Neville Goddard Lectures: The New Man (1965)

Neville Goddard Lectures: The New Man (1965)


These subjects that seem so spiritual are really in the end the most practical in the world…really they are. Tonight it’s “The New Man.” And by the new man I do not mean that a man who was, say, weak at birth and then became strong, or that he was poor and became rich and mighty. These are only states. I tell you that you can be whatever you want to be in this world by a change of state, which is simply a change of consciousness, that’s all that you do really. But that’s not the new man. Tonight, I’m speaking of the new man—not a state where if you said to me “I want to be” and you name it, well, it isn’t difficult to get into it. And if you’re willing to live in a state, I know from experience it would take you no time to reap the fruit of that state, good, bad or indifferent. I don’t care what it is…you name it. I will show you how to get into that state. It’s easy. You live in the state, and then all of a sudden, like a tree, you bear the fruit of the state. That is simple; that belongs to the world of Caesar.

But tonight I’m speaking of the new man. “You who once were far off are now brought near in the blood of Jesus.” Fantastic statement! You and I were once far off and we’re brought near in the blood of Jesus. “He is our peace who made us one, made us both one, and has broken down the dividing line or wall of hostility…that he might create in himself one new man in place of the two, so making peace” (Eph. 2:13,14). You read it and you wonder “What is this all about?” You can’t rationalize it. Reason will not help you; reason belongs to this world. We were given reason only in the world of Caesar, and we can use it as best we can. Become so wise in the eyes of the world, so very wise—get all the degrees and all the medals, because we are wise, wise men and women in the world of Caesar.

Just about a year ago in New York City…in fact it was the month of June of ’64…I was there for my daughter’s graduation, and I read this little story in the Herald Tribune by John Crosby. He was then in London and he was interviewing some ex-minister of the Anglican Church, his name was Allen Stewart. He was born in Dublin. His father was an Anglican minister and his grandfather…strangely enough born in Dublin…but, nevertheless, they were all Anglican ministers. He gave up the ministry. So Crosby interviewed him and Crosby said to him, “Why did you do it?” Well, he said—while he was gorging himself with this enormous steak as Crosby entertained him—he said, “Typical Edwardian.” Well, he meant Edward the VII, who was like this, who just indulged himself to the nth degree. So he said, “That no one—as my father said to me, who was also a minister—no one can be a priest unless he’s either a moron or intellectually dishonest.” Well, I am not a moron, said he, and I refuse to continue being intellectually dishonest, and so I’ve given it up.

So Crosby said to him, “Tell me what portions of the Christian faith you cannot accept?” He said, “I will answer you as I did the archbishop. The archbishop asked me the same question and I said, none of it…it’s all nonsense…this is a myth. How could anyone studying physics, astrophysics, biochemistry, biology, and all of these things, ever accept this peculiar allegorical myth? His name is Allen Stewart, a brilliant speaker, brilliant mind. Well, they didn’t want to lose him in the church, because he was so brilliant as a speaker. Well, here is one who expects to find this great mystery through reason, and you can’t do it. It’s revelation—the whole thing is revealed. If God doesn’t reveal himself to man, man remains in the world of Caesar. All he can do is take God’s law, based upon reason, and he has to use some other little angle with it to become this man, that man, the other man in this world.

But I tell you, the new man is a reality, it is true, something entirely different; and every one is destined to be that new man, and the new man is Jesus Christ. You are destined to be Jesus Christ, regardless of your present sex, regardless of our present race, present anything. You are destined to be Jesus Christ without loss of identity. You will not lose your identity; it encompasses everything in the world; and you’re destined to be Jesus Christ, believe it or not. I am speaking from experience; I am not theorizing, I am not speculating. Everything said in scripture concerning Jesus Christ you are going to experience, and you will be the central character in the entire story. You are the new man.

We are told he will return as told us in the Book of Acts and the Book of Hebrews. The truest return of Jesus Christ is when he repeats in us all that is recorded in scripture about Jesus Christ. Every word that is uttered in the New Testament as coming from God himself you are going to say, you’ll speak it, and you will be Jesus Christ when you say it. Let me give you one simple little illustration. Oh, about eight months ago, my friends Jack and Grace, my publishers, they are well-advanced in years. They don’t look it…they have lived this principle, I would say, as best they could, and so you would never know how advanced in years in the world of Caesar they are, but they are. Well, in the last year or so she hasn’t been feeling well. And so, this night both sat in their living room, they were looking at a picture on TV, some documentary, and being tired she simply dozed. As she dozed, she came back to the world of Caesar and she was repeating audibly that which anyone could hear were they in the room. Jack heard it…and she was repeating over and over…at least three times she said, “Oh, I must remember what Neville said. I must remember what Neville said.” Jack said to her, “What did Neville say?” And then she came to. “Oh,” she said, “wait a second I’ll remember, I’ll get it.” Then after a little while, “Oh yes, this is what he said, ‘Do not be afraid…I am with you always, to the close of the age.’” These are the words of the risen Christ, yet she heard Neville say, “Do not be afraid…I am with you always, to the end and the close of the age.” I tell you these are the last words as recorded in the Book of Matthew (28:10, 20).

The Book of Mark ends on a note from a woman, and the woman is…it is said, they were afraid (verse 8). They told nothing to anyone, for they saw the empty tomb and they told nothing to anyone. If you have the normal Bible, the King James Bible, there are two little endings to it that are not really the true endings. It ends on the eighth verse. Two have been supplied by scholars through the years, because they felt it was an unfinished symphony. It’s not an unfinished symphony at all. It is true, just that end “they were afraid.” So the voice speaks now…you and I must finish it…you and I have to play scripture. And the being of which I speak, this being is omnipresent, it’s omniscient. You actually are incorporated into the body of God. I am speaking from experience. The day will come you will stand right in the presence of the living Christ, the risen Christ; you will be incorporated into his body, and the body is all love. Love is the human form divine. There you stand, not only in his presence but you are actually fused and incorporated into that body, and you wear that body.

So you come into this world and play your small, little part till that moment in time when the dove descends upon you, and then Messiah’s really power-laden work begins. At that moment in time when this happens to you individually your power-laden work begins, and then your work here is simply secondary. Oh, you tell the story, tell it to anyone who will listen, write it in books, write it in magazines, tell it; but your real work is not in this world anymore. It belongs to an entirely different realm, and you’re omnipresent. When someone like a Grace who despairs, she’s tired, and she falls into a little coma at the moment, looking at a documentary, and you appear and you tell her, “Be not afraid…I am with you always, to the close of the age.” She comes out of that state bringing you…she calls you by name, “I must remember”—and she calls you, whether your name is John, or Grace, or Peter, in my case it was Neville—“I must remember what Neville said.” I’m quoting the words of the risen Christ. They have become my words because I’m part of his body. I live in that realm. So you go to sleep, alright, so you’re a little Neville who has all the pains of the world, he has all the limitations of this world; but that something that has happened to the depth, the new man in him, has no pain in this world. He puts this down; this is tired, and this little body will eventually go to the end, it will die, so you’ll burn it up, dispose of it. But that something that took place in him which is the new man, it’s an entirely different region. The new man is only one man, and everyone will one day be that one new man. God is gathering men, one by one, to unite into a single man who is God. And all will unite into that one being.

So here, Allen Stewart, a brilliant mind in his own judgment of himself, and he speaks of astrophysics—if anyone studied astrophysics, how could they ever accept this awful, stupid nonsense called Christianity? And only last month, you might have read it, if anyone knowing those who are tops in astrophysics today were called upon to name the outstanding members of that great group and you reduced it to, say, to three, you could not omit the name of Fred Hoyle, you couldn’t. Fred Hoyle of Cambridge has for, well, this whole generation been the outstanding astrophysicist. Last month he addressed a group of astrophysicists and he said to them, “I may have been wrong for the last twenty years. In fact, I believe I have been wrong.” Well, Fred Hoyle’s textbooks are required reading in all the universities of the world that would have a course in astrophysics. No one could actually pass and get his degree in that great science without a knowledge of what Fred Hoyle believes…only theories. Now after twenty years he tells them all he may have been wrong and he believes he has been wrong.

So Allen Stewart wants us all to study astrophysics, that which is only the speculation of the mind of man. Hasn’t a thing to do with revelation. When the evangelist said, “God is love,” do you think for one moment that this conclusion was reached after a long process of philosophic reflection on the nature and the attributes of God? No, it came as a self-revelation of God. The day will come you will stand in the presence of God, here is the risen Christ, and he’s all love. You don’t have to ask any questions, he’s all love. He embraces you, incorporates you into his own being and you are one with the body of God that is all love.

When Blake was asked this simple question, “What do you think of Jesus Christ?” he turned to his friend Robinson and he said, “Jesus Christ is the only God”—but then he hastened to add—“but so am I and so are you.” Unfortunately they were going in to dinner and we have no further comment from Robinson, who told the story, or Blake would have explained his vision: He stood in the presence of the risen Christ who’s all love. He was incorporated into the body of the risen Christ, therefore, he was love. He also knew that Robinson, who asked the question, would one day be incorporated into that body.

So I tell you that eventually everyone in this world, regardless of what they have done or what they are capable of doing, will be incorporated into the body of the risen Christ; and that is the new man, that is God himself. You can’t rationalize it. This belongs to a region that is completely outside of what the intellect inhabits. Therefore, all the wise men in the world could not in any way disturb it by their criticism and by their arguments, they couldn’t. It remains undisturbed. What man in this world…if I hadn’t read Fred Hoyle’s confession that he’s been wrong for twenty years…here’s the outstanding astrophysicist of the world…now he confesses like the little old lady on TV, “Now she tells me. After I’ve labored and labored and labored to get going where I’m going, now they tell me I could go aboard this little Greyhound, and the whole thing was taken care of.” Now she tells me, said she, as she reaches the end of her day. So now Fred Hoyle confesses that he has been wrong for twenty years, and all who actually took their degrees in astrophysics had to memorize the works of Fred Hoyle and pass it based upon that which is untrue. May I tell you, when it comes to “the end,” everything in the world of Caesar is but a shadow, a copy, and because it is a copy it isn’t true. It’s a shadow; it isn’t true. Nothing here is true. And the day will come when you will actually play the part that is recorded in scripture of Jesus Christ. You, too, will stand in the presence of someone who needs your help at that moment, after you’re incorporated into the body of Jesus Christ. We are incorporated one by one.

Now, when I tell you the simple little story, how would anyone reading it in scripture understand it, unless they either experience it or they believe the words of one who did experience it? For here we are told “We are saved by the blood of Jesus.” How could you be saved by the blood of Jesus? Well, the normal person would say that’s stupid, that’s completely, well, it’s idiotic. May I tell you, it’s true, it is absolutely true. You sit here this moment and you’re all breathing and you’re alive. May I tell you, were it not for that drop of blood, you wouldn’t breathe, you wouldn’t be alive. Let me tell you my experience of that…I know it from experience. “You once were far off, but now you are drawn near in the blood of Jesus.” That’s what we’re told in Ephesians—once far off and drawn near in the blood of Jesus; and now, he is our peace who made us both one, and has now torn down and destroyed that dividing wall of hostility, that he may make in himself one new man in place of two. You think of yourself and you think of God, you and God. He’s going to break it down and make you one. God became man that man may become God.

So he’s going to tear that wall down. We’re told he tore it from the top to the bottom. The Bible speaks of the flesh of Jesus as the curtain of the temple. I didn’t know what it meant until it happened to me, hadn’t the slightest idea. And one night, this bolt of light, like lightning, tore me in two from the top of my skull to the base of my spine; and here I am, I’m looking at myself severed, two pieces. At the base of the spine here is this lovely, living golden, liquid light. Strangely enough, here I’m a man, I am looking at it, and there is no doubt in my mind it is my reality, my own very self. I know it is the blood of God and I know it’s myself. Here, I have been separated throughout these centuries as I was lost in this dream of life. Everyone has to dream it. I’m looking at it…as I look at it I fuse with it, and the union is made. We who were two are now one—as this wall of division, this dividing wall of hostility was severed, and then I became one with it. Then up I go like a serpent into the Holy of Holies, the sanctuary, into the presence of God.

Everyone in this world is going to have that experience. It doesn’t make sense; you can’t rationalize it. No being in this world could reason it. How could they reason it? It’s outside of the region of reason. It belongs to something far deeper, far more vital than that which the intellect inhabits; and there, you actually become one with the blood of God. So when we are told, “Once you were far off, but you are brought near by the blood of God,” then comes the severance of that wall where it was completely separated, and you see…you didn’t realize that the blood of God was yourself.

Now listen to these words, “No one ascends but he who descends.” Well, you’re told that God descended that we may ascend with God. But we are also told that “We died, and our life is hid in Christ in God. And when Christ who is our life appears, then we too will appear with him in glory” (Col. 3:3). So when God descended, he descended and all of us within him; we are the blood cells of the being. And now he awakes…everyone awakes as God…but everyone in the world awakes. You are not some little pygmy; you are God himself. Everyone is individualized as God. Makes no sense on this level of the Fred Hoyles, the astrophysicists, and those who leave the church like Allen Stewart—brilliant minds and they’re so wise, so erudite. They can just simply tear you apart in the use of words, and they’re great linguists. But they are men without vision and they do not know that God is love. They do not know that God exists. They do not know that God is light, infinite light, infinite wisdom. They do not know; for this could not be known by man unless God himself revealed it. So he reveals himself. When he reveals himself to the one, called by any name, then he incorporates that one into himself. As we’re told in the Book of Isaiah, “I will gather you one by one, O people of Israel.” You are so unique that no one can take your place. You can’t be put aside, and you are going to be called in order. There is an order to the entire calling, one by one. No one can outrun the other, everyone is called in time. He is called by God, incorporated into the body of God, and he is God at that moment of incorporation.

The whole thing seems insane to those who want to get everything in the world of Caesar. Well, if you do, may I tell you, you can. But, I warn you, wealth doesn’t mean happiness. You can have it…sure you can have it. I have gone into homes from here to the coast, in Europe, the West Indies, fabulous wealth, fabulous! I wouldn’t say all of them, but so many of them are so sordid, so completely sordid that if that is what wealth does to one, then forget it if that’s what it means, complete sordidness. You wouldn’t expect it in any part of the world where there was nothing, and yet here it is in the world of wealth. So they can have it. You may have it. You want wealth? You may have it. Nations get it, individuals get it. You can have anything you want in this world. It’s a simple technique. The technique is this, do you know what you want to be? How would you see the world were it true that you are what you want to be? How would it look? Well, then take one good look in your mind’s eye at the world as you would see it were it true that you are the man, or the woman, that you would like to be. Now believe in the reality of what you see mentally, just believe in it. If you remain faithful to this unseen reality, the unseen reality will project itself on the screen of space, and it will become a fact in your world. Be careful what you want! You want just wealth, alright, you can have it, have anything in this world. You want fame? You can have it. You want…I don’t care what it is, you name it. You’ll get it if you’re willing to actually yield to the state, and forget your previous state, and simply remain faithful to this new state. You’ll get it! I’ve witnessed it. I’ve done it myself.

But I tell you the promise is the important part of scripture and that promise is that God became man that man may become God. Now listen to these words from the 11th chapter of the Book of John. A man is dead…and the sister said to him, “Had you not gone away our brother would not have died.” He said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life…though he died, yet he shall live. Do you believe this?” and she answered, “Yes, Lord; I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who is coming into the world” (verses 25-27). Listen to the sentence, “Who is coming into the world.” The King James Version translates that phrase, “Who should come into the world.” Well, where does the drama take place, where did this drama take place? “I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who is coming into the world.” So everything recorded in scripture is to be fulfilled by you, by the speaker, by everyone in this world. So, all the words recorded, these words are true; they are immortal, they’re forever. You, too, will stand in the presence of one who is distressed, who is tired, who feels “This is it!” and “What have I accomplished?” You, too, will say to her, “Do not be afraid…I am with you always, to the close of the age.” You’ll do it and she will come out trying to remember what you said. Someone will ask her, What did he say? What did he say? Then she’ll make an effort to bring it back, and she’ll bring it back, and she will quote the very last verse in the Book of Matthew which you said to her.

And so, you fulfill scripture. Every word in scripture must be fulfilled. And who fulfills it? You and I fulfill it, for he is coming into the world. So, just as it’s recorded he was born, you have the experience of that peculiar supernatural birth. And just as you were told he discovered he was the father of David, you will have that experience. And just as you were told that the curtain must be split from top to bottom, and he takes his own blood—not the blood of calves and goats as the priesthoods of the world do every year, without feeling the conscience of man—he takes his own blood. He takes an adequate sacrifice, and so he takes his own blood into the sanctuary. And you will have that experience. Then will come that moment in time that the Holy Spirit himself will descend upon you in bodily form as a dove. Then comes your wonderful work; at that very moment then the power-laden work of Messiah begins…and it’s not here. Every night when you go to bed and the body, this little thing, falls on its bed then you’re off. But even without going to bed, the body that you’re wearing that no mortal eye can see is omnipresent, and he speaks the world over. And you have no loss of identity and yet you wear the body of the risen Christ, the body of love.

So I tell you, what I have said this night I am speaking from experience. I am not theorizing, I am not speculating; all this I have experienced. So when this moment comes for this little garment to be removed for the last time, I hope I have left the impression with you—either from the platform or in the little books that I have written—that you will know who you really are and what you are destined to be. Everyone is destined to be the exalted risen Christ, everyone. Not some little thing that in some future day you’re going to sit down and be judged. No, you aren’t going to be judged; all is forgiven, the whole thing is forgiven. The most horrible beast that ever walked the face of the earth in human form still is forgiven. The day will come he, too, will stand in the presence of the exalted risen Christ who’s all love and be incorporated, and be one with God.

Whether you believe it or not, at the moment, really, I really don’t care, because I know how true it is…and eventually you will, anyway. But at the moment, if you can’t accept it because you think that this one or that one could not really be incorporated, well then, you must wait, wait until it happens to you. The day will come when it happens to you; you will realize you’ve played all the parts of the world. I don’t mean that I’ve played the part, say, called John Brown or Mary Smith, no, I’ve played the states that they represent—the state of poverty, the state of wealth, the state of weakness and the state of strength—I’ve played them all. My memory goes back quite a bit. As Blake said, “I behold the visions of my deadly sleep of 6,000 years,” well, my memory goes back too. I can behold the parts that I’ve played, fabulous parts and horrible parts, they’re all there. But they don’t confuse me any more, because I stood in the presence of the risen Christ, and when he asked the simple question, which I answered that the greatest thing in the world is love, he embraced me. As he embraced me I became one with the body of God.

For Jesus Christ is God, believe it or not. You may bow your head in shame when I make that statement, but I tell you Jesus Christ is God himself, and there is only God. Everyone will one day be Jesus Christ without loss of identity, no loss whatsoever. Everyone will be the risen Christ. It’s the strangest thing in the world, how can you rationalize it? You can’t rationalize it. So when someone tries to bring it down to this level and tries to rationalize it, you can’t rationalize it. And may I tell you, it hasn’t a thing to do with churchianity, hasn’t a thing to do with outside rituals. All outside rituals and ceremonies are secondary states superimposed upon the great vision. They are simply like barnacles upon the ship. Hasn’t a thing to do with all these outside things in the world. It’s all about you. Everything written in the scripture is all about you. As told you in the 40th Psalm, “Everything written in this book is all about me.” And he didn’t realize it until suddenly something happens in him.

How could I ever have believed for one moment, taught Christianity as I was as a child, that the whole thing was all about me; that this birth, this fantastic supernatural birth, would take place in me? I thought it took place 2,000 years ago. But to tell me that it’s going to take place in me in the same manner that’s recorded in scripture? And that David who lived 1,000 B.C. came after me, because I am his father? If I am his father then he came after me. I was born in 1905, and here is a little child, 1905, the father of one who was born 1,000 B.C.? How could it be? And here, humanity, the whole of humanity personified as a single youth, David, and I the father of humanity, when I am one of three billion of us? The three billion in the world…and here, take all the people in the world together, fuse them together, and personify them and you find David—and I the father of David, therefore, the father of humanity? Doesn’t make sense! But I experienced it.

And then I would come to that moment when that 10th chapter of Hebrews, this fantastic chapter, that “We are saved by the blood of Jesus.” And he takes through—not like the priests who take goats’ blood and calves’ blood and the blood of other things—he takes his own blood as the curtain is split from top to bottom. Who would have thought for one moment that my own body was the body that he wore, and that he splits it, and reveals at the base of my loins the blood of God? That I actually had been generating in this world, and now you turn up into regeneration, to discover that this wonderful ascent is God’s victory? Who would have thought for one moment the resurrection was true in man? That the resurrection is simply not perpetuation of this world of life? No, it’s God’s victory over death. The last enemy to be overcome is death, and so he resurrects. He overcomes the greatest enemy in the world. He actually comes down into death, assumes it, and overcomes it by resurrecting.

And who would believe for one moment that when the earliest book of the New Testament, which is Mark—it’s put second, but it’s the earliest, really—and it begins with the descent of the dove. And the dove comes down and rests upon him. As you read it, no one saw it but himself, as you read the story. And that was the beginning of his mighty work, and then from then on things happen. You hear it no matter where you go in the world—“I heard you last night, You said so and so,” and you weren’t there by a thousand miles or three thousand miles. But they’re only quoting scripture and you were actually in their presence quoting scripture, as I was in the presence of Grace: “Do not be afraid…I’m with you always, yes, to the close of the age.” And the whole vast scripture unfolds within man.

So I tell you, what I told you this night is not based upon anything that I heard from another; that I read in books save the Bible which I didn’t understand until I experienced it. I didn’t know scripture until I experienced scripture. I can’t find it in all the scriptures that I read, all the commentaries, all the exegeses; they do not tell it. They’re all lost in words, words, words, but they do not know scripture. It has to be experienced. When you experience scripture, well, then you know who you are. I say God actually became man; and the day will come he will break down the wall of division between the two, and man will become God. Then he will ascend as God. That’s the story.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Q: (inaudible)
A: It’s something that man seemingly doesn’t do—it’s a gift. Because it’s a gift we don’t earn it; it’s grace, grace and still more grace. When I was taken in Spirit this night into the presence of the risen Christ, I certainly didn’t anticipate him. I never thought it possible. Why at that moment in time I was taken, I still cannot tell you, I don’t know. I only know I was taken in Spirit into the presence of the risen Christ, asked a simple question which I answered, and he embraced me, incorporated me into his body, and I wore the body of the risen Christ which is all love. I know it isn’t earned. You can’t earn it, therefore, if anyone ever tells you that you do this to earn it or that to earn it, forget it! You don’t earn it, it’s a gift. God gave himself to man. And then everyone…it’s like a drop of blood in the body of God, and every drop is going to be redeemed, as you, as this one, that one, the other one, and not one will fail. Because I don’t earn it, you don’t earn it. If it depended upon our earning it, I would despair. But we don’t earn it, it’s all a gift; the whole thing is a gift of God, so that no one can fail.

I know on a certain level, you don’t want that one to ever get it, but that’s because you don’t know. And we don’t want that one to get it…so, I mean, that’s part of human thinking. But may I tell you, in the end there is no other, there’s only God. And yet, strangely enough there’s no loss of identity; and yet there is no other—one Spirit, one body. That’s the strange thing, and the body isn’t confined to a moment in space; it’s omnipresent. That…it’s a mystery. I can’t explain the mystery. Paul uses the term not less than twenty times. Every time he uses it he speaks only of the mystery of the gospel. Every time he uses the word mystery he’s speaking only of the mystery of the gospel. It’s a mystery and people are trying to rationalize it. And they can’t accept it…what a man was born in a supernatural way? It’s stupid. Well, we know that physically a man knows a woman—or you can have a eugenic child, you can have an impregnation based upon in some other way—and a child will be born, same child. But that’s not what the Bible’s talking about. It’s talking about a supernatural being that comes into the world differently; it comes from above. And who would have thought for one moment that he was asleep until that moment of resurrection? I thought I was always awake; I always thought I was awake. I got up in the morning, had breakfast, read my Bible, read the morning paper, and then maybe two, three hours later I should shave and get ready for the day. I thought, well, now that’s the normal thing for a man to do if that’s his habit of life. And then all of a sudden one day you are awakening, and you always thought you were awake. This is something entirely different; this is a different awakening altogether. You awake in a tomb, and the tomb is your skull. You come out, as you’re told, and leave the skull an empty tomb. So when they look, they are afraid because it’s empty. And you are not there any more. Everything told in scripture concerning the birth surrounds you.

Then comes that interval where all these things happen, and at the end you begin to play scripture. You’re actually using the words of the risen Christ as your words, because you’re part of the body of the risen Christ. And so, the words are not his words any more. There’s no such thing as his words but my words, for you’re part of that body. He foretold it all. So listen once more to the Book of John, “You are he who is coming into the world.” Read it in the King James Version, “You…it is the one who should come into the world.” Alright, I’m not a Greek scholar, so I can’t tell you which translation is the accurate one. But one said, “You should come into the world” and one said, “You’re coming into the world”—but both imply you’re not in the world. So you’re coming into the world, coming in the world as we are. So we awaken the whole scripture in ourselves, and we play the part, and stand in the presence of a woman…it wasn’t a man. Jack said to her, “What did Neville say? What did he say?” But it was a woman that I addressed, not a man, and the story tells you he spoke first to a woman and said, “Do not be afraid…I am with you always, to the close of the age.” So everyone awakens and he plays the part all over the world. So you go to bed tonight, the body becomes a little thing on the bed, but you are not there. You’re playing the part of the risen Christ, all over the universe, not only in this little section of time, but in all sections of time. Not confined to this; Christ is universal, not confined to this little moment in time.

Here tonight, the fabulous east where all the heavy concentration of people are, we have a fabulous state and maybe the most populous, but only one state; because between here and the Mississippi River it’s all vacant. East of that, you get the concentration of people. Well, tonight from Montreal down, the whole eastern area blacked out. At 5:20 tonight everything went off—all elevators stopped, subways stopped, no lights on the street—everything stopped…millions and confusion…man’s working. So man did it. So here is man…he is so wise, everything is so marvelous, so wise. So he runs this fabulous area, and tonight at 5:20 everything went out, complete blackout. It’s still blacked out. They can’t find out what happened. They do not know what happened.

I have friends living on the 33rd floor, Central Park South; one on the 21st floor, Park Avenue; my brother-in-law and sister on the 12th floor of 3rd Avenue; my son on the 5th floor down on Irving Place—all
, if they go home tonight, must walk up; and if they are up there, they must walk down. But suppose now that you are leaving the office at 5:20…it’s 5:20 when this thing happened. The Empire State is over a hundred, well, eighty-six stories, and you’re up there when it gives out, what are you going to do? Everything is blacked out on the East Coast tonight; Philadelphia, Massachusetts, New York, Rochester, Utica, all up into Montreal the whole thing is blacked out. Something happened; it hasn’t yet so far been revealed what happened, but something happened. And that is man.

But I tell you, the day will come you will be the light of the world, so nothing, not a thing in the world will black out. Nothing will shut you off. You are God. Everyone will one day awaken and he is God himself. There’s nothing but God. God became man that man may become God. So when Robinson asked Blake, and Blake had the vision, What, Jesus Christ? “But Jesus Christ is the only God, but so am I and so are you.”

Yes, ma’am?

Q: Would you define, in your terms, friendship?

A: Friendship? Well, my dear, I don’t know if I can satisfy your mood, but to me a friend… how would I define…I don’t know…how would I define a friend? I trust a friend implicitly, a friend. A friend to me is absolute trust. Something that…every time I meet a friend something moves within me, rejoices if that’s a friend, I mean, that’s how I feel towards those I call friends. If they call me on the telephone, if they write me a letter, if they come home, or I visit them, I don’t know, it does something to me emotionally. It’s just…I can’t describe it. Of course, the Bible tells you, “I no longer call you servants, no longer call you slaves, I call you friends.” It’s an absolute trust with a friend. That’s what I would call a friend. And friends have no racial or religious barrier if it’s a friend. The skin means nothing, the religious background, the racial background, national background, these barriers disappear with a friend, as far as I am concerned…just meet a friend. That’s how I feel it. As we are told in scripture, I no longer call you servants; the servant knows not what the master does. I call you friends, therefore I share my confidence. I can share my confidence with a friend. If he violates my confidence, he was really not a friend. I may not have satisfied you in the sense…but that’s how I feel about it.
Now it’s a little after nine, so I must call this a day. Now Friday is going to be a practical down-to-earth application of the principle. (Tape ends.)

Neville Goddard Lectures: The New Man (1965)
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Neville Goddard Lectures: The New Man (1965)
…I don’t know…how would I define a friend? I trust a friend implicitly, a friend. A friend to me is absolute trust.