When is the Next Full Moon? And What to Do According to Astrology

When is the Next Full Moon? And What to Do According to Astrology

Full Moon Calendar 2021

Date Time Traditional Name
January 28 2:18 P.M. Full Wolf Moon
February 27 3:19 A.M. Full Snow Moon
March 28 2:50 P.M. Full Worm Moon
April 26 11:33 P.M. Full Pink Moon
May 26 7:14 A.M. Full Flower Moon
June 24 2:40 P.M. Full Strawberry Moon
July 23 10:37 P.M. Full Buck Moon
August 22 8:02 A.M. Full Sturgeon Moon
September 20 7:54 P.M. Full Harvest Moon
October 20 10:57 A.M. Full Hunter’s Moon
November 19 3:59 A.M. Full Beaver Moon
December 18 11:37 P.M. Full Cold Moon

Full Moon Calendar 2022

Date Time Traditional Name
January 17 6:51 P.M. Full Wolf Moon
February 16 11:59 A.M. Full Snow Moon
March 18 3:20 A.M. Full Worm Moon
April 16 2:57 P.M. Full Pink Moon
May 16 12:15 A.M. Full Flower Moon
June 14 7:52 A.M. Full Strawberry Moon
July 13 2:38 P.M. Full Buck Moon
August 11 9:36 P.M. Full Sturgeon Moon
September 10 5:58 A.M. Full Corn Moon
October 9 4:54 P.M. Full Hunter’s Moon
November 8 6:02 A.M. Full Beaver Moon
December 7 11:09 P.M. Full Cold Moon


Tue Sep 7, 2021
at 00:51
New Moon Virgo 14°37’
Mon Sep 20, 2021
at 23:54
Full Moon Pisces 28°13’
Wed Oct 6, 2021
at 11:05
New Moon Libra 13°24’
Wed Oct 20, 2021
at 14:56
Full Moon Aries 27°25’
Thu Nov 4, 2021
at 21:14
New Moon (S) Scorpio 12°39’
Fri Nov 19, 2021
at 08:57
Full Moon Taurus 27°14’
Fri Nov 19, 2021
at 09:04
Lunar Eclipse
Taurus 27°17’
Sat Dec 4, 2021
at 07:34
Solar Eclipse
Total (S)
Sagittarius 12°16’
Sat Dec 4, 2021
at 07:42
New Moon (S) Sagittarius 12°21’
Sun Dec 19, 2021
at 04:35
Full Moon Gemini 27°28’


Sun Jan 2, 2022
at 18:33
New Moon (S) Capricorn 12°19’
Mon Jan 17, 2022
at 23:48
Full Moon Cancer 27°50’
Tue Feb 1, 2022
at 05:45
New Moon Aquarius 12°19’
Wed Feb 16, 2022
at 16:56
Full Moon Leo 27°59’
Wed Mar 2, 2022
at 17:34
New Moon Pisces 12°06’
Fri Mar 18, 2022
at 07:17
Full Moon Virgo 27°39’
Fri Apr 1, 2022
at 06:24
New Moon Aries 11°30’
Sat Apr 16, 2022
at 18:54
Full Moon Libra 26°45’
Sat Apr 30, 2022
at 20:27
New Moon Taurus 10°27’
Sat Apr 30, 2022
at 20:42
Solar Eclipse
Taurus 10°35’
Mon May 16, 2022
at 04:12
Lunar Eclipse
Scorpio 25°16’
Mon May 16, 2022
at 04:13
Full Moon Scorpio 25°17’
Mon May 30, 2022
at 11:30
New Moon Gemini 9°03’
Tue Jun 14, 2022
at 11:51
Full Moon (S) Sagittarius 23°24’
Wed Jun 29, 2022
at 02:52
New Moon Cancer 7°22’
Wed Jul 13, 2022
at 18:37
Full Moon (S) Capricorn 21°20’
Thu Jul 28, 2022
at 17:54
New Moon Leo 5°38’
Fri Aug 12, 2022
at 01:35
Full Moon Aquarius 19°21’
Sat Aug 27, 2022
at 08:16
New Moon Virgo 4°03’
Sat Sep 10, 2022
at 09:58
Full Moon Pisces 17°40’
Sun Sep 25, 2022
at 21:54
New Moon Libra 2°48’
Sun Oct 9, 2022
at 20:54
Full Moon Aries 16°32’
Tue Oct 25, 2022
at 10:48
New Moon Scorpio 1°59’
Tue Oct 25, 2022
at 11:01
Solar Eclipse
Scorpio 2°07’
Tue Nov 8, 2022
at 11:00
Lunar Eclipse
Taurus 15°59’
Tue Nov 8, 2022
at 11:01
Full Moon Taurus 16°00’
Wed Nov 23, 2022
at 22:57
New Moon Sagittarius 1°37’
Thu Dec 8, 2022
at 04:07
Full Moon Gemini 16°01’
Fri Dec 23, 2022
at 10:16
New Moon (S) Capricorn 1°32’


Good advice for what to do during a full moon or really whenever the Moon is in these signs. Excerpt from an excellent out of print book called Moon wise by Daniel Pharr.

The Moons of the Zodiac

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are unique in their characteristics and influence. When the Moon passes through the signs it takes on the energies of each sign, which in turn affects personalities
and emotions. Since everyone’s makeup is different, the effect of a particular Moon will vary,

What to Do in an Aries Moon

Start new projects which can be completed quickly. Activities begun in this Moon do not have much staying power and will usually be abandoned in the near future. Volunteer some time to local environmental groups. ‘They will appreciate your help and be motivated by your fresh enthusiasm.

Try out new recipes if they require cooking or baking. Save cold meals for another time. Dehydrate fruits for the coming winter. This is a good time to lose a small amount of weight very quickly, but don’t plan on it being a permanent loss. Exercise, exercise, and exercise-all of this Fire energy should be used for something.

Collect old debts as long as they’re not from friends. Collection efforts in this Moon will be forceful, possibly harsh. Property and stock market speculation are appropriate right now.

Don’t make any long-term purchases.

Take on a small project like a new set of shelves for the garage. Build a new entertainment center from a kit. Try surfing the Internet. Cultivate the garden. This Moon will help to eliminate weeds and pests.

What to Do in a Taurus Moon

This is the best Moon to begin projects which cannot be completed quickly. It’s also the best time to form lifelong habits (hopefully good ones). A new activity will become habitual and
very difficult to change.

This is great Moon for enhancing your appearance. Buy some new clothes, or straighten your teeth. Choose a new hairstyle and relax with a massage and facial.

Food becomes of major importance in this Earth Moon. Rather than succumb to gluttony, try to focus on cooking. Prepare a great family dinner. Keep cooking until the eating urge passes. Cook for the next couple of days if need be.

Open a savings account, or buy a house and move. Start to work on a financial plan devised during the Capricorn Moon. Buy a new car or repair an old one.

Volunteer for fundraising at a local charity. They always need help. Call on business contacts. Take on new responsibilities at work or start a new job. Make a new effort in getting to work on time. Train a new employee, or for that matter, train a pet.

Begin a construction project. Remodel the garage and paint the kids’ bedrooms. Add that deck and jacuzzi off the back porch.

Organize and plan the garden. Plant root crops and leafy vegetables. If nothing else sounds exciting, read a book.

What to Do in a Gemini Moon

Other peoples opinions will have a great impact in this Moon. A new project will have some staying power but will probably not complete as planned. This kind of energy is very conducive to writing as an art form.

Break old habits. Eliminate them now and be done with them by the next Scorpio Moon. Weed the garden. (Don’t let those noxious growths get a foothold.)

This is a good time to till the social calendar. Go to parties and have some fun. Check out the local singles club or join a gym.

Take a class at the community college or travel with a group. Look into “”save the earth” organizations. Check out the latest generation of games on CD-ROM-they will steal several hours in a single sitting.

What to Do in a Cancer Moon

Use intuition when developing a good rapport with others. It will help you to understand their needs and know now to serve them.

Bake bread or cookies. Gain some weight. Try canning apricots.  Invite friends over for some down-home family cooking: soups and stews, homemade bread, and baked Alaska for dessert.

Any activity around the home that beautifies or enhances domesticity is appropriate. New furniture may be in order-add an antique to the collection.

This is good opportunity to change outward appearance. Change your hair color or get a perm. Help to beautify the neighborhood. Pick up the cans and bottles discarded along the streets or in the nearby park, and don’t forget to recycle.

Collecting money from friends Will be much easier night now. Concern for their well-being will come through. They will feel obligated to pay you back

The garden is a priority. There is no better time to plant and water. Studies show planting in this Moon produces healthier and more fruitful plants.

What to Do in a Leo Moon

Concentrate on work with charities or any institutional program. The development of an idea that will spawn a whole newprocess for you is a perfect activity for this Moon. Magnanimous
behavior will satisfy the craving to be recognized. Volunteer time to youth groups.

Paint the exterior of the house. To gain attention paint it a very bright color. Consider buying an expensive car to park in front of the newly secured and painted house. Move to a new neighborhood. If all else fails, throw a party. It will provide a stage in front of a captive audience,

Use the extra energy of this Fire Moon to exercise and lose some weight. Cook with foods that encourage the body’s metabolism. Dry fruits and vegetables rather than throwing out the
extras. If cooking is bothersome, visit the most elegant restaurant in town.

It is time to pull weeds again. The first weeds to come up are the trendsetters. If they are killed organically, very few weeds will follow.

What to Do in a Virgo Moon

This Moon is conducive to completing any detailed activity. I found that editing my book was a perfect activity for this Moon. It may be satisfying to complete a crossword puzzle or compete in a
chess tournament. Clean out your car.

Avoid activities that depend on initiative and global problem solving abilities. Any task at work requiring detailed analysis will be easily accomplished, as will additional work delegated by the
boss. Take on new job responsibilities.

Enroll in a technical institute to learn a new job skill or begin to study a foreign language. Join the local astrology club, or take cooking lessons. the local zo0 or humane society needs volunteers for a variety of tasks-check into it.

A weight-loss program built around eating natural foods with just the right amount of sodium and fat will be a resounding success. Study those labels and buy healthy food.

What to Do in a Libra Moon

Join a social group or participate in social functions. This Moon breeds positive interactions with others. Talk about yourself. Don’t worry, this will only develop intimacy. Attend some parties
or host one. Any work requiring salesmanship will be productive. Volunteer at a charity or children’s hospital.

Cook for another-make some muffins and take them to work. No one ever complains about more food around the workplace. A romantic candlelit dinner for two could go a long way in a relationship.

Update the wardrobe. Try a new hairstyle. Give some thought to contact lenses or change your frame style. Consider facial hair. A beard, moustache, or goatee might do the trick.

Vine plants are best sown in this Moon. The roots will be stronger and healthier.

What to Do in a Scorpio Moon

Maximize psychic abilities. This will help you to deal with strangers and to make major decisions, such as buying a car.

Trust your instincts. Plan a lustfully romantic evening or week end away. Shop for sexy underwear or clothes.

Bulk up tor football or hockey tryouts. This is another good Moon for brewing beer. Making jellies and candies feels good. I have never met a Scorpio Sun or Scorpio Moon that didn’t like
antiques. Buy one, but not as a gift.

This is good time to end things, especially relationships. The end will be swift and permanent. Avoid chopping down a tree in this Moon, because it will not grow back. Expend some energy
helping a conservation group.

The Scorpio Moon is a Water Moon and like all Water Moons it’s well suited for healing. Buy herbal medicines. Harvesting herbs should be done later, but planting them is appropriate. In
Fact, planting in general is a good idea.

What to Do in a Sagittarius Moon

This Moon encourages faith in lite and spirit. Faith can be used to help accomplish difficult tasks such as changing jobs. Use your imagination when deciding on a career path or vacation plans.
Rest and recreation are perfectly suited to the Sagittarius Moon. Give in to spontaneity. Have faith and trust that everything will work out.

Speaking of faith, a church or religious organization needs your help. Don’t just contribute money-give them your time.

The last of the Fire Moons should include traveling. Avoid a planned group trip-just go. If you are a little short of cash for the trip, ask for a loan. Don’t forget to send postcards. Eat, drink,
and overindulge. Be careless, it’s all right-this is a vacation. Don’t forget to pack the aspirin and antacid.

After every planting Moon comes a weeding Moon. Fire Moons are not nurturing. Weed your garden.

What to Do in a Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn Moon is well suited for structured plans. Plans made will develop with strength on a well-laid foundation, especially if there is a personal financial interest.

Set financial goals and plan for the future. Balance the check book and work out payment terms with creditors or on new purchases. Investments will be sound right now in stocks, bonds, rentals houses, antiques, artwork, and real estate.

Take a look at the temperature of your water heater-turn it down to conserve resources. Lights are often left on when not in use. Make an effort to turn them off and save money on the electric bill.

Develop the company softball team roster tor next season or plan a weeks vacation. Set up a regular maintenance schedule for the car and open a savings account that automatically deposits your paycheck in your account.

The smell of baking permeates a home and adds wonderful appeal. Why not bake a pie for dessert this evening? This is a great Moon to plan or start a diet.

Plant root crops that didn’t get planted in the Taurus Moon. Potatoes flourish in the Capricorn Moon.

What to Do in an Aquarius Moon

This is the Moon for chemically treating hair. Work on the winter tan in the tanning salon and get a manicure. A diet will be effective with the help of a weight-loss business. An attempt to lose
weight without the encouragement and assistance of others should be saved for another Moon.

Resist old cravings as long as possible, then give in. Since were talking about food, this would be a good time to can preserves.

“Neither a borrower or a lender be,”” but it may be the right time to borrow money from an institution. Avoid lending money. Negotiate terms for a new car or home improvements. Ask for a discount at the grocery store.

Social events are a priority right now. Host a party at your place or join a social group. Traveling in groups will enhance the trip. Hang out with friends. Write to senators and congressmen about environmental concerns. Make sure they understand what’s expected of them.

Projects around the house should be limited to painting, wallpapering, carpeting or tiling a floor. Change only the outwvard appearance. Avoid structural work.

Kill those weeds. Dig them out and burn them.

What to Do in a Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon is a time tor recuperation, reorganization, and planning on the heels of a completed project or one that went sour. Regroup and plan the next attack.

Use this Water Moon to help the watery portions of our planet. Donate time and money to an environmental cause or help clean up a beach.

Organize a filing cabinet or self-storage locker. It is time for spring cleaning. Go through a closet and give to charity all of the clothes not worn at least once last year.

The Pisces Moon is the most romantic. A wedding or honey moon would be perfect. If that’s to0 serious, try a weekend at the beach. Get lost in a romance.

Like the other two Water Moons, canning foods and brewing beer are well worth the time. Cook foods that need to age. Chili and spaghetti sauce always taste better the next day

Mail important packages it they must arrive on time. Remember to insure them.

It is time to nurture the garden. Water the plants and speak softly to them. This is a time for growth.

Self-awareness is the key to using the M00n. Continue to write in the journal. Create a safe space to feel and express emotions. Consider these emotions when making choices. When timing is
not an issue, include the Moon as one of the factors in making that choice. For example, plan on avoiding the Cancer Moon when doing anything that will test the security of the home
space. Don’t inadvertently plan a garage sale on a Cancer Moon.

We often feel more secure when we have our possessions around us, and by selling it we are testing that sense of security.

The Cancer Moon is also a sentimental one and selling things owned for years will be difficult. A more positive approach to the Cancer Moon might be to work on home improvement projects
or spend some time just enjoying the home space. Remember, it’s only a matter of choice.

There may be as many different beliefs as to how we should live our lives as there are people on the earth. Most people will say they want to live happily ever after but are usually not doing
so. Some are not happy because they are unwilling to be and others possibly don’t know how. Most people have not learned that happiness is a choice they make every day, and often several times a day.

Those unwilling to live happily often feel the way they do because they are comfortable. Not that people wish to be unhappy-they have simply compromised many of their desires and standards to fit in the mold of society. They no longer think complete happiness is possible. They have responsibilities;therefore, are satisfied to say that life is “”good enough.” It’s what they know and deciding t0 be happy would require a change in their lite and possibly a risk.

They might get what they want, or they might fall, both 0f which can be very scary concepts.

Happiness has nothing to do with the difficulties we encounter as we make our way in this world. Happiness is nothing more than a state of mind. Actually “”happy”” is defined in the dictionary as ‘contented of mind.’ With this definition in mind happiness can be increased by simply reducing the worries and stresses which weigh heavily on each of us. This can be done in part as previously suggested: take advantage of the Moon; be responsible, don’t be a victim; fix the problem, not the blame; and listen. Happiness is found in being at ease with your environment, and being at peace with yourself.

Practice these concepts. With practice they will become natural. Tune in to the Moon and understand its changes. This attunement will foster self-awareness and in turn will open us to the feelings of others. Fully participating in a relationship means sharing our feelings with another and providing safe space for them to share with us. Over time, this leads to fewer emotional ups and downs, and a richer, more complete life experience.

Choose to be happy.



When is the Next Full Moon? And What to Do According to Astrology
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When is the Next Full Moon? And What to Do According to Astrology
When is the Next Full Moon? What to do during and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Full Moon