Neville Goddard Lectures: "Jesus: God’s Plan of Salvation"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “Jesus: God’s Plan of Salvation”


Tonight’s subject is “Jesus: God’s Plan of Salvation.” God’s plan of salvation appears so different in prospect from what it really is in retrospect. If you haven’t experienced it and you trust the one who has, do not at any time forget or ignore the out and out supernatural character of this plan of salvation and never try to interpret it in some naturalistic way. That’s what the whole vast world tries to do with the plan of salvation. It’s supernatural from beginning to end. The whole drama takes place in the inner man: The inner man is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ in you is the hope of glory, so it hasn’t a thing to do with something on the outside. The whole drama is taking place on the inside. And so, I have experienced it, and let me share with you what I have experienced.

But first of all, let me thank you for what you’ve done over the last few months in sharing with me your letters, your experiences in the use of God’s law, and in your visions, your wonderful mystical experiences. This morning’s mail brought three perfectly wonderful letters, all visions. Let me give you the highlights of two of them. One I will take at some future date, it’s too long. But, I’ve told you in the past that the entire space-time history of the world is laid out and you and I only become aware of increasing portions of it, successively. You and I did not choose it. We were made subject unto futility, not willingly but by the will of him who subjected us in hope; and that hope was that you and I would be set free from this bondage to corruption, and obtain the glorious liberty of the children of God (Rom. 8:20). We find ourselves here, and we must admit we were born of the action of powers not our own, and this is the physical birth. Let us now admit that we are also born spiritually by the actions of powers beyond ourselves. We certainly didn’t do it physically; we found ourselves here. Don’t let anyone tell you that by some effort on your part that you’re going to be born spiritually into some wonderful world. It’s all being done by the one who subjected us to this wheel of futility.

Now this morning’s letter brought…this mail brought this letter. She said, “My mother died in ’53. She was, I would say, seventy years old—-she might have been seventy-one, two, but she was in her late sixties or early seventies. I met her in my vision and mother was radiantly beautiful. She looked about thirty, and the joy, I can’t describe the joy of my mother. She told me that when she left here she moved into the age or the year 3,804 at the age of twenty-one. She found herself twenty-one years old, living in the year 3,804. Then I asked her many questions. There were many interruptions by people and circumstances, but I tried to get as many questions across as I could. She seemed to be quite familiar with your teaching, although in this world where she left eleven years ago she never heard of you in any way whatsoever. But your name was not a strange thing to her in that circle where she now lives. I got the impression that she’s married. And I tried to find my father and my brother Art to share with them my experience that I met mother. She told me she is living in a part of Pennsylvania. I asked her if death to her in that world of 3,804 is like death to us in this world, and she said it was the same thing. They feared it as we fear it, and they know it is the inevitable as we know it is the inevitable. Then she said, ‘Our moral code, our ethical code is just like your code, same thing.’ But she also said, ‘We have no choice in that time sequence into which we are placed. I found myself twenty-one years old. At death being seventy, I was twenty-one in a time sequence that is the 3804th year A.D.’”

Now, in the Bible we’re taught that there is nothing new under the sun: “Is there a thing of which it is said, ‘See, this is new’? I tell you it has been already, in ages past. But there is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of things to come after, among those who will come later; for there is nothing new under the sun” (Eccles. 1:9-11). That’s difficult for man to understand. And then he reads the Book of Ezekiel, where there are wheels within wheels within wheels, all turning. Then he reads the Book of Romans where you and I, not willingly, but subjected to the will of God for a divine purpose, that we would, being subjected, one day be freed from this futility and obtain, having gone through it, the glorious liberty of the children of God. And that liberty comes; and it is inaugurated by a divine event and we call that event resurrection.

But resurrection seen from a certain angle comes seemingly at the last, and it doesn’t. The great mystery: It comes not at the end of history, it comes within history. This very night it could come to all of you, or to one of you. I do not know, no one knows. So when they asked the question, “When, O Lord?” he said, “It is not for you to know the times and the seasons that’s fixed by the authority of God” (Acts 1:7), by his own authority. But wait for the promise of the Father, just wait—he has promised to redeem you. Redeeming you is redeeming himself, he’s not redeeming another. It is God who fell asleep in the great creation called “the wheels and wheels within wheels” for educative and creative purposes. That by putting himself into the state likened unto death—-it’s not really death but it’s so still, so altogether a sound sleep that it seems like death. But the ancient scripture, the Old Testament, does not use the word “resurrection,” it implies it. But I would rather go back and use the term that is used in the Old Testament. The New uses the word “resurrection” throughout, and I love it, it’s a marvelous term, and I use it here night after night. But in the old scripture, they only speak of “waking from sleep.”

The 78th Psalm, which is a maschil, meaning special instruction, it is a recapitulation of the entire history of Israel, which is divine history. We come to almost the end, the 65th and 66th verses, it’s a very long chapter, and then suddenly we’re told that God or “the Lord God awoke as from sleep” (Psalm 78:65, 66). He awoke as from sleep and then he chose Judah and chose David. Then we come to the end of the glorious awakening of the being who was asleep, as the whole story was being told. You start in the beginning of that chapter, the 78th chapter, and he simply tells the traditions of the fathers: “I will open my mouth in a parable, and I will utter dark sayings from of old.” And he tells all the stories of Israel, the horrors of the world, and the conquering of Jehovah—how he conquers, and he overcomes and he overcomes and he overcomes. Man still falls back, but God overcomes…and then the Lord God awakes. He awakes as from sleep. When he wakes from sleep, then the whole thing comes to an end.

Now we are all told to please tell it just as it happened. Don’t embellish it, don’t add to the word of God; don’t take from the word of God. Well, the word translated word—in the New Testament the word logos—-has as a root meaning “that which is behind the thing.” That is, the sense or the meaning of the thing. So when we are told, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God” (John 1:1) that word logos, translated “word,” means “that something that is the sense or the meaning behind the event, whatever that event is.” So when you tell it, tell it clearly. So at the end of Luke we are told, “They related their own experience”; they told what had happened, not embellished, don’t add to it. And that’s why I don’t quarrel with the use of the word resurrection, for it is part of the event. But I would go back to the 78th Psalm and rather use that terminology. For in my own case, when I was taken off the wheel of recurrence but left on it to tell the story, for I must tell it until this garment comes off; and when it comes off now it comes off for the last time. I do not find myself—like my friend Larry’s mother who found herself in the year 3,804—I am through with the wheels within wheels within wheels. But I must remain on the present wheel, the year 1964, and tell it until that time when the garment is taken off, and this time for the last time; for I am not going through death any more.

But I must tell you, the night it happened to me, that force, I can’t describe it save it was the most intense force. We call it an electrical force or charge. But, every morning I wake and I feel myself coming-to into this world and I wake. But that day, four years ago, I felt myself coming-to, and I thought it would be like the normal waking here. But it wasn’t! The most intense vibration I’ve ever felt, and I’m waking alright, but I’m waking to find myself in a tomb, and the tomb, the sepulcher is my skull, an entirely different form of awakening. So they say in the 78th Psalm, “And the Lord God awoke as from sleep.” I awoke from sleep, but it was a different waking from any waking I’ve ever had, that I have any memory of. I awoke to find myself entombed. So I can see the use of the word resurrection, for how could you possibly come out of a tomb, therefore resurrected, unless you were dead? But I had no sense of being dead; I felt I was waking from sleep. That’s what the Old Testament teaches. So I was waking from sleep and I awoke to find myself in a tomb. So I could only then conclude if I am now in a tomb I must have been dead or someone thought me dead, because you don’t put anyone in a tomb and seal it, as I was sealed in that tomb, unless you were dead. And so, the only sensation of being dead was that I am now in an actual sepulcher, a tomb.

And then you come out, and you come out and you are born from above. For this is the area of the tomb; it’s your skull. So when you come out of your skull, as you’re told in the Book of 1st Peter, “We are born anew by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1:3). Only Jesus Christ is ever awakened, ever resurrected; so everyone who resurrects or who is awakened to find himself entombed, he is Jesus Christ. He is now telling the story to the world, and they can accept it or reject it, it’s entirely up to them. But he must tell the story, and it is so important that the story of Jesus and the salvation of God be told, and then let man respond to it. He will accept it, sometimes modified. Let him just reject it completely or let him in some way just toy with the idea.

But all the minds who hear the story from the one who has experienced it are like certain soils in the world, and he, the one who tells the story, is the sower who goes forth to plant, and he spreads the seed of truth. It falls sometimes on the highway. It falls on the highway and then the birds devour it (Mat. 13:3). The birds are simply all the great rumors: “After all, that man is just a normal person like yourself, he’s been married twice, he has children, he knows what it is to know a person intimately, he is a meat eater, he drinks, he does all these things, so forget it.” And so, quickly the idea is gobbled up. Another one hears it with eagerness, but the cares of the day are more than his attention can cope with, and so the seed, the idea, is choked. And then you go from one to the other and all different soils of the world. You may find in a gathering…but we’re told in scripture you will always find a remnant. The remnant is considered ten percent, told in many ways in the Bible. There is always ten percent of any gathering who would listen to you, who will be the soil on which it can fall. It falls on that soil and brings forth a hundredfold, meaning that it will come forth. When it comes forth then he will have the identical experience—while you have been detached from the wheels of recurrence.

Now let me share with you another story that comes into this, this morning. This gentleman writes, he said, “I felt myself sitting on a nest. Of course it might have been prompted, said he, by the story you told of the dove that is now in your tree outside of your window, but I felt myself sitting on a nest as a dove would sit. Then I felt something move under me, like something alive, and I raised myself slightly, and then I looked and observed an egg. As I observed the egg, I felt the egg breaking. Suddenly the egg began to break and it broke, and out came you. You were about two inches tall but you were fully proportioned, everything was perfect in proportion. As you came out you said, ‘Bill’— that’s his name. And then he said to me, ‘But Neville you are so little!’ and I said to him, ‘In God’s creation everything begins small and then it expands and expands and expands’ and at that, before my eyes you grew to immensity before my eyes. Then, relative to you I was the little one and you were this immense being standing before me. Then you went over to another nest, and there you took from this nest our mutual friend Jan Johnson and you brought her. And with your hand on Jan and your hand on me, you still remained this immensity, and Jan was my size relative to you. We are both the same little ones and you are this immense being, and you took us both, each in a hand, and together we walked up into the sky.”

Now you have a vision, don’t discard it. Go back into scripture and search diligently for something that would throw light on it. Now, let me give you, if you’re in the audience tonight, the passage: it’s the 7th chapter of Amos, the 2nd verse. So you go back and you read the ancient scripture for some foreboding, some shadow, some intimation of what you had in the depths. For are we not told, “If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and I will speak with him in a dream” (Num. 12:6). And so, you had it. Only God speaks to you in dream. There’s only one source of dream in scripture and that source is God. So he’s telling you something— go back into his word, his ancient scripture, and search. Well, in the 7th chapter you’ll find it and these are the words: “O Lord God, forgive! How can Jacob…how can Jacob stand? He is so small!” (Amos 7:2). How can Jacob stand? He is so small! And then we are told in that same chapter the Lord forgives and said, “It shall not be” and then he allowed Jacob to stand. Now, the word Jacob means, by the concordance, our biblical concordance, “to enlarge, to expand.” And there is no limit to the expansion, that’s the word Jacob. It’s called “the supplanter” on the surface, but in definition, it is “the capacity to enlarge and to expand.” So, here is the little one, “How can Jacob stand? He is so small!” and then God repented, changed an attitude towards this that is coming out, and allowed it to expand to the limit. And there is no limit to expansion, there’s only a limit to contraction; there’s no limit to translucency, there’s only a limit to opacity. So if my friend would go back into scripture and read it and search, he would find the secret of his vision, for I came out from that little egg.

Well, a few months ago, last year really, when the voice said to me, “The whole vast world is only for hatching,” that’s all that it is. The whole vast world is for hatching. And so, worlds within worlds, all turning, and so you slip from this age 1964 into 3804— and the purpose is only for hatching. At some moment in time man thinks now that this world is moving from moment to moment to moment in some linear progression. It isn’t, it’s a cycle. And so 1964 and 3804 are taking place at one and the same time. Columbus is now discovering this country for the first time on that wheel as it turns. Everything is turning at the same time…and we are inserted.

But she also said this to her son, “We have no choice in that time sequence into which we are placed, none whatsoever.” Then you go back and read the scripture. “What is that in scripture?” she said that to him. And you go back and read the 8th chapter of the Book of Romans, that “The creature was made subject unto futility, not willingly but by reason of the will of him who subjected him in hope that the creature would be set free from this bondage to corruption and obtain the glorious liberty of the children of God” (verse 20). So we are subjected, but who subjected it? God, subjecting himself; it’s only God. It is God who awakes from this fantastic creation and when he wakes, he has by this strange subjection increased his capacity to create. For the only purpose of it all is to develop one’s creative power. And God is not absolute, as the world would call it, God is forever expanding. If God were absolute, the whole thing would be dead. God is potentially absolute and can create and create forever and forever. And God is man.

So to come back to this plan of salvation, the plan is in scripture. It begins…the whole thing is inaugurated with an event we call his resurrection from the dead; the first-fruits of those who slept; the first-born from the dead (Rev. 12:5). But the first-born, not the only born. So a great judgment is passed upon those who teach that the resurrection is past already. Read it in Paul’s letter, the 2nd letter to Timothy, he said: There are those who are teaching that the resurrection is past and over. They are misleading the people, and in misleading them they’re turning them from the faith (2:18). And he pronounces on them an uncompromising condemnation, for the resurrection has started. It is taking place. And moment after moment after moment you and I are being detached from this wonderful wheel where we were born out of it as it were. But being in it…if we were not in it, we could never develop beyond what we were prior to coming into it.

So we are told in scripture, the 20th of Luke: And the Sadducees—-the Sadducees are the wise people, they are the scientists of the day—-and they asked a question: Master, Moses in the law said that if a man marries leaving no offspring and has brothers, the brothers should marry the widow and raise up issue. Well, there were seven brothers; and the first one who’s married, he died leaving no offspring; and the second took her to wife and he left no offspring when he died, then the third, and finally all of them married her, and then they all died, and then she died. Whose wife is she in the resurrection (verses 27-36)? They did not believe in the resurrection, for they thought it just couldn’t be. They saw people die and that was the end of them, like all scientists of the world, or most of the scientists. And he said to this wise scientist, “You do not know the scripture. The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage; but those who are accounted worthy to attain to that age, to the resurrection from the dead, they neither marry nor are they given in marriage, for they can die no more; they are now sons of God and sons of the resurrection” (verse 34). Well, by that very statement he implies that they do, in dying, still die. So he tells you they die no more. Well, here he talks to someone who is awake, who must actually go through the experience of death, physical death, but he’s telling you he dies no more. But these who seemingly die will continue to die, like my friend Larry’s mother. She knows that they fear death as we here fear death; they experience death as we experience death. And she will slip from the year 3804, however long she lives there—it may be 3890 before she makes her exit from that wheel—-to find herself in a wheel that is behind it in so-called time. For all are moving together. So what is up and what is down if the wheel is moving? This is now the apex and this is the nadir; but if the wheel is moving, this that is now the apex becomes the nadir, and this is apex. So what is up and what is down when the wheels are moving within wheels within wheels? And it’s all for the bringing out of this turning nest. It’s a nest…for the voice said, “The whole vast universe is for hatching, only hatching.”

This morning’s mail can bring two letters from two entirely different friends of mine. They meet here socially, but only in the last few months they met each other in this room. Prior to that, my friend Larry has been coming here for years, and my friend Bill, who wrote the other letter, only came here last November. So they only met here in the last few months…and they dovetail, one bringing out the hatching story that was told me, and the other bringing out the wheels within wheels. So here, 3804 she told him as he understood it. She knows that she never heard of me here in the year 1964. When she died in ’53, she never heard of me, I was completely unknown. But my works are known to her in the year 3804 and my name is not a stranger to her.

So it was always so. That’s part of the game, that’s part of the great play. And we come out of it in the most wonderful manner. But it begins…the whole thing is inaugurated by that event that we call resurrection—his resurrection from the dead. After the resurrection comes the birth, and after the birth comes that end of the book of the 78th chapter of Psalms. For as he awakes as one from sleep and becomes one who shouts as a man filled with wine, and he puts all of his enemies to rout, all adversaries are routed and they are everlastingly put to shame. The whole vast wheel is now put to shame as far as he who has awakened from it. For it subjected him to the most horrible things in the world. Then he awakens from it. Then he calls Judah, and then he calls David, and takes David from the flocks where he was taking care of the ewes, those that were “in lamb.” And David is then the third one. You find him, and you discover him, and discovering him you know who you are. In the same chapter of Luke that we quoted earlier, when the Sadducees asked about resurrection, on the heels of his answer he then brings up the question and asks the question concerning David. And then he answers the question and tells you who David is. But no one sees it.

That’s why I said at the beginning of this message tonight that this mystery of salvation, it appears in prospect so different from what it really is in retrospect. Who by reading the story would see it in prospect as it really is? It isn’t as the world will tell you. Seeing it in prospect, it took place two thousand years ago and he is something unique on the outside, and you worship him on the outside. And that isn’t so at all. It takes place in the new man. The new man is in every man being formed. When he’s completed, when he’s formed, then it unfolds like a flower in that new man who is in every man; for every man contains Jesus Christ. Well, “Do you not know that Jesus Christ is within you?” “Test him and see” (2 Cor. 13:5). Long before he unfolds these petals—-which is simply the resurrection; and the birth; and the discovery of the fatherhood of God; and the ascent into heaven in the form of a serpent; and the descent of the dove upon him, where he’s blessed and smothered with the affection of the Holy Spirit—-long before that, test him and see if he’s not within you. For by him all things were made, and without him was not anything made that is made (John 1:3). So test him and see.

So the Jesus Christ of scripture is the Jesus Christ in you, the only Jesus Christ; and he is your own wonderful loving human Imagination. There never was another Jesus Christ. God and God alone became man. In becoming man he’s Jesus Christ. He now has to awaken. As he awakens, it’s nothing but God. There’s no intermediary between yourself and God, none whatsoever, as you’re told in the 43rd and the 45th chapters of Isaiah: “I am the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior…and besides me there is no savior” (verses 3, 5). No savior besides me and I am the Lord your God. He became man that man may become God. But in becoming man he and he alone goes through all the furnaces of affliction as he turns the wheels and wheel after wheel.

What determines the jump in time between 1953 when she made her exit and 3804? Strangely enough, she said, I awoke there; I was twenty-one. When he saw her he estimated her age at thirty, within the range of thirty…that would be the growth. So they still grow. They do exactly what you do, what I do, they have all the conflicts, but the year differs and all things differ. They make their exit through a grave to find themselves awake at a certain age in a different time-slot as it were. But this world here is the very limit of contraction. I have slipped into these worlds unnumbered times. When I speak of this world, not other worlds, ___(??), when I speak of this world, they are scared to death. This world to them is hell. They can’t conceive of anyone recovering from this world, they can’t.

I stepped into a world and here was Heine, and Heine, the brilliant German poet, essayist, artist, and Heine was instructing them. Heine said to me, “You know, they don’t call this world of yours where you just came from, they don’t call it Earth, they call it Woodland. They can’t conceive that anyone could ever recover from that descent to Woodland.” Well, now search the scriptures for it. Is it called Woodland? It is, in the 8th chapter of the Book of Mark (verse 24). You go back into Mark and the eye was opened. When the blind man, born blind, had his eyes opened he was asked, “What do you see?” and he said, “I see men; like trees walking.” So they call this…if a man would ever come here, he’d become like a tree, a tree walking. So he would lose all identity, he would lose his humanity, he would lose what he is by coming here. This is the limit of contraction. No one wants to come here. And when I decided to return to this world, and had to go, for my time was come to depart from that world, and I began to say goodbye, they all rushed because they didn’t believe my story. They said, “What an imaginative being! What stories he’s talking about!” But I was telling them only the things of Earth but they wouldn’t believe me. And they came…when I began to descend and a voice said “All down for Woodland” you should have seen the fear, sheer ghastly fear on their faces when I began to descend. Only one came with me and she was the old dowager, one who belonged to a certain group who had usurped my estate in my absence when I came here. These are fantastic stories but they’re all true.

So we’re living in a world…you think, well now, this is the most real world, and tomorrow we develop the present energy into something else, to something else, and it’ll go on forever in one direction. Don’t believe it! We’re going to turn the wheel, the wheel is turning, but the wheel is so large, we can’t see around the corner. Like you can’t see…the ship goes off to sea and it disappears; it hasn’t dropped off the Earth, it’s the curvature of space. Well, time is curved just as space is curved, and so things disappear in time. We see them disappear in space by the curvature of space. Well, they disappear in time but it’s only curved, and they’re turning. But the wheels are wheels within wheels. So you see a large wheel, when will it be turned? And man has no memory. “So is there a thing of which it is said, ‘See this is new’? It has been already, in ages past. But there’s no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of things to come after among those who come later.” For there is nothing new under the sun, and how difficult that is to tell to anyone who knows in his own short little span of time that he’s never seen this before.

I say, with anyone living in this world today, born when I was born, where we had candle light, and then we had oil lamps, and we had gas lamps, these little gas mantles, and then came the day we had electricity. So I go back in my short space of time of fifty-nine years back to my grandmother’s day or your great-grandmother’s day. For your great-grandmother can’t go back beyond the time that I go back in my fifty-nine years, for I was put into a different space down the wheel. The space on which I was placed on this wheel of the same age, the 20th century, was so limited that my background would take you back, in your more marvelous way, back into the 19th century. I wasn’t born then. I was born in 1905. Well, 1905 is the space where I was placed on the wheel, goes back in the comforts of life back into, well, say 1850. Can I not see them now cleaning the chimneys and cleaning all these things and all outdoor plumbing. That was Barbados, where the kitchen was on the floor, I mean the floor, the earth; I don’t mean wood. And so, that is the space of the same wheel. So there are wheels within wheels within wheels. And then man is lifted off the wheel.

So when you have the experience, go back into the ancient scripture and seek and seek and seek. A great help is the Concordance, Strong’s Concordance, and take Strong’s Concordance, take a word and look it up. Don’t take anything for granted, just look it up and see what it means. Take the word resurrection, for instance, and you think in terms of resurrection as someone resurrected physically. Hasn’t a thing to do with that. The word, as defined in the Bible, in the Concordance, means “to rise up; to stand upright; to awake from sleep.” Read it—-to awake from sleep. Well, I know in my own case exactly what happened: I awoke from sleep. But the awakening was something entirely different: It was the inauguration of the grand unfolding of God’s plan of salvation. For, that was the first event, and on the heels of it came the child, and the men who saw the symbol called the child, and I took the child. And then, after that, came the others, one after the other.

So, resurrection as defined is “to awake from sleep.” But I didn’t know I was asleep until that moment in time. I always thought I went to bed at night and woke in the morning, so when I woke in the morning I was awake. I didn’t know that until that moment in time back in 1959 I had been sound asleep, and sound asleep in a tomb where someone placed me there because to them I must have been dead. For, you’re placed in a tomb only because you’re dead. So everyone in this world who is walking through the world, who will make their exit from this world, are just as sound asleep; and they are to those who behold this death, dead. So Blake tells us of the great eternal ones who contemplate death and say, “What seems to be to them, is, to those to whom it seems to be, and is productive of the most dreadful consequences to those to whom it seems to be, even of despair and eternal death; but divine mercy steps beyond and redeems man in the body of Jesus” (Blake,Jer.,Plt.36). Well, there’s only the body of Jesus, and that body of Jesus is in man.

So he awakens that body, and as it awakens, then these things begin to unfold within him, and the very first act is the resurrection. That inaugurates the entire process: His resurrection from the dead; then comes his birth from above; then comes his discovery of the fatherhood of God through the son called David; then his ascent into heaven in serpentine form; and then the descent of the dove who smothers him with affection, which is he never in eternity will leave him, it smothers him and remains upon him. And everyone goes through the identical experience. So this is God’s plan of salvation. Everyone will be saved, for the simple reason everyone is now being occupied by God. God is only redeeming himself. And before he entered into the wheels that turn, he had planned his own pathway of return and his return is simply the development of his own creative power.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Q: I have two questions. First, on this wheel of recurrence is there any retention of spiritual progress? And, secondly, what authority is behind the Bible Concordance so that one would know that they were reading something…

A: Alright, first of all, take the second. James Strong’s Concordance which is called the exhaustive concordance, I personally think of the many concordances that I have that it is the greatest, the most exact translation of the original meaning of the words. He spent forty years compiling it, it was not done overnight. And he took these ancient manuscripts and compared them and compared them and compared them, and came up, after forty years, with this fantastic work. And it is truly an exhaustive concordance. So, if you…you don’t need to know Greek or Hebrew because you simply look up the little number that is next to the word. You look the word up in English, at the extreme end of the column you find a little number; then you turn, if it’s a Hebrew word that is in the Old Testament, you look up the number in the Hebrew section; if it is in the New Testament, you look up the number in the Greek section. And it simply defines the word for you as it was originally intended, because words change their meaning from year to year. Even in this century we have changed words; in fact, today more than ever we have what is known as newspeak. When the Russians use the word democracy they don’t mean what you and I mean, but everything is “democracy” there. You have no choice in the matter…you vote for one man, and you simply put your vote in and affirm what a very small minority will tell you the populace wants. That’s “democracy.” It’s not my concept of it, yet they use the word all day long. And so, all through the world words change their meanings, and so we go back to the original intention of the prophet when he used the word. But I find that James Strong’s Concordance gives me the best light on these words.

Now to come back to your first question again…

Q: I asked if you’re on this wheel of recurrence is there any retention of spiritual progress?

A: My dear, by the vision of this gentleman and his mother, certainly there was infinite joy, beauty beyond measure. He said, “All the pictures of my mother taken of her when she was a young girl and a young lady don’t compare to the beauty of my mother today. I wanted so much to share her beauty and her joy with my brother Art and my father, but the interruptions, the people came through; and then circumstances changed and I couldn’t pump her with enough questions.” Yet she was quite willing to answer these questions. So there’s a certain retention, because God is simply not a God of retribution, he’s a God of love. God is infinite love. And the only purpose is to go through this play and to come out as the one who is the author of the play and then the actor in the parts. God plays all the parts.

Q: In the 65th and 66th of Psalm 78, the Lord God awakes, and chose Judah and chose David, do we hear of Judah as judgment?

A: Well, Judah means “praise.” But Judah—bear in mind, there are so many facets of it—-Judah is the fourth son of Jacob, and Jacob is the little one that she said he regretted and Jacob began to expand. The word means “to expand without limit”. No limit to the expansion of the little one who comes out to expand as God. He was contracted to the limit, and now as he breaks the shell, as Blake brings out, “At length for hatching ripe he breaks the shell.” But now you can’t limit him to the little one who broke the shell. Let him expand forever and forever without limit until some future date when he conceives a new play of contraction for the purpose of developing his creative talent, and then break it once more, and then expand forever and forever. But, Judah is the fourth, and as we told you the last time, the fourth doesn’t necessarily mean the fourth child of the womb of woman. It could be the fourth in your class, the fourth that came through the door tonight, the fourth in any sense, the fourth into a restaurant. I mean four, four means “the door.” It’s the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is Daleth. He said, “I am the door. Anyone who comes through any other way is a thief and a robber.” One must go through simply by having the experience themselves. And so, I am…when he called me, he didn’t say “Neville is my father,” he called me Father. And I didn’t say, “So Neville is your father,” I said, “I am.” It’s “I am your Father.”

So, I am the door. He was standing against an open door, and there’s this open door, and David is looking out upon a pastoral scene. Here was the symbol of the door and he calls me Father, but he doesn’t say Neville. I don’t speak of so-and-so as his father, I am his father. You will say not “Tom is his father,” I am his father. Everyone will say “I am his father.” So he calls us Father and that I am the door. The door is the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Daleth. He said, I am the door; anyone who comes in towards the sheepfold in any other way is a thief and a robber (John 10:9). And he was looking out on a pastoral scene, and he’s called the shepherd. For when they came to get him, they said, he’s out with his flocks and he said, “I will not sit down until you bring him in, bring him in. And as he was brought in, the voice of the Lord said, “That is he. Rise and anoint him” (1 Sam. 16:12). The Lord’s anointed, his Son, who calls you Father, therefore, you are the Lord. He calls you Father; therefore, everyone must have it themselves. If they don’t have it themselves, then they’re still on the wheel, and they’ll make extravagant claims and all kinds of things because there are false prophets in the world, too. As told us in Ezekiel and Jeremiah: There are those who will not feed my sheep. They’ll feed my sheep only to take from my sheep to fatten themselves. And so, they make all the false claims in the world—-that they are sent, that they are this, they are the other—-and they are all thieves and robbers, speaking without experience and not believing one word of scripture. But this is a nice little gimmick as far as they’re concerned. But that’s part of the play too. Let them go…they’ll make their little exit, and all people their exit, and then they move automatically without choice on their part into that wheel necessary for their awakening, whatever it is.

Q: Does the word valley have any significance?

A: Valley?

Q: ___(?) any similar word to valley?

A: Certainly. The Bible is full of the use of the word valley. We go down to the valley of death. The dark convolutions of the brain are called valleys and out of that we come. I would have said of everyone here, don’t despair, don’t despair because God has planned your redemption, everyone’s redemption. I would only plead with you to be honest, rather die than be dishonest about it. If you can’t explain it, alright, be quiet. Don’t have to explain it. If someone asks of you and you can’t explain it, don’t make up something, just, alright, be quiet. You have your belief, you believe that this is God’s plan of redemption, well, believe it! And if some wiseacre tries to dethrone you through argument, alright, leave him alone, perfectly alright. That’s what the Sadducee tried when he said, “Master, (this is the story)…whose wife is she?” and he thought he could dethrone him. So I would say to everyone, don’t be concerned; just live in hope that this will quickly awaken within you.

I’m thrilled beyond measure, an audience of this size, when this morning’s mail could bring me three letters—-one I didn’t touch tonight it’s too long—-from three young fellas in this audience. Well, why, what percentage is that of these visions? If they enclosed in this morning’s mail a large big check, may I tell you, it couldn’t be equal to their letters. If they wrote me a letter where they thanked me for my time here and enclosed a large check, that couldn’t compensate. That would be nothing compared to the letter that they wrote in which they told me their vision and shared with me their visions. That’s wealth beyond the wildest dream of this world…that vision of three young men in an audience the size of this.