Oracles 101: Where can I find the best free online oracles?

Oracles 101: Where can I find the best free online oracles?

These online oracles are more than computer generated quips. They are insightful, supportive and encourage understanding and awareness.

Enjoy these websites and let them help you on your journey!

The Zap Oracle
“The Zap Oracle,” written by Jonathan Zap, a high school English teacher, photographer, philosopher and author on human evolution and mythology, has created a masterpiece. Besides all his accomplishments, (dream interpretation and I-Ching), he has gathered one of the most incredibly insightful oracles online.

The oracle started as a compilation of thought provoking photographs and has turned into the online oracle on his site today with over 500 oracle cards. The cards are uncanny in their ability to take a snapshot of the present moment and reveal the essence of your current situation. The archetypal depth these cards touch creates a field for the deepest psychological processing.

The Morningstar Online Angel Oracle
“The Morningstar Online Angel Oracle,” written by Lynx Greywolf, is the most inspired soul writing you will find on any online oracle. You simply click on one of the “Angel Guidance” links on the page and a comprehensively written essay of guidance will appear on the next web page. Don’t be fooled on how non-tech this oracle is. It is the quality of written guidance that will soothe your soul, spark awareness and assist you in understanding non-physical support.

Sun Angel Oracle
The Sun Angel website has plentiful information from Numerology to Law of Attraction articles, all offered for free. It is a wonderful resource as well for seekers and New Age enthusiasts. There is also an angel oracle available that is more Christian in wording, than the oracles mentioned above. It is quite supportive when one needs comfort and encouragement. offers many kinds of readings including free tarot readings, free rune readings and free i- ching without any hidden charges. The graphic interface is very well done and easy to use. Besides the regular offerings, this website includes a Tarot encyclopedia, “Tarotpedia”, biorhythms, runes and the option to send your readings to a friend. They also offer great widgets to add to your website. The content is high quality and engaging.
Tarot-com has developed interactive forms of divination that inspire while they educate and that support the higher aspects of human nature while they entertain. The website offers I-Ching, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and many other divination tools as a meditation and intuitive decision-making aid, utilizing timeless psychological archetypes, clearly differentiating it from fortune-telling and psychic hotlines.

A great article, “Divination Becomes a Popular Trend, but How Does It Work?” from the book, Divination, Destiny, and Desire, by Paul O’Brien,’s creator, when asked, “Do you really believe in this stuff?” responded:

“To benefit from a divination experience, the only thing you need to believe in is your own common sense. Divination is just a very good way to stimulate your intuition to think outside the box about problems that logic can’t handle. If your beliefs prevent you from approaching divination with an open mind, it won’t work for you. Either divination stimulates your intuition and creativity, or it doesn’t. Give it a sincere try. If it works for you, terrific, but you are not required to adopt any beliefs for it to work. I believe in these as tools for stimulating the intuition, because they work for me. But no belief — only a bit of sincerity — is required to benefit from their use.”

Learn the Tarot

Learning the Tarot is a self-paced series of 19 lessons that begin with the basics and then move gradually into more detailed aspects of the tarot. These lessons are geared toward beginners, but experienced tarot users will find some useful ideas and techniques as well. For each lesson there are some exercises that reinforce the ideas presented. The Cards section contains information about each of the tarot cards. You can refer to this section as you go through the lessons and later as you continue your practice. These are the main features of the course, but there are many other pages to explore here as well.

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The Morningstar Online Angel Oracle

Sun Angel Oracle