Secrets Of Inner Power by Roy Eugene Davis - Awakened Imagination

Secrets Of Inner Power by Roy Eugene Davis – Awakened Imagination

Roy Eugene Davis, who also studied with Paramahansa Yogananda, said of Neville:

“Neville Goddard was one of the quietly dramatic and supremely influential teachers in the New Thought field for many years…In a simple, yet somehow elegant one-hour lecture, Neville was able to clarify the nature of God and God’s relationship to every person. He spoke of God in intimate terms as though he knew God very well, which he did.”

Chapter 3


Man is on the threshold of a new frontier! He is now breaking new trails in the mysterious regions of the mind. Imagination is the one ability that man has, that no other life form can use. Man can imagine how it would be to do new things and then follow through and do them. Animals are “programed” to follow their basic pattern, but man can move in the realm of ideas and then translate his ideas into the substance of this world.

The more we use the imaginative faculty, the more it awakens, the more proficient we become in its use and the more freedom we experience. I want to stress here that the technique of creative imagination is an awakening technique, not a conditioning technique. I know some readers will say, “This method seems like autosuggestion or self-hypnosis.” It is quite possible that there is a similarity up to a point—that is, up to the point where reverie is experienced. But here, the methods differ. With auto-conditioning we try to record a belief on the subconscious layer of mind so that we henceforth operate from that conditioning. With the proper use of the technique of creative imagination we try to come to the point where we awaken to the realization that the truth about life we are affirming is real. One is a conditioning process, the other is an awakening process. When you awaken you are free.

Auto-conditioning techniques tend to continue the formation of patterns on the subconscious level. A person who is conditioned into a belief pattern is limited by that belief pattern. He reacts. He does not really see. He does not really respond to life with full awareness. His life is more mechanical.

I once met a man who had worked hard all of his life. He came into some money and made wise investments. He no longer had to go to work every day as he had done for so many years. He told me, “I feel out of place during the day until it’s five o’clock, then I can relax.” This was his normal quitting time. His subconscious was conditioned to the idea of working a steady eight hours every day. He didn’t feel comfortable when he changed his pattern, and gradually had to outgrow this feeling so that he could turn his attention to other, more important things.

Many children are taught to believe in a God who grants or withholds blessings. When they grow up they begin to realize that the blessings in life appear according to law, according to their own ability to remain in tune with the laws of right action. Yet, they still maintain this lingering subconscious belief of a man-God and this creates much inner conflict. A belief pattern may help an ignorant person stay on the straight and narrow path, but it will be troublesome to a person who is beginning to awaken.

The Fourth-Dimensional Viewpoint

All events and all possible human experiences exist now in time, as permanent realities. Somewhere, someone is now having the experience you claim you desire for yourself. Try to get the viewpoint that all feelings exist now…and you can move among them and accept them at will. As a large room can contain many chairs, set at different angles yet all accessible to you, so this thing called life contains many events which are all set and accessible to you…waiting for you to choose and make your claim.

When you awaken to this point you begin to see into the nature of things. You see that the only cause is in your own mind…everything else is the result of the mental decision. The initial intention is the most important factor. One may say that a ball bounces from the wall because it was thrown against the wall, thus citing an example of cause and effect. But the truth of the matter is that the whole operation is the result of the decision made in the mind of the thrower. The throwing and the rebounding is effected.

Too often we try to comprehend life from surface indications, without really seeing the causes which exist in the mind of man. All experiences have their origins in mind. Everything issues forth from mind. All that takes place in this world to make your dream a reality is the result of your state of consciousness, your concept of yourself, gained in the silent practice of creative imagination. Your world reflects your attitude, let there be no doubt about this.

When we learn to recognize that state of consciousness that we desire to be permanent within us, and live in it with feeling, then the mechanics take care of themselves. The human mind often gets confused with so much commotion in living and tries to read between the lines when, in truth, there may be nothing there. We must find the cause behind every experience and work from there.

When you decide to have a certain experience, and you establish this realization within, all you have to do then is wait and see it unfold. Stand still, in the full realization that your own will be presented to you, without force or strain, without a hardship being worked on anyone.

I heard the story of a man in California who taught practical psychology. He had always yearned for an island off the coast where he could establish a retreat for men and women who wanted to get away from it all for a while. He didn’t have the resources but it didn’t stop him from dreaming. One day he met a man and it turned out that this man bought an island and built the buildings and gave it to him. It cost over a quarter of a million dollars and the rich man gave it just as easily as the average person might serve a cup of coffee.

Another man I knew was once a traveling lecturer. He got the idea that he would like to see some of his books in the public libraries. He picked the three best titles and took them to a printer to get a price on the printing of them. The estimate was for $10,000 for ten thousand books. He didn’t do anything about it just then but he held to his original idea. One night, after a lecture, a man came forward to tell him how much he enjoyed his work, then asked if there was anything he might do to show his appreciation.

The lecturer said, “No, I have everything I need.”
“But,” the man insisted, “isn’t there anything you want to do, any pet projects you have in mind?”
“Oh, I thought I might get a few books published and place them in libraries.”

Whereupon the man pulled his checkbook from his coat pocket, asked how much it would cost, and wrote a check for the full amount. He had the means and it was his pleasure to do it.

Make No Provision for Failure

When you start a project, from the very beginning act as though you cannot fail. Do not spend more money than you can command at the time, nor overextend yourself, but move right out with ambition as though you fully expect to carry your plans through to completion. Drive the failure fears from your mind. Get rid of them. Wipe them out by constantly affirming success and right action.

Get involved in your project. Tell only those people who are to be involved, for the time being. If you talk too much to people who have no real interest in you, they will tend to make fun of you and kid you if you don’t make progress as fast as you think you should. Conserve your energies, direct your attention, get things done.

You Live More When You Control Your Attention

When you control your attention you put more living experience into a shorter time. And, it seems to be true that the more you do, the more alive you are, the more you can do. Increased awareness makes you that much more efficient. A sluggish person just manages to eke out an existence.

There is more to life than in just getting by. Learn to do what is necessary to get things done…then you will have energy to turn to some other worthwhile projects. You may have noticed, as I have, that many creative people are really quite adept in several lines of endeavor. They can handle more of life.

Take for instance W. Clement Stone of Chicago, who heads four insurance companies, publishes Success Unlimited magazine, and is responsible for the Napoleon Hill Institute. Besides this he lectures all over the country, has co-authored an inspirational book, and just as this chapter is being prepared I see by the newspaper that he is receiving an award for being the Christian Layman of the Year. The caption under the picture mentions his interest in the Boys Clubs of America.

Tom O’Neil of Southern Pines, North Carolina, has an all-night golf course, a fine restaurant, puts out an occasional record in which he is featured on the harmonica, and is also the publisher of the Psychic Observer, a newspaper catering to a large reading public with an interest in the higher powers of the mind.

A recent article in Fortune, describing the activities of business executives, points out that many of them have a restless urge to do many things. They must be doing things in order to be happy.

Dr. Preston Bradley, pastor of Chicago’s Peoples Church, is a man of many talents. In one week his schedule ran like this: taped a biweekly television show and some of his fifteen weekly radio broadcasts, consulted his publisher about his ninth book (an autobiography), wrote an editorial and a sermon for his monthly magazine, spoke at a dozen luncheons and dinners, attended civic committee meetings, conducted weddings, handled funerals, and visited the sick members of his congregation of four thousand. For fifty years he has been Chicago’s leading liberal Protestantism.

After a man reaches a certain point in the world where he knows he can command anything at all in life, he goes over the compulsive urge to accumulate money and property just for the doing of it, and, instead, begins to think in terms of channeling his wealth in the right way. Hugh Roy Cullen is a fine example of this. Mr. Cullen worked hard to find oil and, when he found it, began to divert the wealth into constructive channels. One time, in less than forty-eight hours, he gave more than four and a half million dollars to four different hospitals, with no strings attached to any of the gifts. Another time he had attorneys draw up papers to create a foundation in which oil properties estimated to produce thirty to forty million barrels of oil, worth eighty million dollars or more, would be channeled into the Texas Medical Center and the University of Houston.

Prosperous men do not always give because they are trying to make up for past ruthless methods. They often give because they have found that power makes them humble and with it comes increased responsibility.

David Murdock of Phoenix, Arizona, raised himself to a towering stature in the building business and is still going strong. He has a terrific ability to envision what he wants and even though he aims high (he thinks he will be worth over $100 million within the next ten years), he looks at life from the right mental attitude. He says, “I’m interested in creating things, for creative is the key to my world. My buildings are making me rich, but they are making the city bigger, stronger, richer, too.”

There is a chance that many people reading this book will look upon these stories with disdain, thinking that a materialistic view is bound to lead to unhappiness. It is only the need to compensate for lack that leads men and women to think that the wealthy people are unhappy and lacking in spiritual qualities. An examination of the lives of the creative and successful will destroy this illusion once and for all.

Things Alone Are Not Security

Anyone who will think about it will come to the conclusion that real security is not in what is owned, but in the concept of life which is entertained by the individual. A man with the concept of wealth will manifest wealth. A man with a concept of health will do the right things, eat the right foods, get sufficient rest and relaxation in order to manifest health.

Some people come into large sums of money and they lose it because they do not know how to manage it. You must catch the awareness of being secure, regardless of present trends and circumstances, if you want to take command in this world. You must be able to initiate action, to make things happen, to be the motivating cause. You are either the effect of some outside stimulation or you are motivating someone else. Which will it be?

Dr. Paul P. Parker, author of How to Use Tact and Skill in Handling People, says in his book, “When we see people who are successful, let us not assume that they are just lucky or got all the breaks. They made their own opportunities by keeping the right state of mind, by exercising their creative imagination and doing something about it.” Be a doer. Make things happen!

Some of the most secure people I know own very little in the worldly sense but they are able to operate in this society and get what they want when they want it, which after all, is about all anyone has in mind.

These people learn to rely upon the “Infinite Invisible” to supply their every need. They have such a vivid realization of the hereness and nowness of everything that they are able to summon money, people, opportunity and situations at will…sometimes through channels which are quite unexpected. They think this way: “Basically there is only one substance in this world. Everything is energy, formed according to basic and definite patterns. Therefore, I can form this energy to suit my need if I can catch a mental picture of what it is I really want to experience.”

Many thousands of people have been working with the concept popularized by the many metaphysical groups over the past hundred years. One need not be too aware to realize the significance of the concept that there is no such thing as matter separate from the Source. Spirit and matter is the false idea. Spirit as the world, as everything we behold, is the right idea. This brings the vision of oneness…this makes it possible for us to grasp the meaning of this chapter. When we see there is but one substance, appearing in many forms, then we can alter the forms to suit our desire, providing our desires are prompted from inner guidance and aligned with the right things for all concerned. No more do we have to be enslaved by the idea that matter controls us…we control matter by understanding its nature…as Spiritual substance only. This will bear some contemplation but the realization of it will be very liberating.

This ocean of mind-substance is constantly changing about us. The inner acceptance of a dream as being fulfilled will automatically will the means for its fulfillment. Dwell on this. Understand it. Doors will open, people will appear, opportunity will present itself…in response to your unspoken need.

Money isn’t always the answer. Money can help you once you get into motion, but it will not dream for you or imagine new and more wonderful experiences. You can often realize your goal without money of your own. For instance, you have a product that you would like to expose to a nation-wide television audience. Perhaps you haven’t got the money for a spot announcement; and besides, just one spot announcement wouldn’t be sufficient—you would need a series of them in order to get your image over to the buying public. However, you might invest a modest fee in a good public relations firm that would in turn get you on any number of interview-type programs, if your product lent itself to this kind of exposure. In this way you would get more time than you could buy, do a better selling job because of the added human touch. And…at the same time you have rendered a service to the program on which you appeared because they need talent to keep on appealing to their viewers.

You may desire to live in a spacious home, yet lack the funds to buy one or keep it up. If you visualize yourself in the home of your desire, you will either be offered one that suits you, at a price you can afford…or you will be given one…or you will be invited to stay in one…or you may experience an unforeseen business increase that will enable you to buy at the going price. Every desire fulfills itself. This is the law of life. Knowing this, we ought to think in larger terms.


You can enlarge your living area. You can move into greater fields of expression. What is it that enables some ministers to extend their work while others remain in the background, small and unnoticed? It is the mental attitude. I have known of ministers who would start a building project with no funds in the bank and no wealthy people to support the work, and yet, without strain everything goes forward. I know of a metaphysical church that wanted to purchase land next to the church building to use for a parking lot. The land was priced at $100,000. The board didn’t announce their plan to the congregation; instead they retired as a group and “knew the truth” about this space and saw themselves already in possession of it. This was on a weekend. The following Monday morning a check arrived in the mail from a person who knew nothing of the project and who seldom came to church. It was made out for $100,000.

I firmly believe that we have to be open to inner guidance and be in step with the times. An idea that goes over this year may fail to go over next year. Make as many good solid contacts as you can and leave room for the unexpected to happen. When you begin to move in the direction of your dream, as though it were already fulfilled, doors will open and the world will stand by for you to pass.

Opportunity is always presenting itself. When I first came to the East Coast to lecture some years ago, I was unknown. I had never been here before. I did know of one man who had considerable experience in lecturing in the East. I wrote him a letter, listing my qualifications and offering to speak for him. An arrangement was made and I traveled from Los Angeles to Miami for a six-week lecture engagement which went over very well. This man also recommended me to groups in other major cities along the Atlantic Coast. Well-wishers advised me not to speak in these cities in the summer, for it was then early July, and anyone who has been in Washington, D.C., in July knows that it gets mighty warm.

I was too inexperienced to listen, and besides, I was sure I was doing the right thing. I made plans to speak in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Columbus and Cleveland. Each city opened beautifully and the lecture halls were filled to capacity. Not only this, but I appeared on radio and television interview shows in almost every city I visited. All this time I was visualizing myself as a wonderful success. I could not fail. I knew it.

After speaking for a number of years in the key cities of the East and after having published four books that sold quite well, I decided to include Los Angeles in my lecture tour for the near future. I had not been back since I left and I knew that in order to do well in Los Angeles I would have to reach a lot of people with good work. After deciding to go ahead with plans, I wrote to some friends and told them of my ideas, just to get the thoughts into circulation. I even picked the week that I would speak, some ten months from this time. This is what happened after I made the decision to go.

Inside of thirty days I received a letter from Mr. Jack Griffith of G. & J. Publishing in Hollywood. Mr. Griffith and his wife handle the book table in the lobby of the large and beautiful Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Mr. Griffith asked me if they could feature my book, Time, Space and Circumstance, on their book table for the month of October. This was arranged and everything went well. Shortly after, in correspondence with Dr. Harry Douglas Smith, director of the Science of Mind Church which meets in the theater and with whom Mr. Griffith is associated, I was asked if I wanted to speak for them the coming summer. I checked my dates and found that the Sundays I would be speaking fitted perfectly with my schedule that was already arranged. I agreed to speak for two Sundays while in Los Angeles and both times the large audience was most responsive. Besides this arrangement, I spoke for two weeks for Dr. Smith on radio, appeared on television with Pamela Mason, and lectured several nights in Hollywood to the general public. In addition, my books sold so well that we had to order more from the wholesale house, which had been well supplied before my trip West.

I was particularly pleased with the outcome of this trip because I was able to reach so many hundreds of new people and also to work with an established group. This aided my work, gave it local support, and at the same time assisted the group for whom I spoke. Everyone was happy. This was, for me, the perfect working out of the plan, without strain or effort.

Accept Yourself

Feel at home where you want to be. This will give you confidence and will generate an aura of power about your person that will envelop all who come near you. The more you live from the center of your being, the more you will saturate yourself with this new vibration. When I speak of vibration I do not refer to anything vague or strange. We all know that some people have an aura which we can sense. Steve Allison, who is known as “the man who owns midnight” because of his late night radio show on WWDC in the nation’s capital, calls this aura “magic.” I have been on Steve’s show many times and have heard him discuss this subject. Some show business personalities can turn it on and also turn it off. This “magic” is the difference between a drab performance and a great, sparkling show.

Too many people slide through life’s path with an “excuse me for living” attitude. They feel guilty just for taking up space in this world. I’m told that most people, even those in high places, have moments when they feel they don’t belong. Have you ever walked into the lobby of a plush hotel and felt yourself fade away until you see nothing? The bigness sort of overpowers you and makes you feel uncomfortable. If this is the case with you, then go there often until you can feel normal and at home in that environment. You can operate in any atmosphere if you feel normal in it. Bigness and littleness are a state of mind. Success and failure are a state of mind. Happiness and misery are a state of mind. Everything is projecting from your mental attitude. Later on in this book we will discuss how you can realize this and then alter your experiences just by “changing your mind” about them. But we have much ground to cover before we get to that point.

If you need experience in living in the realm you have chosen for yourself, then get out and get into contact with the environment and let the environment rub off on your subconscious. I don’t wish to implant the idea that success is a matter of having bigger and better homes, status symbols and other trappings, nor is it a matter of living beyond your means. But I do believe that to be a success in this world you have to be able to handle any phase of it…and see yourself in the proper relationship to the whole thing.

Take Advantage of Opportunity but Not of a Person

A number of years ago, Marcus Bach, professor of the School of Religion at Iowa State University, was given a Rockefeller grant to investigate the little-known religious groups in the United States. One of the groups he investigated was the then active Psychiana mail-order organization, headed by Frank Robinson. Dr. Bach talked with Mr. Robinson at length. The latter’s mail-order organization had been serving hundreds of thousands of believers but had also been given a hard time by the popular press because of its unorthodox presentation. In the course of the conversation, Mr. Robinson said, “They say I’m an opportunist. Well, I admit it. The only thing that marks me as different from the others is that I’m honest about it.”

I think if we were honest about it we would admit to being willing to accept opportunity also. It’s all right to take advantage of opportunity but not to take advantage of a person. Prepare yourself, then grasp opportunity when it presents itself. It has been said that luck is merely opportunity meeting up with preparation. Do be honest… know what you want, then take it.

So many people deny themselves the good things of life because they feel guilty about self-expression. I’ve talked with women who weren’t getting satisfaction from their marriage because they were holding onto the illusion that it wasn’t right to enjoy a normal relationship with their husband. I’ve talked with couples who remain in a state of high tension for years because they are afraid to take a vacation and leave the children with someone. Many executives hold themselves back because they are reluctant to streamline their work load; instead, they waste time and energy in outmoded office procedures.

Remember to let others have the same freedom as you desire to have. Your happiness does not have to come at anyone else’s expense. Imagine yourself attuned to the Universal Mind, so responsive that whatever you think is true gradually becomes true as this Mind molds it into a mental pattern. If we cannot get over thinking that we are weak, sick and confused, we will continue to be weak, sick and confused. As soon as we can picture ourselves strong, healthy and secure, the sooner this will be realized.

No matter what happens to you, keep on expecting more and more. Even when you think you have arrived, just when you think you have attained all—from this point launch out to greater things. No matter how large the picture in your mind, make it larger. If you want any experience you must grow until you are able to contain it. It may take time but you can do it.


1. Learn to see your world as you desire it to be, here and now.
2. Make provision only for success…not for failure.
3. Control your attention and get more out of life.
4. Rely upon the Infinite Invisible.
5. Take advantage of opportunity but not of people.
6. Get rid of the illusions that keep you from enjoying life.
7. Keep on expanding.



Secrets Of Inner Power by Roy Eugene Davis - Awakened Imagination
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Secrets Of Inner Power by Roy Eugene Davis - Awakened Imagination
With the proper use of the technique of creative imagination we try to come to the point where we awaken to the realization that the truth about life we are affirming is real. One is a conditioning process, the other is an awakening process. When you awaken you are free.