Numerology: The Meaning of the Number "22" Name

Numerology: The Meaning of the Number “22” Name

The Meaning of the Number Twenty-Two Name

You are one who has the power to make or break your­self or others. Your highly developed intuition, your keen power of reasoning, and your ability to estimate the cost and then anticipate that give you an urge to try your speed and skill in winning, in every phase of life.

Your success lies in co-operating, co-ordinating, bring­ing together people or things into a happier and bet­ter organized whole. With your tact and diplomacy you can be politic without being a politician-yet you excel even there.

Contact with groups is important for you; travel across the water if you can. You need a broad view and wide interests to provide a normal outlet for your high­powered current of energy. But, if instead of undertak­ing larger duties, you choose to hide your light under a bushel, your 22 will become a 4 and you will find your­self bound by detail and routine.

You should be a master analyst in any field, especially in the realm of human nature. You know how to tear apart or psychoanalyze more painlessly than the other numbers.

Be generous. but not too much so. Do not be too extravagant and suddenly find yourself a 4. Limitation for you is only to push you up and out into a larger field. Therefore hitch your wagon to a star, grasp the hand of a 1, who will carry you far-toward your next adventure.

May your own Good Fortune attend you!

If the Number of Letters in Your Name is Twenty-Two:

Lord of all you survey, commanding attention in your every mood, yet intuitive enough to catch the mood of another on the wing, you are one to be reckoned with in this day of political intrigue, for when you set your sails to catch the wind which wafts the trend of favors, there is apt to be a move­ment outward, by others, by reason of schemes which you uncover. More successful in a foreign clime than in your native land, able to handle groups dip­lomatically, a gambler in spirit with the big things you deem worthwhile, yet a lucky one at that, you can scarcely be classed ·with the rest of us. Your world is of your own making, so you can take it as that-a master builder who can swing from earth to heaven and back again, and make us think we can do it too. Are we glad we met you? Yes!

Some notes while reading an out of print Numerology book, I found very helpful. Numerology: Its Facts and Secrets by Ariel Y. Taylor

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Your Name reveals your talents and your powers of attraction in the outer world. It shows your level of consciousness or understanding, which enables you to make friends among a certain class. But admitting that you have a Name vibration of 6, if your Birthpath be 7, an entirely different rhythm-two different rates of energy operating at the same time, one active, the other more passive, exclusive and retiring, what would you do about it?

Your inner force is found in your Date of Birth.

Your outer pressure is seen in your Name.

Your normal rate of vibration, the energy for which you must find a constructive outlet, is found in your date of birth, in the addition of month, day and year.

Your Name is your contact point with the outside world and affords the outlet for the urge within.

Master your own scale of possibilities. If you have an urge to be an artist, it will be a waste of Father’s money to send you to law school. If you prefer to be a farmer, why study medicine? Give attention to your particular rhythm. Do not attempt to tune in with those individuals or places that are not on your wavelength, if you wish to attract your own in congenial activity and friends.

That is the question, -to so understand the opposing forces in your own nature that you can blend them into a harmonious whole and give to each their share of opportunity.

No one is a pure ONE, TWO, THREE, or any other num­ber-he is a combination of several. By an understanding of all the varied shadings of his nature, he may arrange his own life mosaic to better meet the demands of his Birthpath Urge and find that peace within which brings success without.

Your Name, – your point of contact with the world, should be in rhythm or harmony with your total birth­path Number, -as high or higher in value, and Odd or Even, as the case may be. One exception to this rule is 5 and 8; do-sol-do or 1-5-8 are the three strong notes in the octave. 8 is the one number which can hold the variable 5 in its proper place.

Spell out your Name with Character Grams or num­ber the alphabet as shown here:

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Numerology: The Meaning of the Number "22" Name
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Numerology: The Meaning of the Number "22" Name
The numerology of your Name reveals your talents and your powers of attraction in the outer world. The meaning of the number 22 name means...