paul says I am a fool, if he takes it as a pun he is saying I am a Neval, you can hear that is a play on Neville because the word Neville for fool in Hebrew is Neval, now that word Neval also means skin bag. So, you hear Paul telling you that on one level he has become a skin bag, that is to say he has taken the cross, he is incarnated, he has become a man. On the other level, he is telling you about your very own self because here we are, we are in these garments of flesh these skin bags. Incidentally the word for fool in English comes from the Latin word foolis which means wind bag. So, what better description could you have of the human body than it is a skin and a wind bag.

As a matter of fact, we like to call certain people wind bags, I feel like one right now. Now in the letter to Philemon, Paul makes four disclosures but first let me take the bowels. He says, “I beseech you for my son Onesimus whom I have begotten in my bonds. I beseech you to receive him as my very own self, that is to say mine own bowels” Paul makes this statement. In that same letter, he makes three references to the bowels. Now the letter is so short, so very short, I believe it is the shortest document in scripture. It’s so short that he wouldn’t possibly have mentioned the word bowels three times unless he was trying to present a mystery.

Now let me go back to what I told you last week to refresh your memories. Three years before Neville departed I saw him die in a night vision as Judas. Now in case you don’t know the story of Judas’s death; we’re told in the first chapter of Acts that Judas was the guide to them that took Jesus, and this man with the reward of his iniquity purchased a field and falling

headlong he burst asunder in the midst and all his bowels gushed out. I didn’t tell it to Neville for a long time because it was so grisly. Then when he said from the platform, “I’d love to hear that anyone has seen me die”.

One night I found it in scripture so I told him and he said, “Yes I am Judas, Judas betrayed the Messianic secret” now you know the Messianic secret is that David is the son of God who reveals you to yourself as God the Father. Now Judas being described as the guide to them that took Jesus therefore is the great teacher. The word guide in Greek is the same word that is used for the followers of the way, guide is derived from the same word as way and you remember that the early Christians were known as the followers of the way. Also in the second century, there was a sect obviously considered heretical by the church, but a Christian sect called the Cainites who venerated Judas as the chief apostle.

Now coming back to the letter of Philemon, Philemon in Greek boils down to friend, especially the friend who is kissed. Now you remember that the sign Judas gave when he betrays Jesus and don’t ever forget that you are Jesus, I’m not talking about anything historical I’m talking about the being you really are. The sign Judas gave was this, whom so ever I shall kiss the same is he hold him fast. I think you’re beginning to see the connection. This letter is addressed to Philemon, the one who is kissed.

So, Paul is actually Judas because if Neville was Judas and Neville and Paul are the same being because of the identical experiences therefore Paul is Judas and in this letter, he is giving you the information about the mystery of the bowels. I loved the way Neville would talk about Paul, he said, “here is this man who apparently was the founder of the Christian religion because nowhere do you find such a discussion of the principles of Christianity as you do in the letters of Paul”. Now Neville said, “Even though he was supposed to have been in all the best jails in all the ancient world there is no record of him none whatsoever”.

Now when you read a man’s word you’re reading his mind, he is revealing his mind to you. Now who is Paul? Again, let’s look at the Hebrew because he was thoroughly a Hebrew. The word Paul in Hebrew means verb, it not only means verb, it’s also the formal name for a part of the verb like we say present tense past tense and so on in English. Now another formal name for the verb in Hebrew is Niffel, I don’t have to point out how close to Neville that is and if you remember that in our own English tongue V converts to P because we don’t say I have to go we say I have (haf) to go, so there you have the V converting to P.

So Paul is the word. Another meaning for Paul is maker, do you remember in the Old Testament your maker is your husband, that’s God. So here we have Paul, the word, the verb, telling you that he became a Neville, a skin bag. He’s telling you that he took on human form, actually these words were written by you because you are the Elohim, the one made up of many, the one who wrote the story and came down here in the story.

Now getting back to the letter of Philemon the first point Paul makes is that he is a prisoner, “I Paul a prisoner of Jesus Christ” the next point he makes is about the bowels, now

this letter is written to you. He says, “The bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee brother” then he goes on and says, “I beseech you for my son Onesimus whom I have begotten in my bonds receive him as my very own self that is mine own bowels” then he goes on the next part of the letter to make the point that he is Paul the aged. Now there is some difference of opinion among Greek scholars as to how this should be translated.

Some scholars think it should be aged in the sense of presbyter, others think it should be translated as ambassador. So, he’s telling you he is the aged, he is the ambassador. The last point he makes in the letter is for you to prepare a lodging for him because he will undoubtedly be sent to you. I hope that if you haven’t read the letter you will read it when you get home, it’s very short. So here in this letter we have Paul who is the word who has made the point elsewhere that he is Neville, telling you the mystery of the bowels, telling you that he is the ambassador and to reserve a place for him because he is coming.

Now allow me to share an experience I had before Neville departed. I saw him one night as the fool, he was dressed in cap and bells, he was wearing a tutu, he looked absolutely idiotic and he was dancing across the stage like a soft shoe dance, and I hesitated to tell him because you know how dignified he was. But I told him anyway and his eyes just danced because he knew. He knew scripture so thoroughly that he knew that he was the fool.

Another experience I had in a dream, I ran into a friend of mine who is called David, so you might say that I found David and then as I was leaving him Neville suddenly appeared just like that and grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me on the cheek and disappeared immediately. When I thought about it the next day I thought well yes it all makes sense because I know that Neville is Judas and Neville kissed me, so if he kisses me I know who I am because in scripture the one who is kissed by Judas is Jesus and I hope that you don’t think that I’m setting myself up as someone unusual.

So, I got up and went to my bible and practically opened to the story of Neval and David in the Old Testament. It’s in the first book of Samuel the 25th chapter. The whole chapter is about Neval the fool, his wife Abigail and David, it’s a complete parable of the story of the meeting between Neville the fool and David who is his son. But it’s told in such a dramatic way that you could never understand it until the story has been fulfilled by the one it was written about because Neval in the story is painted as a heavy, a bad guy.

So anyone who was acquainted with Neville would say, “Well this couldn’t be because you simply couldn’t find anyone better than Neville, anyone kinder, anyone more loving, so how could this be the same one?” The story opens with Neval, incidentally I’m pronouncing the B as a V because in Hebrew B and V are interchangeable sounds. As a matter of fact, you’re likely to hear two Hebrew speaking people arguing about whether it’s B or V. So, I’m saying Neval.

The story opens with Neval shearing his sheep. Now there are only three characters in scripture who shear their sheep even though this is a very very ordinary thing and having to do with the importance of the economy in the ancient world, only three characters are described as shearing their sheep. They are Laven Judah, who is Judas, and Neval. Now the interesting thing is that Laven is Neval spelled backwards. Neval is spelled Nbl Laven is spelled Lbn, it’s the same name. Hebrew is read from the right to the left. So, if you were reading it in Hebrew it would be Neval, if you were reading it in English it would be the same as if you had read it backwards and right in the middle is Judah.

Now we’ve already established that Judah was Neville and Paul. So here he is in the company of these other two, supposedly who sheared their sheep. Now David is in the wilderness and he hears that Neval is shearing his sheep. David’s band of men had protected Neval’s men, protected them from outlaws. So, David sends word by his young men that he would like, because of this service he has performed, he would like for Neval to send him some provisions if possible, they need food, they need drink, and he ends it by saying if you can, give this to your servants and to your son David. David calls Neval father when he says this.

Neval, instead of responding, repudiates any obligation to help David, as a matter of fact he says, “Who is David and who is the son of Jesse?” Now where did he get this information? David did not send him this information and yet Neval knows that David is the son of Jesse which is the same as I Am. David is the son of the being whose name is I Am. David is so furious that he decides to kill Neval and all his men, he swears that he will do it, but one of the young men gets wind of this and goes to Abigail, Neval’s wife. Now Abigail in Hebrew means father of joy. You know that a man’s wife is his emanation, that is to say that thing that flows out, the personality, the spirit, the soul. Neville taught this very definitely.

So in scripture when you hear of a man’s wife it’s not talking about sex on this level as we understand it, marriage in that sense, it is talking about one being and the two aspects. The man, the garment, and the man’s wife which is the life, the emanation. Abigail decides to send David provisions. Now among the food that she sends are two bottles of wine. Now the word bottle in Hebrew is Nebel, she sends two Nebels of wine. She rides as scripture says on the ass on her way to meet David. Now you know that the ass is the symbol for the body, it’s not talking about the animal of the beast of burden but the human body. So here is another way of saying that the father of joy is riding on the human body. The father is incarnated in the human body.

When she gets to the place where David is, she lights off the ass and falls at David’s feet and she says, “Don’t take your vengeance out on my husband Neval, he’s a fool as his name is, so is he, folly is with him” then she says, “Neval is his name” now at this point let me tell you that Neville had his name assigned to him, some of you may know the story that when he was just a few days old his mother was wondering what to name him and all of a sudden a voice spoke it,

“His name is Neville” and she looked around, there was no one. About this time his uncle walked up the stairs and she said, “Did you say anything?” and he said, “No, but the baby’s name is Neville” so that’s how he got his name.

Now let’s return to the passage in this 25th chapter of the first Samuel the 25th verse. Neval is his name, the same words as the announcement which his mother heard, except that it’s turned around. Then David after she has finished speaking says, “Blessed be the lord God of Israel who sent you to me this day” So David in spirit sees his own father who is the wife of Neval the fool, and this is the story which Neville told. I’m sure he knew that story was in scripture, why he never told it I don’t know, perhaps he was too modest.

But here, Neville the historic man, who actually has this experience, and it’s written in scripture in terms of his own name. So, you have Paul as Neville, Paul as Judas, Paul as the fool, Neville as the fool, what I’m getting at is that the man named Paul in scripture had all of the experiences of scripture. Neville repeatedly said, “I’m not theorizing, I’m not speculating, I have experienced the whole book” Paul’s name was changed from Saul. Now the name Saul means in Hebrew asking, that is to say asking in the sense of searching, searching for the father, searching for truth.

After he finds the truth, his name is changed to Paul which means maker and verb. That is to say he discovers who he really is, the being he really is. Now this is what happened to Neville. He had these experiences and he awoke as God the Father, then he felt he had the responsibility to tell it to us. I’m sure you remember his experience of seeing the large quartz and as he looked at it, it fragmented. It broke into a million pieces and then as he looked at it contemplating it, it suddenly reassembled as his own glorified form as Buddha in the lotus posture. So, he was looking at his very own being.

Now Jacob in the Old Testament wrestled with a night visitor, wrestled all night and as the morning approached, the being he was wrestling with said, “Let me go because dawn is breaking” and he said, “I won’t go until you bless me” and the being said, “Very well, you’re no longer Jacob, you are now Israel” he changed his name to Israel which means he rules as God. Now the name Jacob means supplanter, the one who is able to take the place, the one who is able to use his imagination to get whatever he wants.

Now that’s what Neville taught for years, the principle that imagining creates reality, that you can have anything in this world you want. So, when Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, he named the place where it happened Pennual which means face of God. Now that’s a strange thing to name it. According to the events, he wrestled all night, then he prevailed, his name was changed, and then he names it face of God. This is explained the next morning when his brother Esau arrives. Now if you remember the story Jacob had stolen Esau’s birthright and Esau hated Jacob for that reason and Jacob was very afraid to face Esau the next day.

Now you must remember that they were twins, that is to say they were lookalikes. It’s really the mystery of the outer and the inner man, the twins are that mystery just as a man and his wife are not man and wife on this level but the mystery of the garments and the being who is wearing the garment, they’re one. So, Esau anad Jacob are actually one being but its told in a story form so that it will make an impression. So, listen to what Jacob says to Esau the next day. He calls him my lord and he says, “I saw my lord’s face as it were the face of God”. So here in a parable Jacob is telling you that he saw his own face as God, in other words he realized that he is the being that he was seeking.

Paul in first Corinthians 13th chapter is hinting at this experience that he had, the same experience which Neville had, he says, “For now we see through a glass darkly but then face to face” and that word glass means mirror and you look in a mirror for only one reason, to see that which you cannot see, otherwise your own face. So, Paul is telling you that you’re going to see your own being face to face and this is exactly what Neville taught.

Now are there any questions? I hope I have made this clear, I don’t thoroughly understand it myself but it’s all there and I hope that you will dig it out.

Female Speaker 1: Is this Neville the person who wrote “Feeling is the Secret?”

Frank Carter: The same. He lectured for years on imagining creates reality and then he had this tremendous experience, but when he started telling it there were only a few who could accept it. I was struck by the beginning of the story of Neval. It says this man was very great, he had 3,000 sheep and 1,000 goats and I thought that isn’t unlike Neville at the time he had this experience. I’m sure he had an audience of at least 3,000 and another 1,000 so probably 4,000 people.

I wasn’t going to bring this up. I don’t want to push the literal too far, but he said, “Scripture is more literally true than you would dare to believe”. Yes Harry.

Harry: How did you come across the story of Neval?

Frank Carter: I had the night vision of running into my friend David and just as I was leaving David, Neville suddenly appeared and grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me on the cheek and then disappeared just like that and I got up the next morning and went straight to my bible and the book practically opened itself. Any other questions?

Well we’re here for two more Sundays. Next Sunday I’m going to speak about Neville, Moses, and Paul, again the identical experiences. Yes.

Harry: Can I ask another question?

Frank Carter: Alright.

Harry: You’re bringing these particular explanations that you’re giving here for a reason, for what particular reason? What is it you want to do from your own?

Frank Carter: I don’t know. I have to get it out. My doctor said, “What happened to your blood pressure?” and I said, “What do you mean?” he said, “It’s too high” and I said, “Oh for heaven’s sakes” and I tried to tell him a little bit of this and he said, “I’m not surprised to hear that” the complete diplomat. So, then he said– I said, “I have all of this on my chest. I feel like I’m supposed to do something with it, I’m supposed to tell. I’ve told a few people but I’m frustrated”.

Female Speaker 1: You can’t keep it in.

Frank Carter: You can’t keep it in, no.

Female Speaker 1: …

Frank Carter: I’m very nervous telling it but I must, I have no choice.

Female Speaker 1: Inaudible… Those of us who do understand are grateful.

Frank Carter: Thank you. Yes?

Female Speaker 2: Where did this man Neville teach and when did he pass away? Was that long ago or lately?

Frank Carter: It was exactly three and a half years April Fool’s Day. Again, the fool. He, I believe, was here from 1954, to the time of his departure in 1972, October the 1st 1972.I suddenly thought of something. Mrs. Goddard whenever she spoke of his departure referred to it as his ascension. I never asked her to explain it, she never offered to, but I assumed that she had had some experience. I know that in February of 1974 she fused with him, again she did not give me the particulars, she gave the information to me as a throwaway. She said, “Oh by the way when I fused Neville” and I thought when you fused with Neville! But, that’s all she would tell me. So, it must have been a very grand experience.

Female Speaker 2: Is there such a thing as a biography of his life or biographical account that one can get in the library or somewhere like that?

Frank Carter: No, I don’t believe there is. I can’t think– Yes Ann?

Ann: Would you write such a thing Frank?

Frank Carter: I could try.

Ann: The way she’s asking. I think that maybe you have more authority than most anyone.

Frank Carter: You’re really answering the question which earlier I said I don’t know the answer to, namely what am I to do with this. Well I realized that eventually I must put this down on paper, but I’m not a writer and I have no way of knowing how long it would take me to organize this material and get it down on paper in an acceptable form. That was another reason I decided to lecture, although I don’t feel that’s my strong point. I felt that you who supported him have a right to hear these things and not to wait until I can get it down on paper.

Ann: And we want you to.

Frank Carter: Thank you. Yes.

Female Speaker 3: …

Frank Carter: Yes, you can get them from Devorss and Company. Devorss. That is D-E-V-O-R-S-S

Female Speaker 3: …

Frank Carter: Yes, it’s in Marina Del Ray.

Harry: There are only two that are available right now Frank, Seedtime and Harvest is out of print now anad only his first book Faith is your Fortune and the book of Resurrection are the only two that are available right now. ..….

Female Speaker 3: …

Frank Carter: Any more questions? Yes Harry?

Harry: I still have either three or four new copies of Faith is your Fortune that I was dispensing along with my tapes, ….. Faith is your Fortune, I don’t have any Resurrection but I can get some if they want to hear.

Frank Carter: Well if there are no more questions then thank you for coming.

Lecture 3: 6/20/76 Neville, Lazarus and Paul

Frank Carter: Now today I am going to reverse the order of the lectures. Those of you that have the printed program will notice that the lecture today would have been Neville, Moses and Paul, but today I’m going to give the last lecture which is Neville, Lazarus and Paul.

I feel that today is the time to introduce what is really the most startling part about Neville’s message and Neville’s fulfillment of scripture. Neville fulfilled the most ancient religion in the world by his arrival and his message. The first lecture I gave, the question came up about the Trinity. Some of you may remember that question and then a gentleman volunteered the information that he had discovered that in the bible there is no mention whatsoever of the Trinity. Well at that point I had already given my lecture and I realized that if I took that up I would be giving another whole lecture. So, I dropped it until this future time.

Now the man who formulated the doctrine of the Trinity was Augustine, he’s known as Saint Augustine. He was a member of the Catholic Church, before that he was a Pagan. Now listen to his words, he said, “That which is known as the Christian religion existed among the ancients and never did not exist from the very beginning of the human race” I’d like to repeat that, “that which is known as the Christian religion existed among the ancients and never did not exist from the very beginning of the human race.”

That religion of which he was speaking was the religion of Osiris, the Egyptian religion of resurrection. It must come to mind immediately that this was Neville’s great theme, resurrection. He claims to have been resurrected in the spirit by seeing his son David. The Emperor Hadrian in the second century when Christianity was just beginning to start had this to say, “Those who worship Osiris are likewise Christians, even those who style themselves the bishops of Christ are likewise worshipers of Osiris.”

If someone said to you have you seen the prince, either you wouldn’t respond immediately or you would say which prince? The photomap prince or the royal prince? Audio issues – How does it sound?

Male speaker: Inaudible

Frank Carter: Thanks, unaccustomed as I am to public speaking. I thought I could hear an explosion. Thank you.

So, you would say which, the photomap prince or the royal prince, in other words here we have a play on words. So, you have to establish whether a thing is being referred to or a person is being referred to. In the 57th Psalm, David who was the author of this Psalm says awake my glory, awake my psaltery. Now that word psaltery in Hebrew is Nebal, again the word Neval which is a play on Neville which is a form of Neville.

Last week I explained the story of the fool which is the story of Neval the fool who found David and then knew that he was the father of the eternal son. This is in the 25th chapter of first Samuel. I also explained that in the greater sense it pertains to you. I hope you won’t be offended if I tell you that you are the fool. You are the one here in the skin bag, that’s another meaning of Neville, skin bag, that’s our condition. We came down into incarnation and we’re wearing these garments of skin.

Now when he says awake my glory, awake Neval or Neville, which Neville? Does he mean the fool or does he mean the musical instrument, because another meaning for Neville in Hebrew is psaltery which is a musical instrument. Now as the Hebrew scholars will admit that they don’t even know what this instrument is, the best they can do is hazard a guess. In Psalm 92 these words occur, “I will sing praises unto the name of the most high” and then follow the words, “upon an instrument of 10 strings.” Now the Hebrew words here are upon my Neval and upon my Assar, which is the Hebrew word for ten, but here an instrument of 10 strings. Now again they don’t know which instrument this is.

In Psalm 144 are these words, “I will sing a new song unto thee oh God on the Neval Osier” again a musical instrument comprised of these two names Neval and Assar, they don’t know which instrument this is either. Now from my dreams and my experiences I maintain that this is a reference to Neville the historic messenger, the one who is to arrive and reveal the secret and then when he has done his work he departs as Judas and that is exactly what happened.

Now the ancient name for Osiris in Egyptian is Assar, the same word as the Hebrew word for 10. So here you have the beginning of the revelation of the mystery. The Egyptian religion of resurrection. Now the story of Osiris or Assar is this, through treachery he was compelled to lie down in a coffin, the treachery was will you try it out, will you see if you fit in it and he did. Then after when he was in this coffin they closed it and then killed him and then his body was dismembered, cut up into 14 pieces. In other words, he was fragmented and these memories were strewn all over the land of Egypt.

Then his wife Isis regathered fragments one by one and reassembled the body and after the body was reassembled his son Horus resurrected him by calling to him and when he called to him he said, “El Assar come forth” and that is when Assar El Assar rose from the dead and came forth. Now at this point it must strike you as a ridiculous myth, absolutely fantastic, but you must remember that this story, this religion is the religion of the mind that built the great pyramid, probably the greatest monument in the world.

Investigations have disclosed the fact that the great pyramid is built on an exact knowledge of the size of the earth. It’s a replica of the northern hemisphere, the ratios are perfect. I don’t have the facts well enough at hand to go into this thoroughly, but it is a replica of the northern hemisphere showing that they knew the exact measurements of the earth and that they knew the earth was round. Now we have just emerged from 16 centuries of darkness. We’re just now coming into our scientific glory, but this far back in history the ancients demonstrated their great wisdom. So, this is the religion of that mind.

Now as I told you last week, actually this is the same story told over and over and over, the names are changed you might say. The fool is the one incarnation because the fool is wearing the body, wearing the garment. Now to the ancients the great symbol of this incarnation was the mummy, I don’t know about you but I’m fascinated by them. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, it should be a dreadful thing, but for some reason it’s fascinating.

As a matter of fact, leafing through a magazine one day I ran upon an Egyptian antiquity shop on La Cienega so I went over and they have a mummy there and what makes it even more fantastic is that right across the street was a construction company named Lazar. El Lazar, so we’re in a parable, no doubt about it, everything in this world is a parable. Now to the Egyptians the mummy was the symbol of the body because the body is the coffin of the soul. The body is the coffin of the soul. On the mummy case, they inscribe the letters KRS and then the final letter T. Now you see there are no vowels in this.

Scholars have determined that the correct pronunciation is charast, you can hear how close to Christ that is, how close to crust and Neville’s great message was that the sign of the Christ in this world is the crust of the flesh because we have come into this experience, we’ve come into this great incarnation, we are the Elohim. Now Judas when he committed his acts of supposed betrayal he did three things: he purchased a field, sold the information for 30 pieces of silver, and then he betrayed by the kiss.

Now this story of the purchase of the field is conflicting. In Acts, we’re told that this man purchased a field with the reward of his iniquity and then falling headlong he burst asunder in the midst and all his bowels gushed out. Now this was my dream, that’s how I saw Neville. I saw Neville fall backwards, I saw all his bowels gush out, he choked, turned blue in the face, it was so grisly it was so awful I couldn’t tell him. Then one night I found it in scripture and I was so excited because I saw that I had experienced a parable. A parable is more literally true in this world is more literally true in the imagination than it could ever be physically.

So, I knew that I had seen the great secret of the one who betrays the Messianic secret and what is the Messianic secret? As I see it there are two parts, one is where Jesus is hiding. Now you are Jesus, Jesus is the I am of every being in this world and that’s what Neville betrayed. He told you where Jesus is hiding. Now the other part of the Messianic secret is that David is the eternal son, the son who calls you father and awakens you from this world of the real, this world of the play.

Now Neville then is Judas, Is Osiris, Assar is the fool, these are all states of consciousness which he experienced. I don’t think a lecture went by that he didn’t say, “I’m not theorizing, I’m not speculating, I have experienced scripture from the beginning to the end and  it’s all true and you are going to have the same experience.”

Now Inaudible who is here today called me the week following my first lecture. He said, “Frank I had a dream, Sunday night from Monday morning the first part of my dream the depths of my soul was rejoicing because I knew the truth. I had discovered a monumental truth, a great revelation, but I couldn’t bring it back. I only brought back the glorious feeling” he said, “Next I found myself standing in front of Bullocks on the sidewalk and there in front of Bullocks an information center regarding Neville was being constructed.”

He said, “I was round it and it hadn’t been completed, what I saw was the substructure or the superstructure on which the dome would rest, but it was definitely a round information center regarding Neville in front of Bullocks.” He said, “Then at this point there was great controversy about the fact that this information center was obscuring their display case. So, it was moved immediately across the street and everything seemed to be fine.” He said he felt compelled to tell me this dream and of course I was thrilled to death because this followed so close from my first lecture.

And then he said, “In particular he wondered about Bullocks, why Bullocks?” and I thought and I suddenly remembered a detail which I did not include in my first lecture. When I saw Neville, he was standing in front of a restaurant, it was at that point that he choked and fell back and his bowel gushed out. Now the name of the restaurant was The Golden Bull. you see how perfect this is, the depth of his being revealed a detail about this eternal story which I had not mentioned and what makes it even better is that a bullock is a young bull and the symbol of Osiris is the bull.

You probably remember when the children of Israel were in the wilderness when they couldn’t see anything in sight they lost their faith, they urged Aaron to make them the golden calf because they had left Egypt and then remembered the golden calf from Egypt which was the symbol of Osiris. Now as I see it this worship of the golden calf isn’t the worship of anything external. We were taught by Neville our guide not to look to anything on the outside but to know that your own wonderful human imagination is the only reality there is and yet there will always be those in the world who want to worship something on the outside, the golden calf, the symbol of Osiris.

So even the greatest religion in the world can be worshiped in the wrong way. Now when Judas went to the chief priests he said, “What will you give me if I deliver him into your hands?” and they said, “30 pieces of silver” they gave him the 30 pieces of silver and he went his way. Then after the betrayal and the trial Judas has a change of heart and he goes back and he says, “I have done a terrible thing, take back the silver.” and they say, “We can’t do it, it’s the price of blood.” So then Judas takes the 30 pieces of silver and throws them into the house of the lord.

Now Judas was the treasurer because we’re told he had the bag so you could call him the treasurer. In the book of Nehemiah when the children of Israel are returning from Babylon where they have been in captivity Ezra is the leader. Now the name Ezra is derived from the Hebrew word Ozar, now you can hear how close that is to Assar. The point of all this is that the Hebrew language was chosen to conceal this ancient myth and religion from the time in which it would be revealed again.

The Hebrew language abounds in the word plays on Assar. The land of Egypt itself is named after this word, the present Arabic name for Egypt is Inaudible which is derived from an Arcadian word Asaru which means to delimit, to delineate, and ultimately to form a design to make a picture model. Egypt itself Mizraim means upper and lower limits. So, you can see from what I told you earlier about their religion, this again is referring to the body. These ancients understand the mystery that we had come into the body into incarnation. So, this is the basis for Ezra Ozar which is a play on Assar.

In this book of Nehemiah is the discussion of placing treasure into the treasury. Now the word for treasure is utsar, again you can hear how close this is in the 8th chapter of Nehemiah Ezra or Ozar reads out of the book to the people, they are all assembled before the watergate and when he reads to the people out of the book he gives the understanding to the word so that they understand perfectly what had been written in the book. Now this is exactly what we experienced with Neville. Neville, who was the messenger, came to us, he fulfilled the experience of Assar Ozar, he read to us out of the book so that we were given understanding of what was sealed within it and then when he had completed his message he departed.

When Judas threw the money back into the table, the chief priests retrieved it and with it they bought a field which was called repotteries field. Now this conflicts with the account in Acts. In Acts, we are told that this man with the reward of his iniquity purchased a field. So here are two conflicting accounts. Another conflicting element is the fact that in the gospel account we’re told that what Judas did and purchased the field by the priests was the fulfillment of what was spoken of by Jeramiah the prophet.

So, if you jump to Jeramiah you find the story in the 32nd chapter Jeramiah was instructed by the Lord to buy the field which belongs to his cousin Hanamel and so he goes to Hanamel and he offers to buy the field. Now the price of the field is 17 shekels of silver. We’re told in the gospel account the price was 30 and yet we’re told that this is the fulfillment of what happened. Now either you’re going to dismiss this as an inaccuracy, a discrepancy, or you’re going to look at this glaring error for a clue, because remember we are in Gods mystery, this God whos done it and in the best tradition suspicion is cast on someone and then comes the working out and they’re cleared and someone completely unsuspected turns out to be the culprit.

Now when you look closer at the story as its present in the gospel that you find that mixed in with that account is another account from Zachariah, the chapter escapes me right now. In Zachariah, the prophet Zachariah goes to his people and he says, “give me what you think I’m worth” and they weigh him out 30 pieces of silver. Then Zachariah is told by the Lord, take the instruments of a foolish shepherd and at this point he breaks his staff called Banes B-A-N-E-S and departs. So, you can see that in these two accounts also he is instructed to cast them into the potter’s house. Now you know that the potter is the lord, so he’s instructed to cast them into the potter’s house. Now this is what Judas did, he cast the 30 pieces of silver into the potter’s house.

So, I think that you are beginning to see that in the Gospel account these two stories are merged in such a glaringly inaccurate way that you are forced to look for a clue.

Now going back to Jeramiah, the price is 17. Now the word for 17 in Hebrew is Sheh’-bah Assar, Sheh’bah the word for seven means to complete, Assar which is the same word as the Egyptian god of the dead Assar is the word for 10. So, you have completed Assar. Now you remember the story of Assar was that his fragmented body was strewn all over the land of Egypt and then it was regathered and then it was resurrected by his son Horus. One of the attributes of Horus is the eternal youth. David is personified as the eternal youth. So, I think you can begin to see how close all of this is, except it was concealed for 16 centuries because the ability to read the Egyptian hieroglyphics was lost.

It was only in the early 19th century when the Rosetta Stone was discovered that the ability to read ancient Egyptian was recovered. Therefore, the name Assar as the true name of Osiris was lost for 16 centuries. Getting back to the departure from Babylon and Ezra the ancient name for Assyria was Assur, then you can think about the name Asia, we pronounce it Asia but other languages pronounce it Assi Assia. Many of the ancient people, the ancient religious systems, have the tradition that when the gods, the incarnating legions of angels of gods were instructed to come down their name was the Asura, the Icelandic name for god is áss. In Scandinavia in their ancient religious system the pantheon of the gods was called the Assar.

So, you can see how universal this name was. Scripture itself tells us that immediately after the flood there was one language in the whole earth. Noah was the survivor of the flood and through him civilization was begun all over again. I really shouldn’t say this from a public platform but my personal belief is that Noah came from Atlantis, I’m not teaching this as a fact but this is my belief, but our culture, the ability, the scientific knowledge which built the great pyramid and it must be over 4,000 5,000 years old, this ability must have come from a very very advanced civilization and with it came the religion.

So, wrapping this up I’m trying to show that here is a parable which we wrote before we came down, a mystery to be solved, a mystery to be experienced for the purpose of awakening and we appointed one character in particular and concealed him in scripture then he came into the world. I told you last week when his mother was wondering what to name him a voice spoke out, “His name is Neville.” and then his uncle came up the stairs and she says, “Did you say anything?” and he said, “No, but the baby’s name is Neville” and in the story of Neval the fool, Abigail says those very words, “Neval is his name.”

So, this man stepped out of the pages of scripture and came to us and gave us the great secret and told us that whatever we do, don’t worship him, don’t make him into a demigod. This is all for awakening.

Now are there any questions? Well if there are no questions that is all I have to say.

Lecture 4 6/27/76

Frank: Yes. Is it just about right? Okay. During the week, I thought because of the material I introduced last week, that some of you might like to ask a question before I begin because what I presented was so unusual and so different, I thought perhaps in the intervening time, thinking about it, you might just want to ask a question before I begin.

Very well.

Male Speaker: What did you say Frank?


Frank: Right, that’s a very good question. Right, again last week, by telling you that St. Augustine who founded the doctrine of the Trinity through the Roman Catholic Church, had this to say. “That which is known as the Christian religion, existed among the ancients and never did not exist, from the very beginning of the human race.” Now that religion is the religion of Osiris, the religion of resurrection. Osiris had the name Asar, which is from the Kalian word which means to limit, to delineate a drawn plan and the very name of Egypt itself is derived from this name.

As a matter of fact, you might say that this is the religion of the mind that built the great Pyramids. The name of the country of Syria is from this name, the ancient name is Asoor. So you can see the parallel there between Asoor and Asar. Now in Hebrew this name is found in pun form, for instance the word for 10 is Asar, the word for bound or bind is Asar, The word for treasure is Unsar, the word for Maker is Asaar. Now you know that New Englanders have the pattern of dropping their final Rs, so that should present our trouble because there is no R. Another word for maker is Yansaar. I could go on and on but I think you’ve got the point.

Now Neville has the fulfillment of this great religion because in Scripture we find a form of Neville connected with this ancient name, except it’s a musical instrument. Now I explained previously that the name Neville is from the Hebrew word Naval, which really means skin bag. Another meaning of Naval is fool, so you have the fool who is the one in the skin bag. In Psalm 144 you find these words, “Oh God, I will sing a new song to You on the Naval Asaar. Now in your King James Version it reads, “Oh God, I will sing a new song to You on the instrument of 10 strings.” Now the scholars admit they don’t know what this musical instrument is. As a matter of fact there’s a growing controversy.

A friend of mine was out here for a music convention last year, I hadn’t seen him in 25 years. Somehow I got on the subject of Neville and I started telling him about the fool and I said, “Fool is Neville,” and he said, “No, Neville is a musical instrument.” He knew right off, he said that this has been one of his interests, tracking down the ancient Hebrew musical instruments. Now this week it came to me that the last day I was with Neville, on the way to a party. He gave a message in an offhand way, which I considered to be his last revelation about his doctrine. Somehow words were put into my mouth to say this- I had just returned from downtown where it is about as hot as it is today. And I was so impressed with the oppression of the earth experience itself. Here was the heat beating down, here were all the masses running around  the downtown streets.

And I said, “Neville, I just got back from downtown and oh how deeply are in the heart of Woodland.” Now Woodland is Blake’s name for the furnaces for this earth, for the earth experience; as you say, being in the body. Then Neville took a deep breath and let out a sigh and he said, “yes and there are those who believe that no one ever returns,” and I said, “Do you see them, the brothers who haven’t come in?” And he said, “Yes, I see them,” and I said, “Well naturally you see those who are here because you’re here and he said, “Yes, of course.” And I said, “Do you see those who have returned?” He said, “Yes and they are the most exalted beings you can ever imagine.” Now I said, “Well then you see all three,” and he said, “Yes.” I use the term ‘brothers’ and he used the term ‘those’. He said “There are those who believe that no one ever returns.”

Now the word for God in Hebrew is Elohim, which is a plural word. Any time in the Old Testament when you see the word GOD, that word in Hebrew is Elohim and it is a plural word. Now this was Neville’s last message, he was telling me, through me, that God at this point is in three divisions, all the Elohim. The Elohim who have not come in, the Elohim who are here, that is we because one is all and all is one. Then the Elohim who have returned, who have received the inheritance. This of course was Neville’s great theme, the promise and the promise was that you will inherit God the Father. In other words you will awaken as God the Father. Now what I want to make clear today is that you are the Elohim, the One made up of ones, the ‘those’- this is all a word game; now your ancient name, the name which was lost for about 16 centuries, is Nassar because Nassar is the dead one in the underworld.

Paul knew who Asar was because when he said, “I Paul, a prisoner of the Lord Jesus Christ,” In Hebrew the word for bind is Asar. Now he knew the ancient mystery of the mummy, which I think was a perfectly graphic way to present this mystery because it makes such an impression on the mind. Now the mummy was the symbol of the body, the body being the coffin of the soul. Neville often used the illustration of the beginning of Genesis and the end. It begins, “In the beginning was God,” and it ends, “In a coffin in Egypt.” Now as I told you last week, on the mummy case were inscribed the letters KRS, which is the word karas which means skin. And there is a modern day African word, karst, which means skin. Now to this KRS was added the suffix T, so you have the word karst and you can hear how close to Christ that is. This is where the mystery of the Christ came from, from ancient Egypt.

So that word means fleshed, in other words a God made flesh. The word Neville, as I pointed out, means skin bag. Paul tells us that he became flesh when he says, “I have become a fool.” The word Paul in Hebrew is another word for Maker and you recall the word for maker is Asar. Now we also have the word Paul, this word also means verb, so the verb is telling you that he came down and became flesh, became Neville. You see, it sounds like I’m talking about Neville but I’m really talking about the pattern there because his name, his ministry and his departure are all recorded in scripture.

Not to set him apart from anyone else, I don’t think he ever missed a lecture but he did say, “Don’t put me on a pedestal. It’s all about you, the Elohim.” Now last week I ended the lecture by pointing out how widespread the word Asar was in the ancient world. The very continent of Asia itself is a form of that word. Asi, we say Asia but in Greek it’s Asiya. And the Scandinavian mythology, the Pantheon who were a race of gods who’s called the Asar, this you can find in any modern age dictionary. Now the leader of that race of gods was named Odin, Odin was the leader of the Asar and the word Asaar is plural. He was a leader of Gods. This past week I got around to reading my New Yorker magazine, at this point last Sunday I hadn’t read it but I opened it up and here was a story, a very short story by Jorge Luis Borges who is one of Neville’s favorite authors.

I can recall that he told several of this man’s stories from the platform because they were all parables. It’s as if this man was never a mystery. Now the name of this story was The Disk. I’m going to tell it very briefly, it’s the tale of a woodcutter who lives in the woods and he’s never left the woods and one night he receives a visitor, an old man. He gives him lodging and food and the next day as the man is leaving, he drops his staff; the visitor does. At that point he changes completely and commands his host to pick up the staff and the woodcutter says, “Why should I?” And the visitors says, “Because I am King.” So the woodcutter picks up his staff. Now the visitor goes on and says, “I am the king of the sections and I am the king of the race of Odin.” At that the woodcutter says, “I don’t worship Odin, I worship Christ.”

The visitor goes on as if he hadn’t even heard him and he says, I am a king. Even though I lost my kingdom and I’m in exile, I am wondering this earth as a king because I have the disc of Odin.” And the woodcutter says, “I don’t know what that is,” and the visitor opens his palm. He opens his hand and shows his palm and he said, “Here it is. This is the disc of Odin. of all the things in the world, it has only one side, there is nothing else in the world that has only one side.” So then the woodcutter tries to get him to sell the disc and the visitor refuses. At that he says, “Great greed possessed me and I was determined that I must have the disc.” So when the visitor turns his back, he does him in and as he strikes the blow with his ax, the man opens his hand. And he sees when the hand opens and the palm is exposed, a glitter. Then he disposes of the body and he goes back to where he has marked the spot of the glitter and he can’t find anything. Then he ends the story by saying, “I have been searching for two years and I haven’t found it yet.”

Now I’m not going to attempt to explain this parable to you but the thing that interests me, is that here, this confrontation between Odin who is the king of the Asar and the man who worships Christ, right after I told this from the platform. So you see what a parable we’re in. Now Moses knew this story well, now you know of course Moses is a state, Moses never existed as such as history. The point of the first five books of the Bible, supposedly authored by Moses, is that this mind came out of Egypt. We’re told that he was raised in the house of Pharaoh, so he spoke Egyptian, received the best education of the day. There is a legend that Moses was a priest of Osiris, of Asar. Now whether Moses was actually a priest or not is beside the point, having lived in the king’s house, in Pharaoh’s palace, he knew all this religion, he knew the secret of it. He knew that the mummy was simply a symbol of the body as the coffin of the soul and that Asar is the resurrected man. The one who rises from the dead.

Now in the book of John, there’s a mutilation for a purpose because nothing is haphazard, it’s scriptured. With the mutilation of the ancient, ancient text of the book of the dead, explaining the resurrection of Asar. He was resurrected by his son Horus who called to him as he lay in the tomb in the cave at Bethany. He went to the cave just as the central character in the book of John, when he raises Lazarus from the dead, goes to the mouth of the cave and says, “Lazarus come forth.” Now in the ritual in the book of the dead, Horas says, “Al Asar come forth, Al being a title Lord, “Asar come forth.” Then the dead one rises from the grave and comes forth in grave clothes, which of course was the symbol of the body, the resurrection takes place while you’re here in the body. It’s just what Neville taught.

Now this took place in Anu in Egypt. When it was transcribed to the New Testament version, the word Beth was added, the word Beth in Hebrew means house. So you have Bethanu and in the course of time, the U converted to Y and hence you have the name Bethany. Now this existed thousands of years before the supposed event took place, which is recorded in Scripture. About a year after Neville departed, I was winding my clock one night, I have this marvelous antique clock which my mother gave to me and it was 10 o’clock and I was winding it, I thought carefully, and the spring gave way. So it’s permanently stopped on 10, which you remember is Asar Hebrew. That night Neville was lecturing in my dream and he said in the course of his lecture, “Bethany. Now you must jump, you must skip,” and, “10 and Bethany and now you must jump, 10,” this went over and over.

But when I woke in the morning I thought, “Bethany, 10, Bethany, 10” so I went to my concordance and I discovered that Bethany means house of dates but there’s only one problem, the word date does not occur in Scripture. So I looked up 10 but that didn’t yield anything because at that point I hadn’t heard of was Asar. Shortly after that someone by accident placed the right books in my hands and that was when I learned the ancient history of Osiris and the word ten. Now Moses knew the story well, you’ll recall that the great revelation to Moses in the name of God was, “I am.” It reads, “I am that I am.” In Hebrew this reads as thus “Ehyeh asher ehyeh.” You can hear how close asher is to Asar, ashur or shar. Now being bilingual, he would have to recognized immediately that this was wordplay on that heathen god, if indeed he was a heathen god.

Now in Hebrew, the ancient Hebrew, there were no vowels, it’s much like the game I’m sure you’ve all played in the car with the license plate and try to make words out of consonants.  You don’t have many vowels and you think, “I wonder what word that would spell if I use an E or an I or an O or a U?” So that was the case in ancient Hebrew, so there is no reason why that word must be translated as the word ‘that’. Which is asher. It could have just as easily have been Ashur or Asar because the letter S in this particular word looks like a three-pronged point, a trident and depending on whether a dot is placed on the right or the left, this letter for S is pronounced .. or simply S. So in any event, this could definitely be considered a wordplay on Asar. And this was the announcement which Elohim made to Moses. Now remember you …., you’re the ones who write this story. So when the Elohim revealed the name to Moses, it was revealed as Asar, the ancient religion of resurrection.

Now concerning Moses, Paul said this, “I wouldn’t have you ignorant and the fact that your fathers were under the cloud and that they passed through the sea and that they were baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea.” Now the word for cloud in Greek is nepheles, which is another form of Neville, nepheles. You see, there is no V in the Greek language and you can see that in our own English, the letter V converts to F. We say, “I ‘haff’ to go,” we don’t say, “I ‘havv’ to go.” So these little internal changes take place. The Old Testament was translated into Greek about 250 BC, so often Paul was quoting from this Greek version which was known as the Septuagint. So here again, Paul knows Neville, he knows Neville because he is talking about the fact that the children of Israel were under the cloud and you may recall that the cloud guided them. It led the way just as Nevile led the way for us.

Paul goes on and says, “they were fed with the same spiritual food.” Now you know that spiritual food was the manna and if it’s spiritual food, it’s the Word. Neville’s constant theme was the Word of God, think on the Word of God, feeding on the Word of God. Now manna actually means, “What is it?” It’s from the Hebrew word mah, which means “what?” So when they found the manna the first time, they said, “Mah mah,” and then it was named mann, which is almost exactly like our word man. The manna was described as being like a coriander seed, white. Now the word for coriander is gad and it comes from the word godhad, which is exactly the way the English pronounce Neville’s last name, which is Goddard but they say, “God-dard, Neville God-dard.” Now the word for white is lavan, now lavan backwards or read in our manner from left to right, is naval. So here in this short description from the manna, that it is like coriander seed and white, you have a cryptogram of Neville’s name.

Also, Moses’s father-in-law told him, “Be now for the people to Godward,” now this is a playon words which probably only occurs in the English language. The point of the story is unfolding in the English language because that was the tongue which Neville spoke. Paul makes this statement, “we have such trust through Christ to Godward,” in first Thessalonians, this statement was made, “Your faith is spread abroad to Godward.” Then the author of this letter goes on to tell them that because of their faith and their understanding, because their faith is spread abroad to Godward, that they have turned aside from idols and are now worshiping the true and living God. You see, it’s all a word game.

When this experience first happened, I saw all Neville’s body, for some reason I told my mother this story. Now she is as orthodox as they come and I told her as much as I could in the intervening time and then came a point when I thought I should start sharing this story with those of you who supported Neville. So I went to visit her and she had sat outside the whole afternoon in her little greenhouse where we were going to talk and she said, “Son, is it going to scare me?” and I said, I don’t know but I’ll tell you and it’s a word game,” and she sounded so relieved, “oh good, I love games.”

Male Speaker: Inaudible

Frank: Now the whole story of Judas and his death is about the death of the one who reveals the great secret. In the letter of Jude, which is the same as Judas and Judan, we have a letter from the one who died and who will reveal the secret. And in it, he says that he wants to make sure that we strive earnestly for the faith which was delivered once and then it goes on to say, “Let even Michael the Archangel, when he was contending with the devil about the body of Moses, darest not deliver a reeling accusation against him but said, “The Lord rebuke you.” Now what is this about the devil contending about the body of Moses? Before I go on with this, in two psalms, Psalm 16 and Psalm 108, this statement is made, “Judah is my law giver.” This occurs in both Psalms. Also in the blessing of the sons of Jacob, Jacob makes this statement of Judah that the scepter shall not depart from him nor a lawgiver come out.” So here again, three big statements that Judah is the lawgiver.

Now you can see that the states of Judah, Judas and Moses are being equated because Moses is very obviously the lawgiver. So then we have the great mystery of the body of Moses. He was not permitted to go over into the Promised Land but the Lord himself buried him. Now the highest level of course is this law about reveal because you are the body of God, you are Elohim here incarnation and Moses is a patterned man within you who draws himself out when he is born but still we have a mystery about the body. Where is the body? Now the big mystery, historically the revelation about Neville’s death is fulfilled scripture exactly. He died exactly as Judas and he left a note which was a parable but very definitely a note, explaining that he knew that he was going to die as Judas.

In Hebrews in the ninth chapter, after having discussed the new covenant in which the law is no longer written on stone tablets, that is to say on the outside; that the law was written in the hearts so no one is taught about God by anyone else. It’s a great interior experience, so after Inaudible this, this New Testament, he makes this statement, “Now inaudible is a testament, a will. The terath of the one who gave it must be established because as long as a man is living, his will is not in effect. It’s only after he has died and you must find the body because if there is no body, there is no will, there is no proof of demise.” So on a higher plane, we think and we realize that you Elohim, are the body of God and that you are already him, your own coffins are about to rise from the dead. You have received the New Testament, and this was Neville’s message.

And my message is that of all the things in this world, there aren’t many better documented than inaudible that when God entered this world, conducted re-administering claimed to have written scripture from beginning to end, knew that his death would fulfill scripture as Judas. So just sending out the real revelation that the most ancient religion in the world has finally been fulfilled. His ministry of revelation of resurrection, as I see it, the proof of it that it’s true, that God’s word is true, is inaudible of the man who made revelation, who revealed it to us. His credentials are sealed in Scripture itself, his name, and he undoubtedly knew this. Why he never told it through the platform I don’t know but we don’t doubt because there was a time when Neville spoke Hebrew, he was busy studying with his teacher Abdullah.

It opened inaudible to him, just as it had always been there and he became so good. But he was teaching inaudible Hebrew and some of them were very outraged about this Anglo Saxon who was teaching them Hebrew. Inaudible perhaps if he knew who he was, he would be inaudible and when he arrived, and I told him that he was late and he said, “well, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you.” He asked me later how I knew and I said, “The brother was telling me you were coming.” Now are there any questions?”

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