Neville Goddard Lectures: "Sent To Disturb With Truth"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “Sent To Disturb With Truth”


___(??) a friend of mine, a doctor, who said, “Neville, you disturb me. But I am convinced that you disturb most of the people who come here, and so I would like to know what you could do not to disturb as you do?” I said, I have no desire not to disturb. If I’m only going to tell the story, which is a lie that has been told forever, then I am not sent by God. I am sent to disturb, to stir man to the truth. And the truth is so completely unlike what the world appears to be.

So let me turn to Blake and here in his Jerusalem, “All things acted on earth are seen in the bright sculptures of Los’s halls, and every age renews its powers from these works.” Every state we see in this world is already worked out. Bear in mind he calls them sculptures. He said, “Everything, every pathetic story possible from hate or wayward love is completely worked out in detail, and everything is completely carved here.” He tells us that all affinities, “every affinity of parents, marriages and friendships are here in all their various combinations wrought in wondrous art. Such is the divine written law of Horeb and Sinai; and such the holy gospel of Mt. Olivet and Calvary” (Jer., Pl.16).

Now let me tell you from my own experience how true this is. We go back now to scripture, the first chapter of the Book of John, “In him was life, and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4). In him was life and the life was the light of men, for this is said of the logos, of Christ who is called the image of the invisible God. So we are told in scripture, “Let us make man in our image.” In other words, it’s the image of the invisible God, therefore Christ. Christ is being formed in man. Christ is defined as the power and the wisdom of God. So this is what is being formed in man: the power of God and the wisdom of God. For if I’m made in the image and Christ is the image and Christ is the power and wisdom, that is what is being formed in me.

Now, what is this power and this wisdom of God? Blake tells us, “Eternity exists, and all things in eternity, independent of creation which was an act of mercy” (Vis. Last. Judgment, Pp.91-92). All things exist in eternity independent of creation which was an act of mercy. What is he telling us? That all this existed, this existed, you existed, the whole vast world forms a part, we are component parts of the structure of the universe. Now what is then the creative act that is the act of mercy? God became this, individualizing himself in us, forming in us himself, his image, his power, his wisdom. How do I know it?

Well, I’ll tell you how I know it. The day will come you will be taken in Spirit, not by another, you’ll move in Spirit. You’ll actually move. It’s a motion in Spirit. You may go forward in time or you may go backwards in time, that’s irrelevant, it doesn’t matter. “The entire space-time history of the world is laid out, and we only become aware of increasing portions of it, successively.” So when I go back in time and then have a collision with a portion of it or I go forward in time and collide with a portion of it, that’s irrelevant. The minute I collide with it I am it. I come upon a portion of it and it’s all animated, it’s all living. There are people just like you, a room just like this, and everything is alive. And then I know that if I arrest an activity that I am feeling within me, it’s going to stand still. I arrest within myself that activity and everything stands still. It’s dead, completely dead. The bird that is flying flies not, and the grass that is waving waves not, and those who are dining dine not, and those who are walking walk not, and the leaves falling fall not. Everything stands still and it’s dead. I mean dead.

Blake uses the word “sculptures” advisedly and he uses the word “carved” advisedly. He didn’t say they are painted. They’re not on flat surfaces. Even though you give to paintings a three dimensional quality, he’s speaking of sculptures, people. You go up and examine them, just like you, and they’re three-dimensional, and they’re all dead. They don’t breathe. Then you release within yourself an activity and they all become alive once more, and continue to fulfill their purpose. The bird intends to reach a certain tree and it goes, it flies. Yet it didn’t fall when you arrested it. It was in space and didn’t fall. Now, a bird arrested in flight, like being shot, should fall, shouldn’t it, unless some pressure keeps it aloft. But you arrest it while it is flying and it does not fall, it stands there. A man is taking soup and as you arrest him, he brings it this far and he can’t complete it, he’s dead. The spoon in his hand is there and he is dead. The waitress walking is stopped and she is dead. You go over and look at them and they’re all dead as though they were made of clay.

So I ask, what is all this thing? Who are you? You’re wearing these garments. You came down and you entered the world of death, and you are playing the parts, from beginning to end. While you are in them you animate your world. The whole vast world is animated by you: you are life. “In him was life and the life was the light of men.” So when you can stop it and start it, and stop it and start it, who are you if “in him is life and that life was the light of men?” Then who are you? Are you not the logos? Is it not unfolding in you, the word of God? “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). And in him was life, the Word, but the Word was God. Well, in God was life and the life was the light of men, the consciousness of man. He’s illuminated man and made man alive, made him appear to be alive. You’re playing on this fabulous sounding board of humanity. But you are Spirit. God is Spirit. If he is forming you in his image, well then, you have to be formed in Spirit. God is love; therefore, you have to be formed in the body of love. God is life; you have to become aware of being the light of the universe, all these attributes. But the specific attribute of the logos is the life-giving power that is his. So he gives life to what he perceives. I perceive the world and the world is seemingly independent of my perception of it. Well, it is. It all exists as part of the structure of the universe, but its life is not independent of me. I am life and I give life to what I perceive. You’re going to have this experience, for I have had it. As my friend said to me, “Neville, you know four weeks before Dr. Kimberly died you and I visited him. He said to me afterwards—you talked to him for about an hour—‘Neville knows. I do not know, not from experience; I know only from what he said.’ Now, how can I know? Suppose I die before I know?” Well, you don’t die; you simply go on in the play. It’s a whole fabulous play.

Now let me share with you what was shared with me this week. The lady is here tonight. She said, “I found myself on what seemed to be the very top of the world. I’m standing on the top of the world, and yet I look over and below into a limitless amphitheater. It’s limitless. And then I heard my own voice speaking from within me and the voice is saying, ‘The whole world is a theater and I am the whole world pushed out.’” Then, said she, “I heard the breaking of a twig, and as the twig broke rocks began to fall and they passed me. Then, huge, enormous boulders began to come past and I was uneasy and afraid. The whole earth trembled, it shuddered, as the boulders began. It’s falling apart. Then a little white dog appeared. It had the face of a lamb and its body was clothed in wool, but it was a dog because it was barking. It barked and barked as though to call my attention to escape. I had to make some quick effort to get out of this falling-apart world. But, to escape I had to go across a bottomless chasm. My concern was for the little dog, how could he make it? But as happens in vision and dream I got across the chasm and the little dog followed. I wanted to call him by his name, but I didn’t know his name and yet I remembered that I once knew his name. Then, my voice from within me speaks and the voice said, ‘It is Neville’s dog.’ And then, why I called him by this name I do not know, but I called him Junior. He responded and he came. Now the world in which I found myself it too is falling apart, all the buildings are collapsing, everything is falling. One building made of huge, big slabs is the only secure looking building and I entered it and the little dog followed, followed into this one secure building, where everything else collapsed as though the whole earth is collapsing. And then I woke.

“For a moment I was fully awake, having remembered the dream, and then I fell asleep again. In the second dream, I am lying prone on my face on a hospital cot, a cot, being prepared for surgery. You are the surgeon. You have in your hand an object, a luminous object, which looked to me like a silver comb with needles for its teeth, many luminous needles. And I said to you, ‘Is this operation necessary?’ and you said to me, ‘Yes. Were it not so I would have told you. But it will not hurt you, there’ll be no pain.’ Then I felt on my shoulder where you were making this preparation just a cool brushing, that’s all that I felt. Then I said to you, Neville, I have absolute confidence in what you’ve said and what you say. If you say this is essential, this is necessary, it’s alright. But I do not know that I am ready for it.” And I told her there would be no pain. Then she said to me, “Alright,” having felt this cool little thing on her shoulder, “I am ready.” Then she realized the operation was over and there was no pain to that essential operation on her shoulder. Then she said, “I woke and it was 7:30. But why did I call your little dog Junior and he responded and followed me when I remembered his name?”

I want to tell her exactly where she is in the drama. Eight is the number of Christ. She woke at 7:30. The dog was Junior. Now, you will say a junior means a person who is younger than someone else, a junior. But there’s another junior. We’re moving forward…you always use the symbolism of the times. A junior today is one who is in the class next to graduation. The junior in college is next to the senior, which is the class of graduation. She has reached that point, just one slight little thing had to be done on her, some corrective thing on her shoulder. And now it’s done. All she has now is to wait for that, just a simple thing, until she reaches the end. It’s not far. She has gone all through the journey. She’s played the entire part. She woke at 7:30 with full memory.

She saw in the little dog the symbol of Christ and his companion. For the dog is Caleb, who walks into the promised land with Joshua, and Joshua is the Hebraic name for Jesus, and Jesus is called the Lamb of God. “Behold the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). All are destined to play the part of Christ, but everyone. When you actually awake as Christ, you taste the power of the age to come. That power is fantastic and you see everything differently. The world that seems so animated and independent of your perception of it, yes, it is part of the structure of the world but its life comes from you. Life is simply an activity of your own wonderful human imagining. And the day will come you will be so in control of it, what you’re looking at that seems alive and outside and independent of you, you’ll stop this activity, and they’ll all be dead. And you’ll know they’re not really alive outside of you. They are there independent as structures, but they are not alive. They’re dead…everything is dead. And Christ…in him is life.

So what is the purpose of it all? To form you into the image of God and the image of God is Christ. His first appearance in the world is as power. “And the Lord said unto Moses, ‘I appeared unto Abraham and Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty,’ which is El Shaddai, ‘but by my name Jehovah’, which means I AM, “I did not make myself known unto them” (Ex. 6:3). To you I make myself known as Jehovah, which is I AM. So here we have power revealed…and you sense it. He comes first in the form of power and you are the one. “Remain…until you are clothed with power from on high. I depart, but remain in the city, until you are clothed with power from on high. For I will depart and send the promise of my Father upon you.” That’s what we read in the end of Luke (24:49). Remain in the city, I will send the promise, and the promise is God himself. He first appears as power, El Shaddai, God Almighty. Now he comes revealing his name, I AM, and then finally he remains and reveals himself as the Father. That’s the final revelation of God, when God reveals himself as Father. Then there is no place to go but to depart this age and enter that age. That is the creative age.

Now, what do you do in that age? “Those in great eternity who contemplate on death”—this world is the world of death. I know it from experience, for when I withdrew the activity they all were dead, perfectly still, and when I released it, they became once more animated, reanimated. “So those in great eternity”—where we’re all going—“who contemplate this world of death, said thus, ‘What seems to be is to those to whom it seems to be, and is productive of the most dreadful consequences to those to whom it seems to be, even of torments, despair and eternal death. But divine mercy steps beyond and redeems man in the body of Jesus”…this power that you will become. You’ll become a creative power. Not only a creative power but the wisdom that is God’s; for Christ is the power and wisdom of God, and you’re destined to become Christ.

So you taste this power as you move in Spirit. In my own case, I moved back 150, 200 years ago. I came upon a scene, a lovely, a beautiful scene in the New England states, like some holiday or Sunday afternoon, where they dined early. Even to this day in little Barbados Sundays we dine early. It’s always, I would say, a two o’clock dinner, the big meal is at two. That’s almost all over the West Indies. Now, what we do here, we change it somewhat. But, I’m going back in time, when in the New England states they dine on these holidays or Sundays at a certain…twelve in the afternoon, they have a heavy meal. I came into this place and here, four people, two young boys in their twenties and parents in their forties, and they are dining. The waitress is just through the door bringing the next service. They were having soup and she was bringing in the next course. And through the huge, big window…a bird is flying, leaves are falling, the grass is moving, and everything is animated, and they’re all talking. And I am in spirit; no one sees me. I am simply a spirit, in the power for the first time that I can exercise.

Then I knew if I could arrest in me what I am feeling everything would stand still. I knew it, therefore, that was the wisdom of God. The power of God was present and now I knew it would stand still. Well, I did, I arrested it and it all stood still. I went over and saw these four and they’re dead. They aren’t breathing. The soup is frozen…everything is frozen. The waitress couldn’t walk. It isn’t that someone is walking and you stop her but she’s alive…she was dead. The bird didn’t fall. The leaves stopped from falling. Everything stood still. But I mean the stillness of death. I’m looking at it and then I knew if I release it, it’s going to become animated. So I released this activity in me and all ___(??), everything continued on its course. I never saw this until after it happened to me. And then someone gave me a book, The Apocryphal Gospel of the Book of James. And this experience of a time 2,000 years ago is recorded by James. But it’s not in our Bible, but it is the Apocryphal Gospel. It took place the night of the birth of Christ, when Christ was born. It’s told by his father Joseph. Joseph said, “The shepherds walking walked not.” And the ___(??) against a pail of food. Here was the bishops’ food…all with their hands into the dish. For no spoons and forks, you used your fingers. “And all those who dipped into the dish dipped not. Those who were chewing chewed not. Those who were raising the food to their mouths raised it not. The little kids with the running stream, with their mouths to the running stream, drank not. The heavens stood still and the ___(??) stars stood still. Everything was still. And then, all moved on in their course.” It’s the birth of the Christ power, which is the wisdom and the power of God in man. So you are spirit. You are destined to awaken as Christ Jesus, the image of God and the power of God.

Now, the story of my friend with the amphitheater. The whole vast world, she said she heard from ___, is a theater and I am the whole world pushed out, and can play all the parts, from hate or wayward love. All the sorrows and the distress are carved there. Think of the whole vast world, with every conceivable state completely carved and finished, and you descend from on high and take on the limitations of a body. And then you play it and you go through all the hell of the world. But you’re going through so that you may come out as the image of God, possessing all the power and the wisdom of God…come out as Christ Jesus. And you go through it and all this is simply fixed in eternity. “Eternity exists and all things in eternity, independent of creation which was an act of mercy.” If God never descended, the whole vast structure would remain just as it is, dead.

But now, let us go down and take upon ourselves the form of man and become man. And because God is life, man becomes animated and alive. The whole thing, now, begins in this world of ours. He plays the most horrible parts, so in the end, because it is all part of the structure, he can say “Father, forgive them; they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34). They don’t know. For every man tonight thinks he is going to build it up toward some enormous structure, and then have oodles, and cushion himself against the blows of tomorrow. Or he’ll make some big name for himself and become the next president, or become the next dictator of Russia, or the next so and so…and they’re all ambitious for these things. They don’t realize that someone is contemplating the state and animating it. They’re all moving through…and they don’t realize they are moving through as slaves, even though they call themselves kings and queens and dictators and billionaires.

You only realize it when you completely come out of it. The purpose of it all is to bring you out of this horrible race despite it…and you come out. You are Christ Jesus, who is the image of God and the power of God and the wisdom of God. You enter an entirely different age. Not this…this is all behind you. But you leave it just as it is and then you join the heavenly hosts who contemplate death. You, too, will say, “What seems to be is to those to whom it seems to be”—he seems to be…and you know it’s going to go just as it seems to be—“even torments, despair and eternal death.” But no, as he moves through seeming to be and becoming what he seems to be, divine mercy will step beyond at a certain moment in time when he reaches the end and redeem him in the body of Jesus. So in the end there is only Jesus: “one body, one Spirit, one creative power, one God and Father of all.”

So he said, “You confuse me.” Alright, so I confused you. “You disturb me.” Maybe I disturb you, too. So I said, “After all, Kim, you come on my opening night and my closing night, so do you expect to understand a book when you read the prologue and the finale? When do you come? You come opening night and closing night. I see you every Saturday when we have three, four, five hours together around your pool, and what do we discuss? Your lovely garden, the birds that you breed, and the lovely atmosphere that is here, and everything that is irrelevant to what I am talking about.” And so I disturb him. May I tell you, so Kim has gone from this world, he’s gone, but he hasn’t gone to himself, he’s gone to you. Kim is not aware of being dead because he’s not dead. He’s restored to life and living a full, wonderful life, a much younger man. He was only fifty when he left this world; now he’s in his twenties, early twenties. He was a dentist here, a good dentist, trained by ___(??), for Kim taught dentistry at USC, and an excellent dentist…to me, the best.

But here, Kim is gone and he didn’t have the experiences of which I spoke. So what? He could have them tonight, because he’s still in the same terrestrial world, and he’s in a body just the same as before with no loss of identity, no change whatsoever. If you are a fool here, may I tell you, you’re a fool there. If you’re a thief here, you’re a thief there. If you are ambitious here, you’re ambitious there. If you’re given towards climbing socially, you’re given to it there too. There’s no transforming power in death. But to you who die you aren’t dead, only to those who see you die. We see someone depart and they died, but the one who departed is not aware of having departed. He’s in the same body as before only restored and young. They all go back to their twenties, just about twenty. Whether you were ninety or fifty, you find yourself twenty, and there you are restored, and it’s the same world. Moving forward through the play, it’s a whole fabulous play. And her vision was true.

Now, here’s another friend of mine, who is here tonight. She said, “I had this dream. I found myself in the Near East. I came here on November the 10th and I heard this story that you told concerning ‘When were you hungry and I did not feed you? Well, when were you unsheltered and I did not give you shelter? When were you naked that I didn’t clothe you? And when were you thirsty and I didn’t give you drink? When you did not do it to the least among one of these, you did not do it unto me.’” Well, she said, “This was on a Friday night, Nov. the 10th. The following Monday I thought I would simply relax and contemplate and digest what you said on Friday. A friend called and I will not go into the details of why I said what I did; and I’m not given this way, but I really laid it on. I was critical. I was extremely critical, and then I tore into him (or her).” Male or female she did not even imply, the way she worded her letter.

“Then I remembered your teaching…and I realized what I had done. Here, I heard about treating anyone, and as you treat another you’re treating God. For if I said I love God and hate my brother, I lied. For how could I love God, whom I do not see, and hate my brother, whom I do see, when God became man? So when I do it unto man, I’m doing unto God.” So she realized all this and then she said, “I went to sleep and this is my dream. I’m in the Near East. Here, I enter a place; they’re all dressed like Arabs, they’re all in their robes, and they looked like Arabs. So I enter this room. But before I entered it I knew that it was entered before me, someone entered before me. As I entered, to my horror I see these men massacred, their knives thrust into their backs, thrust into them, and they’re all massacred and bleeding. I began to cry. I came out and closed the door, went to another room, and as I opened this room I saw a similar sight. Again, I’m weeping for the horrors…the unnecessary massacre of these men.

“I went to a third room and here all these men, they’re all men, and then I saw a man. He was not on a wooden cross, but he had the appearance of a cross. But he was hanging as though hanging on a cross, and his hands were bleeding, his side was bleeding, his feet bleeding, just like the bleeding of the cross. He had the most pitiful expression on his face, as though asking, why? I realized that I was seeing in symbolic form the story of the gospel and then what you taught concerning how I do it to one of these I’m doing it to him and he is myself. I’m doing it unto myself. So here, I’m actually crucifying and keeping crucified my being when I lose my temper or do any unlovely thing to anyone in this world.” And she wrote this perfectly lovely description of her own experience.

So when Blake tells us, “All things acted on earth are seen in the bright sculptures of Los’ halls” it’s true. The whole drama is there. He said, “Such is the gospel of Mt. Olivet and Calvary.” You see the drama—it’s all in symbolism—but we’re playing it. God came down and took upon himself the form of man, and man is part of the eternal structure of the universe. Then he animates the whole vast dead world, because life is in him. Then he goes through the gamut. When he comes out at the end he is the image of the invisible God, and the image of the invisible God is Christ Jesus, who is the power and wisdom of God.

So if I disturb, I have to disturb. I’ve been sent to tell it and tell it I must and will. If it’s in conflict with man’s little beliefs…because my friend was raised in the Mormon Church. He’s not a practicing Mormon, but he was raised in that church. And that is why ___(??) he began to tell me all about Mormonism. I said, if what you told me is a true representative of Mormonism, may I tell you, it is as false as a $3 bill. If what you told me…now you tell me that you’re telling me the truth concerning Mormonism, if that is Mormonism it is just as phony as a $3 bill. It hasn’t a thing to do with the Jewish-Christian faith; and my own mystical experiences confirm the truth of Judaism and Christianity. If what you tell me—I do not know Mormonism—but if what you are telling me is truly representative of the Mormon faith, it is as phony as all outdoors. You’re going to die here and if you’re dressed in the proper white clothes and buried in the proper manner, then you and your wife will be forever in some little heaven? There is no marriage in heaven, no giving or taking in marriage (Luke 20:35). You’re not a divided being; you’re one. You are a creative power and there’s only brotherhood.

The one you loved here and loved dearly as wife or as husband, in the resurrection we are brothers, a more intimate relationship than you’ve ever known on earth between any two. It’s a love that you can’t describe—all brothers, all one. We are not divided in the resurrection. In the resurrection we are above the organization of sex. And here we are one: the brotherhood of God, the fatherhood of God, that’s what it is. So if you tell me that you’re going to go through with someone…and show me any of them called by any name who really understand what love really is on this level. Oh yes, you love. You love someone in some passion; and then you grow older and you find this falls apart and that falls apart. And you wonder why she isn’t so and so and he isn’t so and so…and you’re going to patch it up? There’s no patching up in heaven.

It’s a completely different world, where we are creative beings, everyone is creative, and we are brothers. It takes us all to form God. Not one can be lost. All are brought into this wonderful being that is Christ Jesus, the risen Lord who is Jehovah. People don’t believe it. Christ Jesus in the resurrection is Jehovah. There’s only Jehovah rising. And all must rise one after the other as creators. And, oh, what a joy when all are joined as creators, all in harmony! A brotherhood that loves beyond the wildest dream of man on this plane, be- cause, on this plane you love and you expect something in return. Yet you will give and give in hope for some return; and if it doesn’t come back pretty soon, it’s not the love, it’s not the giving. That’s all on this level.

But in that level, you are a creator with life in yourself, and they can’t do without you, may I tell you. For God’s body, which is the Lord God Jehovah, which is Jesus Christ, would be missing a part if you were not in it. So all are being brought into it, and when you’re brought into it you are above the organization of sex. As we’re told in Galatians, “In Christ Jesus there is no Greek nor Jew, there is no bond nor free, there is no male nor female, for all are one in Christ Jesus.” So, completely forget it, neither male nor female, just man, this creative power that is God.

So I thank my two friends and they are two ladies, may I tell you. The one who stood on the top of the world and saw this, that’s a lady. The other who was in the Near East and saw the symbolism of Christ after her argument with a friend, that’s a lady. So, two ladies are right on the very top. One saw the truth of it all, and the other woke at 7:30. She’s only a little bit…so she called him Junior…the junior stage is next to the senior stage. It’s very close to reaching the eight, which is the number of God, the number of Christ. So thank you.

Now let us go into the Silence.

___(??) we’re opening on the 8th of January. And so, this time I do not think I will be sending out notices. It’s so short a vacation of three weeks. I don’t wish to start…

Q: In the world following death does scripture exist as we know it on this level?

A: Yes, my dear. The scripture exists in all. All of my friends, my loved ones that I see, they are fully aware of all that they knew here. And, may I tell you, just as the book is here, how can the book be there? Well, how can that body that is so solidly flesh and blood be there? Same thing… it’s a miracle. When I asked my friend last summer, “You say that this thing is beyond you?” I said, “Now after all, Jim, you eat a slice of bread and then it is converted into tissue, into blood, into your hair, into bone, into everything, isn’t that a miracle? Can any person in this world take a piece of bread and transform it into blood and grow hair? I mean, not just grow hair, because my hair is nourished by what I eat. But I eat it and I transform it into blood, and then my system assimilates it and uses what it can, and what it can’t it expels from my system. Well, isn’t that a miracle?

“Here is a miracle…this lovely garden of yours, these flowers, look at these lovely flowers. You love them and you take it for granted. Every flower is a miracle, isn’t it? Have you made a flower? Oh, yes, you can make some out of paper, a piece of cloth. Does it look like that flower? Does it have the fragrance? Oh, you can put some perfume on it, but it isn’t, it isn’t really that flower. He has a lovely little garden like a desert and suddenly out of nowhere one will bloom before your eyes, a little desert flower. One day I saw it come out. I could hardly believe my eyes…before my eyes it’s coming out. And then, in about two hours this whole thing is out, out of a rock. It looked like a piece of rock. He calls it the bishop’s, uh, mantle, I think it is. It’s just like a little bishop’s cap. But when out of it came this little thing, here is a miracle. We’re in the midst of miracles and we take it for granted. A child is born. That’s a miracle. It’s formed in woman and it comes into this world. That’s a miracle and we take that for granted. But everything in this world is a miracle. But man just goes blindly on and we say, oh well, these things happen.

His wife started to give me all these arguments about these ancient men of two million years ago or three million years ago, and all this nonsense. So I asked her, “Could you produce…give me one little bit of evidence to support the theory of evolution.” “Oh yes there is.” ___(??). It’s a beautiful theory for those who want to tangle with it, but there is no evidence to support the theory of evolution, save in the affairs of men. Instead of plowing my field with a hoe, I use a tractor, so that is an evolution in man’s affairs. Instead of walking across the continent, I started with a, possibly, an ox cart, and then from an ox cart I got something that had a wheel on it, more than an ox cart, maybe a bicycle. Then I got something else, like a train. Then I got something else, a motor car. Then I became one who takes a propeller plane, then from a propeller to a jet and from a jet down to a missile. That’s in the affairs of man. But, birds build their nests today as they did from the beginning of time. And there is no evidence to support any other claim that they didn’t.

And so you are life. This is part of the structure of the universe. You are something entirely different: you’re Spirit. If God is going to make me in his image and God is perfect, then I must be perfect. If he’s going to make me in his image and he’s love, I must be made in the image of love. If he is light, I must be light. If he is power—as he reveals himself to Abraham and to Isaac and to Jacob—then I must know I am power. If he is wisdom, I must know I am wise. To that extent…or I am not his image. If he’s going to form me in his image, then I’ve got to be formed in his image. It takes all of this to form me in his image, puts me through the furnaces of hell, but when I come out I have life eternal, with life in me. I make things alive.

I can’t tell you the thrill after you have experienced this for the first time. When you come upon a scene and as you look at it, it’s a normal scene. But you’ve slipped in time 200 years and here is a normal scene. But at the moment you are in spirit. Nobody sees you but you are fully aware who you are…there’s no loss of identity. But you’re feeling a power that you’ve never sensed before and you know if you stop it what would happen. You stop it in you and everything stands still. You go over and look at them, they’re dead. Then you release it and it all continues to be activated and continues to do what they intended to do…bring the soup, serve the meal, and the bird flying, all these things happen.

But you can never again, after that experience, see the world as you saw it before. You just can’t do it. If they tell you you’re insane, perfectly alright, let them say anything. I’ll go along with my vision…parallels scripture. You find the great Blakes of the world and they’re all seeing it, that “All things acted on earth are seen in the bright sculptures of Los’ halls.” You’re moving in time and time is a higher dimension of space, and all things are contained in it. Nothing has passed away; not a thing I’ve ever done has ceased to be done…it’s done. And it’s sculptured, it’s carved, and it’s objective, and it’s a fact. You slip upon it and you animate the whole thing.

This is this fabulous world in which we live and all are moving towards awakening as Christ Jesus, but all of us, everyone. But he has to first be born from above and resurrected. And then he discovers the fatherhood of God through his Son calling him Father. Then his body is split from top to bottom and he ascends on high, and he enters that kingdom out of which he came; for no man ascends save he who first descended. So we descended or we couldn’t ascend. We descended as one man, as told us in the 82nd Psalm: “I say ye are gods, all of you, sons of the Most High; nevertheless, you will die like men, and fall as one man, O ye princes” (verses 1, 6). Therefore, having fallen, then we ascend. For only he who has fallen, or descended, can ascend. And “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,” so must everyone be lifted up; that is, “so must the Son of man be lifted up” (John 3:14). And then you know who you are. He calls himself the Son of man. So you are lifted up just like that into the heavenly states. Now you are the wise one, the powerful one, the creative one.


 Neville Goddard Lectures: "Sent To Disturb With Truth"
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Neville Goddard Lectures: "Sent To Disturb With Truth"
Life is simply an activity of your own wonderful human imagining. And the day will come you will be so in control of it, what you’re looking at that seems alive and outside and independent of you, you’ll stop this activity, and they’ll all be dead. And you’ll know they’re not really alive outside of you. They are there independent as structures, but they are not alive