Neville's Final Words: New Introduction to "Resurrection" 1972

Neville’s Final Words: New Introduction to “Resurrection” 1972

It was discovered by his wife after his passing upon her return from an extended stay in the hospital, and subsequently shared


If I tell you what I know and how I came to know about it, I may give hope to those who would gladly believe the Bible but who do not understanding it or who may have thought that the ancient scriptures is but a record of extravagant claims. Therefore, the reason for this report from me, rather than from another whose scholarly knowledge of the scriptures is more erudite, is that I am speaking from experience. I am not speculating about the Bible, trusting that my guesses about its meaning are not too wide of the mark. I will tell you what I have experienced, that I should convey more of God’s plan than the opinions of those who may know the Bible so intimately that they could recite it from end to end, although they have not experienced it.

He who knows something out of his own experience knows something that makes the finest and wisest opinion look shadowy True knowledge is experience. I bear witness to what I have experienced. Looking back. I do not know of anything that I had heard or read to call forth this knowledge. I did not receive it from man, not was I taught it, but it came through a series of supernatural experiences in which God revealed himself in action for my salvation.

He unveiled me. And I am he. We mature only as we become our own Father.

I do not honestly expect the world to believe it, and I know all the varieties of explanation I myself should give for such a belief had I not experienced it. But I cannot unknow that which I have experienced. When it occurred, it was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. I could not explain it with my intelligence. But God’s plan of redemption unfolded within me with such undeniable insistence that finally it became both a mystery and a burden laid upon me. I literally did not know what to do with what I knew. I tried to explain it to friends, and I know that with all good will, they could only think, Poor Neville, he has evidently had a very bad time.

From the first experience, I felt commissioned. I could not unknow it, and I am burdened with that knowledge. The warnings of my friends could make no difference to the truth I had experienced. That truth remained. Whether I could be a living instrument of it or not, I could not say at all. But until I put it into words so that others could read it, I did not feel that I had accomplished the work I was sent to do.

Now that I have written it, I feel that I have finished what I came to do. And that is to reveal the true identity of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the I AM of everyone. He is the Lord, the one God and Father of us all, who is above all, through all and in all. Therefore, if the words ‘Lord,’ ‘God,’ ‘Jesus’ convey the sense of an existent someone outside man, he has a false god. Christ is the Son of God. The Son of God is David, the sweet psalmist of Israel.

It’s the Fathers purpose to give himself to all of us, to each of us. And it is his son. David, calling us Father, who reveals the Father’s gift to us. The Fathers gift of himself to us is not discovered until the very end. And all discovery implies suffering to be endured in the process of discovery.

The Father became as we are that we may be as He is. He is never so far off as even to be near, for nearness implies separation. He suffers as us, but we know it not. God as Father is made known only through his son, David. The core and essence of David’s work is his revelation of the Father. Can one come to an identity of oneself with the Father without the Son’s revelation of him? Personally I feel quite sure the answer is no—one cannot. “No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.”

If two different witnesses agree in testimony it is conclusive. I now present my two witnesses: the internal witness of the Spirit, my experience, and the external witness of scripture, the written Word of God.

September 1972