When Will the Pandemic End? What the Top Astrologers Say

When Will the Pandemic End? What the Top Astrologers Say

“That the ‘war’ of our times asks most of us to do nothing is both a surreal irony and a point of significance involving the pause and reset function of Saturn on a collective level. That many others will work harder than ever and risk their lives to save others is something that I hold in my heart every day. Most of us, though, are asked to find a new way of being at home in both a literal and a metaphorical sense. There is an opportunity in that process if we can find a way to settle underneath the individual and collective anxiety, into a way of being with the world that supports the simplicity of life stripped away from the noise of the outer world.” ~ Mark Jones Our Current Crisis

Snippets of what astrologers say from around the world:

Pluto and Saturn Changing Direction – The Serpent Hatches

“In the beginning of October 2021, when Pluto moves direct to 24° Capricorn toward the point of 27° Capricorn in January 2022, there is the sort of climax when traitors are revealed as heroes and heroes are labeled as traitors.
Even you in your private life have to reveal all your own secrets. Nothing can escape revelation. All being revealed, you cannot flee from your own destiny.”

Pluto is now approaching the end of Capricorn, the last 3° from 27°, to 28°, to 29°, and then finally changing sign into 0° Aquarius in a couple of years. It is now approaching the last 3° of Capricorn in January 2022. It will reach 27°, and our collective and personal boundaries, along with our destinies will be revealed. It may take a while for Pluto to get to the very end of Capricorn, but the egg that was led by the serpent in 2006 at the approach and entry flew into the sign of Capricorn and will culminate in mind-snapping revelations.

And revelations is the perfect word. True identities will be revealed. “Masks“ will be removed. People you thought were the people you thought they were will turn out to be not at all who you thought they were. We can’t even try to guess what this means and the profanity of what it will entail. Technology has been developed way further than we even imagined or have been told.
What the awakening will mean we can but imagine, but it will be the greatest task of human consciousness that we have had to face. Revelation will be liberation on a scale unimagined. It is the beginning of what the supposed conspiracy theorists were calling “disclosure”. On all levels, your personal and private life will now intersect with the political and collective history and future of the world.

The great astrologer Michael Lutin

Jupiter in Aquarius Not Enough

“In health and medical astrology, a planet in a sign that shares its qualities is helpful. It’s possible there may be some improvements in testing or treatments relating to COVID-19 that emerge during the time Jupiter is in Aquarius.

However, in 2021, Jupiter will spend most of the year still in a sign ruled by Saturn and still co-present with Saturn, so while Jupiter might be more comfortable or less limited by sign, he is not yet back to full freedom and influence.

Jupiter in Aquarius will still have two of the three limiting factors discussed above to deal with.

Jupiter in Pisces: 2021 and 2022

For the removal of those final two factors that are restricting Jupiter, we must look ahead to when Jupiter is in Pisces. This is a MUCH better place for Jupiter.

Jupiter is in rulership in Pisces. And, when Jupiter is in Pisces, Jupiter will be away from Saturn, by sign and by presence, for the first time since November 2019. Jupiter in Pisces will end the extended co-presence between Jupiter and Saturn.

There is a small window of time, from May 13 – July 28, 2021 when Jupiter is in Pisces, but the main Jupiter in Pisces cycle will befrom December 28, 2021 – May 10, 2022 and October 28, 2022 – 20 December 2022.

Jupiter in Pisces may bring confirmation about effective treatments for COVID-19, or protocols for travel or education that can allow more regular delivery of services. As with many timing cycles in astrology, it can be hard to pinpoint specifics, even though we know the part of the road that has Jupiter in Pisces shining on it has qualities of hope, healing, support and generally an uplifting quality.

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Pluto is Not Done Yet

In the episode, financial astrologer Ray Merriman from mmacycles.com discuss the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions of 2020 and the insight that gives us into the timing of the pandemic and the question we all want the answer to: “when will it end?”

So what do you think this longer Jupiter-Pluto cycle seems to be asking of us this year? You were saying if we don’t take the reforms, if we loosen up too much, we might be in danger of a relapse. So are you suggesting that we maybe be a bit more prudent, with all of that?

RM: That’s always the message of Pluto. When you have a hard Pluto aspect in the heavens, which affect the whole world or to your own chart, you’re not gonna get out unscathed thinking that, “I beat it.” You don’t beat Pluto. Pluto beats you.

But you don’t beat Pluto until you submit. Until you surrender. Once you surrender and say, “Okay, I’m powerless over this. I really have to change things because I can’t go back the way that things were because they’re not gonna be the way that they were.” Once you adapt to that, once you accept it, once you surrender to that and make that reform in your own behavior, then you get the healing power of Pluto.

And the same thing goes with the world, we’re under this Jupiter-Pluto, which is extreme measures. We’re under extreme measures, were all quarantined and staying at home and have all kinds of anxieties involving economics. But the point is that once we accept and adapt to this, we can get the economy going again, we can get our lives going again. Certainly as astrologers, it’s actually a positive time for our economics, I think, ’cause people need us at this time, they need the kind of understanding that we have. They don’t have it available anywhere else, we deal in time.

So the idea that, what’s the purpose or what’s the lesson behind this Jupiter-Pluto, I think it’s… I think we wanna be careful not to be going to our Jupiter optimism too quickly because Pluto’s not done, okay? If we do go into optimism too quickly, I think Jupiter is gonna hit us right back again. And don’t forget, when we get to the fall, the next flu season, Mars is gonna be up there squaring those planets now. Right now, it’s a conjunction.

I don’t think the square- it’s a waxing square. I don’t look at the waxing square as being quite as challenging as a conjunction. A waning square, I would. To me, a waxing square is like the pain of birth. You’re already waxing, you’re going forward, but you got a crisis here you gotta solve to continue the forward march. Whereas a waning square I think is more terminal, okay?

So I’m not quite so afraid of this waxing square, but I do think we could have a relapse during that time next winter, next flu season, if we don’t continue these practices of changing our behavior, changing the way we interact with each other, which really comes down to caring for each other, protecting each other, working with each other cooperatively as a human family, if you will, to overcome this threat to our health and to heal us. Heal us individually and heal us as societies.

If we can continue these practices that lead to the healing, we will be okay, I think we’ll come out of this. It may take about a year and that’s when they’re expecting the vaccines and all that to come out, which I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

But that is gonna come out, I believe the vaccines will come out within a year. But more important than that is to register the lessons that we’re learning from this transformation that’s been demanded of us in our behavior toward one another. And really, our behavior towards how we handle our dealings with the Earth itself.

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Placing it in Time

“The coronavirus pandemic, as it came to light, was thus readily interpreted among astrologers as the centerpiece of a liminal transition from one historical-astrological epoch to another. Prolonged isolation and instability were (and continue to be) construed as the universe’s way of forcing societies around the world to slow down, take stock of their values and resources, and prepare for new realities, both catastrophic and auspicious, looming on the cosmic horizon. Scholars and critics often reduce such conceptions to psychological mechanisms like confirmation bias. Be that as it may, the astrologer’s process of connecting the dots between archetypal principles and real-world events can reveal what people who affirm these principles believe humanity is up against and what they think the future holds in the grand scheme of things.”

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Collapse, Renewal and Reconstruction

Some astrologers, like scholar-practitioner Richard Tarnas, contextualize them as “cycles of crisis and contraction,” periods of extreme social pressures and power struggles, empires rising and falling, natural disasters, and intensified collective experiences of disruption, upheaval, hardship, oppression, and eventual resolution.

Whatever the final outcomes, Saturn-Pluto dynamics are the proverbial shocks to the system, indicating tectonic shifts resulting in the collapse, renewal, and/or reconfiguration of life-governing structures and institutions.

When Will the Pandemic End? What the Top Astrologers SayWhen Will the Pandemic End? What the Top Astrologers Say

That French Astrologer Again

Already wrote an article here: French Astrologer Who Foresaw Coronavirus Pandemic in 2014

But here is more:

In his Astrological Journal article Barbault writes that the main thing about the work is that it “is is leading to a global vision that embraces diverse situations.  We keep expanding the field of observation, and by broadening our view we reshape our vision of things.”

The Universe is capable of sending mixed messages.  For example, in1485, Barbault says the impetus for the Renaissance was accompanied by a great plague pandemic called the English sweats, which also ravaged Europe.

“Andre’s basic point is that when the outer planets are close together the impetus for change is strong.  But change can be either beneficial or unbeneficial – it depends on from where you are looking at it.  What’s good for an ant infestation may not be good for my kitchen,”

Barbault undertook a massive investigation into planetary conjunctions involving any combination of the five outer planets, from Jupiter to Pluto.   For this task he used a diagnostic tool, the Cyclic Index, which first was developed by another French astrologer, Henri-Joseph Couchon, to plot planetary turbulence in times of war and peace.

The Cyclic Index is predicated on the increasing and decreasing degrees of separation between conjoined planetary pairs.  Barbault used this methodology when forecasting major social, cultural and economic events.   He not only predicted the pandemic of 2020 – 21, but looks back from the 14th century to show how certain planetary positions have indicated similar pandemics.

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When Will the Pandemic End? What the Top Astrologers Say
When Will the Pandemic End? What the Top Astrologers Say

Saturn & Solitude

This archetypal image lives on as the impulse to discern and define, to separate known from unknown and self from not-self, and to prefer to solely inhabit the comfortable known self to the exclusion of the uncomfortable unknown not-self.

Key Takeaway: The many public health advisories for “social distancing”, “self-isolating”, “not shaking hands”, and “washing your hands” are all about withdrawing and accentuating boundary conditions. Whether interpersonally between people, or biologically on the surface of the skin.

Given Saturn’s tough hand intensified by Pluto’s penchant for extremity, this is “as it should be.” As odd as that is to both say and hear, at first glance.

In the words of Liz Greene, Saturn is a “symbol of the psychic process, natural to all human beings, by which an individual may utilize the experience of pain, restriction, and discipline as a means for greater consciousness and fulfillment.” In other words, Saturn is “connected with the educational value of pain.”

Key Timing Takeaway: We are in a rapidly changing pandemic situation, where myopic focus on day-to-day adaptation and survival is the name of the game. The choices we make today, tomorrow, next week, and next month will have unusually significant consequences for ourselves, our loved ones, and our fellow humans. Yet the underlying archetypal patterning that gives rise to this intense situation will continue to be active through the remainder of 2020. So it is also useful to prepare for the long haul, so to speak, and consider the possibility that this situation may prolong for several months.

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Fighting Fear Again

“The sabian symbol of the great Capricorn lineup of January 12, 2020 is a soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat,” she points out, adding:

“In January I wasn’t clear on what that symbol meant. I believe in light of the virus crisis, now I do. Each of us is now being called to fight, not only the scourge of the virus and its spread, but also the shadow side of the Capricorn energy: fear, judgment, control, elitisms and manipulation.

“It’s a battle within and without.

“Over and over during the endless loop of media here is what I’m hearing: Take personal responsibility for isolating yourself to better the world and the common good. My friends, this is the message of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which took place on January 12, 2020.

“The highest calling of Capricorn energy is responsibility, patience, boundaries, leadership and, yes, bravery. Our individual resources are being tested (another Capricorn word)). And so is Capricorn’s polar opposite sign Cancer, which represents home, food and security.

“The cosmic clarion call is urging us to not just fight fear of the virus but the fear inherent in a world where all of our touchstones –work, the economy and social interaction – have come to a halt. We have no choice but to tap into our individual power and authority to navigate these trying times. “And when we do, we will receive two awards for bravery as we fight the virus outside and the fear within.”

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Saturn & Aquarius

And although this is a philosophical metaphor, of course, but I believe that one of the things that will come out of this is that the closed self, the harder edges of the ego that can be an unenlightened Capricorn archetype, we’re pushed into that and the longing and the desire for connectedness with our fellow human and other people will emerge in a whole new way during, in the great mutation, in the Jupiter Saturn conjunction that we will be, we will want to be with others differently. And I think this could be something that comes out of this crisis.

LH: I read a line this morning on a tweet from John Hegel, which I thought was really good to answer your exact question, is it’s funny it’s coming up two days before the transit into Aquarius. He said, “Why social distancing? Why not physical isolation and social connection?” And I just think that’s a lovely reframe of an Aquarian nature.

TH: Right, because we have the ability to be connected online. And what’s really interesting is in previous times when Saturn has been in Aquarius, they correlate again and again with more global connectivity, especially through exchange of information. There was one cycle where these lines were laid across the ocean floor that enabled the first communication from one part of the world to another part of the world in seven minutes. WWW was birthed during a Saturn and Aquarius cycle, and there are many, many other correlations about connecting us through information, and, obviously, we have this rich resource of connectivity.

LB: I think as Saturn goes into Aquarius, it becomes much harder for one person to decide. It feels as though the collective will start to find solutions, they may not be operative immediately, but people will join together with what they have and say, “How do we do this?” And the other thing that came to mind as you were talking Laurence, in terms of the Saturn-Pluto dynamic, is right now there are rules in place to protect people, and the drone seems pretty extreme.

But the rules are there to say, “Stop. Think about this. You may be a vector. You may be about to give this to someone, et cetera.” So it’s a moment where literally we’re obeying the rules because somebody could die if we don’t. Not just us, but somebody else. That in other words, not being able to pay attention could have very, very powerful consequences.

And I do wanna talk about something else, Tony, which is… You mentioned government, but, of course, if anybody is on Facebook or Twitter, the amount of paranoia running through collective dialogue right now is enormous. And, of course, some of that paranoia may be justified, but it is fascinating to see that as our lives…

As we feel out of control, how powerfully we project the dark, destructive shadow on to governments, on to the collective; it’s the Chinese who did it, it’s the Americans who did it, it’s the new technological invention that is changing the cells in our body. I’ve heard many different things. And I don’t wanna say that there’s no truth in any of these because none of us know really. But the way we’re talking… We’re talking about this in a different way, we’re talking about the fact that we’ve never in our lifetimes experienced anything like this. Never.

The Invitation to Descent with Saturn-Pluto and COVID-19

When Will the Pandemic End? What the Top Astrologers Say
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When Will the Pandemic End? What the Top Astrologers Say
So when will the COVID pandemic end? Here is what the top astrologers have to say at the end of 2021.