New York's Most Gifted Pet Psychic

New York’s Most Gifted Pet Psychic

There are times we all wish we could read our pet’s mind like Eddie Murphy in Dr. Dolittle (or anyone’s mind e.g. Mel Gibson What Women Want). More sensitive pet owners do have deep enough connections to their pets and can understand their needs and wants telepathically. Others treasure miraculous stories of how their pet warned them of approaching events; from intruders to weather phenomena. Some even have incredible stories of rescue from trapped cars or their pet travelling thousands of miles to find their way home.

Animals are without fail, our most precious allies, friends, and companions.

Shira Plotzker is New York State’s most precious and gifted pet communicator. The New York Times wrote an article about her after she successfully relayed a message from a New York Hansom cabbie’s horse (who wasn’t eating). The horse told Shira his tooth in his left jaw was hurting and that’s why he refused to eat; a visit the next day by the animal dentist confirmed the horse’s complaint. Pace University even got interested in Shira, as well as Dr. Neil Hess’ The Old Tappan Veterinary Clinic in New Jersey . The Long Shire Southport Kennel and The Progressive Toy Group in New York City have hosted Shira as a guest speaker as well.

Telepathy is an ability we all have to some degree (ask any mother or father), but either has to be cultivated or like any talent, given at birth. Shira was always a sensitive (communicating with those who passed on to the other side), but it wasn’t until 1998, after an intense spiritual experience that she was capable of communicating with animals as well , and (when the situation warranted) could do a laying on-of-hands, a typically Christian practice even though Shira is Jewish.

Telepathy is a “wireless” connection, and can be performed either in person or over a distance. Fortunately for Shira (who is allergic to animals) can pick up the messages from a photograph. An animal communicator can easily help an owner understand their pet’s likes and dislikes and can get to the root of their physical ailments and behavioral problems. Shira has facilitated many an animal’s transition and has even communicated messages from animals that have passed on to the other side with incredible accuracy.

Though I don’t have a pet of my own (allergic as well) during our interview Shira relayed a message to me from my Aunt Barbara, who had passed away many years ago and who I was especially close to. She was exact about the conditions surrounding her passing, found her name without my prompting and gave an exact description of a piece of jewelry Barbara gave me at a young age. Barbara told her in detail about a recent move (country included) and the reasons behind it. Though psychic myself, it was phenomenal the amount of detail she relayed of past and present events, even giving me a short glimpse into a possible future, if I choose. I’ve met many psychics in my time, having been an astrologer for many years; Shira really amazed me. Through the phone line at one point I felt a gentle energy pass through my body and a muscle spasm in my shoulder release suddenly during the interview.

One of Shira’s recent success stories was from a woman in Lousianna who had lost a dog she was taking care of for a few days. Shira picked up on the dog named Suzie. Suzie said to Shira, “Is she going to keep me?” Shira asked the woman if she was going to keep Suzie and the woman said she couldn’t possibly, she already had 8 dogs to care for. Suzie went silent and after a few minutes the woman said, “Well, yes, okay, we can keep Suzie.” Shira immediately heard Suzie say, “I’m at the school, by the park.” Well, we know the end of the story. Suzie was found at the school by the park.

Shira will be in New York City on July 19th at East-West bookstore from 6-8 pm. Remember to bring a photograph and be amazed as Shira relays your pet’s messages, you may even hear a few of your pet’s opinions about you and your life as well!

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