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Neville’s San Francisco agents Lord and Jordan rented Freedom space in their metaphysical bookstore which seated 30. He gave his first lectures there on February 1, 1960. After Neville’s annual two-week San Francisco lecture series in July 1960 (in which he repeatedly urged his students to avail themselves of Freedom’s teaching), he moved to larger quarters that would seat 150 at the Marines’ Memorial Club.

In August of 1962, at Neville’s urging him to get a book in print as a useful auxiliary to the teaching, Freedom went to Laguna Beach, California where he wrote I Do in ten days.

In I Do, Freedom writes in a chapter called ‘The Discovery’;

One forenoon late in September of 1960 while I was walking east on Post Street in busy downtown San Francisco, I entertained the most extraordinary experience in my spiritual development. Quite suddenly I became aware that I was not my body, although I most assuredly was its life. To my illumined sense, my being was totally invisible, although I was far more real than I had ever felt myself to be up to that moment. Not only was I invisible and real, but that invisible reality was the actual substance of all that I beheld, and I was beholding the same objects that had become familiar to me from living in that exciting city.

To my apprehension, I was the Bay Bridge; I was the Bohemian Club; I was the pebble I sensed so keenly under my foot; I was the traffic signal at the corner; I was even the newspaper vendor. Everything I was seeing was just as I had always seen it, except that in this experience no object or person even seemed to have existence independently of my perception of its being. To my invisible reality, the perception and I, the perceiver, were one and the same substance.

So his experience to him proved “In him we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28)

And that was just the beginning…

After moving to California’s central coast, he was a tour guide at Hearst Castle from 1967-1983; was the narrator of Milford Haven USA, (a 60 episode radio drama for the BBC); performed in 12 productions at the Pewter Plough Playhouse; and 3 productions for the Classic American Theatre. He has also made a number of radio and TV commercials for local businesses.


In addition to I Do, Freedom has written Passkey, Seven Salient Subjects, and Gate of the Year.

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Neville Goddard Research: Video of Freedom Barry - Neville Goddard Student
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Neville Goddard Research: Video of Freedom Barry - Neville Goddard Student