Experiments with fMRI and Mind Reading

Experiments with fMRI and Mind Reading

CBS’ 60 minutes reported that scientists are coming close to “reading minds” with fMRI scans.

It’s only a matter of time when science will catch up and realize the ability to “read minds” is an innate human skill that ancient metaphysicians have documented for thousands of years and practiced without expensive equipment.

Some people are born with psychic or telepathic abilities; others meditate for years to obtain these extra-sensory powers. We call these abilities extra-sensory, but in reality, the potential is latent within the “hardware” of our minds. We just aren’t trained to develop them and generally, there is a lot of distorted information and superstition around this phenomenon.

A psychic vocabulary

Psychic abilities are simply the higher use of the five senses we already have. Clairvoyance is the higher aspect of our sense of sight; Clairaudience is psychic “hearing”; Clairsentience is the higher form of our “feeling” sense; Clairgustus is the higher form of our sense of “taste”; and finally, Clairaroma is the higher form of our sense of smell. We may have all of these abilities, or some of them.

Most people can recall having had at least one telepathic experience in their lives at one point or another: A mother wakes up a few minutes before her child cries or you know exactly who’s on the phone before you pick it up. But, just like any new skill, the conscious mind has to lay a new neuro-network in the brain in order to consciously access this ability at will.

It’s easy to find methods for learning a musical instrument or the alphabet, but our modern culture no longer has methods or institutions, like the ancient mystery schools or temples, to safely learn these psychic skills. Unfortunately, even those who attempt to access these abilities are usually stigmatized and labelled as charlatans, witches, insane or possessed by the devil.

There are always people in all areas of life that will abuse knowledge and the more unscientific the modality; the more room there is for manipulation. Most likely though, those “in the know” among us, probably still hideout and keep quiet about their abilities. The rest of us might just have to wait until science approves and fMRI’s figure it out, in order to explore these states of consciousness.

Here are a few simple tips on how to jump-start these inner senses.

Kyanite Crystal

Besides the hundreds of meditation techniques that abound, there is a very special crystal called Kyanite that helps one “tune into” the frequency of mind transference.

Crystals are transmitters and receivers of frequency. We use them in many of our modern communication devices for that reason alone. Metaphysically, every crystal is tuned to a particular frequency, more or less like on radio and that is what gives the crystal its distinct attributes or healing properties. It isn’t the crystal that will make you telepathic, but tuning into a crystal that is on that frequency will definitely help you tune your consciousness, more or less like tuning a guitar string. Kyanite’s note or radio signal is close to a “thought transference” FM radio station.

In more metaphysical terms, Kyanite resonates with the frequencies of our energy center at the third eye (inner senses and intuition) and with the energy center at the throat which is usually referred to as the throat chakra (our communication center). When these two are activated at once, we can actually verbalize our impressions and imprint them into our conscious awareness. Verbalization is a well known method used to imprint and access the parts of our brains that process and consciously learn new information.

So how can we test run Kyanite’s ability to help us read minds?

If two people hold a Kyanite crystal, it will tune both bearers to a similar frequency. If you are a bit clairvoyant (which means you can “see” energy), you will notice a slow pulsating energy flow out of the crystal to the other person’s Kyanite crystal until the two meet in the middle and set up the connection, like an etheric telephone cable. (The scene in the movie Celestine Prophecy where Wil and the young girl are in the Celestine ruins depicts this energy flow).

Scene in the movie The Celestine Prophecy that shows energy transference and amplification

Try this experiment with a friend who is open and is just as eager to explore and develop.

Stand or sit a few feet apart from each other. Relax and don’t force anything (forcing will create a stressful state which will close down the part of the brain you need to access). Let go of any preconceived notion you have on how these psychic senses work. Feel as if you were savouring the scent of a beautiful flower or tasting a fine wine to uncover its body or flavour.

Have a clear image in your mind. Ponder on the image and let the other person “pick it up.” Let go and just speak what first comes to mind. When you get a hit, don’t get too excited, because that will wipe out the state of consciousness you need to be in. Breathe, and try to imprint this state into your memory. You have to try to remember the feeling state you were in when you picked up the correct thought or image from your partner. Imprint this state into your conscious mind and will yourself to stay in that state as long as possible. Willing is NOT forcing by the way. You will most likely notice it was in a space of relaxation and acceptance.

When the brain is convinced by repetition that it is possible to pick up on another’s thought, a neuro-pathway is created in the brain that remembers how to recall this experience later. So training with a Kyanite crystal and having a few successful “hits,” will support this new neuro-circuit, and help you develop these psychic abilities. Again, Kyanite just amplifies the volume of the transmission for you, so you can more easily pick up the “station”.

A few tips:

You can do this alone, by holding a Kyanite crystal the next time the phone rings. Try to pick up on who’s calling.

  • Remember not to force anything. If you get tired, stop and go do something pleasurable and come back to it when you are in a positive mood.
  • A good piece of advice from a good old psychic friend. “Don’t go around telling everyone what you are picking up with your abilities. Only speak when directly asked.”
  • When you are new at “reading” try not to diffuse your new ability by telling everyone (except your psychic buddy). These skills are like little freshly grown shoots of grass in the beginning. You don’t want other people’s opinions and energy stomping on your new “lawn.” Wait, until your abilities “grow out” until you share them.

Purchasing Kyanite crystals

Kyanite can be bought online or in a crystal shop. You don’t need a big piece, a small wand-shaped or slab will do. $20 for a 4-inch piece is good enough. It’s best to hand choose your own Kyanite. Beauty and size don’t matter when choosing a crystal. It is how it resonates with you that matters. Kyanite is a bit fragile, so don’t put it in water or handle roughly.

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CBS’ 60 minutes reported that scientists are coming close to “reading minds” with fMRI scans. It’s only a matter of time when science will catch up and realize the ability to “read minds” is an innate human skill that ancient metaphysicians have documented for thousands of years and practiced without expensive equipment.