Neville Goddard Lectures: "Memory"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “Memory”


I think that most of you know we will be here every Tuesday and Friday until the end of this month, closing on the 29th. We’re off to other points, and today it’s been decided that we return sometime late October. But you will know…sometime in late October…but every Tuesday and every Friday until the end of this month.

Tonight’s subject I would title “Memory,” taken from the Book of John, really taken from the entire Bible, but, say, from John. For we’ve received the promise that he will send what is described in scripture as the Holy Spirit who will bring to our remembrance all the words that were told us in the beginning. Evidently we have forgotten, we’ve all forgotten what was told us; but having experienced the truth of scripture, I see that no man who has experienced it can escape the responsibility of telling its message to his fellow men. So I can tell you the story is true.

How many of you saw the demonstration of the Earlybird satellite I do not know. I saw it. And all the capitols of the Western world were really together. We heard it in London, Paris, Washington, ___(??). They were all really together, as though they played in concert. If you could imagine just such a state, raised to the nth degree of perfection, and you are just as near the storyteller as the camera is to his face. No matter where you sit in the world you’re just as near to the storyteller as that camera is before his face. So, in the Bible the storyteller is God and he tells a story to all of us. Now, think not in terms of just the three billion who exist just now, but think in terms of all of the generations of men, past, present and future, all co-existing in what I would call a new tense, the mystic tense. Not just the past or the present or the future; bring them all together into the new tense, the mystic tense.

And he tells us a story. He tells us his plan and the purpose behind the plan and then the promise, the law that will sustain us while we go on a journey. Then having told us everything, he tells us, to bring it to pass he has to die, he has to disappear. These are the words he used in the 14th chapter of the Book of John, he said, “I will pray the Father and he will send you another Comforter, who will be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him; but you know him, because he dwells with you, and will be in you. I will not leave you desolate; I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world will see me no more, but you will see me; because I live, you will live also.” In that day—this is eschatology—“in that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you, in that day” (verses 15-20). But the journey, this long, long journey that seems so long and so horrible and so disordered, he shows us there is order in the seeming chaos; the end is already predetermined; and in that end you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you.

Now, he tells us, I am the Father. Just imagine just such a story being told to all of us, everyone present, all chosen in him before the world was; and then he tells us in detail the entire plan. And tells us, when we start we will be the incarnated tragedy and glory. But we must not forget the glory in the tragedy, and try to remember that the good tithings are the tithings of the victory of God that is assured. Try to remember the good tithings, and don’t be completely lost in the tragedy. It will be a tragedy, but try to remember the glory in the tragedy. Then he’ll bring to our remembrance in this last day the truth of all that he said. Now, he said, the Holy Spirit will come, he’ll teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. Every word will be true.

Now, to take it and analyze it, he equates the Holy Spirit with the Spirit of truth. In the same chapter, he said, “I am the truth,” so he tells you he is the Holy Spirit, he is the Comforter, for he equates the Comforter with the Holy Spirit. So what is this other Comforter? “I will pray the Father and he will send you another Comforter, who will be with you forever.” It’s simply that the visible presence of the storyteller departs and in departing he takes up residence in us, and becomes to us an invisible being; and we do not know him because we cannot see him. Because I can’t see him, I say I don’t know him. He departs from me as a visible presence as he enters me as the invisible reality: my own wonderful human Imagination that’s he. That’s the Comforter, that’s the Spirit of truth that is Christ Jesus…enters me and then starts this long wonderful journey that’s full of tragedy. And only at the very end will he reveal himself to me. He said, “The world will not see me…yet a little while and the world will not see me, but you will see me. Then in that day you will know”— how will I know?—“you will know that I am in my Father, and that I am in you, and you in me.” Only at the very end will I know that the Father told the story, and became me, and that I am the Father.

No power in the world can reveal me to myself as father save a child. So that was set up in the very beginning…the only child that could ever reveal me as the Father. It comes only at the very end when the drama as far as the individual is concerned is over. When it is over, this comes rapidly into consciousness, one after the other, the whole series. At the very end he departs into a new heaven. As we are told in the Old, I now create a new heaven and a new world, and the former things will not be remembered or called into mind anymore. I will blot out all of your shortcomings, all of your transgressions, all of your sins—nothing will be remembered. It’s a new world, a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17). So you will not carry this horrible tragedy with you. The whole thing will be wiped out at the very end, and you will be an entirely different being. And who will you be?—God the Father.

This is the story as told in scripture. Can man believe it? We are told that you will forget it, but in the end he will come who has been with you all the time. He’ll come and he’ll be with you forever, never to leave you. And he will lead you gradually into all knowledge, into everything. There is nothing he doesn’t know, for he is the storyteller, he is God the Father. Then he enters man and reveals in man everything in the world. Then in the end, he brings back to man the memory of the being who spoke, who vanished from sight but took up residence in man, and fused with man until they became one, one man, and that man is God.

So when you tell anyone today—rather, I wouldn’t say anyone, because many of you here wouldn’t smile at it or think me insane—but I’ve had the experience with many when you tell them that you actually stood in the presence of the risen Christ and talked to him, and communed with him, and was embraced by him, and fused with him, and became one with the risen Christ, they say, “How can an intelligent person like that man be so naïve?” I’ve heard their remarks at a dinner party, at a cocktail party, “How could he be so naïve? Can he make a living? Can the man afford even to pay rent? That he could actually tell me in the year 1965 in the 20th Century that he stood in the presence of the risen Christ and communed?” And really, it is to them a shock of shocks that you seem to be intelligent, you seem to be a likable person, but don’t ask me in this 20th Century to believe that nonsense, that myth.

I stand here before you to tell you every word is true. But it doesn’t unfold itself and memory does not return until the end. You are told you will go into the world and you will completely forget all that I have told you, and you’ll go astray, and you’ll make idols, and you’ll worship idols, and call them the causes of the good fortune in your world or the misfortune in your world. You will completely forget me. But, he tells you, I am the Lord; beside me there is no God, I know not any. I will now disappear, become invisible to you; can’t see me because I am in you. I’m not even near, for nearness implies separation; so I’m not even near, I become you. In becoming man, he can’t be near man, he is man; and walks in man as man’s own wonderful human Imagination. So when man makes the statement “I am,” that’s he. There is no other God. Their wonderful I am, that’s God.

Now, what else did he tell us in the beginning? He told me that as I start on my journey whatever I dare to desire, believing that I have it, I will have it (Mark 11:24). Whatever I desire, believing that I have, I will have. Now, put it to the test. He tells you: Come test me and see…if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing so great there is not room on earth to receive it. Test me and see. “Do you not realize that I am in thee?—unless, of course, you fail to meet the test” (Mal. 3:10; 2 Cor. 13:5). Well, how would I this night take that test? First of all, I must desire: “Whatever you desire, believe that you have received it and you will.” So, I start with desire. I must want something. Well, if I had it, how would I see the world? Would I see it as I saw it prior to desire? No, certainly not. If I desire this night to be in San Francisco, really desire to be there, would I sleep this night seeing San Francisco to the north of me, say, 500 miles? How could I if I desired and believe I have received what I have desired? Would I not sleep as though I slept in San Francisco? And if I thought of it, it would be all around me and under me. If I thought of Los Angeles, I would see it to the south of me 500 miles. That’s what I am taught to do in the word of God. When I know what I want, believe that I have received it and I will. But I can’t desire something and believe I’ve received it and still think of it in the way I thought of it when I desired it; for now desire is fulfilled, it’s been realized. So, if I apply it in this light, I put him to the test. So, that’s what I’m told to do. Test me and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing so great there isn’t room on earth to receive it. But, if one really desires, he can do it.

I read a story this past week of a Canadian, Lord Thompson, I think was his name. He’s supposed to be the richest ___(??) in the world. He, himself, does not know his multiple millions. This was an interview with a very intelligent reporter, and I’ll tell you, I read it in the Times. He had no money, a very poor boy, started off behind the eight-ball, but desired with all of his heart money. He wanted money, money and still more money. He’s now seventy years old. And so, he didn’t go into the details of how he made money, but he has multiple millions—over 250 publications, newspapers in our land here, in Canada, in England, Europe, all over the world, with his magazines as well. He said to the reporter, or the reporter said to him, “Now you are a lord, do you like being a peer?” He said, “I love it!” “You like being very, very rich?” “Tremendously so!” he said. Now, he said, “I have great blessings in this world. I have three children, my wife Di, I have two daughters and a son, and they all have multiple millions. My grandchildren each have multiple millions. But I’ll tell you what runs in the family. My granddaughter was at the club and she called her mother (my daughter) and said, “Stop by the club and pick me up, because I haven’t transportation, my car is out of order.” The mother suggested to the daughter, well, take a taxi, and she replied (with all of her millions), “That costs too much.” And that amused the grandfather. He’s seventy and he still wants to make more millions. He said he made more between sixty-five and seventy than he did in his first sixty-five years. But he has, he thinks he has, ten more years, so he hopes to make more in the next ten years than he did between sixty-five and seventy.

Alright, he can do it if he wants to. May I tell you, he can do it if he has that sort of hunger. You must want in this world. Desire is the mainspring of action. God speaks to man through the language of desire. The day will come to every child born of woman when the hunger will not be for money, it will not be for fame. He has his fame; he’s Lord Thompson, honored all over the world by those who honor people who are wealthy. But the day will come, when I do not know, that God will send upon him a hunger, a famine. “It will not be a famine for bread and not a thirst for water, but for the hearing of the word of God” (Amos 8:11). Not a thing in this world can satisfy that kind of hunger but an experience of God. So when that comes upon you—it’s a desire, it’s a hunger; desire is hunger—when it comes, there is no temptation in this world that could divert you even for a moment, couldn’t. When you have that hunger for God that only the experience of God can satisfy, no bait in this world is tempting—recognition by the world, fame, great wisdom, as the world would call it. No, for in the end when this hunger comes you are destined to awaken as God.

What man could instruct you? All of the wisdom of the world, we’re told in Corinthians, is as foolishness in the eyes of God. For in the end, not one thing that the wise man now sees and believes to be true will be true, not one. This morning’s paper brought out the new theory—they change it every year—it used to be that the earth and the whole vast world of ours took billions of years to grow gradually, and is receding. The new theory today goes back to what they had twenty years ago—it’s all a bang, it came into being by a bang, a solid bang, one moment…and another kind of theory. And all this will play into nothing when the Spirit of truth comes upon man and leads him to truth.

How could I tell anyone to persuade that individual that the day will come, you will taste of the power of the age to be before you enter it? Here is a tasting of that power. You come upon a scene just like this. You are in Spirit, no one sees you, but you are more real to yourself than anyone that’s visible to you. They’re all within range of your sight, but they’re not as real as you feel yourself to be, and you are invisible to them. You know, and there is no uncertainty as to this knowledge, that if you now arrest within yourself a certain activity that you feel everyone here would freeze. Everyone would stand still and they couldn’t move. You do it; you arrest within your own Imagination this activity. A waitress walking walked not, and the bird flying flew not, and the diners dining dined not, and every being froze. And then you examined them, and they could be made of marble or clay, but they were dead. The life that seemed so independent of your perception of them isn’t there at all. The life was all in you, in an activity of your own wonderful human Imagination. It wasn’t there at all.

You go back into the scripture, does it support it? Yes, the scripture supports it, in the 5th chapter of John: As the Father has life in himself, so he gives the Son to have life in himself also (verse 26)…that the whole vast world is simply animated bodies. They are living souls but not life-giving spirits. So I tasted that night of the power of being a life-giving spirit; for I arrested the activity that I saw and it arrested, everything stood still. Then I released it in me and it all moved on. The bird continued to fly when I released it; and the waitress walking, she continued to walk to serve the diners; and the diners whose actions I arrested when I released it they continue to dine. Every one was dead, every one frozen.

So, I would say to these great scientists today, it isn’t a bang and it isn’t any of this expansion that the other scientists who oppose it believe. I go back to the one who I quoted earlier, “Hear the voice of the bard, who present, past and future sees, whose ears have heard the Holy Word that walked among the ancient trees.” Here he sees everything as one, all standing still, and this is what he said, “Eternity exists and all things in eternity, independent of Creation, which was an act of mercy.” Everything in the world exists, and Creation is an act of mercy…that man didn’t come out of the swamps as evolutionists teach. The birds were not once some little wiggly thing in the swamp; it always was the bird building its nest. It was ever part of the eternal structure of the universe.

And then the storyteller decides on a new creation, something entirely different, and he fragments himself and talks to himself. And here we find the one God talking to multiple aspects of himself called the Elohim—the Elohim is a plural word—so one being talking to himself, all in communion with self. And then this personified one disappears. But now it is in the entire vast aspect of its own being, and passes through what the storyteller told. That is the eternal story. And you come out at the end. When you come out at the end, all that I told you in the beginning, said he, that would be done to me you will know; because it will be done to you, for I am in you; therefore, it was done to me, for I am the life of you. So everything I tell you in the story that will be done to me, like dying and shedding my blood for all, it’s done to you because I am in you. And so, he becomes man that man may become God.

So this wonderful story was told us in the beginning. And now I’ve told you, said he, before it takes place that when it does take place, you may believe (John 13:19). So everything was told—not 2,000 years ago—everything was told at the beginning of the journey. It is still being told, as aspects of his infinite being begin the journey, and the journey is going on and going on to the very end. When the end comes in the true sense of the word all are gathered together, one by one, into one man, and that one man is God.

So I say, I stood in the presence of the risen Christ, and it’s man. He’s infinite love, may I tell you. I felt no other emotion in his presence, nothing but love, infinite love. The simple question asked and the simple answer given prompted an embrace, and he embraced me, and I fused with the body of the risen Christ. So I tell you it’s true, the story is true. So let the whole vast world laugh at it. They can’t stop it. They can’t turn it aside. They can’t stop the unfolding order. So no matter what threats we have in the world today, God and God alone is actually controlling the destiny of man. The outcome is predetermined—no one’s going to alter it—and the outcome is to awaken as God.

Now we’re told in the 78th Psalm, “I will open my mouth in a parable and utter dark sayings of old” (verse 2). Then the psalmist repeats the entire history of Israel—all the wonders of God, the glory of God, the might of God, everything. It’s a long psalm, seventy-two verses. When it comes to almost the end, the 65th verse, it is said, “And the Lord awoke as from sleep.” The whole thing took place in the grand dream of God; and the Lord awoke as from sleep and then scattered and routed all of his enemies. Then he chose Judah; and chose David and then he brought him from the flocks, and the psalm comes to its glorious end. He chose David…that’s the son who will come at the end to reveal you as God the Father. “And he said unto me,” in the 2nd Psalm, “Thou art my son, today I have begotten thee” (verse 7). These words are spoken to David.

So, in the end you will realize who Jesus Christ really is. And he tells us—but who will believe it—he is God the Father. “When you see me, you see the Father. How then can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?” Philip wants to see the Father. He said, “I’ve been with you so long and yet you do not know me, Philip? He who sees me has seen the Father” (John 14:9).

Then how did David appear in the picture? Have we any contact between the two? They didn’t…it is told us, or the question is asked, “What do you think of the Christ? Whose son is he?” Well, they could have said Joseph, they could have said Mary, could have said something else. No, the answer comes back, “The son of David.” Then he makes the statement, “Why then did David in the Spirit call him Lord? If David thus calls him Lord, how can he be David’s son?” (Mat. 22:42). The word Lord is Adonay, means “my father.” It was always used by a son of his father; he always referred to his father as “my Lord.”

So here, we get the confession that David called him, “my father.” The day will come David will call you “my father.” When David calls you “my father,” scripture is fulfilled. You come to the very end: it was the Holy Spirit who took you through all these things and led you into all knowledge, all wisdom and then brought to your remembrance everything that Christ the Father said to you before you started the journey. So he succeeded in his purpose to give you himself. For that’s the purpose of God: to so give himself to you that there are not two but one. Then we go back to the beginning of the Bible, the 2nd chapter of Genesis, A man must leave all and cleave to his wife until they become one, one flesh (verse 24). So, we are then considered the emanation; this fragmented being, this is the emanation of God; and he must cleave to you, his emanation, who is really his wife, until you become one flesh, not two. So this is the whole wonderful story as told in scripture.

Then you read, “Your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his name” (Is. 54:5). So, to feel that he so loved me, this fragmented being, loved me individually, loved you individually—you’re so unique in his love that he cleaves to you and there aren’t two of you just one; you are he. You become God, for you wear the name of your Maker and his name is I AM. And because he is your husband and he is father, there must be a son to bear witness of that position called father. So he addresses him as Father, claims himself to be Father, and the only one that can reveal you as God the Father is David of biblical fame.

So the story of David, it’s so far forgotten that when rabbis and priests and ministers talk about it today they see him as a being who lived 1,000 years B.C. No, his mission is spiritual; it’s not historical at all. So look upon the Old Testament as sacred memory and the New as sacred reality—the same memory but now brought into a reality where a man, within himself, experiences it, it’s now reality. But the whole Old Testament is only memory—the story that was told us before we started the journey—it’s sacred memory. And then, man goes through the journey. At the end of the journey he experiences it; it now becomes sacred reality…and that’s the New Testament.

So here, I tell you, as one who has experienced it, put all your hope in the truth of this wonderful story. In the meanwhile, while you live in the world of Caesar apply the law, apply it wisely. Don’t let anyone tell you you shouldn’t want a home or a suit or a better job or more money…all of this is part of the play. But you must want it, and when you really want it, find out what to do to really get it. You hit no one over the head to get it, you hurt no one. You simply assume that you are already the one that you would like to be. Assuming that you are what you would like to be, you sleep in that assumption as though it were true. Sleeping in the assumption that I am the man I want to be, I reshuffle my world and make it reflect this change of attitude in me. For a man by the changing of his internal attitudes toward life can change the outer aspects of his life, and make them respond and conform to this change if it is a sustained change. I don’t mean some little change and then one second later go back to my old self. I mean a radical change that I sustain. If I want to be other than what I seem to be, let me know what I really want to be and hunger for it, and then dare to assume I am it.

Well, how will I know that I’ve really succeeded? That very moment that I’ve assumed it think of my friends, wouldn’t they see me were I not that person? Were I that person, would they not see me, or are they going to see me in my former light? If they see me in my former light, well, then I haven’t changed. I must let them see me as they would see me were it true; and so fall asleep just seeing the faces of your friends, all seeing you as the transformed person that you really are…and wait for it. It comes into your world. You can’t stop it if you are faithful to your assumption. No man in the world can stop it, others can’t stop it.

All I ask anyone __(??) is to try it, just try it. And after you tried that and you become hungry for something else, try it for that. And try it for others until that moment in time when you’re coming to the end of the journey and your hunger changes. Then you get that hunger for an experience of God that only an experience of God can satisfy. When you have it, you’re at the end of this age and you enter an entirely different age, not related whatsoever to anything here. It’s between, well, you might say, the butterfly and the caterpillar; you wouldn’t think that one came out of the other. So what is about to come out of man which is God-in-glory is housed in these incarnated, limited garments of flesh and blood. For when it comes out, you are tuned to an entirely different world. And in the end, you and I will know we really are one—that I am in my Father, and my Father and I are one, and I am in you, and you are in me. In the end, everyone was brought back but as one magnified beyond the wildest dream. That was the reason for the story.

So he leaves the world just as it is, and then tomorrow resets the stage for an even greater adventure. And so, it isn’t once and for all that we come out as God. No, he’s a creative God. He will conceive an even more fantastic dream, and then tell the story to himself again. Not replay this; a new story…he’s a creator…and then he’ll bring himself out beyond what he was when he conceived the new play. So Tennyson could say in his poem, “Be patient, the playwright will show us in some fifth act what this wild drama means.” Well, here this is in four acts; he’ll show us in a fifth act. So don’t be afraid, because you’re coming out of this whole vast horrible dream as Jesus Christ where everything is subject to your imaginative power, only to find you are desiring once more to transcend that state, glorious as it is. And you will conceive a still more wonderful play, and tell it, and we’ll all be present, because we are the teller and the ones hearing it; only one God. That’s why it’s called the greatest of all Commandments: “Hear O Israel! The Lord our God is one Lord” (Deut. 6:4). Don’t forget it. Put everything into that one grand Commandment. There’s only one God. “I am the Lord,” said he, “the Lord your God; and besides me there is no God. I know not any.”

So when you take this into your dream this night, tonight, if you’re desirous of something other than what you have here, assume it. Assume that you are the lady, that you are the gentleman that you want to be, I don’t care what it is. The promise is completely open, wide open. It does not say in this promise—but you can read it in the 11th chapter, the 24th verse, of the Book of Mark—it doesn’t say that it need be good for you. It doesn’t say that the priesthoods of the world should sanction it, that you should tell them. No, do you desire it? “Whatsoever you desire, believe you have received, and you will.” That’s the Word of God. So when you go to bed tonight, you want something good for a friend, how would you see them if they had it? Well, then mentally persuade yourself that they have it—and don’t raise a finger to make it so. See them as having it. See everyone as the one that you want them to be, and just go to sleep just as though it were true…until that day comes when the hunger moves you from these things, and then you awake as from a sleep. Then you will know what it is that he shouted as a strong man filled with wine when he woke. He was taking it all along—the wine and the bread—he was eating the body, drinking the blood of his own being. In the end he woke from his own self-imposed dream, and then all of the enemies would love him. ___(??) God and God alone.

So believe me when I tell you the story is true. I have experienced it. The story of Jesus Christ as told in the gospels is a true story, but not as it’s taught in the world: it happens to the individual. Everyone must experience scripture. So we are told, scripture must be experienced in me; really, that’s what he’s telling us. “This scripture must be fulfilled in me,” that’s what he said. “Then beginning with Moses and the law and all the prophets and all the psalms, he interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself” (Luke 24:27). For he said, Moses wrote only about me: “In the volume of the book it is all about me” (Ps. 40:7). So the whole vast book is all about man, and the whole of scripture must be experienced by the individual. When it’s experienced by him he is fulfilled and made real all of the wonderful promises of God. That which was only sacred memory, which he forgot in the meanwhile (he suffered from amnesia)—then memory returned, because the Holy Spirit will bring back to your remembrance all these things that I have said.

Do you know what the word tomb in Greek means?—“the place of remembrance.” That’s what it means. It’s a cenotaph, the place of remembrance, the word tomb. And so, he was put in a tomb. Now, where is the tomb? On Golgotha, that’s where he’s crucified, and Golgotha means skull. So, your wonderful skull is where he’s buried and there is where the remembrance returns. All things return to that tomb, which is called “the place or the sign of remembrance.” Gradually all things come here. So Blake could say in confidence: “All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your (own wonderful human) Imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” So you will actually know it is all in you: I dwell in them, they dwell in me, and we are one. And you will say that, in that moment, I am this one…for all will be in you.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

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Q: What would be the reason for a master to say, “I’ll meet you at the man’s level”?
A: “I’ll meet you at the man’s level,” a master to say that? Well, that’s not scripture. There are numberless isms in the world…
Q: No, this is really a master from India ___(??).
A: Then, just turn your back. Don’t believe in any master in this world. There’s only one master and that one master is your own wonderful human Imagination. When men put on all their palaver, all their terms, and try to make me feel they are spiritual, they are important, I, well, I have other words for it. I have no master. There’s only one master; the Master is God and God became you. So when you say “I am,” that’s God. All this business about believing this one is holy, that one is sacred, and so forth, forget it! Just completely forget it! That’s their little business. If they can pull the wool over your eyes and make you feel that they are more holy than you are, well, then to that extent they’ll get your dollar, and you’ll just get…well…
Q: (inaudible)
A: No, it is one thing ___(??) I can see deceitful dentists, deceitful doctors, deceitful bankers, deceitful anything, but in this work…nothing drives me more insane than one in this work being deceitful. I can tolerate deceit in almost every profession in this world outside of my own. I can’t stand it when someone is supposed to tell the truth as it has been revealed to him, so he claims, and puts this holiness on it. No, there aren’t any masters. When someone comes to me and tells me he’s some holy person, I run in the opposite direction. Holy what? There’s only one holiness; that’s God. He said, Why call___(??) good? There’s only one good: it is your Father. And so, he became you. So don’t go looking for any holy man in this world. It is far, far better for all of us if we are more frequently reminded than being informed. There are so many informers in this world— misinformers. Let us be reminded of God’s word, and every time I’m reminded I get a lift. You can either remind yourself by reading the book, or simply try to remember his promise, his law, his glorious word…it’s all in the Bible. And the cheapest book in the world, really—you get so much for a couple of dollars, sixty-six books in one. If you can’t afford to buy it, if you go to some society and they will say, yes, I’ll give you one.___(??). Sixty-six books, all bound in one, and the greatest book in the world! It’s eternal; it will never fail.
Q: Well, thank you for the information.
A: Right, thank you.
Any other questions, please? Yes, ma’am?

Q: You said ___(??) that all these things are predetermined, that we are living in Caesar’s world. Now is the horror and the bombing and the shooting and killing, is this all Caesar’s world?
A: That is not determined, but it is allowed. And God’s will for man is advanced even by the cruel surgery of war. We are told in the 16th chapter of the Book of Proverbs that he made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble (verse 4). Now, we are told in the 10th chapter of the Book of Isaiah that, Behold the Assyrian, the rod of my anger and the staff in his hand is my indignation (verse 5). I’ll use him: the rod of my anger and the staff in his hand is my indignation. And so, he has to correct. If you take all of the Imaginations of men and they’re all misused, well, all of sudden there are pressures that must be released, and the releasing of these pressures will be volcanoes, would be hurricanes, would be earthquakes to release the pressure. But you aren’t going to destroy the scenery, you aren’t going to smash this earth. And it’s such a little tiny thing, this thing called earth, and yet the whole vast galaxy and galaxies are all contained within our Imagination. As someone so wisely said, “Only the Imagination of man is vast enough to contain the immensity of space.” Sir Isaac Newton asked the question, “Could man go forth where his Imagination has never walked before?” The answer is no.
So, in the beginning, this whole thing was told us by the great storyteller and we followed the whole vast drama in our Imagination. So, we couldn’t reach any place… before I came out tonight I saw the pictures of the man in space, and take him in space you also take the earth. Why, the little earth looks about this big. You saw so much of it and it was so little from that height. Suppose you went higher…it would look like a tiny, little baseball. And we fight over control of a corner of it. This part has a thousand acres and that one has an acre, so that would put…and one has none at all, and you could reduce it to nothing. It’s only a theater for God’s great play, where he expands himself beyond anything that he was…and yet the whole vast universe contained within him.

Q: I wanted to know, are all these ___(??) dreams significant and if so, how does one go about interpreting them?
A: To me, all dreams are significant, but we are past-masters at misinterpreting a dream. God speaks to man through the language, and reveals himself through the medium of vision. A dream could come to you in a very simple way where it needs no interpretation or it could come to you in the universal language of symbolism. If you’re not familiar with that universal language, well, then you need the interpreter. The best books that I know of on the lost language of symbolism are simply Bayley’s two volumes. He called it The Lost Language of Symbolism, by Bayley. They’re really perfectly marvelous. They will help you. They won’t make you a master at interpreting symbols, but they will help. But, if it comes in the form of a symbol, well, then you have to understand the language of symbols. God is making every effort to reveal himself. Even as old Abdullah said, an undigested piece of beef, well, even that, if that’s the cause of the dream, it’s still…the dream is important.

Until Friday. Thank you.

Neville Goddard Lectures: "Memory"The Lost Language of Symbolism (Dover Occult)

There’s always a story behind the story, but the keenest observers have to break through the surface to reach it. This remarkable book reveals the hidden meaning behind familiar images and words, from the origins of Santa Claus and the meaning of Cinderella’s name to the metaphoric significance of the unicorn and the fleur-de-lys.

A prominent authority on symbols, author Harold Bayley spent years gathering and compiling the contents of this volume. Mythology, folklore, religious texts, and fairy tales from around the world constitute his primary sources. Bayley also draws upon the secret traditions of ancient cultures and medieval mystical sects to deconstruct the symbols embedded in watermarks and printers’ emblems. Most of these images have lost their earliest significance and now serve strictly commercial purposes; Bayley explains their original meanings, and he cross-references similarities between symbols and stories across the globe to illuminate their evolving cultural significance. More than 1,400 illustrations enhance this classic work, which features an index for ease of reference.


Neville Goddard Lectures: "Memory"
Article Name
Neville Goddard Lectures: "Memory"
Well, how will I know that I’ve really succeeded? That very moment that I’ve assumed it think of my friends, wouldn’t they see me were I not that person? Were I that person, would they not see me, or are they going to see me in my former light? If they see me in my former light, well, then I haven’t changed. I must let them see me as they would see me were it true; and so fall asleep just seeing the faces of your friends, all seeing you as the transformed person that you really are…and wait for it. It comes into your world. You can’t stop it if you are faithful to your assumption. No man in the world can stop it, others can’t stop it.