Neville Goddard on Drugs, Dope, Marijuana, LSD, Alcohol, Vegetarianism etc

Neville Goddard on Drugs, Dope, Marijuana, LSD, Alcohol, Vegetarianism etc

Neville Goddard on Drugs, Dope, Marijuana, LSD, Alcohol, Vegetarianism etc“Now, let me share with you my own experience of the Call. It was this month back in 1929. I was then a dancer. I was 24 years of age, searching . . searching for an experience of God. If anyone went into blind alleys looking, I did. I tried everything, trying to find Him. No, I didn’t try dope; I didn’t smoke marijuana. No, I didn’t go in for that. First of all, I couldn’t afford liquor, and Prohibition was on in those days, and I wasn’t in the habit of drinking. I couldn’t afford it, and there was no liquor around unless you went to some expensive speak-easy. Well, I couldn’t afford it. But I was searching for God. I thought maybe a certain diet, like a strict vegetarian . . maybe that would do it. I tried that.”

From Predestined Glory

So, they can’t eat this, they can’t eat that. If it disagrees with you, all well and good, but don’t say it is unspiritual. He made everything for the food of man. Someone said, “Why do you take a drink? You are a man, and you are supposed to be a man “born from above” and you take a drink.” I said, “Because I enjoy it.” “But,” he said, “that’s not spiritual.” I said, “Who is to tell me what is spiritual? Didn’t God make it?” Who on earth made alcohol? Didn’t He make it in the grain and then give man the intelligence to extract it? Didn’t He make it in the grape, and then give man the intelligence to take it out? And you tell me not to exercise the palate that He gave me? Oh, I can indulge; I can overdo anything in this world. There isn’t a thing that one eats that is good for him that he cannot go to the extreme and make it unwholesome for him. I suppose that almost everything is good in itself, but not excessively, and see if it is. So that goes for everything in this world. Learn to discriminate. I must become discriminating in all my thoughts in this world; but don’t tell me that there are taboos on things that God made. He made everything for man, and He made man for His own satisfaction.

From “The Pattern Man” (1968)

Abdullah said to me, “You know, Neville, when you return from Barbados, you will have died!” He never explained a statement of that nature. “You will have died.” I am coming back from Barbados, but I will have died!

He spoke in these cryptic manners. Well, I did. I went down to Barbados. I was a strict vegetarian. I had not eaten one piece of meat or fish or fowl in seven years. No smoking, no alcohol, no sex; disillusioned in my first marriage, and the whole thing was simply — I became a celibate. I came back from Barbados – and in Barbados, I was the same being that I was when I arrived, to the annoyance of my family, for they made all their money in groceries – selling meat, fish, alcohol – everything; and I am enjoying a trip based upon their efforts, and yet I am not taking what they are offering. On my way north, I did everything I had not done in seven years.

He was right: I “died.” That state of consciousness died. That’s what died. Neville is the Immortal Being, — that is, the Inner Man is immortal. I was locked in a state. The state I departed from: so, as far as I am concerned, I died to that state.

Now, whatever one has as an objective hope, they must now subjectively appropriate it and sleep in that subjective appropriation. You want to be – and you name it. All right, you simply subjectively appropriate it. And that was the beginning of my transition from a” god” of tradition to a God of experience. And when I came back to New York City, friends of mine who knew me in the days when I never touched alcohol or smoking, — I never acquired smoking. I tried it, and I couldn’t seem to get it. Alcohol I got!

Other things like, — well, you name it; all these things I do, I trust not to excess. Sometimes to excess, yes; but nevertheless, I did it, to discover it didn’t hurt me at all concerning my spiritual advancement. Yet they accused Him – the Human Imagination – of being a glutton and a drunkard and a friend of sinners, — one who loved the company of harlots and tax collectors and all the things in the world that people shun; and here was the Human Imagination in the midst of it all, trying to show every one Who- He-Is: that He is actually buried in man, and He will rise one day in man as the man in who He rises.

And when it did happen to me in ’59, what a shock! But it was back in 1933 that this thing actually began to unfold within me, when old Ab would not explain what he meant when he said to me, “You are in Barbados.”

And so, don’t plot it, it’s going to happen. If tonight you’re prejudiced, may I tell you, you are not outside of salvation. God has plotted the way of salvation for you, and will place you into a situation just like this chap. His name is Bill Donovan…you can’t get a more Irish name…well, here is Bill, and today you couldn’t meet a nicer person. But to show you how he was really searching for God, when he came West he went alcoholic, with all of his prejudices, he went alcoholic, completely blind. He was searching for the Spirit and he saw the false spirit in the form of alcohol. He didn’t know it. And then he joined AA, and for the last dozen years Bill hasn’t touched a drop. Took me out to dinner, he knows I take a drink, he said, “Neville, you have all you want, but Becky and I (his wife) we never touch a drop. We both were AA and met in AA because of our problem.” I didn’t tell him then that he was searching. He knew it in the depth of his soul he was searching for God and saw God in some spurious form of alcohol. That’s really what it is; it’s simply another form. It’s spirit, the same word spirit, spirit is alcohol. And so, he was searching for it and saw it in a form that was false. And then, joined it, and now today you couldn’t in any way tempt him to take one little drop, he just doesn’t want it. But he overcame the prejudice and then all these things crumbled within him.

From Purified By the Death of Your Delusions

So I want to thank my friend beyond measure for what he’s done. He just stuck it into my pocket. I was in the kitchen…pouring him a drink, by the way…and he comes quietly into the kitchen, takes this letter from his pocket. And so people think, well, you shouldn’t drink, you shouldn’t eat this, you shouldn’t do this to be holy. Forget it! Forget all this nonsense about food. No one is brought before God because he’s a vegetarian or he doesn’t drink or he doesn’t smoke, forget all this nonsense. Hasn’t a thing to do with this great mystery. Here I am pouring him a drink. He’s always accusing me of pouring him too heavy a drink, always. We have the same maid, so he tells the maid that “Mr. Neville pours me too heavy a drink.” And I said, “Go back and tell her I don’t pour the drink, I make him pour his own. So if he gets drunk at my home, he blames his own self for that, not me. I don’t pour anymore.”

From Remembrance of Things Future


“When they find the true Christ, then it doesn’t really matter whether you eat meat or don’t eat meat, whether you drink or don’t drink, whether you smoke or don’t smoke, and whether you do any of these things. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the true Christ, for you do not give power to anything outside of Christ, and Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination.”

From the The Pearl of Great Price

Seven years, at the tender age of twenty-odd, in my twenties, having born a son, and knowing the joy of the love of woman, and then by some peculiar thing to swear myself to celibacy; and then knowing the joys of food and to swear myself to being a vegetarian. Well, I had not yet acquired the habit of enjoying a martini, so I couldn’t say I gave that up. But I did…no alcohol, no smoking, this extreme violence to my body. I thought violence to my body was “the way” and it wasn’t the way. But for seven years I did violence to the body by these non-doings, by the giving up, a complete restraint. That was zealousness!

From Twenty-seven Heavens

So if I tell you of this experience, you may believe me or you may disbelieve me. Even those who believe me will not know it to the extent they will know it after they themselves have had the experience. And so you pass through. But don’t encourage it, don’t this night say, “I will simply go on a vegetable diet, I will give up liquor, I’ll give up smoking, I’ll give up sex in the hope that I’m going to pass through this state.” It doesn’t come that way.

It comes in a strange way. . . it came to me in the strangest way. I ordered the most wonderful roast beef, may I tell you—I was in Syracuse, New York—and I love my meat, and I ordered the most wonderful roast beef. And as I put my knife into it, I actually felt I was cutting the animal alive. I took the plate and pushed it away. I could not take one piece from that plate. . . and for seven years I couldn’t. So it happened that way.

I couldn’t touch a piece of meat, a piece of fowl, an egg or fish for seven years. But it happened…I was… for seven years. And I ordered from the menu roast beef, as I always loved it, and as it was delivered I just thought it would be marvelous, and as I put my knife right into it, I was cutting into the animal and pushed the whole thing away. For seven years it was that way.

And coming back to the States I did everything I had not done in seven years. That’s how you pass through the state called John the Baptist and come into the state called Jesus Christ. But before you are lifted off the wheel, you must prove that this is good news.

And good news is that everything in this world that you want you can have if you clothe yourself with it. It doesn’t mean you’re lifted off the wheel, but clothe yourself with it. You want to be rich? How would you feel were you rich? You want to be healthy? How would you feel were you healthy? You want to be free of all embarrassment? How would you feel this night if you were not embarrassed, that not a thing in this world could embarrass you?

How would you feel were it so? And you clothe yourself with these states, one after the other, and be faithful to the clothing that you wear, and let it unfold in your world. It will! It will completely unfold in your world and you will see it.

Then as you practice with it and actually believe in the good news of the kingdom of God, suddenly, when you least expect it, one after the other, a series of events that God predetermined to awaken himself will awaken within you. Because, God has prepared a way for himself to return individualized as you, completely prepared, and no one can stop the way.

He’s prepared that way, and so, at very end, all of a sudden the series begins to unfold, and you are it unfolding; and you are he — the one who became you and took himself through the furnaces, all through John into Jesus Christ—and you awake as he.

There’s not a thing I can tell you to persuade you to accept it. And I wouldn’t raise a finger to make it so, because I am not convinced by speculation: I am convinced by knowing having experienced it. And so, if all the great teachers of the churches of the world stood before me in opposition, it would make no difference to me whatsoever. They, too, will pass through these states because they aren’t elected to these states by men.

So the heads of all the great churches of the world, if they stood before me now, I could say to them, if you have not experienced it, you will. And your greatness in this world is as naught, it is nothing, for the least in the kingdom is greater than you; for the least in the kingdom has a greatness that you cannot measure by anything on earth.

And if you have not experienced this, no matter how great you are with all the medals pinned upon you by men who vanish in this world, it is as nothing.

But the day will come you’ll go through John the Baptist. He’s not a man who lived 2,000 years ago. He represents a state of consciousness that’s eternal, through which every soul must pass, and passing through they do violence to their appetites.

From One Greater Than John

So here tonight, let me tell you the story is true, true beyond the wildest dream of man. And when it erupts within you, you will spiritualize all the Commandments and they’ll make sense. You will not have to simply go along with any outside conformity; that you will not have to deny yourself this, that and the other at a table because you interpreted the law on a literal level in a certain manner. You will eat anything before you if it satisfies you. When I was a strict vegetarian for seven years, I went to Toronto and my friend who was our host, I was in her home, and she could ill-afford the meal that she put down that night, a lovely salmon. She really didn’t have much, in fact she had little, but I was her son’s friend in New York City and he worked for the New York Times. This night I was her guest for ten days in her home in Toronto and she had this lovely salmon. Well, I had never had salmon in seven years. I hadn’t eaten fish, fowl, meat, not even eggs. I knew I could not offend her and I knew I had to violate my pledge this night. And my old friend Abdullah told me years ago when I saw him eating all these things and I was not, he said, “It would poison you if you ate it, because you have quibbles. But you see, I can eat everything because I have no quibbles. But since you have quibbles, it will poison you.” Well, I sat down…and this lovely salmon…and all the others ate it. There were about eight around the table, all came to meet me. We all sat down to eat. That night I was as sick as a pup. I brought up my boots, but no one else did. I was self-poisoned. I did not eat this thing in seven years and I violated my pledge to myself, and I was poisoned on the most wonderful piece of salmon, fresh salmon. They all enjoyed it.

Well, this is life. And so tonight, if any orthodox Jew ate a piece of pork and knew he was eating it, he would be just as sick as I was that night, because it’s all in conflict with what he believes. So this is life. But the thing itself didn’t hurt you it’s the individual’s attitude toward it that hurts him. His attitude hurts him. So he said, “I’m told that there’s nothing unclean in itself, but any man who sees anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.” You want that quote? It’s the 14th chapter, the 14th verse of Romans. It’s good to know that there’s not a thing in this world that is unclean in itself, but if you think it is, well then, you and your thoughts make it unclean.

From Partakers of the Divine Nature (1968)

… met a friend of mine in New York City, his name was Abdullah. He said to me in 1933 (I met him in ’29)…and he did everything, he ate everything, he drank everything. He didn’t smoke only because he just didn’t enjoy it, but he did everything. An old, old man, he was then in his late eighties when I met him. And he said to me, “So you’re going to Barbados? You want to go to Barbados?” I said yes. Now, this is where the good news of the kingdom comes in. Then, when I met him, I did not eat flesh in any form, I did not drink alcohol in any form, and no smoking and a celibate. He said, “Well then, you are now in Barbados.” I said, “I’m in Barbados?” This is on 72nd Street in New York City, where the buildings can go thirty and forty stories high. Barbados, if you find a three-story building, you’re lucky…the little one and two-story buildings, and no sidewalk, but no sidewalk. One little tiny street we call Broad Street, to this day we call it Broad Street, and that’s the only place that has a sidewalk. All the other areas no sidewalks, you walk in the street or you walk in the gutter, but there is no such thing as a sidewalk.

From The One Greater Than John

Having been an alcoholic, this gentleman imagined his wife never mentioned his past; for although he had not tasted alcohol for nine years, he had paid the price in his search for God. You see, the alcoholic is searching for truth. Thirsty, he finds a false spirit in the form of alcohol, while those who will not touch it – and criticise those who do – haven’t even started their search. But I have news for them. One day they, too, will know a hunger which will not be satisfied by bread. They will know a thirst so great they will make the mistake of clothing it in the form of a bottle. But because it will be a false thirst, the thirst will remain. Then they will discover the true hunger and the true thirst, which is for the hearing of the word of God.

From Yours For the Taking

You will not know you are God, however, until scripture becomes alive and fulfills itself in you. For that purpose and that purpose only did you come into the world. You did not come here to put things right, as the priesthoods would say. This world is a schoolroom, where man is searching for his father; and how long, vast, and severe the anguish before he finds his father, is long to tell. I do not know when God will awaken within you; but I do know that he will, and then you will see the reason behind it all. So leave the world just as it is and make no attempt to change it.

Every day politicians are trying to change the world. We have many who claim to be our saviors, yet each – like the Hitlers and the Stalins of the world – have clay feet. Still, people will believe in them and you can’t stop them, because they are dreaming. Being all imagination, you can’t stop man from imagining, and imagining creates reality. Tonight they are trying to stop cigarette smoking. They tried to stop alcohol back in 1919, and in their doing, those who lived in the gutter became billionaires, making billions that they could not – and did not – declare for taxes. Al Capone made 130 million dollars net a year for fourteen years without paying taxes. They got him for a few thousand on some small infraction – but what happened to the 130 million a year? So, the do-gooders will do it all over again. Now they are going to start banning cigarettes; and instead of receiving six billion dollars in taxes from the industry, the money will go into the hands of those who will see to it that those who want cigarettes get them.

From Biblical Language

The belief in the potency of drugs to heal, diets to strengthen, monies to secure, are the values or money changers that must be thrown out of the Temple. “Ye are the Temple of the living God”- a Temple made without hands.

It is written, “My house shall be called of all nations a house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

Your beliefs in the potency of things are the thieves that rob you. There is only one power, one Savior-I AM He. It is your belief in the thing and not the thing itself that aids you. Therefore, stop transferring the power that you are to things round about you. Claim yourself to be the power which you have in your ignorance given to another.

From Your Faith is Your Fortune

But in the meanwhile, we can penetrate the facts. The man imprisoned need not be behind bars. We are imprisoned by the things that we do. All right, we can break them . . break anything in this world. A man can be imprisoned by gluttony. He can break it if he knows what he wants. Maybe he doesn’t really want to give it up. If he wants to give it up, let him create within his mind’s eye a scene . . a simple scene . . that if he had given it up, a friend or some relative would know. He doesn’t brag about it; they simply know, and there is a normal discussion that he has no longing for it any more. He has no desire for it. He didn’t take any drugs for it; he didn’t do anything to feed it. Just simply . . it wasn’t there. That certain taste that we have in this world . . all of a sudden . . you’ve had it; you are saturated with it, and you don’t want it any more. All things are acquired.

From The Flood is Still Upon Us


Edit: Forgot to add that in a lecture by Freedom Barry Transcript Of “Freedom On The Beach” Lecture Presented By Freedom Barry Held At Cambria, Ca On Sept. 14-15, 1996

Freedom says::

“This is why Neville said that he did not… when he and Aldous Huxley took L.S.D., just to find out from their own experience what it was like, because there was a culture growing up around that at the time. So they had someone take notes of what they were saying while they were under the influence of lysergic acid. It took, incidentally, three times the dosage to put Neville under than it took to put Aldous Huxley under. And Neville said that the experience he had while under it was not terribly unlike the experiences he had from his own naturally unfolded visions. Everything was just as real as this is real; everything was three dimensional to him; everything had color, only sometimes the colors were intensified in vision beyond what they are in normal 3D. But he said, when he came out of it, he had the most monumental hangover he had ever had in his life, and he said his conviction was that is not a good thing for anybody to do, because those are artificially induced visions, and you may not be ready to handle them. Whereas, when it comes naturally, Consciousness is naturally awakening itself from its misconceptions about itself; when it comes naturally, with it comes the means of escape.

From the Q&A from The Eternal Plan

Q: There is a book at the moment on the use of the so-called consciousness expanding drugs, what are your thoughts on these.

A: I’m not familiar with it.

Q: LSD drugs…

A: Oh, LSD drugs? I would shun them. Again, I speak from experience. My friend, a doctor, because I am mystically inclined since I was a child, he said he would like to experiment and take it with me. Aldous Huxley was going to observe the test…our reactions on tapes, but Aldous was sick that night so he couldn’t come. So we had two who came with their tapes to observe and we took the maximum dose. May I tell you, it isn’t what they say it is at all. It’s nothing but distortion, pure distortion, of all your senses. Yes, things become alive, walls become alive, the wallpaper becomes alive. You can share an experience together. He and I shared experiences. If I said, “Look,” he could tell me what I’m looking at and we could actually discuss one object as though you both saw it, and you did see it. It didn’t do a thing for me other than to just put me in a peculiar state for about forty-eight hours. So I would shun it. I did it to please him.

So driving home that night…when you come out of it, you think you’ve been in it for days, you’ve only been in it for a few hours. Took it at 7:30…began to take around 8:15…and I was out by about 11:00, and I would have sworn that I was there for days. Time did differ…everything differs. Driving home every car was coming up, seemed to be going right through my brain, ___(??) ought to go this way to keep them out. Everything is coming right through your head. So the next day when you start to shave there are two of you. Do this with your hand and your hand goes down to the floor. You go this way, it’s still going to the ceiling. You’re completely set apart and scattered. Didn’t do a thing for me that they claim. He went into convulsions; I didn’t go into convulsions. Well, he is much thinner than I. I was then many, many pounds heavier than I am today. His “took” half an hour before mine did. When I saw he went back into childhood, he’s my age, went right back into childhood, laughed like a child, acted like a child, and became convulsed. His laugh was a peculiar laugh. But I didn’t go into that…we are different natures. But we could share similar hallucinations. I can’t recommend it. I can’t see where it will help anyone. But I’m always happy to ___(??), so I took it only to please him really. He took it again with Aldous. Aldous took it three or four times. I didn’t get what they claimed they got. There was nothing lovely in it at all.

Neville Goddard on Drugs, Dope, Marijuana, LSD, Alcohol, Vegetarianism etc
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Neville Goddard on Drugs, Dope, Marijuana, LSD, Alcohol, Vegetarianism etc
If anyone went into blind alleys looking, I did. I tried everything, trying to find Him. No, I didn’t try dope; I didn’t smoke marijuana. No, I didn’t go in for that.