Neville Goddard Lectures: The Riddle


___(??) only the indolent mind would fail to rise to the challenge of a riddle. Isn’t it strange that the greatest of earth’s great is he who was never mortal born or lived, as you and I understand the term, in this secular world? I could say not only him but I could use the plural, they, who were never mortal born. But tonight we will confine ourselves to the greatest of the great of earth, the one that is worshipped by all and really was never mortal born. Therefore, who is he? A riddle as defined in the dictionary is “a mysterious object or person; that which is difficult to understand.” It is also “sieve; to separate the chaff from the wheat; or to raise ___(??).”

So who is this greatest of the great of earth who was never mortal born?—as far as I am concerned, Jesus Christ. That is the greatest of the great of earth. I think that you and I would agree that you did not…that is, I know I didn’t; maybe you think you did…I know I did not choose the environment in which I found myself at birth. But I quickly adjusted to everything that I found there, in that section of space/time, the habits, the customs, the religion, the doctrines in which I found myself. So here, we find the entire world adjusting to that environment in which they find themselves at birth. If they’re honest with themselves, they did not choose that environment; they found themselves there. So here, God the Father placed me, placed you, in that particular age best suited for the work he was doing on himself in us, that self in us; for he was quite willing and prepared to accept all the consequences of this confused world of his, with all of its tangles and its enigmas. This he did and took it in Jesus Christ in us. Jesus Christ is his power, is his wisdom, his own power buried in us. Now here we turn to scripture, “He blinded their eyes and hardened they heart, lest they should see with their eyes and perceive with their hearts, and turn and be saved” (John 12:40). There, he the Lord God, as told us in the 6th chapter of Isaiah, he blinded my eye, he hardened my heart, lest I should turn and be saved (verse 10).

So when someone now sifted becomes the big potato by reason of the long, long journey that he’s made and just ready to break, and all of a sudden the whole drama unfolds in him, and he tells it, there are few who believe him, few to accept it. For they see him; he’s mortal born and they see him in the world of men. They know his father, his mother, his brothers, his sisters, they know everything about him, and so they reject him: That is not what we are seeking. So he tells them exactly what has happened in him and he unriddles the riddle. For the object which is the most riddle of riddles is the Bible, and he experiences scripture, and he tells them exactly the key of how the whole thing unfolds in man. And they reject it and will not believe it. So his whole story is completely discounted, but he tells it. Others hear it and they record it. They, too, experience it and then they pass it on, and from mouth to mouth as one experiences the whole drama. It is still denied by the mass, because he has blinded their eyes, he’s hardened their hearts that they should see with their eyes and perceive with their heart, and turn and be saved.

Now, do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me, that the words that I speak are not my words but the words of him who sent me? Believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me, for truly I say unto you that which I experience—in scripture it is called “that which I have done, the work that I have done”—you shall do and even greater works than these. If you don’t believe me, believe it for the sake of the works themselves (John 14:10). The Father is not on the outside; I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Believe he’s not on the outside. If I turn, I would see him; and because I can barely become that which I behold, I could vanish from sight. You will see the thing disappear before your face. It’s only a shadow made real by the world. I tell you this from experience.

I have a little boy in New York City who bears my name. He’s now about thirteen. Before he was born, I had this vision. This lad stood before me and I felt I was his father. His name was Neville Mark; he was about four. We talked and I said, “When are you coming?” He said, “On the 10th of November”…this is now September. So the next morning I said to my wife, “You know, a little boy is coming to us on the 10th of November.” Well, she said, “I believe in miracles and I believe in you and all the things you talk about, but, really, this is impossible, for I’m not pregnant.” I said, “Well, he’s coming on the 10th.”

A friend of mine, who was pregnant, expecting her baby in December—and she wanted a little girl, because she had a little boy. And I said, “Well now, when this child comes”—she could not conceive of a boy, it has to be a girl—I said, “Alright, should it be a boy and should the boy come on the 10th of November, his name is Neville Mark.” But, she knew the child wouldn’t come until December and late December. Well, she was rushed to the hospital on the 10th of November and little Neville Mark came. So she named him Neville Mark. About five years ago, in their home in New York City, the little lad was home, he’s very ___(??). The father and mother were present but he wasn’t addressing them, he was talking to me. He said, “You know, Neville, I feel that if I could turn around I could see who I really am. I know I am wearing a mask, but I can’t turn around. I didn’t dream this, no one told me, I didn’t read it, but I know if I could turn around, I would really see the being that I really am. And I can’t wait to die to turn around and see who I am.” The mother stopped him right away. She was a very, very poor girl who married great wealth, and anything of death frightened her. She’d lose her diamonds, her home, and all these things, that scares her to death. No death. And so is the husband. He has money, he has possessions and he can’t think of the thing called death. He’s seventy-five…the lad was then ten…so he wasn’t yet…he was only seventy-one. Now the lad is growing up…undoubtedly diverted…but that is what he said to me.

Now let me give my own experience. Lying on the bed, on the left side, and here’s a force seemingly from beyond my head but near the head, and centered at the back of my head, a force so powerful I wanted so much to turn around and see who was applying the force. I felt someone, not an impersonal force, I felt someone is applying this force. I tried my best. I said, now am I paralyzed, for I can’t turn? I used my fingers…they were all animated and moveable. I moved my feet. I moved my shoulders. I moved my whole body. I was not paralyzed. My body was just as alive as it is now, but that force at the base of my skull, the back of my head, was so intense I could not turn around. I wanted so much to see the one who was applying it. Had I turned that day in my bed, I would have seen the being that I am, and instantly I would have been gone from this world.

Now here, “He has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, lest they should see with their eyes and perceive with their hearts, and turn and be saved.” The same word is used but in the Greek sense, the Prodigal Son came to his senses and he turned. He remembered his Father and turned and went home; and received the great robe, the ring, the fatted calf…the kingdom was his. So you and I are in a world where we have been purposely blinded by the Father in us. Our hearts have been hardened by the Father in us. So the words are important when one reaches the end, he can say, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” I can tell you tonight that God himself, God the Father, uses the tyrants of the world for ends beyond their goals. You played all the parts, and every being will be saved. For this is the same Father who wills not that any man should perish, not one being in the world should perish and can’t perish; for he’s only the mask in this world of one that he does not see, for his eye has been purposely blinded and his heart purposely hardened. He plays these parts based upon that environment into which he was placed, not by his own choice. For, we were made subject unto futility, not willingly, but by the will of him who subjected us in hope (Rom.8:20), and we cannot turn back until his predetermined goal is reached. He takes us to the end. When we reach the end, then we turn, and go through the series of events called the story of Jesus Christ.

When it happens in you, Christ is born in you, not of mortal birth. But those in the environment into which they were placed believe he was born from the womb of a woman and they have no ears for you when you tell them who Christ really is, when you tell them who the Father really is…that he who sees me now sees the Father. For the summation of all the experiences of man personified as a youth calls me, Father. And he, too, was not born of mortal birth. And yet the greatest of the great of earth have no mortal birth. Isn’t that strange? Call it Abraham, call it Isaac, Jacob, David, Jesus Christ. And you and I clothed hare in these garments that are mortal, very fragile, the whole drama is in us. It’s the Father and the Father alone playing all the parts, quite willing to take all of the consequences of this strange, peculiar, horrible experiment. And he does. He takes it on himself in Christ and you think Christ is other than the one who sent him. “He who sees me sees him who sent me.”

And so, the Father in me sent me. He clothed himself in this garment of flesh and placed me in a little, tiny island in 1905 in among brothers, many brothers, one sister, in a limited environment, no social, intellectual, financial, or any other worthwhile background. That was the job he had to do in me. And then, unlike the majority, because I was simply prior to that moment of 1905, and the sifting was the riddle and it was separating and breaking ___(??). I couldn’t stand the environment after being adjusted to it and felt the restlessness from a boy to get going in the search. So my one outstanding corporeal punishment in this world was for the Bible. I said, “Take up thy bed and walk” and my master said, “Bring your Bible” and I didn’t have the Bible. He said, “My Bible said, ‘Take up your couch and walk.’” Because I couldn’t produce my Bible, he was allowed to beat me. It was allowed then. I presume it is still allowed in Barbados, corporeal punishment. So he brought in this cane this long, you could bend it all around, placed me over the place, and beat me until he brought blood. I was bleeding from my buttocks down to my knees for the Bible. So, as a boy of nine, that happened to me.

But I was restless…all for the search of the word of God. And so I came all the way across the ocean to here, all in the search. Joined the theatre, for it would prepare me to stand before you and talk to you, as I would talk to you were you alone at home in a little social gathering. So there’s never any fluttering when I meet you or a thousand or a million. A billion could not disturb me, for I’m speaking from experience, I’m not speculating. I don’t have to ask, is it true? I know it from experience that it is true. If a man could only turn around, he would cease to be blind and his heart wouldn’t be hard, then he would see the very being who sent him into the world. And he and that being are one; “I and my Father are one.” I would see myself in a most radiant being, the only begotten God, the only God, and see myself just as I really am.

Now here, Paul tells us all who were baptized into Jesus Christ—listen to all the prepositional ___(??)—into Jesus Christ have put on Christ, and all are one in Christ. You meet and you are baptized. He is infinite love who sends you through this horrible, horrible world. Love did it. Infinite love sends you through and you’ve burned it and you’ve been burned, you’ve raped and you’ve been raped, and you’ve been mutilated and you mutilate. You’ve done everything in this world. Then you turn and all is forgiven. And you give a banquet…and everything that was mutilated because you wore that part is made perfect when you walk by. For “Be ye perfect as Father in heaven is perfect” and in that moment you are one with the Father and you are perfect and perfection walks by, and everyone you pass by is made perfect. The blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb shout for joy, everything is made perfect, all the parts that you played. I’m telling you what I know, I am not speculating, for it’s the end of my journey, right at the very end.

So here I say be of good cheer. No matter what you have gone through and your memory does not bring it back, which is merciful, what you may still have to go through, bear what I tell you this night, bear it in mind. One day you will be baptized into God, the risen Christ, when you turn around and you face him and you are incorporated into his being. To be baptized is to be completely covered within. Doesn’t mean water, because it’s Messiah, it is Christ, and the Messiah is simply the ___(??), the one who is, well, anointed with oil. What man does here with royalty, puts oil on their chest, hasn’t a thing to do with it. What the pope does, gets a little oil that has nothing to it. Here is living, living fluid before you, living water. And when he embraces you, you simply merge in it, just as though a drop fell into the ocean, and you are not only the drop, you’re the ocean, without loss of identity of the drop.

So all are one in that state, as told us, and all who are baptized into Christ—into, the preposition is “to enter right into.” Have put on…to put on, look it up in the Hebrew, and it means “to simply wear the garment, to fall into the garment and clothe yourself with it.” As you’re told in the very last words of Christ in the Book of Luke, “Remain in the city until you are endued with power from on high.” Well, power is Christ, wisdom is Christ. To endue is “to clothe.” “Wait until I clothe you with myself.” Then he clothes you with himself and you may actually say and literally say, “I am in Christ and Christ is in me.” Not out there when I say Father, not a thing out there. When I say Christ, he’s not out there. God, he’s not out there. The whole thing is taking place within me. Believe me when I tell you I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Don’t you believe it? he asks. “But, if you don’t believe it, then believe it for the sake of the works themselves. For truly, truly I say unto you the works I do ye shall do and greater than these shall ye do.” Why?—because I go unto the Father: “I came out from the Father and I came into the world; again I am leaving the world, and returning to the Father” (John 16:28).

So the whole vast drama unfolds in us. Hasn’t a thing to do with any being that was ever mortal born. He’s born from above and does not walk the earth as one who came from the womb of woman, save in the knowledge of one who came from the womb of woman what happened in him. And he bears the knowledge of Christ. So who is Christ? Here is the riddle of riddles. As you’re asked all through scripture—so many riddles are given to us—“Who has established all the ends of the Earth? What is his name, and what is his son’s name. Canst thou tell?” Here in the 30th chapter of Proverbs (verse 4), “What is his name, and what is his son’s name?” I tell you the son’s name, the son’s name is David. I’ll tell you his name; for if he has a son then he’s a father…his name is Father. What is his name? Well, give me the next question, what is his son’s name?…you gave me the name of the first one. If he has a son, then he’s Father. Don’t call him God, don’t call him this, just Father. He has the heart of a father, the heart of infinite love, and David is the son.

He was the one who established all the ends of the earth and sustains them, all from within you. And you are his suffering servant, who is himself. In that wonderful…it’s the last of the songs of the suffering servant, by the way, the 53rd chapter of Isaiah (verse 1); it’s called the last of the suffering servant’s songs: “Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” __(??). And so you tell it as it happened to you, completely revealed, completely unveiled, before those that you try to tell the story: When one betrayed you and went and told the authorities; when he came in and simply unveiled the arm, and then embraced you; then stretched that cross and embraced you and kissed you. So your arm was then unveiled. And you tell it. But who would believe this power is now resident in you, to be exercised not here, not to demonstrate anything in this world, but at the moment of death to be one at the right hand of the Father…and you are the Father. You are then his right hand.

So here, the whole vast drama unfolds in man. There is nothing but God. Not God-man, just God. You’ll find this diversity in unity, as well as unity in diversity. So here, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord” (Deut. 6:4). Here is a compound unity, one made up of others. Diversity in unity, I AM; as well as unity I AM in them, diversity. I dwell in them and they dwell in me, and we are one. You get it? He said, “I am in you and you in me. Just as I am in the Father and the Father in me, I am in you (plural) and you (plural) in me (singular). So here, diversity in unity: I look upon myself and see my world pushed out, and now I see this diversity in unity all in me. So “All that I behold, though it appears without, it is within, in my own wonderful human Imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow” (Blake, Jerusalem,Plt.71).

So I tell you, go on, regardless of what is in store. It’s been planned, it’s been determined what the masks will do, how they will think and how they will be moved. Those, based upon what they have gone through so far, will become separated and they will listen, for they are coming close to the end. Without flattery, you are at the end. Your letters reveal it, every one of you. I’m not saying this to hold you here, because whether you come or not makes no difference to my way of life. None whatsoever, I assure you. Close tonight and live as well as I now live, for I have no desire to live at San Simeon. That is a way in the past of me, a way, way back, when one tried earthly things and thought it would keep him here forever. That’s a way, way back in my experience. My needs are little. I have no desire for any things as things, none whatsoever. To shine? What, among what, shadows? When the greatest of the great never walked the earth and was never mortal born? What, am I trying to establish something here, for shadows to say how wonderful he was? No, all this is moving forward towards the inevitable end, when we turn, and then we see and the heart perceives. Who?— the Father. And then he embraces us, for the son, the prodigal son, has returned. For he went…he was sent. He returned, the Father embraced him, and he becomes the Father. So you go out, sent, and return as the Father; and, therefore, you can say at the very end, “Forgive every being in this world.” “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

So Blake’s poem, I tell you, it is true. Every word of it is true. I’ve experienced scripture. I can tell you these characters…what character walking the earth today or what character that has ever walked the earth that you and I have in the books of history dominates Abraham? I heard Ben-Gurion the other day on, I think it was, Meet the Press. He’s a grand old fellow, he’s now eighty, but here he takes the whole thing literally on this secular world…a little area called Israel…and he speaks of all these things just as though it’s writing a little history book. A grand, grand fella, undoubtedly he is, hasn’t the slightest idea of scripture. Oh, he can quote it from cover to cover.

But he’s not alone. I have…my sister’s intimate servant, she has many servants at home, but this one served her when her children were beginning to be born. She brought this one into her household and she’s now an old lady but she simply is there…doesn’t do very much, but she wouldn’t retire, she doesn’t want to retire. My sister would retire her today, retire her fifteen years ago, but no, she doesn’t want to retire. She’s there all day, have to force her to take days off, but she can quote the Bible from beginning to end. Doesn’t know a thing about Christ…but she’s on her way…she doesn’t know…she can quote it like Ben-Gurion quotes it.

Oh, he quotes it, Hebrew, it’s only the Old Testament, but he hasn’t the slightest concept of who Abraham really is, or Isaac, or Moses, or Jacob, or any of these who were never mortal born. They are eternal spiritual states through which men pass; and he starts in the state of Abraham, the friend, the companion, of his own Father, who is now buried within him. And he whispers into your ear in that state, which is called the state of Abraham. He tells you of the gospel, his story of redemption, and you start your journey, he promises you no easy going. You’ll be enslaved as long as you wear the cross, 400 years. Not 400 as you understand years, but as long as you wear the cross, this body. Then he’ll bring you out and you’ll have much, much more than you had before you entered. For God’s power and God’s wisdom will be enhanced by reason of this challenge which he put upon himself. He created the entire thing, a world of death, and buried himself in it, as a challenge to come out of it alive. And died…and died and died and died, as he made his journey. In the end he returned, turned around, and saw himself, the Everlasting Father. Now he could fuse into it and he’s one with the Everlasting Father. So everyone who turns is one in this wonderful unity that is God. So here is the diversity and yet there is unity in diversity, as there is diversity in unity.

Now, you dwell upon what I said tonight. It’s a riddle and riddles are difficult things to understand…and the riddle of riddles is Christ. There is no greater riddle. I tell you a story, the most incredible story in the world, of one who was born, who would influence all eventually, who has told you the only truth in the world, and yet he was not mortal born. Yet he was born. I tell you the one who died and yet he rose from the dead, incredible stories, all summed up in one person called Christ Jesus. He was not mortal born. He never walked the earth as a separate individual; but he rose in the individual and man experienced everything that was said in scripture. The key was then given to the one in whom he unfolded, and he unriddled the riddle that is the Old Testament. For the Old Testament is a riddle, it’s a sealed book, and Christ awakes in the individual and he unriddles the riddle.

And when he tells of this unriddled riddle, they don’t believe him. Those who knew him intimately, judging him by human standards, not knowing that the sifting took place before he came into the world, though he appeared in the world among brothers and a sisters and among others, he was not the same potatoes and had been sifted a long time ago. So he came in to be stirred early in life and he could not be satisfied with the environment into which he was placed at that moment in time. At that secular space and time, that particular age, he became restless because he knew in the depths of his soul something different, and started his search to complete the un-riddling that he had started prior to that. Then it unfolded in him and now he is telling the story. And he tells it to the best of his ability, but he knows from tradition that a few will hear it and the mass will reject it. There will be a few who will hear it and believe it, but they will be afraid of the reactions of the society in which they live, and, therefore, they will be silent and not mention it, not forcefully. They’ll listen to his thoughts or read what he has to say in private and hide the book because it may be seen by those who are still of what is considered the upper crust of the world in which they live. That is told in scripture in the 12th chapter of the Book of John. Here, they heard, many believed him, but they were afraid of the Pharisees and afraid they may be put out of the synagogues. Well, the synagogue of the ancient world is still with us today in all denominations of churches, and they’re always excommunicating. Anything that disagrees with their traditional concept of a secular world they excommunicate. And then, of course, they go blindly on and tomorrow they’ve revised it, taking him back into the fold. Now the Lutherans are asking (as though Luther cared) the present Pope Paul the 6th to bring Luther back into the fold, for he was excommunicated hundreds of years ago. The modern day Lutherans would be very happy if both Paul the 6th would redeem Luther and once more bring him back into the fold. Have you ever heard such nonsense? Isn’t that Alice in Wonderland in the extreme? Well, this is this present world in which we live. I tell you forgive them, they know not what they do. And that goes from the Pope down…all the way down to the one who shines his shoe and thinks he’s blessed because he shines his shoe.

Let him awake in you. One day you will turn around and the joy that you returned! I was taken straight into the presence of the risen Christ. I didn’t turn around. Had I turned around, I would not be here. I was taken into his presence, answered the questions asked, and incorporated into his body that I may complete the journey. At any moment between now and the inevitable departure from this world, I would turn around and you will read of Neville’s obituary and it’s the end of my journey. I’ve finished it…that I know from my own personal experience. So here I hope this night I have helped in a measure in un-riddling the riddle. The greatest riddle in the world is Jesus Christ. Who is he?

Now next Monday, we only have one lecture next week, which is Monday night. We have nothing on Friday and then the following Monday we’re back again on the same schedule of Monday, Friday until we close the end of April. Next Monday my subject will be “He Dreams in Me”; the following Monday, “He Stirs in Me”; and then the following Friday, “He Awakes in Me.” So these are the three scheduled for Monday, then the following Monday, and then the Friday just before Easter. So, he dreams in me…and I have some lovely dreams to share with you sent me by those who are here, where scripture flows through the mind in the normal setting of the workday. As you are told, as I quoted tonight, “Believe me. The words that I say unto you are not mine; they are his who sent me.” Well, here’s one in his own workaday building and he’s hearing what he knows he didn’t write. They are words said by another. Who?—the one who sent him into this world to do what he is now doing. Well, I have many things to tell you concerning the dreams of those who have shared them with me, little children and adults, and the children of ___(??). So, next Monday we are here and the subject is “He Dreams in Me.”

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

If you give a book, I know of no better book than my present one. I speak of the last chapter—it’s the true story of Easter. Some are in the habit of giving books at Easter. Well, that last chapter, which I have titled Resurrection, is the true story, not based upon hearsay, but on my own personal experience of the resurrection and all that goes with it.

Alright, Ben?

Q: I wondered could you mention what did you feel that fruit…what connotation did that have, because I had a vision of you passing out fruit at the top of a hill, in a blue suit. People were coming up and their faces were pale and they looked like they were going to faint any minute. You were just giving them fruit.

A: Well, Ben, if you saw me dressed in blue and I was passing out fruit, what I was giving was the truth. Blue is truth. When I’m robed in blue, I am speaking the truth. If I am robed in red, then it is really nothing but love. I mean sacrificial love to the point of self-sacrifice. If I was speaking the truth and willing to sacrifice myself to defend that truth, I am clothed in purple, the robe of Christ. You saw me in blue and I was giving out fruit, I was feeding whoever would come with the truth. The truth is not always accepted. One would think the truth would be completely accepted and would storm the hearts of men, but not against tradition, not against the beliefs in which you were born, raised in a certain tradition, certain habits, certain thoughts, certain religions. So, you ask a person who is a Jew, “Why are you a Jew?” and he was born one. “Why are you a Christian?” and he was born one. Did he actually investigate it and accept it? No, he was born in the environment and he will simply, well, that’s his religion. Why is this one a Moravian and one is a Lutheran and one is an evangelist? They were born in it. These things drop truth when it comes into the world. One has to separate themselves from the obvious and let the truth come through. When it comes through it tells them. Well, they say, who is this one? He has no learning; we know him, his father, his mother, his brothers, his sisters, we know all about him. How can he speak like this? How could he claim that all that was ever said in scripture is said of him? So, if you saw me clothed in blue on the top of a mountain giving out fruit to those who came pale of face, I hope that they all accepted it then…because we are all one.

Q: As a matter of fact, I have been pondering your comments on Ben-Gurion. Here is a man who is quite erudite in his biblical knowledge. May he be justly censured because Spirit does not reveal to him the essence of his scholarly studies of the Bible?

A: No, not justly censured, any more than I would censure the Pope when I say of the Pope that he does not know. No one can control the purse strings of a portfolio that runs into something like $50 billion and give attention to the Spirit. Ben-Gurion is here raising money. He’s not here telling the story of Christ or the story of Abraham; he’s over here to raise millions for the state of Israel. Well, if that is my purpose, I am not giving my undivided attention to Christ.

I can quote the Bible as my sister’s maid, her name is ___(??). And she loves to tell me…I take a drink and she always wants to relate it to the Bible, she said, “You know, Mr. Neville, what they say in the Bible about…” then she couldn’t quote it. I said, “You mean the dog who returns to its vomit?” If perchance it makes you vomit and you return, or if you get sick by it and the doctors tell you, “Give it up!” and you go back to drink, you know what happens. I had to show her the passage and the page. Well, she would know all about it, but she didn’t know the meaning. And when I would say to her, “You know that food will not commend you to God, ___(??), you’re no better off if you do not eat and no worse off if you do.” “Where is that, Mr. Neville?” “Well, go and you’ll find it. You’ll find it in the Bible in Corinthians.” She was so amazed that one who drinks and eats meat, who lives a normal life, a full life, knows her Bible with her…but not as she knows it. Because to her, going to church all day on Sunday and any other extra hours that is religion.

But to be all dressed up in purple robes made with human hands is not the purple robes of which I speak. And to put on the scarlet robes and just parade before the TV set when the current is on, all in brilliant scarlet robes, and mouth all kinds of words, is not wearing the scarlet robe. Would he tonight give his life for a friend if the friend was in need? As we told the story last week…when the mother willingly volunteered to give her kidney for her daughter who needed a kidney, she volunteered, without price, without money. She was not only wearing the scarlet robe of self-sacrifice, but the blue robe of truth because she meant it. Put the two together, red plus blue, and you get purple. She was wearing the purple robe. Yet, she comes here in a simple beige suit.