Neville Goddard Lectures: "Whatever You Believe And Persist In Will Come To Pass"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “Whatever You Believe And Persist In Will Come To Pass”


Summary and notes: According to the text, the nails that were used to crucify Jesus Christ are not actual nails, but rather vortices. The vortices are located on different parts of the body, including the head, hands, feet, and side. The six vortices are said to form a six-pointed star, known as the Star of David or the Mogen David. He explains that the crucifixion is not what the world believes it to be. Instead, it is the most ecstatic experience that one can imagine, and the nails are actually vortices. The event happened at the beginning of time and the memory of it is described in the 42nd chapter of the Book of Psalms. He explains that the being that we are is the cosmic Christ, who is nailed to the crosses of humanity. This is represented by the six-pointed Star of David. The ecstasy of the experience of crucifixion is beyond words, but after it, there is a complete forgetfulness, and we come into this world nailed to these crosses. However, at a predestined moment in time, we are born from above, and the whole state unfolds within us, and we then know who Christ is.

Now, if I said to you that whatever you believe, if you persist in it, it will come to pass, that all things are possible to him who believes, would you believe it? So if you asked me, “Have you any reason for making that bold assertion?” If I quoted scripture and said, these are the words of Jesus Christ, you might say, “Well, after all, that’s Jesus Christ, but I am simply John Brown, and I cannot bring myself to believe that whatever I assume that I am, if I persist in it, that it will become a reality.” That is only because you do not know who Jesus Christ is: Jesus Christ is the true identity of every man. Say “I am”…that’s Jesus Christ, that is God. Well, man does not believe that. He will say, “Well, that’s all well and good for someone who is called Jesus Christ, who is called either God or the Son of God, but certainly not for me.” Well, I tell you, the true identity of every man is Jesus Christ.

Now tonight I want to show you who Jesus Christ really is. I have told you and I mean it that I stood in the presence of the risen Lord, that he embraced me and incorporated me into his being. That was in 1929. He was infinite love. But when I looked at him I saw him as another and then at that moment I became what I beheld. I was actually embraced and actually fused with the body of the living Lord, the risen Lord. But I did not know Jesus Christ…you do not know him that way. I saw him as another, he embraced me and actually incorporated me into his body, and I was one with the risen Lord. But we are told in scripture that “no one has ever seen God; the only Son who is in the bosom of the Father, he has made him known” (John 1:18). Well now, “to see” and “to know” are the same words in Greek, same words. So when I’m told that no one has ever seen God, I might just as well have been told that no one has ever known God. No one except the Son who is in the bosom of the Father has made him known. And that is true.

It was thirty years later that the Son in the bosom of the Father made him known. I did not realize when I was incorporated into the body of God that I was God. Thirty years later when the Son, David of biblical fame, broke within me as I exploded within myself and he stood before me, I didn’t have to ask anything…he called me Father. Well, whether he called me Father or not, I knew instantly who he was and who I was and the relationship between father-son. So it takes the Son to reveal to me who I am. “I will tell of the decree of the Lord,” said David, “and the Lord said unto me, ‘Thou art my Son, today I have begotten thee’” (Ps. 2:7).

Well now, when I read that in school as a child, and when I read it in my mature years, and when I heard it said by others, it never occurred to me that this character of scripture who was supposed to have lived 2,000 years, well, a thousand B.C., was in any way related to me…certainly not the relationship of father to son. So, it is true, no one knows, actually knows the Father. No one has ever actually seen God until the Son who is in the bosom of the Father makes him known. Only when within your own being there is an explosion and David, in Spirit, calls you Father, then you know it. Even though prior to that you stood in the presence of the risen Christ and he asked you to name the greatest thing in the world and you named it: Love. At that he embraced you, incorporated you into his own being, and you felt the fusion with God. But you didn’t know that you were he, not for one moment, until the Son. So it is true, only when the Son reveals him do you really know who you are.

So people do not know Jesus Christ. They say, well that’s all well and good for Jesus Christ. But I am telling you from my own experience Jesus Christ is the true identity of every man. Say “I am” (Ex.3:14), that’s Jesus Christ, that’s the Lord Jehovah, that’s God. There is no other God, there is no other Savior. You came out of yourself. All these proceeded out of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. And all beings will return, having completed their journey, to the one body, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the one Spirit, the one Lord, the one God and Father of all. So all are coming back, but they will not return until this experience takes place within them.

Now let me explain it in this way. At the end of the 7th chapter of Luke, it is said he forgave a woman of her sins, and those who sat with him at the table said, “Who is this who forgives sins?” Then it goes into this little drama, and drama is this, that he went from city to city, village to village, teaching and bringing the good news of the kingdom of God. There were with him three women, Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna, and they provided for him out of their means. Well, when you read these words and if you are not aware of this great mystery of scripture, well then, you’ll come to the same conclusion that all of the scholars have. Because here is the most learned group of scholars today, because they are drawing upon all of the scholars of the past, and in these twelve volumes of the great Interpreters’ Bible these scholars made this observation. And this is the exegesis which is simply taking the words apart and trying to come to some understanding of it. This is what they say: that Jesus did not depend on chance hospitality but was supported by wealthy women out of their means. Can you believe that! One who will say to you, to me, to all, “Whatever you desire, believe that you have received it, and you will”—to depend upon another?—“That all things are possible to him who believes.”

Now I am quoting accurately from the Interpreters’ Bible, considered the most scholarly work as of the moment; because they have as a background these 150-odd men who brought it in They have an enormous range of scholarly works and they have researched it, gone through it with a fine-tooth comb, and yet they come up with this. Why?—because they have not experienced Jesus Christ. How could anyone tell me that Jesus Christ was supported by wealthy women out of their own means and others…they also add “and others.” But they mention three…they mention Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna. Hasn’t a thing to do with any three wealthy women. These are the eternal characters, for they were still present at the empty tomb. Not Susanna, she only appears once, and then another Mary takes her place.

As so they came to the tomb and they saw the empty tomb and they told what they had seen, they related their own experience. But those who hear it—and the apostles are the ones who heard it—it is said of them that it seemed to them an idle tale and they did not believe it. Then comes a story that they walked with these women and these individuals. Who?—the risen Lord. And he asked them, “What is it all about?” and they said, “Do you not know? Do you not know the great prophet who was delivered into the hands of the elders and the authorities and they crucified him?” They did not recognize him. Then he said, “Was it not necessary that Christ should suffer these things and then come into his glory?” (Luke 24:26).

They still didn’t recognize him. “And then beginning with Moses, in the law, and all the prophets, he interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself” (verse 27). They still didn’t recognize hm. But it was late and they restrained him and asked him to remain with them. So he entered their homes and while seated at the table, he took bread and having blessed it he broke it, gave it to them; and then at that moment they recognized him and he vanished out of their sight. He gave it to them and then they recognized him, and he vanished out of their sight.

Well, what is his bread…a piece of bread? No. He said, “I am the bread of life.” When I-AM-in-man breaks like a seed that is growing, it erupts. When it breaks, you recognize the truth of the eternal story. This story is true; it is contained in man. Man finds it difficult to grasp until it breaks from within him. Not something on the outside of man is having dinner. It’s late and he takes a piece of bread and he breaks it and he gives it. The bread is in everyone; that bread is “I am.” “I am the bread of life.” It is in everyone. Can you say, “I am”? Well, that is it. The day will come that it will break, it will erupt just like a seed bursting itself; and the plan is contained within the seed. Whatever is said of Jesus Christ and whatever he claimed of himself will unfold within the one in whom it breaks. Then and only then will he really know who he is.

So in the end he will know himself as God when David in the Spirit calls him Father. David in the Spirit will call him Father and only then…even though prior to that he stood in the presence of the risen Lord and the risen Lord questioned him. He answered correctly. He was embraced, incorporated into the body of God, which is called “baptism” in scripture. If we have been baptized into the body of God, we have been baptized unto his death; and “if we have been united with him in a death like his, we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his” (Rom.6:5). See the difference in tense: We have been united with him in a death like his then we shall be united with him in a resurrection like his.” So the seed has been broken and it’s being broken day after day after day in all, and it’s coming out in all of us.

So in the end there’s only one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of all…and you are that God and Father of all. It comes out of you. So I came out of myself into this world; I’ll return from this world, to where?—back into myself. But I’ll be enhanced, enriched by the experience. So the word translated as “suffer”—“Was it not necessary for the Christ to suffer these things and to enter into his glory?”—the word suffer means “to experience these sensations,” that’s all that it means. It is translated many ways in scripture like “suffer little children”—let them come, don’t stop them—“suffer little children to come unto me”—allow them, permit them, let them come. But the word translated in this passage is simply “to experience sensations,” these sensations in the world of death. So I come into this world to experience all of this; and so I empty myself of my divine being, take upon myself the limitations of this world, called the limitations of the slave, and commit myself unto death. This is a world of death; everything here dies, but everything dies. No matter what it is it eventually dies.

So, I became one with death…and then I overcome…for the last thing to overcome is death. You overcome it when you simply break it and discover who you are. Then you are born from above. Man, then, is born from above. He said, “Unless you are born from above, you cannot enter the kingdom of God” (John 3:3). When you are born from above then you will know. Know what? Well then, you will know in this way, you will lift up the Son of man. When you lift up the Son of man, you will know that I am he. The being talking to you?—no, the center of man’s being is Jesus Christ, it’s “I am.” When I lift up the Son of man, I will know that I am he. Unless I know that I am he, I remain missing my mark in this world, and I die in my sins. “Unless you believe that I am he, you die in your sins” (John 8:24). Not a being talking to you from the outside; but man takes it this way in the beginning, from the outside…as though there’s another on the outside. Now, everything said of him I must fulfill and you must fulfill individually—not collectively but individually—because you are unique. There’s no one like you. You can’t be replaced in the kingdom of God. So when I am told in the 14th chapter of John, “In my father’s house are many rooms; were it not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am there ye may be also” (verse 2). Now it seemed like an idle tale.

Now how are these women mentioned in the story? I’m addressing all, but I call them my witnesses in scripture. You shall be my witnesses and I will take you into the Father’s house, a house of many mansions, many rooms. So, you will describe it when you experience it as spacious. You’ll describe it as the most spacious building built by your Father…and I will take you right into the Father’s house. You will see me and the word you will understand instantly, as Sharon did: I said “My name is Friday.” She instantly knew the meaning of the word, and she said, “Oh, that means ‘O my darling,’” which in scripture means “the one that they had actually pierced” as told us in the 12th chapter, the 10th verse of Zechariah. Oh, that means “they will look upon me.” Now the pronoun is “me” in Hebrew; it is not “him.” But it’s translated him in the bible to give it sense. It’s not him, the pronoun is me. “They will look upon me whom they have pierced and they will mourn for me as one mourns for an only child.” And then you nod, “That’s right.” You knew exactly in the depths of your soul who I am.

But you still do not know, not yet, because you’re seeing in me and you’re hearing me as another other than yourself. I brought you into the Father’s house; I can take you no further. If I bring you into the Father’s house, then you must find the Father. You can’t find the Father looking at me. But when you have seen me you have seen the Father, but I am not the Father when you look at me. You will find the Father only when the father’s only begotten Son David stands in your presence and calls you Father. But I’ll bring you to the Father’s house. So, “In my Father’s house are many rooms; were it not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And when I go, I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am there ye shall be also.” Bring her right into the Father’s house, and she passed all these rooms, room after room after room, all painted white. It was a white house and it was empty…the only room occupied where I sat instructing. But this time, all my remarks are directed to her. And there were only three mentioned in this series of dreams. She mentioned three, three women, and then she spoke of others. Now in the chapter, beginning with the first verse—first, second and third verses—of the 8th chapter of Luke they only mention three by name and then they said, “And others.”

You’ve got to fulfill scripture, so everyone is going to fulfill it. And because we’re all one anyway we bring our own being into the Father’s house. I can take her no further. She is right at the awakening. I can’t take her any further. She came right into the house. It was adjacent to where the Father stood, but he was invisible. He’s always invisible because she herself is the Father. The day will come in the not distant future when she will know that she is the Father.

So the whole vast world must experience scripture and scripture is simply the story as told in the New Testament of Jesus Christ. The Old Testament is simply a prophetic blueprint; the New Testament interprets this prophecy. It’s a foreshadowing. It’s a prefiguring in a not altogether conclusive or immediately evident way; it’s an adumbration. When it happens, it doesn’t seem that is the thing that was foretold. But this is now it happens, it happens in you: the birth; the discovery of the Son revealing you as Father; the tearing of the temple of your own body; the discovery of the Holy Ghost descending upon you in bodily form as a dove; and everything happens in this wonderful manner, and you are Jesus Christ.

You don’t go out and brag about it…because the world will imply again cut your throat. Tonight you go before any so-called holy man, who thinks himself so good, so holy…the very ones who will say that Jesus was kept by wealthy women, they’ll believe that. And may I tell you, in my own profession there are thousands and thousands of men and women who will point to this passage in scripture and then get from wealthy women support. They will actually believe they are doing God’s work, while here on the outside these false prophets are milking them as you would milk cows. The man that could say, “Whatever you desire, believe that you have received it” would then depend for his support on wealthy women?

May I tell you, I’ve gone through the mill. I have had offers of all kinds—diamonds, jewels, money, all kinds, my rent paid for five years at a time—and each time I have said, “No thank you, I will live or die by what I teach. Keep your money and keep your rings.” They bring me all these things. I have never once accepted one ring, one bit for my rent. “I’ll pay it out of everything I have, but not from you.” But they say, “After all, this is common practice.” I said, “If it’s common practice, I am not common. Go elsewhere. I am not in the market for what you’re offering.” So here I’m telling you, it’s in scripture, but a misunderstanding of scripture is the strangest thing in the world. So when the greatest scholars will interpret it that way, you can’t blame the hoi polloi for giving a similar interpretation to that passage…that he depended upon the wealthy women for his support. But there it is in the 3rd verse of the 8th chapter of the Book of Luke.

But I tell you…then what are they, those who supported me? The women who will have an experience like Sharon and who will write me that letter. Only one in ten will do it. “Were there not ten of you?” and nine did not come back to verify the law that he is teaching” (Luke 17:17). So one comes back, and he asks, “Were there not ten?” So she writes her experience to support my claim that I must have proof and confirmation that everything said of Jesus Christ in scripture must be experienced by me. Should not Christ suffer these things, should he not experience these sensations, these emotions, and then enter into his glory? So I must have it. Well, if ten had a similar experience, alright, so nine will not come back…one will. So she brought it back.

My friend Grace Griffith, she brought hers back, when in the depths of this moment when looking at the TV and she just simply closed her eyes, and then she said, “I must remember what Neville said, I must remember what Neville said!” Jack said, “What did he say?” “Wait a second, it’s coming…” and then she said from the deep, “He said to me, ‘Do not be disturbed…I am with you to the ends of the age’” (Mat. 28:20). She’s quoting scripture.

I have to have these things confirmed, for I am not just talking to you here on this level. Sharon found me in other levels: it goes from city to city, from village to village. “Well, it started that way, all the cities and villages…you’re talking in all these places. As you talk in all these places, I came to one place and it was this lovely wonderful campus. And here a single youth, he’s anxious, he has to see you, so he sits next to you and he loves you. I could tell from his attitude that he loves you; so he’s in love with you as you explain to him all the mysteries of the Word of God. And I eavesdrop.” Now, all along she does not find me directing any thought to her. She goes into all these places, even to this one with the young lad, but in the end, when I bring her into the Father’s house all of my remarks are to her.

And what do I tell her? I simply, aside from what she heard…now, listen to these words, “And did not our hearts burn within us when he opened unto us the scriptures?” (Luke 24:32). Now, in all of these experiences of Sharon’s it was only talking about scripture. She used, in her letter to me, “My heart exploded, it began to split with excitement. Everything you said was simply splitting my heart with excitement” and at the very end she could hardly contain herself. “Did not our hearts burn within us when he opened unto us the scriptures?” What else is there in this world!

If you read the morning’s paper thoroughly and have any memory that goes beyond, say, a month—suppose your memory goes back, say six months, oh, you’re blessed—do you know the contradictions? Why, you take what you and I admire in this world, the medical profession. If you read this morning’s paper and remembered what the same one who wrote something about a year ago wrote on the same condition of the human heart, it’s complete contradiction. But see, he’s only quoting what another doctor said. Well, if there are one million doctors in the world, do you know there are one million different treatments for the same disease? They are more fashionable than the clothing industry. They change their fashions month after month.

But one thing that does not change is the Word of God. It is forever. So when it happens to you and you’re born from above, everything said of him you are going to experience. Now listen to these words, “I am from above, you are from below; you are of this world, I am not of this world” (John 8:23). Now how can you say that this thing is secular? He tells you that he is not of this world. Then where is Jesus Christ in the secular history of this world? He’s not! He belongs to an entirely different region. While you and I walk in this world, we are born from above…and the one born from above within us is Jesus Christ. He is in us, and then he has to be born; but he has to be born from above, not from below, from the womb of woman. He’s born from above, from the skull where he was buried in the beginning of time. So Christ is buried in man, in the skull of man, and it is there that he will be born.

Now may I tell you from my own experience, believe it. And if the whole vast world rises in opposition, it makes no difference, because you’re going to experience it. So let them rise in opposition and give you all the arguments, and if perchance they are so stupid to hold onto certain things, they quote these great scholars. Couldn’t even support himself…that sort of person I must worship? He couldn’t support himself, he depended upon the support of wealthy women, and, of course, they’ll rise in opposition and cut your throat for it. But just point out the passage in scripture…for that’s the God you worship? One who depended on the support from wealthy women? And quote it. There it is in the 8th chapter of the Book of Luke. But you tell them that is not Jesus Christ; that Jesus Christ is the true identity of every child born of woman, and every child born of woman will experience all that is said of Jesus Christ, but everything.

To suffer doesn’t mean any more suffering than you’ve suffered, than I have suffered, for Jesus Christ in us is the one who has played the part. So everything that I have ever done, it was Jesus Christ who did it, for he is the life of me, the life of you. Without Jesus Christ in us we couldn’t even breathe; he is our life. So he had to suffer these things in multiple ways. He allowed it first of all, and then he experienced everything that this world could offer, as you have. But God in his infinite mercy has removed memory from us so that we can’t quite remember the horrors that we pass through…but we have!

In the meanwhile, may I tell you, believe every precept of his literally. It will be fulfilled literally…those on other regions and some on this region. For instance, believe that you are what you want to be. On this region?—yes, it will be. If I dare to persist in the assumption that I am the man that I want to be and live as though I were, regardless of the evidence of my senses, regardless of all things that would deny it, I will become it. Try it! But the other things that this level cannot comprehend…no, you will one day fulfill the entire scripture. You, too, will take those who are walking with you into the Father’s house, and when you take them in you will simply reveal who you are: I am he whom they pierced.

And may I tell you, the crucifixion is not what the world believes it to be. It’s the most ecstatic thrill that you can imagine. They are not nails nailed into the hand, nailed into the feet, and a piercing of the body. No, these are vortices. I can tell you, the day that I experienced it, it was only a memory, for it was done in the beginning of time. But in this moment, in the 42nd chapter of the Book of Psalms, “And these things I remember”…so this was only a remembrance of that event. And if the memory of the event was so ecstatic, oh, what the original thrill must have been, even though what would follow would be the horrors of the world. “But no man takes away my life, I lay it down myself. I have the power to lay it down and the power to lift it up again” (John 10:18). Therefore, no one took it, I laid it down. I actually nailed it on humanity…and that is the being who we are, the cosmic Christ. When these things actually nail us, they are vortices—one vortex here [points to head, hands, and side], vortex here, vortex here, vortex here and vortices, the soles of the feet. These are the things that nail us—two, four, five, six, the six-pointed Star of David, the Mogen David—nailed on it. And I can’t tell you the ecstasy of that thrill when it took place. But we do not know…after that it’s a complete forgetfulness, and then we come into this world nailed to these crosses. Then at a moment in time—not a moment before, not a moment too late—we are born from above; and the whole predestined state unfolds within us and then we know who Christ is.

So I tell you, Christ is known to you as God the Father only when God’s only begotten Son stands before you and calls you Father. He who calls you Father is David as told us in the 20th chapter of the Book of Luke. “What think ye of the Christ? Whose son is he?” And they answered, ‘David.’ Then he said, ‘Why then does David in the Spirit call him Lord? If David thus calls him Lord, how can he be David’s son?’” So David calls him Lord, and the word Lord is the expression that every son used of his father…referred to his father as “my Lord” (verse 44). And so he calls him Lord. But you know the feeling between that which confronts you and it is David.

So I tell you tonight, this may seem not practical. It’s the most practical message that you could have, because while you are roaming in your mind, you are dwelling upon who you are. I’m telling you who you are. If you believe me, well then, you’ll go out knowing that I said, “Whatever I believe, if I persist in it, I will realize it.” Not “he” said it. It’s what you said in the beginning, for the Christ of scripture is resident in man. It’s man’s own wonderful human Imagination that is the Christ of scripture. So if that’s what Christ said, well then, I said it. And all that he said is true. So I will go out believing that I am now what I want to be, that things are as I desire them to be. Walking in this assumption, persisting in it, it will harden into fact.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Q: The vortices you mentioned a moment ago, was that in the forehead or the top of your head?

A: No, the head, the whole head becomes a vortex, the whole head. The hands are vortices, they are vortices, the feet are vortices, the right side is a vortex and the head. But this happened in the beginning of time. “He chose us in him in the beginning of the world, before the foundations were laid” (Eph. 1:4). That’s the one cosmic Christ, the creative power of God—for Christ is “the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1Cor. 1:24). To expand itself it has to contract itself, and this is the contraction of the power of God. So humanity it took upon itself. But each is unique in itself—the head, the hands, the side and the soles of the feet. And it’s the most ecstatic joy in the world…but that was only a memory. That was when I led this troop in procession to the house of God, as told us in the 42nd Psalm. I went with them in procession and they were all gay and happy. Magdalene is the happy one, the one that is cheerful, full of life, that’s Magdalene. Susanna, she’s called the lily, as told in the Song of Solomon, the lily of the valleys.

Here is Susanna, the story of Susanna was once part of the Bible, but the early fathers deleted it because it cast a shadow on them. She was accused by two elders of the church of prostitution. So it was once part of the Book of Daniel…and she was brought before the tribunal, charged of prostitution by two elders, and it was proved that because she resisted their advances that they accused her of prostitution. So Daniel tried the case and asked the two, separately, to name the tree under which the events took place, and they named different trees. And so, as told in the 19th chapter of Deuteronomy, that it shall be done to those who brought the accusation if the charge is not sustained. So the law said she must be stoned to death, therefore, they were stoned to death (The Apocrypha, History of Susanna). That was part of scripture, but the elders…as they do to this very day if it’s going to throw any shadow upon their own so-called stupid holiness. They don’t realize that holiness is no ticket into heaven, none whatsoever. What is holiness, all this nonsense about holiness, who will describe it for me? So one takes the vow of celibacy and it’s not part of scripture. Is that holiness? And they say this one lives longer because she took the vows and she became a nun, so what! She hasn’t had the experiences of these sensations. So she lived seventy years of what?—of nonsense. Living in a body where the body in which we are supposed to live, the body of joy and the body of love is excrementitious? Dwell upon it and see if this isn’t hell! And so they want to live longer in it?


Whatever You Believe And Persist In Will Come To Pass
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Whatever You Believe And Persist In Will Come To Pass