Neville Goddard Research - "Spiritual Awakening" by Chuck Stockdale

Neville Goddard Research – “Spiritual Awakening” by Chuck Stockdale

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Spiritual Awakening

By Chuck Stockdale

I’ve had quite a few people contact me privately asking if I’ve had the experience known as “awakening” which is described by Neville in his writings and lectures. I’m going to answer this in an indirect way in the paragraphs that follow.

The overwhelming sense I’m getting from all of this inquiry is that there is an expectation that we each reach a point in our individual spiritual development as human beings where lightning flashes in our head, the mysteries of life become instantly solved, we crack the case, know and see all, and the heavens split wide open allowing us to survey the perimeters of eternity with a sweeping glance. Is this what’s in store for us?

In certain metaphysical/spiritual circles there is much talk about being spiritually “alive” versus being spiritually “dead” or asleep. There is this prevalent notion that you are either one or the other. This smacks of spiritual elitism within closed societies of spiritual stuffed shirts, some of who see themselves as being elevated above their spiritually slumbering neighbors. The Awakened Believers versus the Dead Pagans. (sounds like an amateur battle of the bands).

So as you go along the course of your spiritual studies do you suddenly awaken and receive a “Certificate of Awakening”, a badge or a wristband denoting that you are now the best of the best, the elite, the spiritual top gun? Awakening to yourself is a very gradual process. If you were to come into contact with the person you were fifteen years ago you would scarcely recognize yourself. If you could see and talk with the self you were two lifetimes ago, fifteen lifetimes ago, thirty thousand years ago, you would find that the worldviews you looked out from then, the choices you made, the life circumstances you experienced, are scarcely on conceptual speaking terms with the person you are right now this moment. You would realize that your consciousness has been steadily and consistently widening and expanding and there is no “end” to it, no crossing of the finish line

Vital to realize here, is that being “asleep”, as some people like to put it, is not a dilemma. Let me repeat this: being asleep is not a dilemma. It is not a condition you must escape from at all costs. Rather, being asleep is a voluntary condition which is enabling you to suspend your cosmic disbelief to the point where you can accept that your physical experience is real. Once you completely accept and embrace physicality as reality you are able to garner the spiritual prize of feeling from it. As Neville has said; God is not simply pretending that IT is the human being that you are, God has actually become you. God has taken the infinite expanse of IT’s cosmic body and literally crammed it into your flesh, blood and bones. This willing compression of Divine Identity into your physical alias is for an extremely high purpose – comprehension. Trying to awaken from the dream of physicality is like trying to dig a seed up out of the ground before it has sprouted, or taking a loaf of bread out of the oven before the dough has risen and passed the dry fork test. As Richard Bach has informed us there is a simple way to determine whether your mission on earth here is finished – if you’re alive, it isn’t!

Life here is like an infinitely well made feature film that you are enjoying in the comfort of your Celestial living room. But your film projector is of an extremely advanced technology which enables you to actually enter the movie and be the star with all of your senses engaged and alert. The feature starts with you seeing bright lights, feeling cold, seeing giants around you, coughing up fluid, and being generally terrified. So jarring is the opening sequence that you recoil in fear and run back out of the theater many times during the days and nights that follow. Gradually, ever so gradually, you give up your disbelief in limits, restrictions, the memory of eternal youth and life which is your natural state of affairs and you permit a completely convincing spectacle of mortality to be temporarily imposed over it. After awhile you sit back and relax, surrendering to the movie with all of its drama, delight, excitement, and horror.

For what purpose? To what end result? Feeling, scale, context, amplitude, dimension, perspective, cosmic yardstick – comprehension of your natural state via contrast against your unnatural state. And the one thing that enables this comprehension is experience. In Imagination we con-ceive or originally experience and in body we re-ceive or experience again. There is no object or experience existing in the world which was not first an Imaginal concept and there is no circumstance which enters your life which you have not previously conceived or entertained (experienced) in your Imagination. Imagination is the virtual world of conception and physicality is the analog world of experience which corresponds to that virtuality. The infinite states of Imagination exist to lure man into experience and we find that there’s something in there for everyone. Life consists of infinite file extensions of the I AM. I AM:// a pilot, I AM:// a mother, I AM:// a lawyer, I AM:// rich, I AM:// confused, I AM:// a motocross champion, I AM:// a surfer, a sailor, a beach bum, a thief, a mechanic, a reconteur and so on. There is no limit to the number of worldviews or file extensions you can append to your basic awareness of being.

So how do you experience “The Promise”, how do you awaken? You live, that’s how. You don’t have to do anything in particular, only follow your own desire which is constantly beckoning, calling you into one of the file extensions of I AM. And when you reach fulfillment in that, when you hit your mark, your emotional target, there is another waiting in the wings. Pure Imagination, your beloved Father, has pre-imagined all of the possible appendages to your holy awareness of being and placed them in a file catalog within you. And He has given you a site-navigation tool to help select the ones you want, the ones you need; it’s called desire. So you follow your desires into experience, into emotion, into fulfillment, and on into self-comprehension. You do this again, and again, and again, until your cup of earthly experience runneth over. That’s when your mission here is finished and you get to go home. Then you then can turn off the projector, re-instate your disbelief in the limits of mortality and enjoy your eternal existence with fresh perspective and appreciation.

Your celestial identity can only be realized and comprehended when it is framed by your terrestrial identity. And it is the billions upon billions of emotional impressions which flow from your physical awareness to your Soul that comprises this framework. If staying in a thought-life of virtuality were enough to give you awareness of your divinity and high estate, there would have been no need for your experience of mortality. But you “don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. You can’t comprehend freedom without becoming a slave; you can’t comprehend eternal life until you’ve died, you can’t relate to perfect health until you’ve been sick, you can’t comprehend eternity without having experienced your life on a 24 hour time line.

There’s no dilemma here. You’ve laid down on your heavenly couch of gold, lulled yourself to sleep and you’ve slipped into a deep episodic dream of mortality. Instead of being in a hurry to awaken from the dream, fling yourself headlong into it. The way out is to go completely in. Get involved. Do all of the things that inspire, thrill, entertain, and fulfill you by first doing them in Imagination, then in body. Then feel and value every sensation and experience that this life of mortality is giving you because this serial drama is yielding a bounty, an emotional treasure beyond any conception – it’s called self-realization – the awareness of who, what, and where you are in Divine Life.


Neville Goddard Research - "Spiritual Awakening" by Chuck Stockdale

Chuck Stockdale has enjoyed a fifteen-year professional career as an airshow stunt pilot. His aerobatic flying has been featured on ESPN’s World Of Aviation, seen internationally on Cowboys Of The Air produced by France2 Television, and in feature films such as The Hidden Jungle and Into The Spider’s Web.

Stockdale flew for many years as lead pilot for the Tag-Heuer Aerobatic Team, a two-plane civilian formation aerobatic team sponsored by Tag-Heuer watch Company. He has logged over 5,000 hours of flight time in over 100 different types of aircraft from ultralights to jet fighter trainers.

As an author, Chuck has written articles which have appeared in publications World Airshow News, ICAS Journal, Aviator Monthly, and Air News. He is currently finishing his first book In Your Wildest Dreams a non-fiction “how to” manual demonstrating how one can identify their inborn “core skills” and then expand them into a life of fulfilling action.

Neville Goddard Mentions - "Spiritual Awakening" by Chuck Stockdale
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Neville Goddard Mentions - "Spiritual Awakening" by Chuck Stockdale
I’ve had quite a few people contact me privately asking if I’ve had the experience known as “awakening” which is described by Neville in his writings and lectures. I’m going to answer this in an indirect way in the paragraphs that follow