Neville Goddard Research: "What is The Divine Society. Infinite Might and Down with the Bluebloods?"

Neville Goddard Research: “What is The Divine Society. Infinite Might and Down with the Bluebloods?”

“In understanding Neville’s life and work, it is important to realize that his  thought significantly broadened after 1959, a year that opened him to a series of  mystical awakenings. This cycle of revelation had actually begun years earlier, he  does not pinpoint exactly when, when he reported being “taken in spirit into a Divine Society,” and then returned to earth “tormented by my limitations of understanding.” These limitations began to lift in July 1959 when the teacher underwent a  mystical rebirth, or resurrection, from within the womb of his own skull. 

From Miracle: The Ideas of Neville Goddard,  A Master Class

“Many years ago, I was taken in spirit into a Divine Society, a Society of men in whom God is awake. Though it may seem strange, the gods do truly meet. As I entered this society, the first to greet me was the embodiment of infinite Might. His was a power unknown to mortals. I was then taken to meet infinite Love. He asked me, “What is the greatest thing in the world?” I answered him in the words of Paul, “faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love” [1Cor. 13:13]. At that moment, he embraced me and our bodies fused and became one body. I was knit to him and loved him as my own soul. The words, “love of God” so often a mere phrase, were now a reality with a tremendous meaning. Nothing ever imagined by man could be compared with this love which man feels through his union with Love. The most intimate relationship on earth is like living in separate cells compared with this union.

While I was in this state of supreme delight, a voice from outer space shouted, “Down with the blue bloods!” At this blast, I found myself standing before the one who had first greeted me, he who embodied infinite Might. He looked into my eyes and without the use of words or mouth, I heard what he told me: “Time to act”. I was suddenly whisked out of that Divine Society and returned to earth. I was tormented by my limitations of understanding but I knew that on that day the Divine Society had chosen me as a companion and sent me to preach Christ — God’s promise to man.”

From The Law and the Promise (1961)

Infinite might sent me back with the words: “Down with the bluebloods.” This is not some social order, but any ritual, creed, or ceremony, that would interfere with your direct access to God. I know there was no need to form an organisation to destroy these, but that if I ignored them they would die for want of attention.

When you fall in love, you are attentive. You bring her flowers and candy. Then you marry, and if you stop the tender words and gifts, your romance will fade away and finally come to an end. The same thing is true for any outside ceremonies that would interfere with your direct access to God. Ignore them and they will die for lack of awareness. But if you believe in the rituals, creeds, and ceremonies on the outside, you will keep them alive, even to the very end.

In our fabulous world, God so loved you, individually, that he gave himself to you in the most intimate manner. He did it by becoming you that you may become God.

How can I explain that even though I am one with God, He sent me. That He is with me, yet remains the Risen Lord. This does not make sense to the rational mind, but when He embraced me we completely fused like a drop of ink in a glass of water.

Being sent, I had no loss of identity; yet I felt like power – the being who sent me. And when I stood in the presence of God’s only son, David, who acknowledged me as his father, I felt the love of the being who embraced me.

No one can see God, for he is invisible to the mortal eye; yet his presence can be felt. It is difficult to explain how God completely fused with me, yet sent me individually, without loss of my identity. I feel him, not as another, but as myself. I know he is the Risen Lord. That he came with me, as me; yet I also know he remains the Risen Lord.

I have tried to explain this so you could catch the mood and not try to understand it rationally, but it seems difficult for you to understand. That is why I have many things to say, but you cannot bear them now, so I feed you milk.

In my own case I cannot wait for the morning to come after a vision to share it with you. Someone once said: “Do you always throw these pearls before swine?” and I replied: “I do not meet any swine.” I share my visions with all, and if they cannot accept them, they will leave them – but nothing will be lost. I will pick up all the scraps and put them back to be shared once again. I cannot become the critic and determine who should hear what. How do I know who is willing to completely surrender to God? Or to what degree they will surrender! If not today, one day everyone will join that one body and know themselves to be the one Lord, one Spirit, one God and Father of all.”

From The Knowledge of God (1968)

“Only in my own case, I was sent, and therefore I had to fulfill the pattern because back thirty years before it happened, back in 1929, I was taken in spirit into the Divine Assembly.

I was first taken before one with a quill in her hand and a huge ledger – it was a woman – an angelic being. She asked me no questions. She simply looked at me. As she looked at me, she turned the ledger and with the quill in her hand, she either wrote my name in or checked it off, or she wrote something. That’s all that I could see. From there, I was taken before the Risen Lord – Infinite Love. As I stood in His Presence, He asked me the simplest question in the world: “What is the greatest thing in the world?” And I answered in the words of Paul: “Faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of these is love.” At that moment, Infinite Love embraced me. Our bodies fused, and we became one body, one spirit. He who is united with the Lord becomes one spirit with Him. At that moment I was one with Him, then I was taken before Infinite Might – the same being, a protean being – it’s God, but God Almighty. And here, He said to me, “Time to act,” as He sent me into the world. I had no idea that it would take thirty years between that moment in July of 1929 and July 1959.”

From “The Signs of the End” 1968

“Yes, this I knew: Power One. That I knew, and in my own vision, I can tell you, they come together.

When love embraced me, there was man . . infinite love as man. When I was commissioned and sent into this world to tell the story, it was power that sent me. But your being, your Imagination, is a protean being. It can assume any shape, any form, in the twinkling of an eye. So the one who embraced me as love was the very one who sent me, but when he sent me, he wore the garb of might. He wore the garb of power. His first revelation to man was as power: El Shaddai, God Almighty. He said: “I made myself known unto Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as El Shaddai, God Almighty; but unto you, I have made myself known as I AM.” (Exodus 6:3) Then, in the end, he makes himself known as the Father. But he first reveals his nature as power, and that’s what he was when I was sent. I looked into his eyes and he didn’t move his throat . . didn’t move his lips . . but I heard every word that he thought as he looked into my eyes. He looked into my eyes and thought, and his thought was: “Time to act.” And then with these words: “Time to act,” I was whirled out of that wonderful assembly and back upon my bed in this little garment of flesh, with these words ringing in my ear. But it was infinite might that sent me and yet infinite might was God Almighty, who was one with the infinite love who embraced me. But he did not command me as love; he commanded me as power. And so it is the same being; he is a protean being. Proteus is simply the mythological god in the service of Neptune, who could assume any shape that would serve the purpose of Neptune. He could be a fish; he could be anything, if it served Neptune.

And so he could assume anything, as you do in a dream.

How do you manufacture all the symbolism of a dream? That’s you! You are assuming all these wonderful symbols, all the images of a dream. It’s yourself doing it; and you are clothing yourself in all the symbolism . . whether it be animals, the fish, different names, or even of a different sex, because you are protean and you can clothe yourself in anything in the world.

But in my own case, it was power that commanded me, and I can still hear the words ringing in my ear . . and yet I can see before my eyes infinite love that embraced me. When I fused, I fused . . not with power, I fused with love, one with him, and I’ve never been separated from that power that is love . . never! When I feel myself, it is always that same being that I saw. And I am quite sure that anyone who could see (not through mortal eyes, but through the awakened eyes of the risen Lord) would see that being as he looked at me, because he who becomes one spirit with the Lord becomes one body, becomes one spirit. He who is united with the Lord becomes one spirit with him, and there is no divorce or separation from that moment on. But that body that he wears in the spiritual world cannot be seen by mortal eyes. Yet I can feel it and sense it and know what it is, but it’s not this garment [indicating the body]. This little garment will slowly wither away and depart this little life, but he within me, who now wears it, will be that being with whom I fused back in 1959, for here in my wonderful world are unnumbered mansions.

So you don’t have to condemn anyone who is in a state that he finds difficult to divorce himself from. Tell him how to do it. Teach him how to do it. Don’t sympathize with him, because if you sympathize with him, you are fixing that state all the more; but tell him how to get out of the state. It is only a state! Whether he be just or wicked, he’s only in a state, and if you could only take the so called wicked man and persuade yourself that he is now a generous, kind, wonderful person, he would have a change of heart and not know why he has it. Something will happen within him, and he will become the kind and generous person that you have imagined him to be. If you want him to be that kind of a person, imagine him to be it, and persuade yourself of the reality of your own imaginary act, and he will conform to it.”

From “Many Mansions” (1969)

“Now we could take it on this level, but I will not. To summarise it on this level, may I tell you: if you could conceive of an infinite might as a great computer, and if the imaginal activities of all of us –every man, woman and child in the world – make us free to change this activity at any moment in time, then you could predict the future for this level; for this level is the outpouring or outpicturing of the imaginal activities of men, women, and children in this world. You can prove it in your own individual life by setting a goal and imagining that you are at the end of that goal. Remain faithful to your goal, and no power in this world can stop it in your peculiar individual life. Take it and multiply it by the world, and you will see what it would be on this level. You will see that you and I are free to imagine things that are in conflict with God’s purpose, and in the short run we can accomplish them. Yet, it is God’s purpose that is ultimately the only true end and that is realised. So, tonight we will take it from a higher level.

From Prophetic Blueprints

“Bob had sent him two of my books, Your Faith is Your Fortune and Awakened Imagination, and explained my teaching of revision and said that people had changed their whole lives, sometimes, revising an incident that had taken place in childhood. You can go back as far as you are able to remember and you change that image that has been supporting a physical state by memory. What Fawcett wrote to Bob about this was very flattering. He said: “l should consider the revisionary aspect of Imaginism as that given by the Divine Society, and I suggest that you read the last chapter of my Oberland Dialogues. He suggests that the Divine Society is way beyond this terrain world and it consists of men who have become gods, and he feels such a wider outlook and such a revolutionary aspect of life must have come through that Divine Society. I know it, and I know there are those who form that great body of awakened individuals. They are individualised centers of imagining, and one day all will enter that state, for there is no limit to the expansion of man. From that Divine Society come the ideas that show man what he is capable of doing on this sphere.

You revise an incident of the day and relive it as you wanted it, and you persuade yourself that what you wanted took place. You do it over and over until it becomes real, vividly real, and fills your mind in place of the unlovely happening. And revision results in repeal. So the thing you have been keeping alive will now change according to the revised image. You will then discover that Imagination creates Reality.”

From Neville lecture called “Fawcett’s Letter” (1959)

“And so, that was my Ab. And he would always say to me, “The brothers came last night and what the brothers told me to tell you”—always referred to the divine society as the brothers. He really took it in the most wonderful manner: “Our Father,” therefore the fatherhood of God would imply “our Father” the brotherhood of man. And so, the exalted men—made to have gone through this vale of tears, which is called death, and resurrected from it—are part of the divine society, therefore, the brothers. And he never referred to them in any other way than the brothers. The brothers told him I was coming and I was late.”

From Who are the Condemned

“A friend of mine sent Mr. Faucett my book, and called his attention to the chapter called, “Revision”. He also sent a copy to one who was a physicist at one of our great universities. The physicist felt that since the statements recorded there were not scientifically provable, the book was not worthy of his library. While the old gentleman – who was a philosopher and teacher at Oxford University – wrote the sweetest letter, saying: “I do not know who Neville is, but having read the chapter on revision as you requested, I know that he could only have received it from the brothers. No one but the divine society could have dictated this chapter.”

From Imagination Fulfills Itself

“Bear in mind that this, the body, is only a garment and one day you will take it off. But you are invisible, and when you [are] completely awakened, you join the Divine Society and become one of the Gods who create. Remember that every moment of time God is begetting himself in us and you cannot fail. ”

From North of the Strip

“Reverse your thinking: Think of yourself as God and you will have an entirely different feeling about becoming man. Although certain passages of scripture are not understood on this level, their meaning will be revealed, for we made everything because we loved it. Then we became man (man/woman) to raise and glorify our creations. We had to completely forget our true being in order to assume our creation and raise it to our level. The 22nd Psalm begins with our cry of despair: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” but ends on this triumphant note: “Posterity will serve him; men will tell of the Lord to the coming generation and proclaim that he has wrought it to those that are yet unborn.” This is not referring to another generation, but to the gods who have not yet discovered they came down, assumed human nature, and then accomplished what they set out to do.

The drama begins with the crucifixion, when God has union with man. It ends with the resurrection, when God raises man to the level of himself. Everyone will be raised to that level, because we are the gods who came down. The 82nd Psalm begins: “God has taken his place in the divine society; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment saying: ‘Ye are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you; nevertheless, you will die like men and fall as one man, O princes.’” Dying in order to become man, we have assumed man’s entire nature in order to raise man to the level of love, for in the end there is nothing but love. Look around and you will see what man has done, is doing, and is capable of doing and you will see the nature we took upon ourselves to raise it to the level of Infinite Love.”

From God Became Man





Neville Goddard Research: "What is The Divine Society?"
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Neville Goddard Research: "What is The Divine Society?"
"In understanding Neville’s life and work, it is important to realize that his  thought significantly broadened after 1959, a year that opened him to a series of  mystical awakenings.