Neville Goddard Lectures: "Spiritual States"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “Spiritual States”


Tonight’s subject is “Spiritual States,” that the spiritual states of the soul are all eternal; learn to distinguish between man and his present state. When we open the Bible and read any passage whatsoever we encounter men and women, and you might think that they existed in time and space on this earth—-and the whole vast world who accepts the Bible will take it in that light. May I tell you, the Bible has no reference whatsoever to any person that ever walked the face of this earth, to any event that would occur that ever occurred on earth. But man has mistaken these characters, these personifications, for persons; and the gross first sense for the ultimate sense intended; and the vehicle that conveys the instruction for the instruction itself.

In the current issue of Time magazine (I got mine today), under the head of The Church, here was this brilliant man of letters D. H. Lawrence, considered a brilliant writer, a master in the use of words, and here he said, “The resurrection is simply Christ becoming aware of sensual love.” That’s what the resurrection is to D. H. Lawrence. There’s another writer who bears a name that I would call a Greek name—-I don’t know him, never heard of him—-he said, “The last temptation of Christ is simply Christ struck with sexual desire.” Well, here are two men undoubtedly…I know one is considered a great mind. And then in yesterday’s Times, the L. A. Times, I read a little extract from what the Pope had to say the previous day last Sunday, and here is one who is head of possibly 600 million who call themselves Christians, and he said that the Jew killed Christ, but he did it in ignorance because he did not now who he was. Now, here are three men, leaders in their field, who still see this story as taking place on this level. They do not see the mystery at all, in spite of their titles. It either is revealed to you or else someone to whom it has been revealed tells it and you believe it, or you reject it and go along your business on this level. Christ Jesus is a supernatural being housed in everyone or one could not live, one could not breathe.

Now, let us take a state, a spiritual state. I mention the word…anyone instantly thinks of a man. He is the first patriarch as tradition has it. Tradition has it that he lived 4,000 years ago. You can find it catalogued, the very day and month of his birth on earth, and scholars will spend, oh, limitless hours trying to find the exact day and month, because they give him a father. His father is Terah. So here now we have one called Abraham—where real civilization begins—-in Abraham. He is told that he will have offspring more numerous than the sands of the sea. Can you conceive of that, more numerous than the stars of heaven? Here is a man…alright, all will come out of Abraham we are told…but only a certain kind will come out.

So, let us see how it begins in the 12th chapter (Genesis), where he is told to “leave his home, leave his father, leave his kin and go into a land that I will show you” (verse 1). Then we turn over, where now the real beginning starts in a dream, the 15th chapter of the Book of Genesis: “And as the sun was going down, a great sleep fell upon Abram, and a dread and great darkness fell upon him. And the Lord said to Abram, ‘Your descendants will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs, and they will be slaves there, and they will be oppressed for 400 years’” (verse 12). Now, you read that and you think a presence called God is speaking to a man called Abraham. Hasn’t a thing to do with that. Abraham is an eternal spiritual state, and you and I enter that state and do exactly what we’re told here in scripture: we fall asleep in that state. Then we have the dreams, this dream of horror which is this world.

It doesn’t last 400 years. Four is a symbol. Every letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a numerical value as well as a symbolical value. 400 is the numerical value of the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, that letter is Tau; the symbol of that is the sign of the cross. This [body] is the cross, the only cross on which Christ was ever crucified…no wooden cross. This is the tree. As Blake said, “The gods of the earth and the sea sought through Nature to find this tree, but their search was all in vain; there grows one in the human brain.” That’s where we are nailed. Christ is nailed upon this tree, upon this cross. No Jew ever nailed him on this cross; he nailed himself on this cross.

As we are told in the 10th chapter of the Book of John: “No one takes away my life, I lay it down myself. I have the right to lay it down and the right to take it up again” (verse 18). No one takes my life. And it’s from this Book of John that the Pope was quoting to justify his claim that the Jews killed him. Had he turned only two chapters over—-he was quoting the 8th chapter—-had he gone over two to the 10th he would have found this. Surely he must know it…but seemingly you can’t seem to know it until it’s revealed; or you hear it from one to whom it has been revealed and you believe him. We are told that a truth embodied in a tale shall enter in at lowly doors. But how long it’s going to take for this truth embodied in a tale to enter in through these lowly doors? It’s been now hundreds and hundreds of years, and men in positions of trust still do not see the mystery.

Blake made the statement in his Vision of the Last Judgment, he said, “It ought to be understood that the person Moses and Abraham are not here meant.” He’s talking about the vision that he saw of Moses and Abraham and they appear in vision as persons because all attributes of God are personified. So when you meet belief, as Abraham represents belief, represents faith, you see faith personified. The essence of faith would be Abraham. It’s a man in vision, but the man only personifies a state, a state of belief, a state of faith. So he calls upon us when we read his work, which is based purely on vision, to bear in mind that he is not speaking of the persons; that the individuals only are representatives or visions of these states of consciousness. These states of consciousness were revealed to mortal man in a series of divine revelations as they are now written in the Bible. He said, “I saw these in my Imagination. When you see them at a distance they appear as one man; as you approach, they appear multitudes of nations.” I know that’s true, for I have seen it that way. I saw the one man, the one man in radiant light and his heart aglow like a living ruby. As I approached, it wasn’t one man, multitudes, but an infinite number of men contained in one man. So here is the one man fragmented in this world, and the states through which we pass, and we start with Abraham.

Now, what did Abraham believe? We turn now to the 3rd chapter of the Book of Galatians, and as you read it in three or four little verses, the 6th through the 9th: “And Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him for righteousness. So you see it is the men of faith who are the sons of Abraham.” Now listen to this passage carefully, “God preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham”…the gospel…which if you take it in a chronological manner came 2,000 years later. That begins our Christian era, this age as it were. Abraham preceded it by 2,000 years and we’re told, “God preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham.” That’s what Abraham believed. Not a man; you, in the state of belief, the whole vast future is revealed to you—God’s purpose, God’s plan—and the purpose is realized at the end of a journey through darkness to light. And while you fall asleep in that deep, deep sleep where you have the appearance of death, the dreams come from within while you are dreaming, and this world appears, and they seem now to come from without and completely detached and independent of your perception of them; and yet your dream is causing every motion in the world. The whole vast world is but your animated internal self, and you’re doing it in the state of dream.

Then you come to the end of the dream and the fulfillment of what you saw in the beginning. “For Abraham rejoiced that he was to see my day; he saw it and was glad” (John 8:56). Abraham rejoiced because he was going to see your day? “Why, you’re not yet fifty and you know our father Abraham?” (verses 57,58). “Before Abraham was, I am.” He’s telling you exactly who he is now. This is a mystery, not taking place here. The Grand Being, his eternal name is I AM, “my name forever and forever…through all generations.” So if before Abraham was I AM, he’s identifying himself with the supreme being who preceded the state called Abraham, through which he, the supreme being, will now pass and constrict himself to that state, and take upon himself the form of man, limit himself to that limit of contraction called man, that limit of opacity called man, and have these weird dreams of the night. For this is all called the dream of life regardless of the time of day, because you don’t know the cause of the phenomena, therefore, you are sleeping at night; then comes the day of the Lord when you awake from the dream.

Now, let us go back and take the symbolism. He was a hundred years old when the promise was made. You think a man was a hundred years old? It’s said he was a hundred, beyond the bearing and siring of children, and the wife, with her at the age of ninety, it had long ceased to be with her after the manner of women; and yet, a promise is, “You shall have a child.” For he said, “You gave me no seed, and one born in my home is my heir.” A voice said, “He is not your heir, your own son shall be your heir.” And you’re told they laughed, so when he was born they called him Isaac, which means “he laughs” (Gen. 21:1-7). Now Isaac is not a child born of generation: Isaac is the shaping of the unbegotten. For God has no background, it’s now the grand…like Melchizedek, where he embraced Abraham. Melchizedek has no father, no mother, no beginning, no end, no background at all. So it’s the shaping of this that has no background in you. So when it’s shaped in you, though it takes form, it has no ancestor, for God has no ancestor. God is shaping himself in you, and that state is called Isaac.

So he was a hundred. Well, we go back now and see the symbolical value of a hundred. It’s the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, it’s Qoph. You write it Q-o-p-h, Qoph, the 19th. Its symbolical value is “the back of the head.” It is from this area that you come. You awaken in your skull at the end of the journey when the day begins to dawn, and it’s from the base of your skull that you come out, and you come out just in the same manner as a child comes out of the womb of a woman. You come out inch by inch by inch. As you are pulling yourself completely out and you come right out, the symbolism of scripture comes into being, because there is a weird, unearthly sound of wind. The word “wind” and “spirit” are the same in both Hebrew and Greek. So he appears in the form of a wind. As you are disturbed, looking at this thing out of which you came, you look back and the witnesses are there for the event, as told in scripture. One witness finds the evidence of this birth, finds a little babe wrapped in swaddling clothes. Here is Isaac now, the Christ child. You don’t know it yet, it’s picked off the floor, placed on the bed, you lift it up in your hands, and the child smiles. You look into its face and ask the most endearing question, “How is my sweetheart?” It looks into your eyes and smiles…then the whole scene dissolves.

But it came from Qoph, from the back of your head. The next letter, the 20th, would be Resh, and that would be most ___(??) from here, that would be the head altogether, the whole head. But Qoph is the back of the head; that’s the sign of it, the symbol of it. So the hundred does not mean a man of a hundred years as you and I measure time. It’s simply this sign of that state in which he was placed, and you and I are placed in the state of believing. So what did he believe? He believed the gospel, yet the gospel had not yet appeared. He was told and shown the gospel: “Abraham rejoiced that he was to see my day; he saw it and was glad.” He saw it as it was revealed to him before the journey began; so it was revealed to you before the journey began. And everyone is in that state.

So, the 400 is the cross, the 100 is the back of the head, and Abraham is only a state, an eternal state that everyone must enter to start the journey. And the end of the journey is the resurrection, the birth, the discovery of the fatherhood of God, the ascension, and the seal of the Holy Spirit upon the work that is done. And everyone should have it. But you start with Abraham, just a state. So all these characters that we think are persons are not. Yet when you meet them they appear as persons. When you see Abraham, you see this far looking, looking far off into the distance, as though he saw eternity in his eyes. But it’s a man when you see him, and yet you know it’s a state. As you come close, they all take on forms, and you take on forms, but they are only states, infinite states, and they are permanent.

Now, we can take this spiritual lesson and put it in to practice here in this world. He fell asleep in a state called Abraham; it said Abraham fell asleep. Now the one who enters it he falls asleep. And so, it’s totally that manner. So tonight you can fall asleep in a certain state, and when you feel the reality of the state in which you fall asleep, trust it. You’re not going to find when you wake tomorrow morning that you are actually in that crystallized form, but trust it. Remember what you did. Believe what you did. And then, go through the night where you don’t see any evidence to support it, you see nothing to encourage you, but you know what you did. Keep on doing it. In your mind’s eye fall asleep in the state. But see that you’re not falling asleep in another state. Your mind may wander. Bring it back if it takes you a hundred times, until you can fall asleep in a state. As you fall asleep in a state, that state is going to unfold in your world. The state of health or the state of wealth or the state of being wanted or the state of being unwanted, the state of being poor, any state, as you fall asleep in the state, the states project themselves on the screen of space. So the same spiritual lesson can become the most practical lesson in this world of Caesar, while we wait for the grand thing to appear in our world.

So here, when you find these brilliant minds given all the space in these national magazines and powerful papers, leading and influencing the minds of millions of people, and they are sound asleep. You say that in the presence of a believing Catholic and he would slap you because you dared to say something about his holy father. Well, I am not given that way. Today, I reached the point I see no one in this world to whom and before whom I would bow. I don’t care who he is, what position he holds. Let me hear from his lips the story, the only story in the world, the story of the gospel, listen carefully to his interpretation of it and see what state he’s in. If he’s not in that state of absolute faith in that story beyond this level, well then, what does it matter what he says? So if D. H. Lawrence comes out and tells me the resurrection is simply Christ awakening to the sensual love…of all the things in the world! When this presence in the resurrection is above the organization of sex! It can assume any sex at will. Because it doesn’t use sex to create; its sex is all now in awakened Imagination. It’s only on this level that sex, a divided being, is used. It’s not used in the resurrection. And he tells me the resurrection is simply this sensual love, the awakening to it. Of all the things in the world! And these are supposed to be brilliant minds. Then another one comes and tells that a certain race of people, called the Jew, killed the Lord because they didn’t know who he was. In this very book: “No one takes my life, I lay it down myself. I have the power and the right to lay it down, and the power and the right to raise it up again, to pick it up again.”

So I tell you, this story is eternal. But when you read it, see states. Isaac is the state, Jacob is the state, Abraham is a state, and they all represent these eternal spiritual states. Distinguish between the man and the state. You can be in a state from morning to night. You can have a dozen states in a dozen seconds. It’s entirely up to you. But the state that will work, the clue is given us in that 15th chapter: and when the sun was going down a deep sleep fell upon Abram. Then it begins to happen, when the sun was going down a deep sleep fell upon Abram. And then, what kind of sleep was it? A dread and great darkness fell upon him. Then the Lord tells him the birth pains that will follow. For these are all the birth pains to bring forth what he saw: he saw the child. He saw him coming out of the back of his head. But he saw him only a symbol of himself, for he would come out, and he will be the one speaking to himself. He would be God moving into an entirely different world, because he dared to contract himself to this limit in order to extend and expand his creative power. There is only God in this world, nothing but God.

So in the end there’s still only God. We have Ten Commandments, haven’t we? And yet, literally the word commandment simply means “word,” so there are ten words, literally. So we find the Ten Commandments—-he broke every commandment but not the Ten. Take the ten words that form the Ten Commandments and you find the great Commandment—when he was asked which is the greatest Commandment, and he answered, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord” (Deut. 6:4). Add them up, ten words; that’s the great Commandment. The minute you turn to another—-another could kill me, another could help me, another could do this—-I have another God. All that is being done unto me I am doing to myself. You bring me fortune or misfortune, because I am doing it to myself. There is only God. So, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord”…these are the words that really mean the Ten Commandments.

So every Commandment he broke. Those that are written out in long words, there isn’t one he didn’t break. He broke the Sabbath. He said, “Who is my father and who is my mother?” Did he not break that Commandment in his speaking of his father and mother? There wasn’t a thing he didn’t do. So when it happens in you, it’s not the ten that people speak about but the ten words that you must keep forever locked in your heart. And any temptation to turn to another, then remember the great Commandment, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord.” When you take it and break it into meaning for us, the word translated “the Lord” is I AM. The word translated “our God” would be “our I AMs.” For all our I AMs together, it forms only one I AM. So when you see him at a distance, one man; you approach, comes close, multiple nations. All the I AMs contained in one I AM: “The Lord our God is one Lord.”

So here, you can take it this night and try to keep it in mind so that you will not go astray concerning these characters. When they asked a question and they were told it was not for you but for us that you did this service. These are states. And so when the prophets of old inquired about this person or this time when they prophesied the coming of Christ, and prophesied of the subsequent glory of Christ after, of course, the tribulation, and they were told they were serving not themselves but serving us. All these states when animated speak their contents, and so they’re asking and speaking, when is it going to happen? But they’re not, they’re only states. And you come upon these states. They look like people, look like individuals as you do, but they’re only states. There isn’t one that you will ever go astray in identifying; it screams at you who it is. And yet, they’re not characters of history as we are. We are the Elohim who actually became man for a purpose, and the purpose was to extend and expand our creative power.

So let no one tell you—as I told you earlier only quoting from these three people—-just what Christ is. That’s not Christ. Christ is this superhuman, supernatural being buried in you. And the nearest I can clothe him in a word is your own wonderful human Imagination…that’s God…one with the supreme deity which is supreme Imagination. Doesn’t differ, save we are keyed low here and therefore it takes a little time between the imaginal act and its fulfillment. But on these higher intensities it’s instantaneously.

So here, you try it tonight, and take this message concerning this, and when you read the story, the minute you open the Bible, know you’re looking only at states. But they must be told in a certain form in order to get over to the mind, so they tell them in story form. They take a being and call it Abraham. They take the forming as though I were a grand sculptor or some potter and I’m fashioning something and the act of fashioning they call it Isaac. And I’m going to make something so pleasant, so beautiful, that when I finish it it’s going to laugh. I will smile with him. Together we agree with the beauty of the thing; it’s so altogether lovely I call it Isaac. And so, it’s not some little thing coming out from an old, old womb that was beyond the age of bearing, no, not at all. It’s simply coming out of the mind-womb, my own wonderful Imagination. And so I fashion something, I see it clearly in the mind’s eye, and then when the sun begins to fall a deep sleep envelopes it, and in that state I sleep. When I seemingly wake tomorrow, I’m not awake. When I wake tomorrow it’s nighttime…there are still confusions…all these things are the birth pains. But it’s coming to pass, it’s coming to birth, and finally that thing will actually be born in my world and I will have it. But I’m still asleep. I can’t tell anyone the shock to live for fifty…well, that happened in ’59…so fifty-four; I was born in 1905, so fifty-four—to be here for fifty-four years believing that every morning I was awake. And at night when I went to bed to sleep, I slept, had dreams, next day I woke, went about my normal duties, and that night I slept again—-and to find out after fifty-four years that I had been asleep all the time and didn’t know it? One night to find that this intense vibration, this electrical charge beyond the wildest dream, is placed upon me, as though someone took a wand, a magic wand and placed it to my head, and then just kept it there and I’m waking for the first time in 6,000 years. I’ve been sleeping that long. All of a sudden, he’s putting it to my head and I’m awakened.

And where do I wake?—in Qoph, right in my skull. And where do I come out?—Qoph, the base of my skull. Therefore, who then was in that state of Abraham? Well, that’s what he is. He’s a hundred years old, has white hair, and the journey was on the cross, 400 years, and the journey is here. You come out and detach yourself from the cross, because you see it on the bed, this ghastly pale thing and that was the cross from which you have been detached, from which you’ve been resurrected. And then comes the symbol of your birth in an entirely different plane, a different world. And those who belong here come and they can’t see you, because you are not, at that moment, you are not in this world. But for unfinished business you pick up that cross and carry it for another few years to tell the story as it happened to you, to deny, yes to refute those who are the blind leading the blind. If the blind lead the blind, they both fall into the ditch. And you can be blind as a bat and be a leader of 600 million, you know. Let no one tell you that because you have medals on you or that you wear crowns made by human hands or that you have honors heaped upon you that you are awake.

Today, just reading the stories of the blunders of every war that man has ever had, read what they did…with all their medals. Alright, so a hundred thousand were killed here, but he who maneuvered the whole thing he wasn’t. But a hundred thousand killed there by someone’s plan…and he was so wise. Today if we appoint anyone to some office, instantly he becomes an expert. Read it in the papers. Our White House appoints someone as an ambassador…he doesn’t know where it’s even at. He can’t find it, can’t spell the name, never heard of it before, but instantly he is an expert on that land. And it happens all day long. So forget it. The one thing that this state was shown was the gospel. Read it carefully, “God preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham.” That’s what he believed. “And Abraham believed and it was reckoned to him for righteousness” (Gal. 3:6,8). Righteousness is defined in my dictionary as “right thinking.” And so, that’s right thinking: to believe the most unbelievable story in the world, that you, a man, can be born and be self-born out of your own skull? You have no womb and you are self-impregnated? You must be self-impregnated, because when you come out you know that’s you; no change in identity, it isn’t another. You come out of your own skull, and you were there all along, and you were there sound asleep, but dreaming within and see what your dream is—you realize you’re dreaming-—all coming from without.

And it was a horrible dream. For you’re told, the horror, a dread and great darkness fell upon Abraham. Who can deny he hasn’t gone through or may be going through or will go through the horrors of the world? So this is the dream of you and I as we enter the state called Abraham. In that state we see the future and then we fall sound asleep. And though we will deny it today we aren’t going to break the spell because we accepted it and then fell asleep. That sleep is so deep not a thing happening on the surface of this world is going to disturb it. So don’t ask yourself, “Did I enter that state? Have I already accepted it?” I’ll tell you, you did, you accepted it, but the dream hasn’t come to an end, and everyone must dream the dream of life, everyone. You go through this furnace of affliction, and then the thrill that comes to you when that magic wand is placed upon you! You can’t stop it, you wake and wake and wake as you’ve never been awake before, and there you are, enclosed in your skull, a sepulcher. You know exactly how to come out, because it was shown to you in the beginning, before that, and out you come, coming through the base here, which would be the base of the womb.

Then on the heels of that, one after the other they come. Because the exodus is always associated with the brazen fiery serpent, when man is about to depart from Egypt then comes the serpent lifted up on the rod, and you see it. Then you take with you the blood of God, and you know it’s yourself, and you take it right through the curtain that no man on earth can go. For the tabernacle was built, an outer and an inner, and there were three degrees of access to the inner; the outer they couldn’t come near. The priests could come only to a certain point, to the presence. Then came the high priest once a year with the blood of calves and the blood of goats, but he had no other offering, and it wasn’t adequate. Then comes your experience…and you take your own blood and you take it through, right up into the kingdom. And so, that’s the grand sacrifice, and the only acceptable sacrifice is yourself, torn from top to bottom, which reveals the blood [golden, liquid light]. You mingle with it, fuse with it, you’re one with it, and then up you go like a serpent into the kingdom of God…still animating this for a little while to tell the story. And tell it as clearly as you can so others may hear it and pass it on…to in some strange way lessen this peculiar dead concept that they have of the greatest mystery in the world.

Of all the things to have said and gone into print! These were lifted from the books of these two men. It isn’t that they were overheard at some cocktail party; these are in print, so you can actually go back and find the book. A man said this in his book and he is a great giant of a man, judged by human standards. You can read yesterday morning’s Times and see what the Pope said. I didn’t misquote him. In fact, I’ve been kind, because if you read all that is there you’d wonder if he really understands anything about the mysteries…you would wonder if you read it. I don’t say this because I’m critical of his faith. No, it’s the same faith, but one is understood and one is not understood.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Q: Neville, after we enter the kingdom, what then?
A: Sir, you are told that no eye on earth, no ear on earth, no tongue could express what God has already prepared for those who love him. Really, you can put that backwards—-for whom he loves because he loves all. You can’t conceive…how could you conceive of an entirely different world where everything is subject to our imaginative power? Where your body is not the body you have now. You don’t wear these bodies. These bodies are burdensome; these are the bodies of slaves. I’m enslaved by its every desire. I have to gratify its desires. So I’m a slave; it enslaves me. But not the body of light, which you’re told is the body of Christ. It’s something entirely different.

Communication is not cumbersome. Suppose I thought and you saw objectively exactly what I think; that I do not need to communicate in this laborious way with my words. If I wanted a certain color red in the form of a book, the color, the shade of red accompanies my thought. There would be no doubt in your mind what I’m thinking, would there? If I can use words and you can misunderstand me, but if I can project on your mind exactly what I say, what I think, then there is no misunderstanding between us, is there? But here the clearest thought and the greatest command in words, still they are misunderstood. But there is no misunderstanding ___(??).

Q: Neville, would you explain in the second and third chapters of the Song of Solomon, “I charge ye, daughters of Jerusalem, that ye not stir up or awake my love until he please” (Solomon 2:7),
A: I think that’s obvious, Bill. It’s a beautiful love story. I find I get the most out of that by starting with the 8th chapter, the last, and going backwards. The sister, start with the sister…and then go back. But establish that first in the very last chapter, and then go to the first. But you do not stir up my love. First of all, we attempt to stir up as we say, “Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou, O Lord? Awake!” (Ps. 44:23). So the attempt is to rouse God in man, but you aren’t going to hasten the growing of that something within man; it takes that length of time. As we are told, “The vision has its own appointed hour; it ripens, it will flower. If it be long, then wait, for it is sure and it will not be late” (Hab. 2:3). Just like any birth in this world, it has its appointed hour, and the appointed hour for the shaping of the unbegotten in man, which is Christ, has a certain time. So you aren’t going to stir me to the point where you are going to bring on a miscarriage or a premature birth. It’s going to come in its ___(??) at a perfect time.

Q: ___(??)…the 19th Psalm and the 119th Psalm. The whole chapter is about them and I looked in the concordance…
A: Well, the 119th Psalm that would give you the entire twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet even the ___(??) letter. If you take the King James Version, they put the letter at the beginning of each, and you notice that each verse reveals the same letter. In our language it isn’t a translation that begins with the same letter. But the Hebrew, it begins with Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, at the first of each little eight, with eight verses to each. They go through twenty-two letters. There are five finals, but they don’t use five finals. They’re only repetitions, they augment a number. But the original still is the permanent twenty-two letters from Aleph to Toph. The 119th Psalm gives you the entire Hebrew alphabet.

Q: In the 19th Psalm there are six of the ___(??), not…
A: Well, it’s…first of all the Bible is the mystery of mysteries. It is not secular history, it’s salvation history, all the difference in the world. But when man tries to give it meaning here on this level and they refer to a person like a Jacob who said so and so, and an Esau who said so and so, they’re missing the point altogether. Yet they put it in story form as you go to a play. You go to a play, the author puts his thoughts into the mouths of his characters, but everything you heard there is in one man’s mind, the author, I don’t care how many characters he introduces on the stage. And they get all the credit, they get the big money, the director gets something else, the other fellow gets the whole thing. But the one who really gets the whole thing is the author. Every word is coming out of the mouths of all of these actors—some are good actors and some are not so good—but everything is from the author.

Did you see that thing last night? It was a very nice one. I rather liked it, personally…maybe because I dream a bit…I like to alter this. But what I’m getting at, the author did the whole thing. This picture got the award. Alright, who did it? And they all said George Bernard Shaw. He didn’t do it. Go back to Pygmalion and Galatea, that’s where the origin of that thought was—-the transformation of the dead. She wasn’t dead, but I mean she was so far below the cultured level that she rose to that she was, relative to that, dead. He raised her up to his own level, to the point where she transcended him. And so, the author is not anything here. But the author did that entire picture, it’s only the author. Who is the author of this all?—God. Are we not told he is the author and finisher of our fate? That’s one of the titles given to him—-the author and finisher of our fate. It is he who began the good work in us and it is he who will bring it to completion (Phil. 1:6). It is he, the grand Pygmalion, and when Galatea becomes animated, well, to whom did he pray to make her an animate being? He prayed to the goddess of love, for he loved to do it, and God is love. The minute she became animated, the very first word that comes out of Galatea’s mouth is the name of her creator, she calls “Pygmalion.” Now, the first word that comes out of us when we become animated is the name of our Creator. The little baby before it knows how to speak it is aware that it is, and it is saying, without the audible sound, “I am.” That’s the name of its Creator. It is so much itself that it never thinks of another…it is self- begotten.

Q: This dream from which we ultimately awaken, does that encompass one life or a number of lives?
A: Well, sir, it’s, as far as I see it, they’re not lives as reincarnation. I do not go for that thought of reincarnation. I say, at death, what we call death here, man is instantly restored to life without loss of identity. The play is finished, God’s play is finished. You will be inserted in a section of time within this already finished play best suited for the work yet to be done. The day will come, within that same play you will be awakened in your skull and brought forth from it; and you will leave “this age”—-this is called an age—-and you will enter what the Bible speaks of as “that age.” They speak of two ages: an age of generation, where we procreate and are born; and an age where we rise above sex, as given us in the 20th chapter in the Book of Luke, where man is not any more a part of the world of procreation. He rises above it after he is awakened from the great sleep (Luke 20:35).

Q: In other words, we are recast?
A: Recast…but the same actor.

Q: But, you said the work to be done…means what?
A: Well, Christ being formed in you, the unbegotten being shaped in you. As you’re told: “My little children, with whom I am again in labor until Christ be formed in you”—Christ being the image of the invisible God (Gal. 4:19). So he is making his image, but it’s a living image—not just something reflecting him, it’s himself. He’s bringing you forth, completely individualized as God.

Q: Does it state the number of stages?
A: Blake claims, in many of his passages of Jerusalem—-I know all of his works—-in Milton, in other parts of it, he claims he knows it takes 6,000 years, a thousand years being in scripture language as a day. If you took it six days to make man, then six thousand would be six days, speaking literally, for a thousand years is as a day in his sight. Blake claims that “I behold the visions of my deadly sleep of six thousand years” (Jer., Plt.96).

Q: Is it possible to know at what point you are?
A: Sir, that question was asked and answered in the first chapter of Acts, and the reply given there is for all time: “It is not for you to know the times and the seasons fixed by the Father by his own authority” (Acts 1:7). But wait for the promise of the Father which you have heard from me, and that promise is the promise of himself: God gives man himself. And there is only one way you will ever know that God really gave himself…when God’s only begotten Son appears before you, and you know he is your Son. You look right into the eyes of this most heavenly youth, and you know he is your Son and he knows you are his Father. And you have no inkling of it until that moment, and yet it seemed he was always your Son. And that Son is David, David of biblical fame: “Thou art my Son, today I have begotten thee” (Psalm 2:7).

He comes right before you after an explosion of your head. Seems to come out of you, where he was buried in you all the time. He put his Son into you, and the Son will be brought forth to call you Father. If God’s Son calls me Father, then I know who I am. So we are told, there’s no way in eternity that we will ever know the Father save through the Son: “No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows that Father except the Son, and anyone to whom he chooses to reveal himself, or reveal the Father” (Matthew 11:27). He can’t stop the revelation when the time is ripe, because you are going to explode like a flower. The moment you explode, here comes this wonderful being standing before you, and you know the relationship. There’s do doubt in your mind as to who he is and who you are and the relationship.

Q: (inaudible)
A: I find four great steps. The resurrection and birth from above come together; resurrection precedes the birth by a matter of moments. Then, five months later comes the Son revealing you as the Father. Four months after that comes the splitting of the temple of the body from top to the base, and you are parted as though you were parted this way, many, many inches. And then you look at the base of the spine and you see this golden molten pool of liquid gold. You know it is yourself, and as you know it is yourself you fuse with it. In that liquid form, like a serpent, you ascend what was the split spine, up you go into your skull. You go in there in the most violent manner as told in scripture. Those who enter, enter violently, as though you are actually burrowing into a certain area of it. Where I went in I went here, up this way, but tried to get out through here, as though this whole thing is being formed out of living stones, and we are that living stone, like a living serpent. And God’s temple is being formed. Well, he’s forming it out of living stone. We are the living stone. And this is the area where I stuck with all of my force. I tried to get through, couldn’t, and I was stuck here. But I went up in tremendous power, in a serpentine manner. Now that was the third.

And the fourth one, when the dove descends and smothers you with affection, that came two years and five months later…two years and nine months later, really…came on the first day of January, 1963. And it began on the 20th of July, 1959, so from July 20th, 1959 to the first of January, 1963 (that’s when the dove descended).

And so, these four great mystical, supernatural experiences, and they’re all supported by the Bible. So they’re all supernatural, they aren’t here at all. So when I dreamed what the Pope said and what the other fellow said about things here, they don’t know, they just don’t know. And when you go before friends who are ardent Catholics, they try to justify it, and what can you say? I would justify any mistake of my earthly father. I wouldn’t have anyone criticize him in my presence, I would justify his mistakes. So they don’t understand me. So the children of the Pope here, because he’s the great father, they justify him too. So I can understand why they justify him, because I would justify my earthly father. Let anyone criticize my mother—-she’s been gone since 1941—-I wouldn’t stand for it. She is my mother in this sphere and so she always will be in this sphere my mother. And so whatever she’s ever done…and I can’t conceive of anything that she could ever have done of which I would be ashamed. I know of nothing. But if anyone would tell me anything, I could out box them. And so, that’s how I feel toward my earthly parents. Well, certainly if he ___(??) and he is misinformed and he has his own misconceptions of what the mystery is all about.

I’m telling you from experience, I’m not theorizing. When I take this platform I try to conform only to experience. And as I read the Bible and light comes to it as it were, then I know I’m on the right track—-these things I have experienced. And I know this much, no one is going to fail. So when they try to frighten people that someone is going to fail and that millions will simply be going to some furnace ___(??), this is the furnace. This whole thing here is the furnace. The boys in Vietnam tonight, isn’t that a furnace? The boys in Korea, the boys in the 2nd World War, any war is a furnace for those who are in it. And a man who can’t pay his rent tonight, isn’t that a furnace when he’s faced with being dispossessed? He has children to feed and there aren’t things in the house to feed them, isn’t that a furnace? There’s no greater hell…this is the hell here. You can stand burning to a certain point and then the system collapses and you feel no pain after that. So you can do that anyway. But the system will collapse when you’re worried about money. You still feel the pain morning, noon and night, you dream about it. So that’s hell. But you put a person to a certain point of torture and he reaches a certain degree and he can’t stand any more, and then he feels nothing…and that’s not hell? But you leave him in a world where he’s got to struggle to pay and buy the necessary things of life, and that’s really hell.

We have been placed in hell. This is the “Christ went into hell.” And so, you read the 8th chapter of the Book of Romans that “the creature was made subject unto futility, not willingly but by reason of the will of him who subjected him in hope”—what was the hope?—“that he would simply be set free from this bondage to corruption, and obtain the glorious liberty of the children of God” (verse 20). So I didn’t beg for this, it was imposed upon me. But the end justifies the horror. So the end: God gave me himself—-an individualized being that is forever a creative being. So we are individualized, and, may I tell you, tend forever towards ever greater and greater individualization, no loss of identity, with a new body altogether that’s an immortal body…doesn’t wear out.

And how these things wear out! Did you see last night’s wonderful display…had all the old actors and actresses there? It was one moment that you felt a little bit sorry when they put light on them. You remember them when they were young and gay and wonderful, and they were altogether at your age, and you remember them all. Now all of a sudden the cameraman would pick up this one, pick that one, and you felt a little bit sad…(tape ends).

 Neville Goddard Lectures: "Spiritual States"
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Neville Goddard Lectures: "Spiritual States"
So tonight you can fall asleep in a certain state, and when you feel the reality of the state in which you fall asleep, trust it. You’re not going to find when you wake tomorrow morning that you are actually in that crystallized form, but trust it.