Neville Goddard Lectures: “The New Idea Against The Old”


I think you’ll find tonight very, very practical, also very spiritual. We’re all searching for the cause of the phenomena of life, everyone ___(??). It’s called in scripture the Father. Man will discover this after the entire story as given to us in the gospel is re-enacted in him. But before this story is re-enacted in him, we can see this cause of the phenomena of life.

So tonight, come with me and let me show you, if you have not experienced it, let me show you Jesus Christ through the eyes of Paul. If you look at him through the eyes of Paul, you’ll see him more clearly than anyone in this world can show you. I’ll show you tonight who Paul really is. Just see him through the eyes of Paul. There is no mention of Paul in any contemporary work of the 1st Century, no mention of him. He is mentioned only in the Book of Acts, the last part of Acts, and then he is mentioned in his letters, thirteen letters, but no record of Paul. So who is Paul? May I tell you Paul is as much a state as Moses, as Abraham, as Isaac, as Jacob, as Jesus Christ. Here we are dealing with states and we’re only dealing with the fundamental state called God—that is the Father, the creative power, and you. Just God and this extension of himself called you. When you say “I am,” that’s he.

Now here, let us turn to Paul and remember it is a state. And in this state, here is one who is so zealous for the traditions of his fathers. He knew Hebrew backwards. He knew the traditions of the fathers backwards, all that was taught him in the book; and he protected with his life and opposed everyone who was in conflict with the traditions of the fathers. Then suddenly he saw the spirit behind the letter. Now this is something in man that’s seeing; it’s not someone on the outside. Something in man is seeing the spirit behind the law, behind the letter. And he’s just as ardent in promoting it as he was in defending the letter. He makes the statement, “I am not ashamed of the gospel.” Here we read it in the first chapter of his letter to the Romans. ___(??) his letter, which is simply something coming up. No one knows who the writer really is: “I’m not ashamed of the gospel: for it is the power of God for the salvation of every one who has faith” (Rom.1:16). It is the power of God for the salvation of him who has faith. He calls the power of God in his letter, Jesus Christ.

You and I think of a person when we think of Jesus Christ, Paul doesn’t. Listen to his words: “Even though I once regarded Christ from a human point of view, I regard him thus no longer” (2Cor. 5:16). When someone told him that God was on the earth as a man, and he knew his traditions of the fathers, “Make no graven image unto me” (Exod. 20:4)…and to tell you that a man, an individual other than yourself was in the world, and that is Christ, that is God? And then he realized who Jesus Christ really was, and he defines him in his letter to the Corinthians, “Jesus Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God…and I preach only Jesus Christ crucified…and raised from the dead” (1Cor.1:24); 1:23; Rom.6:4). That’s all that he would preach. The power of God and the wisdom of God crucified, where?—on man, in man, buried in man, and then raised in man.

Now you listen to it carefully. Tonight we will see the most practical ___(??) of this great mystery. For here, Paul is not a person as you are, as I am. Paul is a state, and if you are not zealous for the traditions of your fathers, then you cannot really enter it. You have accepted a certain concept of life and you are going to protect it with your life; then you see the story behind the story. You see the mystery behind it and you protect it with your life. And then tell it…he must tell it to the world.

Now, when it comes into the world, it disturbs man, for no one can be complacent after this comes into his life. Now listen to the words. He now sees that Jesus Christ is man’s own wonderful human Imagination, he sees it. He thought it was a person—“Even though I once regarded Christ from a human point of view, I regard him thus no longer.” If you want notes, this is his second letter to the Corinthians, the 5th chapter, the 16th verse. I once regarded from a human point of view…I no longer regard him from the human point of view. Well, then who is he? Who is this creative power? We go back now to the gospel, the 10th of Matthew: “Every one who acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven; every one who denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven. Think not that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword…to turn a man against his father, a daughter against the mother, a daughter-in-law against the mother-in-law. Anyone who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me” (Mat.10:32-38). Well, you read this and you think, “Now this is really insane.” Here, he said, “I do not come to abolish the law and the prophets, I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them.” Here is the law…the only commandment that is positive is the fifth Commandment, “Honor your father and your mother.” Honor your father and your mother. He doesn’t come to abolish them, and he tells me if I do not love him more than I love my father and mother, I am not worthy of him. Then, what is he?

I recall when I was just a little, tiny boy, I could not have been any more than five, I heard these stories told in my Sunday school class. And I knew at that very moment that if they said, “If I did not love him more than I loved my father and my mother, I wasn’t worthy of him,” I said to myself, “Well then, I am not worthy of him.” I couldn’t conceive of loving anyone more than my father. ___(??) mother, that sweet, beautiful, lovely lady that gave me everything, protected me, and I could love someone more than mother? I knew I would stay out of the kingdom. I could not do it. I thought of my father, this giant of a man that had no fear. He didn’t have one little bit of fear in his body. He proved it to my satisfaction over and over again, no fear…what a giant of a man! And I could love someone, some invisible power, more than my father? I just couldn’t do it. So I knew I could not be in the kingdom of God. No teacher could explain it to me, no one in school could do it, my father and mother couldn’t do it. But ___(??) I just couldn’t do it, that’s all there was to it. And “He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.” ___??) a man against his father? I could not be a son against my father. A daughter against her mother could not be done. In my world it can’t be done. So what is it?

I’m living in the world…here is visible causation. Father and mother is the obvious cause of everyone in this world. You have a father and mother. Whether it be human, bird, animal, we all have fathers and mothers. Here is the visible cause of the phenomena of life. You are now in a world of objective fact…and here comes something entirely different, an invisible world. And you either love it more than visible causation or you don’t. And then I saw it, it’s not telling me not to love my father, because no one could tell me not to love my father. No one could tell me not to love my mother, how could they? They couldn’t set me against my daughter, set me against my son, how could they? Then I realized it wasn’t that. Here was visible causation that man has set up in this world. I will simply join the right club. I will have enough money in the bank. I will do this, I will become a person seen by the world and that is the cause of my experiences in this world. Then I realized it isn’t that at all. The whole thing is invisible, causation is invisible, and then I must love this cause of the phenomena of life more than anything in this world. When I fall in love with it and worship it and make it myself, I would have no other God if I did it. When I fall in love with it, I don’t have to be called upon to dishonor my father and mother, or dislike my daughter, dislike my son. Love them beyond measure! But my father and mother in the world representing physical causation, obvious visible causation, are really not the cause of the phenomena of life.

I see that as Paul saw it so clearly, Paul being that aspect of my own mind that is awakening in me. Paul is not a person of history, as you are, as I am. There’s no character in scripture that is a personal history, not secular history; it is all divine history. Paul is one who was trained in the Jewish faith and knew Judaism backwards. He said, “I am a son of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin” (Rom.11:1). He knew it so perfectly. They said to his men, they said, “Your great learning has turned you mad.” He said, “I am not mad,” said he to Festus, “I am not mad; I am speaking the sober truth” (Act.26:24). I am telling you of a resurrection of a creative power of which man has been totally unaware. It’s been buried in man. This power is buried in every being in the world, and that power is God himself. There is no intermediary between man and God. I don’t need something between myself and God. If you think it’s Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is not the intermediary between man and God. Jesus Christ is the power, the creative power of God, which is your own wonderful human Imagination; that is Jesus Christ…and there is no other Jesus Christ. There is no intermediary between you and God the Father. God the Father is buried in man as your own wonderful I AM, and your wonderful human Imagination is Jesus Christ. That is Jesus Christ.

Now, how do I test him? In his letter he said, Come, believe me. “Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless you fail to meet the test!” (2Cor.13:5). Now listen to this, share with me this wonderful experience tonight of a friend who wrote me this letter. She said, “I’m an artist. I have been designing for Lanz and Bullock’s and for other places, all freelance. I never seek any work. I simply sit at home, imagine that I have work, and they call. In the last six months, I have not received too many orders from Lanz. Last year I earned almost $4,000 from them in my creative work, but in the last six months I didn’t. I took a vacation for three weeks; when I came back I called them. They said to me that they had employed an art director and they were giving her $650 a month, and that she should do the work that formerly I did; and then not to expect any work from them for at least a year. So that is what they told me…that was what they said.

“So, I put the receiver down and revised the entire conversation. I heard them tell me that they had lots of work for me, and I was thrilled in what I am hearing. I actually heard them tell me that they liked my work and ‘I have lots of work for you.’ One week later, they called. I went over and they said, ‘Here is a twenty-six page book for institutional advertising.’ So I took it home and I did five pages and took them back for their approval. They liked it immensely. Then I told them to do the twenty-six pages I’m going to charge you $750, just simply illustrating the twenty-six pages of this institutional advertising. They thought that was very, very reasonable, and before I left their office they gave me four ads for Harper’s magazine, that is national, and then two other small items, and all told it came to over $1,500.” Now, she said, “That is far more than they’ve ever given me in the past at any one time. So here I had my order from them for over $1,500 and I am making, today, far, far in excess of twice the amount I have ever made when I worked on a regular job. And I love every second of my creative work. I go home and I do it. I do it…it’s so easy I do it in no time flat, and I take it back and it’s all done. I get Bullock’s, I get Lanz, I get the others; and all I do is I sit and I imagine that I am busy and the phone begins to ring and they are calling.”

Who is Jesus Christ? You’re told in scripture he is the creative power of God. “Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God…and by him all things are made and without him there is not anything made that is made” (1Cor.1:24; John 1:3). So how are you using the creative power of God that is Christ? So, “He doesn’t like me”…that’s Christ in operation, so he doesn’t like me. Then he meets you ___(??) or spits on you, and you think, “Why did he do this?”—-because you did it. There is no power but Christ. Not a thing in this world can do anything to you unless you first are doing it to yourself by this use of the creative power of God? And God is who? I AM. So when I sit down to imagine, who’s doing it? I am doing it, that’s God. Doing what? I’m imagining…well, that’s Christ. Then what am I imagining? I imagine so and so, and so, well, that’s Christ. I am doing it, that’s God, and what I’m doing is Christ, the power of God in operation. And there is no other Christ; that is Christ. So he said, “I have laid the foundation, and no other foundation could any one lay, other than Christ, the creative power of God” (1Cor.3:11). Now, he warns everyone, you may come with other foundations, but, may I tell you, other than this, they’re all spurious. You may claim that you have apostolic descent. Of all the junk of the world, apostolic descent! And you dress yourself up in all the ___(??) of the world, and you think that is some holy, holy state. He tells you it is all only…there’s only one foundation that anyone can lay and the only foundation is Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ which is the power of God is your own wonderful human Imagination. There is no other foundation.

So I test it against everyone…and I tell you this tonight because the lady now is in the audience, and she wrote me ___(??). She said, “Ten days ago, I heard from my mother in Kansas”—this is another lady from Kansas; not the same one that I spoke of earlier—and she said, “My mother said an ulcer, or a seeming ulcer, is recurring from a similar thing I had two years ago.” I sat right down and I wrote with conviction that the God in me is speaking to the God in you and telling you that you do not have this at all, that you are perfect. And I wrote so convincingly that when she got it, she reacted to it, for she made the test and the test came out based upon exactly what I said in my letter to her. I spoke so forcibly in my letter and I meant every word of it, I knew she was going to call me up and confirm it, which she did. And she told me last night. She only wrote the letter a couple of days ago but last night she called, and she said everything I said in the letter, that now all the tests reveal exactly what I had said.”

Now, she said, “I must tell you Neville, I have never been able to use the word Imagination in my family. It’s anathema. I can’t use it, so I use the word God to my mother. She could understand that…that the God in me speaks to the God in you. So I have learned from experience I can’t use the word Imagination.” All right, may I tell her tonight (and she’s here tonight) I’m going to re-quote the 10th of Matthew: “He who does not acknowledge me before men, I will not acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven. He who denies me, I will deny him before my Father who is in heaven. For I have come not to bring peace, but a sword… to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and the enemies of a man are those of his own household. And so I tell you, he who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.”

So I will tell her tonight, even though they fly off into space, tell them the truth, tell them who Jesus Christ really is. Don’t beat around the bush and call it by a thousand other names and still leave them sound asleep. This is a conflict. When truth comes into the world, it sets man against everything that was ancient. The Father is always the new against the old, the son against to father. Here, a new concept comes into the world. Who is this being? “Even though I once considered and regarded Christ from a human point of view, I regard him thus no longer.” These are the words of the Paul in man. So when this happens in man that he doesn’t regard a human Christ any longer but sees him as his own wonderful human Imagination, that is Paul speaking in man…that is the little one coming into being who is speaking. And yet he has to be bold, and he speaks out. Even though I would make it easy? No, do not make it easy. You tell everyone in this world your own wonderful human Imagination is the only creative power in the world. Jesus Christ is the creative power of God, so Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination. And, I am…that’s God; and then I imagine…that’s Jesus Christ.

Well, I’m imagining. Imagining what? Now believe it. “What must I do to be doing the work of God? Believe in him whom he has sent.” Whom did he send? Well, he sent my Imagination. Believe in him whom he has sent. Well, if I get the evidence in my world, as the lady with her wonderful artistic world and the lady who called her mother and wrote the letter and they got the evidence, if there is evidence for a thing, what does it matter what the world thinks? Can I deny the evidence? Alright, here’s the evidence. The mother called and confirmed exactly what she wrote in the letter. And then, one puts the receiver down and reverses the entire conversation and heard what she wanted to hear: “I have lots of work for you.” One week later she is called and she goes to the place and brings back an order for $1,500, which she does at home. She has no rent on the outside to pay, she works at home. That’s only one order. She’ll get another order and she’ll also get orders from others. She’s making many times more than she ever made when she had a regular job, believing that some external power like Mr. Brown is so important he could fire me tonight and I have no money to pay my rent. So she’ll go to work and think Mr. Brown is so, so good, I must play up to him because he could fire me. That’s all stupid, Mr. Brown, my ___(??). He could die tonight and turn into a little ash, not knowing who Jesus Christ really is. She knows who Jesus Christ really is. So she can stand this night in the presence of our President, and then he doesn’t know who Jesus Christ really is. So he has twenty-odd million dollars and he has a fabulous fortune in the world, so what? If he dies without knowing, you know where he’ll be?—in a world just like this.

May I tell you, there is no other world until one escapes from this world of death, that this whole vast world is simply the same world. I know it from experience. I have gone from state to state to state in this world and it is not what you would see here. I sat in a chair with my eyes shut and I’m seeing a world. I stepped into that world and there were people just like you, clothed as you are…an entirely different world. I’ve been on my bed and all of a sudden I’m seeing another world. I stepped into that world and there were people just like you, clothed as you are…an entirely different world. I’ve been on my bed and all of a sudden I’m seeing another world. I stepped into that world and it’s just like this world. When you die, you don’t really die, you’re in this world and you’re just as sound asleep as you are now, until you know who Jesus Christ really is…just as sound asleep.

And so, you think you’re very, very marvelous here, alright, so you die. You find yourself in a world just like this. You’re not the same…you’re the same identity, but you’re not the same in the sense that you occupy the same house or you occupy the same position. Oh, no. That has changed, a radical change. You may leave here in the state where you were a great banker and you were so important the whole vast world comes to you, to find yourself tomorrow, when you make you’re little exit from this world, shining shoes. That is teaching you what is necessary to awaken you, to get you to realize who Jesus Christ really is. And so you are shining shoes tomorrow, after having had millions in this world and you’re shining shoes like ___(??) in the world into which you go. And then you’ll realize that I was shining shoes…and today, marvelous, I’m going to imagine that you have all of the people in the world and there comes so many you can’t take care of them. You get a second one, a third one to work for you. ___? Your own wonderful Imagination, that you brought all of these ___(??) into your being, and then you realize who Jesus Christ is.

One has to find who Jesus Christ is. Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination, and the only God is your own wonderful I AM…that’s God operating through his creative power. So, when you actually find him you begin to awaken, and you go through the experiences as described in scripture. You are born from above and you discover God’s creative power called David, which is your son, and you go through everything told in scripture. Then you vanish from this world, not to return any more, just simply leaving behind you all that you have experienced. So, you either believe in Christ or you don’t. And Christ is not some little thing that was born 2,000 years ago; Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination. The event took place 2,000 years ago, but it all came into fulfillment. But it is taking place! It didn’t take place once and for all time; it is taking place in the lives of everyone who hears it and believes it. So what must I do? Believe in him whom he has sent.

So I tell you, just as the lady who wrote me, both ladies, one who got this order for $1,500 by complete revision and the other lady who revised. She said, “I cannot, at the moment, use the word Imagination.” I’m going to ask her, even though they go through the ceiling, to use it; because unless we use “Imagination” today as the only creative power, which is Jesus Christ, if you keep on using the word Jesus Christ, they’ll never understand. If I use Jesus Christ, who’s going to understand? They’ll think, “Well, he is religious or is he nuts?” Or as someone said to me, “You’ve been drinking too much.” So I drink. I always drink before dinner, so what? Suppose I came in here plastered, what would that matter? I drink. I eat everything I want in this world and I have no excuse to make to anyone. I am not here to put on some little palaver, some little thing to make you think I’m a holy man. I’m no holy man. I am one who has awakened from the dream of life. I have completely awakened from the dream of life. So if I go either tonight or tomorrow night or any other night, what does it matter? I have finished the race, I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith. And so, it doesn’t really matter when my exit comes in this world. I’ve done it and I’m only going to tell it while I’m here, what I have discovered: that God is your own wonderful consciousness. I AM…that’s God…there is no other God. And the creative power of God called in scripture Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination…that’s Jesus Christ.

You put him to the test, because all things are made by him. Well, try it. Put him to the test. As the lady said, no work for one solid year from Lanz. Alright, you have got to work for it. Now, may I tell you, she said in her letter, “The one who was employed at $650 a month was given another job. They allowed her to go to another job. No one was hurt.” Don’t hurt anyone. So she went to another job; maybe she gets a thousand dollars a month. I hope she did. I do not know and she doesn’t know. She only knows that the one who was employed by Lanz, as an art director, was simply released from her contract and was allowed to go to another job. No one was hurt. You simply don’t consider these things. You simply know exactly what you want and you assume it, without hurting anyone because everyone is yourself, anyway. There’s nothing but yourself, there’s only God.

So I tell you, if you want to see Jesus Christ before you experience Jesus Christ…for I tell you, every man will experience who he is. You will experience it because everything told in scripture you’re going to experience in yourself, and you will know who you really are. But before you do it, you may see him clearly, if you look through the eyes of Paul. I do not know of any way of looking at Jesus Christ to see him more clearly than one could see him, before the experience, unless you see him through he eyes of Paul. So, I once regarded him, said Paul, from the human point of view. I now regard him thus no longer. How could you say it more clearly than that? That I am one with him, that I have been crucified with the creative power of God. It is Christ…Paul describes Jesus Christ as the creative power of God. As we read it in the first chapter of Corinthians, “Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1Cor.1:24). So he said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power for salvation of all who have faith.”

Now, may I tell you, faith is not the easiest thing in the world to define. No, faith is very hard, but may I assure you, do not like those who ___(??), who turned them back in search of other gods. Oh, they wanted other gods. Make God in gold, a golden calf…I can worship him…I can see it. Do not look for some physical, visible causation. There is no visible causation. Causation is the invisible; it’s all imaginal. And so, Imagination is not the easiest way to live life. You accept life…today one billion people think that they have accepted Christ. They don’t know who Christ is. Let those or everyone from the very top, have him…without calling names…from the very top down, they don’t know who he is. They’ll give you something out in space that lived a thousand years ago; and causation, which is Christ, is invisible and that is your own wonderful human Imagination, that’s Christ. There is no other Christ. There never was and never will be. That is the creative power of God, and God is I AM.

So I sit and I imagine. Well, if I, that is God, am imagining, that’s Jesus Christ. Now if I believe in Jesus Christ, do I believe in my imaginal act? Well then, wait and see. Quite often because of this level the made reveals to the maker his mistakes. Alright, why worry by my mistakes? I recall what I’ve done. I imagined in a moment of anxiety, alright, so some thing is made, and I learn from the thing made where it is I made my mistake. But I can’t deny I did it. I did it. So let everyone begin to really believe in Jesus Christ, which is his own wonderful human Imagination.

Now, go out and test it. Put it to the extreme test. I don’t care what the world will say, try it. If it proves itself in performance, what does it matter what the world thinks? If there is evidence for it, does it really matter what anyone in this world thinks? So you go out and you test it. I say this to everyone in the world, there is nothing but God and his creative power. And God needs no intermediary between you and himself because he’s buried in you. One day you will discover it. You’ll begin to believe in this. You’ll try it and try it and live by it. Regardless of where you were born, you’ll live by it. You’ll overcome all the obstacles in the world by living by the creative power in you, your wonderful Imagination. Then, the whole drama unfolds within you and then you realize you are God; for he reveals himself to you as you by revealing his Son, David, who calls you Father. David stands before you and calls you Father, and then you know who you are. The drama is over when David calls you Father.

So I tell you, go out and try it. If this is a shock, I will not for one moment withdraw anything that I’ve told you. “He who will not acknowledge me before men, I will not acknowledge him before my Father who is in heaven. He who denies me, I will deny him before my Father who is in heaven; for I do not come to bring peace on earth, but to set man against his father.” I bring a sword to set the youth against the old—the traditions of the world taught these strange concepts of people. I’ve come to tell you they are only states and to set something up in you that will oppose these traditional concepts and “He who does not love me more than he loves father and mother isn’t worthy of me.” And so, your father and mother you could not love less than you love any other being, if you are as I am. For I know I did ___(??). I tried so much to love someone invisible more than my mother, but I couldn’t do it. I’m just simply damned if I’ve got to love an invisible God more than mother, I just couldn’t do it. I tried it and tried it. I thought of my father, this giant of a man, this wonderful being that was so fair in this world. I have never met a man more fair as my father, and love someone more than I love him? I couldn’t do it. So I knew that if I couldn’t do it by scripture, well then, I’m not worthy of what the world calls Jesus Christ. I’ll ___(??) and there I said to myself, ___(??). I just can’t do it, that’s all there is to it, I just can’t. Then I discovered who he really is: the invisible causation. And to me my father and mother were the visible causation. And I had to fall in love with that for that was true, and not the outer. So it did not lessen my love for my physical father and mother, nothing could. The whole thing is part of the dream.

Here, this wonderful world in which we live…and I’m telling you God, the only God, is your own wonderful I-am-ness. You say “I am” and you’re aware, that’s consciousness, that’s God. Now, God in operation…imagine something, that’s God in action, that’s Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is his creative power. Now try it. All things are possible to God, just try it and see. And so it worked. Well then, haven’t you found God and his creative power? So you found him? Well, now believe in him. What must I do? Believe in him whom he has sent. Everyone who believes in you whom he sent, then I ___(??).

So this, tonight, is truly a most practical, down to earth message, and at the same time profoundly spiritual. There’s no palaver about it, it’s all true. The whole thing is true. I am telling you what actually happens in the world. The lady who got the work, so you want something coming in? Alright, do it…actually do it. It will not fail you, if you believe it. You must believe it as she believed it. When she put that receiver down, she simply picked it up again in her mind’s eye and heard what she wanted to hear, which was completely opposite.

Now, you’re told in scripture that he was opposed by Satan. Do you know who Satan is in the Bible? Well, the word Satan both in Hebrew and Greek simply means “opponent.” Wasn’t that opposite of what she wanted to hear? Wasn’t that opposing her? That’s all that the word means, but it is personified… as Jesus Christ is personified in scripture, Savior. Savior personified; Jesus Christ personified; your Imagination personified; your creative power. And that which opposed it is personified, as Paul said, called the devil. That’s all that the word means. “Turn these stones into bread. If you think you are the creative power of the world, then create ___(??). If you think you are the creative power of the world, then fall off this mountain, because is it not said he will give his angels power to lift you up, lest you dash your feet against the stone?” And he turns from the doubting mind. For in everyone there is Satan, because reason tells me this just can’t work, and that moment reason talks to me in a doubting manner, here is Satan present. No other Satan. There never was, never will be. At that moment that I doubt that Christ is the reality of the world, the creative power, well then, Satan is present. And to that degree, Satan is taking advantage of Christ. If I could only say no to myself, that’s Christ and have not a thing to do with you.

So when my friend said, “Having heard from mother, I went into the kitchen to make some coffee, I was so elated having heard exactly what I wanted to hear from my mother. And then, all of a sudden, out of the nowhere came your voice and your voice came like thunder through the kitchen, and it said, ‘That’s the spirit!’ I almost dropped the coffee and instead of having coffee all over the kitchen floor I held it just before it fell. Your voice came through the nowhere, out of nowhere, and it was you speaking, and you said, ‘That’s the spirit!’” That’s exactly what Paul said, “Not the letter of the law but the spirit. The letter kills, the spirit makes alive.” It was the Paul in me speaking to her when she heard my voice, “That’s the spirit!” She said, “I stood there for a moment and I trembled and I shook all over. Pouring that coffee thing, it almost fell to the floor when I heard what you said, ‘That’s the spirit!’”

Yes, I am all over now. I’m not confined just to this platform when I speak to you. I am speaking every night all over the universe. Everyone that has heard believed, and so, I’m not confined here any more than God is. When you awake, you’re one with the risen Christ, and the risen Christ is the body that God makes. Christ awake is Jehovah. There’s only one body and everyone will wear it, wear that body, and that body is universal. It includes every being who awakes. Everyone who awakes is incorporated into that body, and that body is the universal body…and you are it. So you can speak…whether you are now having a party at home or not, you can be all over the world and your voice can be heard, and you can be seen, and you can act, as I’m acting here before you now. That is the being that you become after you have awakened from the dream of life.

So, when I spoke to her in that kitchen of hers and she heard my voice ___(??), “That’s the spirit!” I’m encouraging her to continue and to revise these things. Tonight, I’m saying to her, although you have not so far been able to use the word Imagination to your parents, I am happy tonight to use it. Use it. They will still be sound asleep, as though they didn’t hear, in the old terms called the Father, called God, called Jesus Christ, called the Savior. And so, “I come to set you against the father (this new idea), son against the father, daughter against the mother, and use it. Though at the moment they may rebel, you say, so what! You got the results you wanted! And it doesn’t matter how they rebel, you use it. This is the term to be used now “your own wonderful human Imagination.”

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

As you know, we’re here every Monday and Friday until the end of April, so our next lecture is Monday. I think we have eight, four weeks from Monday. So we’ll be here for the next eight nights, Monday and Friday. We’ll be closed at the end of April and we’ll be back here some time in September. If you’re on the mailing list, you’ll receive a notice. If you’re not, may we have your name and address? If you do not care to give your name and address, then there will be an ad in the paper before we open. Now, may I also bring your attention to the fact we do have a book, bringing out four volumes, out of print books, plus what I do consider the only work of its kind in print today. The last chapter of that book is called Resurrection. I do not know of anyone who has told the story as I have told it from my own personal experience. There are books called Resurrection. ___(??) has one, Gerhart has one, but it’s not this at all. Hasn’t a thing to do with the true resurrection. And this is only a matter of a page. You can read it before you retire tonight, takes just a matter of moments. Yet I have told you exactly what resurrection really means, based upon my own personal experience. You’ll find it in the last chapter of the book called…this has no name to it, just Neville and the four books that are out of print ___(??). Now are there any questions?

Q: Neville, William Blake speaks of the error of human reasoning. That term reasoning, is that what is referred to in the Bible as Satan?

A: If reason denies what you know you want to accomplish, reason judges it is impossible, that is Satan. In other words, reason in the form of doubt is Satan. Because the word Satan means “opponent, it opposes, it accuses.” That’s the word…that’s what the word means, both in Hebrew and in Greek. So if something tells you that it can’t be done, that’s Satan, for there’s nothing impossible to God…anything that tells you it’s impossible. Now may I ask a simple question, “Is there something in this world that you can’t imagine?” There’s nothing that you can’t imagine. You may, having imagined, say to yourself, “But that is impossible.” But you can imagine it. Well, imagining is the power of God. You will say it’s not possible; there isn’t a thing in this world that’s not possible for us but what it was once opposed. Here, this is now indirect current. Edison, the brilliant mind ___(??), he said to Tesla, the Yugoslav scientist, that indirect current was impossible. Tesla said to him, “But I am seeing it in my mind, I can see it. I have made the machine that will prove it, and I can stop it and start it. I have taken all of the bugs out of it; I’ve stopped it and started it, and now it is ready for the factory.” When he took it to the factory to be executed, there was no need to change one little bolt from what Tesla had done in the model. He proved indirect current in his mind’s eye. Edison, who had only direct current and thought you could never have other than direct current, said it was impossible. So, Edison to him was Satan. At that moment, he was the devil. But, luckily, Tesla did not accept Satan’s word. He said, “Get behind me, Satan. I’ve done it.” So you and I enjoy indirect current today as a result of putting Satan behind him in the form of Edison. Who would call Edison the devil? He was called and publicized all over the world as a marvelous giant, but he played the part of Satan relative to Tesla, when Tesla actually conceived the idea of indirect current.

So, if I said to you, “Well, it can’t be done, Bill,” at that moment, I am Satan. I am echoing a doubt in you and I am playing the part of Satan. Satan is only doubt. But, some little thing with horns and a tail on him, and all that junk?—hasn’t a thing to do with any tail. Anything more than Jesus Christ, a little ___(??), so holy, so good he’s good for nothing? That’s not Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is the ___(??) power of the world. In fact, the word is “dynamis,” in Greek, that translates the word “the power of God”. He is the dynamis and is the dynamis. For when you speak of the power of God, that’s dynamis. We have dynamo, the word dynamo. And so, the power of God is Jesus Christ. And there is not a power in this world that can oppose it, save for a moment doubt could stop it if it doesn’t know who it is.

I’m telling you you can be anything in this world that you desire to be, if you believe in Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination. Can you believe in the reality of your imaginal act? If you can, nothing is impossible. And then you’re living it and all of a sudden, the whole thing unfolds in you, and you discover you are not only the creative power you are that which exercises the power. For the Son stands before you and calls you, Father.