Neville Goddard: Two in My Name But Do It In Love - Louise Berlay and Robert Millikan

Neville Goddard: Two in My Name But Do It In Love – Louise Berlay and Robert Millikan

From “If Any Two Agree” (1971)”

“If any two of you agree on earth about any request that you must make, that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.” [Matthew 18:19]

Find two who agree, and that request will be granted. Well, can you conceive of something greater? If two agree on earth concerning any request . . it doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be this, that or the other, but any request . . “that you must make, that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.” Here we are told the greatest secret in the world concerning the human imagination. We are told that: “With God, all things are possible.” Then we are told: “All things are possible to him who believes”; so he equates God with the human imagination: that God is the human imagination, and all things are possible to the human imagination.

Do It In Love

But I say, whatever you do, do it in love. So I tell you, I acquaint you with a principle and leave you to your choice and its risk. She is fantastic in hearing what she wants to hear in the world of Caesar; but may I tell you? You can go beyond that and take it into the world of Promise. If someone can say to you, “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit,” and your ear is so sensitive that you can hear exactly what the other one says . . there are two witnesses now. “If two agree on earth about any request that they might make, that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.”

Robert Millikan

[ Robert Millikan was an American experimental physicist honored with the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1923 for the measurement of the elementary electric charge and for his work on the photoelectric effect. ]

Neville relates in the radio lecture “Be What You Wish To Be, Be What You Believe” (1951)

“A newspaperman related to me that our great scientist, Robert Millikan, once told him that he had set a goal for himself at an early age when he was still very poor and unproven in the great work he was to do in the future.

He condensed his dream of greatness and security into a simple statement, which statement, implied that his dream of greatness and security was already realized. Then he repeated the statement over and over again to himself until the idea of greatness and security filled his mind and crowded all other ideas out of his consciousness.

These may not have been the words of Dr. Millikan but they are those given to me and I quote,

“I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.”

As I have said repeatedly, everything depends upon our attitude towards ourselves. That which we will not affirm as true of ourselves cannot develop in our life.

Dr. Millikan wrote his dream of greatness and security in the first person, present tense. He did not say, “I will be great; I will be secure,” for that would have implied that he was not great and secure.

Instead, he made his future dream a present fact. “I have,” said he, “a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.”

The future dream must become a present fact in the mind of him who seeks to realize it.

If Any Two Agree

In the lecture, “If Any Two Agree” (1971), a woman friend of Neville who was in the telephone business for quite a while as the head of her department on long-distance calls, and she knew voice after voice after voice. So she had this ability to “hear” or “play back his record for him.” She made money from this.

Now, a friend of mine called me today, and I tell you the story that you may see. It’s entirely up to you. I’m quite sure that she was perfectly innocent in the wonderful work that she did. She has exercised this talent of hers which she has learned, as you have, from this platform; and she has done a remarkable job in the world of Caesar in dollars and cents. But one has to learn something outside of this and govern everything by Love. Everything must be governed by Love. Everything must be governed by Love. She was quite concerned, and really quite disturbed. She said, “Neville, what have I done? Have I done something that is wrong? A neighbor of mine . . a male neighbor . . asked me if I would play back his record for him.”

Now let me explain to you what she means by this. She has a very keen ear. If you speak to her . . make a sentence, and then you stop, she can hear you as distinctly as anyone could ever hear you. If you put it on a record, what she is hearing is just as accurate as that recorded record.

So, she wants you to make a statement in a positive manner, like the great Professor* who said: “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.”* Robert Millikan This he said long before he had a nickel, and he persuaded himself of the reality of what he was hearing.

So, she wants you to put it into a positive statement just like that . . “but tell me what you want.” Well, the neighbor wanted to be free of a disturbing element in the neighborhood, which was also a neighbor . . a couple with three children. So she heard him distinctly say that he was free of this disturbance, that they were gone. Her ability to hear distinctly is so keen and wonderful that she heard him affirm what he had affirmed. In a matter of days the parents were killed on the highway, leaving three children: two little ones and a demented boy in his early teens. So she wondered, What did I do?

I tried to persuade her, “You did nothing that was wrong. You simply exercised a principle. The lad who asked of you, . . did you ask him anything concerning his motive behind it all?” Well, she didn’t ask that.

But I say, whatever you do, do it in love.

Louise Berlay

There is another friend* of mine back in the east, and the Promise means nothing to her, but the Law does, and she has made millions . . but millions. When you own buildings on 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth you are “in the money.” When you have businesses all over the world, you are in big business, and that’s her business; and she started with not one penny in this world when she first heard me, but she believed what I told her. She believed that imagining creates reality, as I am telling you now it does. It does create reality. So here, treat it, may I tell you? . . and I plead with you . . treat it lovingly. If someone asks of you this night to hear good news for them, certainly hear it; but try to find out something behind the reason why they are asking it of you, that you may do it in a _________________ * Louise Berlay . . Author of ‘ The Magic Of The Mind ‘ loving way.

So, I tell you, your own wonderful human imagination is the only cause of the phenomena of life. There is no other power! That is the God spoken of in Scripture! That is the only God . . your own wonderful human imagination. Do you know what you want tonight? All right. Don’t minimize it. It doesn’t matter how big it is, state it; and then listen in your own wonderful manner to your own voice for that matter. Or, tell a friend without his knowledge; you can hear a friend of yours tell you that he heard the good news about you. You know what you want. You actually write it out in your mind’s eye, and then have a friend whose voice you know well . . and listen to his voice as he is confirming that you have it. These are the two who agree. You don’t need another’s voice in the sense that you let him come into your world, as she did, and have him first state what he wants.

The Professor [Robert Millikan] didn’t do that. He did it all within himself. He said, “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.” He didn’t ask another to state that; he did it unto himself, and he became the two. So, I don’t need any other to do it. If I have a desire to help you, or to help anyone, all I need do is simply to imagine that I have heard them; then I actually hear them tell me what I wish they would tell me. Then there are two: this one that I am hearing and I, the one who is listening and hearing; and these two agree. If two agree in testimony, then it is conclusive; and because imagining creates reality, it must externalize itself in my world.

So, make them rearrange their words to fit a pattern of love. Then you hear that, too; and it will all come to pass.

Mentions of Louise Merlay in Neville’s Lectures

Where is Gogotha? (April 1971)

I got a call from New York today at 3:00 o’clock this afternoon, and there was the voice – a very sad voice.

I said, “Hello.”

She said, “Neville? This is Louise. I have sad news for you.”

I said, “What happened?”

She said, “Joseph died today.2 He died in my arms.”

I said, “Was he sick?”

“No, just a great – well, a rupture of the aorta, right in my arms and Neville’s arms.”

Neville is my little namesake – one that I met before he came into this world. He is now 17.

She continued, “Together we held him. He suffered seemingly for a little while – not too long, maybe a half an hour he seemed to be in great pain, and then that was it.”

But he was 77 – lived a full, wonderful life, and will leave her a considerable fortune: factories here, factories in Paris, factories in Puerto Rico, and so, financially speaking, there is no problem, but a great tear.

And what could I say to her? – I couldn’t even get her off the wire – but tell her certain stories that Joseph – he lived a full, wonderful life up to the very end – up to the end. To him, the spirit world – “Let it come later,” he said. Always, “Let it come later” – tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

But now he was, after all – he was a couturier, making fashions for the beautiful ladies, and everything concerning the beauty of the physical form, and he loved it, and he “played the field” perfectly. He went to the end, and he was 77, so Joseph will still be the Joseph that I knew. He will not be interested in the birth from above. He will not be interested in the Word of God. He made a fortune, and he’s left a fortune – all to Louise and his one child, Neville. So, they will have this enormous estate, and it really is enormous, but he is still the same Joseph. And when he finds himself as he will now – not 77, but 20, and what a joy for him! He’ll be twenty – without any interest in spirituality – just an interest in the human form.

But there will come at the very end of the journey, as you are told in the 8th chapter of Amos, “I will send a famine upon the world. It will not be a hunger for bread, nor will it be a thirst for water, but for the hearing of the Word of God.” It will come to all, but it only comes at the end. It is in the 8th chapter of Amos, the 8th verse. A hunger, and you cannot resist the hunger. Not a thing in the world can divert you. They can give you millions; it doesn’t interest you. They can make you all kinds of offers, and it doesn’t interest you – only the Word of God and the understanding of that Word.

Neville Goddard Lecture: “The Way”

Q: I don’t understand why when a child is born here in this material world it sometimes, at the age of 2 or 3 or 4 leaves.

A: Sir, departure from this world is not death. It is a lesson for those that are left behind. The individual who departs from this world finds himself instantly restored in a body, same as before, but new.

Unaccountably new in a world just like this yet terrestrial world, and he is in an environment best suited for the work to be done in him. That work is the unfolding of this pattern man. His entrance here could be for the most fantastic lesson for the parent. I have in New York City two darlings. They met in my meeting on a blind date. She had just enough to go to Paris and he hadn’t yet been to Paris at the time.

She said, “Neville, it seems insane. All I have is a quickie, one week and I have to live in a very modest little place, but I’ve longed to go to Paris. I know no one there. Do you think I’m foolish?” I said, “No. As far as I’m concerned, do anything your heart desires.” So she bought her little round trip ticket to Paris. The second night she was there she went out on a blind date and met the man.

He was already married five times, no offspring and divorced each He was fabulously wealthy and an awfully nice chap, many years her senior. She was a girl, beautiful girl, a model out there in her early 30’s and he was a man on in years. Not by his standards as he always felt himself 20 – and still does at 77. “But they were blessed with a little boy, little Larry and 2 years later blessed with a second and they named him after me, Neville.

Well, Larry was killed two weeks ago last Saturday in London. He was in college, first year. They got a cable saying that he had had a fatal car accident. Now he has all the money in the world. He plotted everything for Larry. Now this is a lesson for Joseph and Louise. They’ll learn it. That money isn’t everything. They tried to cushion him against everything in this world by setting up trust funds, this, that and the other.

Now it is a lesson for Joseph to learn at the age of 77 for they can’t bring him back. But Larry is alive. Larry is not dead. Larry is restored to life. He is not mangled as he was in this sudden death in the auto accident. Not a thing is missing. He is a restored youth, a beautiful youth just as he was when he was here at the age of 17. He was an unusually handsome fellow, a little taller than I am and evidence of growing even taller than that. He was a perfect darling. All right.

So he is gone. He doesn’t need their cushion of dollars and cents. But they needed a lesson of the loss. And so they cry out, as you have it in scripture, “Oh Absalom, my son, my son. Would that I had died instead of thee.” So he had to learn a lesson in the death of his son.

So we will find in the end that mercy, infinite mercy did it all. Doesn’t seem right, but I tell you God is infinitely merciful and we are the gods. You wouldn’t think it when you see man’s inhumanity to man. But he still is, infinitely merciful. But I tell you, you are the gods spoken of in the 82nd Psalm, which scholars claim is the most difficult Psalm of the 150, and the idea, said this great scholar Thomas Cheyne, who was the editor in charge of the Encyclopaedia Biblica.

He took these ancient manuscripts and he was the editor in charge – the volume is that thick – today it is out in four volumes, each still that big – and is considered the most scholarly of high biblical criticism. He said that the ideas in this psalm might have been for anyone, but their meaning has long been lost to us.

We have no understanding really because he can’t conceive that God and gods – and that God is saying to the gods that “you are sons of the most high, nevertheless you will die like men and fall as one man, oh princes.” Then comes the fall – one man containing all men, then the return to that divine bliss, but beyond the wildest dream of anything known here.

For you can’t conceive of what you have shut out in coming here. We are all suffering from total amnesia. Then when you return, you return to the glory that was yours before the world was. But you bring back the glory of the experience of conquering death. For the Gods can’t die, so they had to actually enter into a state where they die like men and still they can’t die; therefore they have overcome death.

Then the creative power of God is increased by reason of all of us going back bringing out talent that we have exercised and increased. Came down with our talent, we go back with our talent multiplied and the power of God is enhanced that much. And all are only one God. There is only one God, “Hear, oh Israel, the Lord, our God, the Lord is One.” There is no greater confession of faith than that. The minute you start other gods – put any man up as some important person, you are making another God. And don’t – “Hear, oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One”. There is no other. That is our greatest confession – the Shemmah.

Neville Goddard: Two in My Name But Do It In Love - Louise Berlay and Robert Millikan

Magic of the Mind

“In the conditions of your life, observe the precise picture of your mind. Any alteration of our circumstances must begin with a change in daily thoughts. Properly guided, you can become master of your experience, and thus your destiny. In this book, I share a potent method passed on to me long ago, at a time of great need. Since then, my life has been in full flower.”
– Louise Berlay

In “The Magic Of The Mind”, Louise Berlay, A master practitioner of Neville Goddard’s “Art Of Believing”, offers an account of joyful, personal transformation through daily, focused use of imagination. In these pages, she shares her many successes in achieving “…what you want with your life”, and offers clear, step-by-step instructions for realizing any dream. With a wealth of stories drawn from friends and acquaintances, she demonstrates how the imaginal process may be harnessed effectively by anyone. Includes numerous quotes from historic and literary figures on the power of directed imagination. Highly recommended for any wishing to begin or refine a dedicated imaginal practice.

Neville Goddard: Two in My Name But Do It In Love - Louise Berlay and Robert Millikan
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Neville Goddard: Two in My Name But Do It In Love - Louise Berlay and Robert Millikan
Find two who agree, and that request will be granted. Well, can you conceive of something greater? If two agree on earth concerning any request . . it doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be this, that or the other, but any request