Neville Goddard Lectures: “He Stirs In Me”


Tonight’s subject is “Bestir Thyself,” that is, “He Stirs in Me.” The Psalmist asks the Lord to bestir himself, as you read it in the 35th chapter of the Book of Psalms, “Bestir thyself and awake for my right, for my cause, my God and my Lord” (Ps.35:23). When God bestirs himself, he can only bestir himself in us. Now here we are, this most dramatic week, they call it a week, in Christendom. It could take place at any moment in time. Hasn’t a thing to do with any special week or month or year or any moment in time. The crucifixion is God’s creative act. It is not God’s grievance, it is God’s love. Hasn’t a thing to do with a man who was nailed to a cross, unless that cross is humanity. And it was not a painful act.

Now let me share with you what I know from experience. I am not theorizing, I am not speculating. We go back to the 1st chapter of the first book of the Bible, Genesis. And God said, “Let the earth put forth vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees yielding fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind”(Gen. l:11). Here we have the law of identical harvest. Man has tried through the centuries to break it. He cannot break it. He produces a mule in which there is no seed. He’s taken the horse and the donkey, and he’s mated them and he produced the mule, but the mule cannot reproduce itself. I have seen the tiglon, the result of a union between the lion and the tiger. A beautiful animal, but it cannot reproduce itself. You can find this between birds, between everything in the world. But there’s a barrier, for it is in conflict with what God said concerning reproduction: “Let all things bring forth after their kind.” Now here we have an entirely different form of creation, but still after its kind. That’s established…the law of the identical harvest.

Now here, crucifixion is, we are told, the crucifixion of God. You’re told “by man.” It’s not by man; it’s within man. Hasn’t a thing to do “by” man. Mere man is on this level. Now listen to the words carefully: “I lay down my life that I may take it up again. No one takes it from me. I lay it down of my own accord. I have the power to lay it down, and the power to take it up again.” If you are not familiar with scripture, that’s the 10th chapter of the gospel of John (verse 17). No one has taken my life. Then what is this wonderful mystery of the crucifixion?

Well, here it is. He now speaks in us, these are the words, “I am from above, you are from below; you are of this world, I am not of this world” (John 8:23). Now all things bring forth after their kind. Now here is a seed to be planted—it is from above. Above and within in the mysteries are the same. It hasn’t a thing to do with any physical act in this world. Man can be raised to a higher level only by the crucifixion of God. Listen to the words carefully: “And the promise was made unto Abraham and to his seed. It does not say seeds, referring to many; but, referring to one…unto your seed, which is Christ” (Gal.3:16). Here we have the seed of God planted in man. If it’s planted in man and man accepts the seed, if he’s a cultivated piece of soil that he could accept. He may be only rock and cannot accept it; he may be a bunch of thorns that will choke it; it may be on the highway and the cares of the world could devour it—but if the soil has been plowed and harrowed through the centuries that could receive this idea, and receive it in faith, well then, it will grow from within, it doesn’t grow from without, raising man to an entirely different level. “I am from above, you”—speaking of humanity now—“are from below; I am not of this world, you are of this world.” If I would lift you to a higher level, I then must have a body equal to that level that it could function on that level. So God buries himself in humanity.

Now listen to the words carefully. It is not multiple seeds, only one seed, only one Christ, only one Messiah, buried in the mind of man. Now come with me as I go into the Book of Galatians: “O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified? Let me ask you only this: Did you receive the Spirit by works of the law, or by hearing with faith? Are you so foolish? Having received it by the Spirit, are you now ending with the flesh?” (Gal.3:1). Are you thinking in terms of a physical Jesus Christ? Are you thinking in terms of a physical act, where men tried a man for blasphemy and condemned him and crucified him on a cross? Are you so foolish? Didn’t you receive it by the Spirit? How? With the hearing of this story, and hearing it and believing it; hearing it with faith.

Then he goes on in the same 3rd chapter of Galatians and makes this wonderful statement, “The scripture foreseeing that God would justify the heathen.” The word heathen means “anything other than the orthodox circle that first received the message.” It could be called Christian, it could be called the heathen, it could be called the nations; the word is goyim—anything outside of a circle, that one select or elect circle. Now here he’s asking a question, making a statement, The scripture—now he personifies scripture, scripture becomes a voice—the scriptures foreseeing that God would justify those outside of the circle, called now the heathen, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham. Here now is a state. Abraham is not a person as you’re a person, as I’m a person. It’s the eternal state of faith, where we entered the state and we hear God’s only means of salvation, and he tells us the story of salvation called the gospel.

What we call today the crucifixion, may I tell you from experience it’s the most ecstatic thrill in the world. No pain. If that’s pain, well then, a sexual act is pain. And you and I know life, having matured we know from experience what it is. Well, multiply it to the nth degree and you find God’s creative act. Are we not told in Isaiah, “Your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his name” (Is.54:5). Are we not told in Jeremiah, return, you children, for I am married to you…I am your husband. My name is buried in you. My name is I AM.

So here, the crucifixion is God’s creative act that man may be saved from this level of eternal death and be raised to an entirely different level wherein he has life in himself. Not just an animated soul on this level where he lives and dies, and then lives and dies, and continues the circle that is a constant recurring living and dying, like an animated body—moving out of this level completely to an entirely different world. For, “I am not of this world,” you are told, “You are of this world; I am from above, you are from below.” And so, the seed of God is Jesus Christ and Christ is defined for us in scripture as the power and the wisdom of God (1Cor.1:24). The creative power of God is his seed, bearing his image. For he’s called the image of God, just as your seed bears your image and when implanted, if accepted, grows into your likeness. So, God’s word implanted in man, if accepted, grows into his likeness, and that one who accepted it grows into the likeness of God. That is the story of crucifixion. Hasn’t a thing to do with a man on trial by men and women of the ancient world. This is an eternal story.

So here, I tell you the night that I remembered, not the actual performance, but the memory of it was enough to set me aflame as it were. So going back to the 42nd Psalm, These things I remember when I went with the throng and led them in procession to the house of God, a multitude in this wonderful festive atmosphere. And that night, as I walked with this enormous crowd, a voice out of the nowhere said, “And God walks with you.” At my side was a woman, all walking, and she asked the voice, the invisible voice, “If God walks with us, where is he?” and the voice answered, “At your side.” She turned to her left and looked into my face and became hysterical, it struck her so funnily, because she saw a physical being, a man she knew well, and maybe intimately. This was a world where all were dressed like the Arabs of an ancient world, moving towards the house of God. And she in this festive moment turning and seeing my face, a fleshly face, began to laugh. So that certainly could not be God.

Then the voice spoke again, but this time only I heard it, no one else heard. The voice said to me from the depths of my soul, “I laid myself down within you to sleep and as I slept I dreamed a dream, I dreamed…” and I knew the end, “I dreamed that I am you.” I also knew the end of it, “When I awake, you are I, you and I are one.” I knew it. But at that moment I was crucified. My hands were vortices, my head was a vortex, my side a vortex, and the soles of my feet vortices. Six, like the Mogen David, like the great star of David. Here was my crucifixion: My hands, my feet, my head, my side, whirling vortices. God’s creative act, when he actually buried himself in me, his seed bearing his image. And then I knew the words, “Your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his name.” He so loved me he impregnated me with himself.

Then comes that long interval, seemingly long interval, of the trials and the tribulations of the world, and this is the pregnancy that man must go through. Through that pregnancy all the horrors of the world he sends. But there will come a moment of deliverance and man is delivered. Delivered into an entirely different world, even though he remains for a little while in this world to tell the story, to encourage everyone who has not yet experienced the story of the actual crucifixion of God: When God—not by breathing but God in love, to raise me to a higher level—buries himself in me. So I am the tomb in which he is buried, just as the womb of a woman is the tomb in which the seed of man is buried. It has a certain interval of time, the moment of deliverance ___(??), and she brings forth the image of the one who buried his seed, mixed with her image.

Here is this great wonderful mystery that confronts us this week. We’re looking upon it as some ancient thing that took place 2,000 years ago, where a man born of a woman—how could he be born from the womb of woman? Listen to the words, “I am from above, you are from below.” “You must be born from above.” Read it carefully in the gospel of John, “You must be born from above” (3:3). Not “again” as it is wrongly translated in the book we call the King James Version. It’s not wrong in the sense it is a second birth, but it is from above. The Greek word is Anothin. You must be born from above. For “I am from above” and if I am the seed buried in you, I must bring forth after my kind. And God buried his seed in you and his seed belongs to an entirely different world. So it comes forth from above, not in this world, in an entirely different world.

Now, you tell it and who will believe it? You hope that those who hear you will believe it. It’s not everyone who will, but you hope they will. And you go out to tell the story, the story of an entirely different kind of a birth that takes place in man while he walks this world of eternal death. So you hear the story that God became man that man may become God. And the crucifixion is the meeting in the very depths where God and man meet, and that is the union. He so loved man that he gave his son…but his son is his seed. He knew man as a man would know a woman. He knew humanity as man would know a woman and buried his seed. Not seeds; there’s only one son, one seed. And so “the promise was made unto Abraham and to his seed. It did not say, and to his seeds, referring to many, but referring to one…unto your seed, which is Christ.”

So here, one seed buried and told the world over, and who would believe it to the degree that one accepts? So he tells the story. “If anyone ever tells you, ‘Look, there is Christ!’ or “Look, here he is!’ do not believe it” (Mark 13:21). They will never see him here. He never walked the face of the earth that any human eye could ever see. A man walked in whom God’s seed took root and in whom God’s seed rose and was born. He tells it, but he is so much a man that no one believes him. For they know his father of earth, his mother of earth, his brothers, his sisters, all the limitations of earth. They know his weaknesses, they know everything about him. So he walks and he tells exactly what happened. He knows what was meant when it was said in the Book of Samuel, “I will raise up your son after you, who will come forth from your body. I will be his father, and he shall be my son” (2Sam.7:12). This is God speaking. And here, he’s speaking now to David, “I will be his father and he shall be my son.” Coming forth from man is himself. He brings you; it’s not another. There is no change in identity, but a complete change in the being that you are. Now you are numbered among the sons of God by reason of the one seed buried in you. And you will rise up to an entirely different world.

So when you make your departure this time from this world, this wheel of death, it is for the last time. You’re clothed with an entirely different body. That is your hope. That is what the entire Bible is about. Hasn’t a thing to do with what the world is talking about, some little god in space where they have these icons all over the walls, all over the houses of the world where they are worshipping some little false god. Are we not told to make no graven image unto him? Yet all these images of what God looks like. Don’t make any image unto me, the second Commandment. Make no graven image unto me. Yet we have numberless images…we call that God.

So here, this week the churches will be loaded. Millions and millions will go to a three-hour service on Friday, and millions on Sunday morning to sunrise service, and they do not know the mystery. It’s the most marvelous mystery in the world, where humanity is God’s emanation yet his bride ’til this sleep of death is past. Where God enters his bride and buries himself in the form of what is called his seed, Jesus Christ. And therefore until Christ be formed in you, I continue to labor, said Paul. “My little children, with whom I am again in travail until Christ be formed in you!” (Gal.4:19). If Christ must be formed in me, then when he’s formed, like a child in the womb of a woman, then he comes forward and comes forth from me, after he is formed in me. And in this case, he comes forth not as something detached from me, he comes forth as myself. Then the symbolism follows to prove to you in whom he actually awoke how he came forth.

So I say everyone hears the story. Some reject it for awhile. Others accept it eagerly but the cares of the world are more than they can cope with at the moment, so it is all gobbled up. But there are a few. Now the word called seed in scripture is sperma, the sperm, the actual sperm. It means “something that was sown, or something that was set aside, like a remnant, to be planted.” As you would at the end of a crop, the season of the harvest, you set aside good seed for the replanting of the field. That’s what the word seed means in scripture, as you read it in the Book of Galatians, and it was the seed of Abraham, the single seed. So see Abraham now as this wonderful state, an eternal state. When you see the state it’s a person, but it’s not a person as you are a person or I am a person…yet it’s personified. And you must not confuse the personification with persons. That’s what the whole vast world has done. They’ve taken the vehicle that conveys the instruction for the instruction, and the gross first sense for the ultimate sense intended, and these personifications called Moses, called Jesus, called this, called that, and the other, for actual persons.

And so I tell you, the whole drama unfolds in us. God became us that we may become God. He buries himself in us his seed as a man buries his seed in the womb of a woman. If it takes, well then, she brings forth his image. And so God buries himself in us. We are his bride. “Your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his name”…the 54th chapter of Isaiah. Read it…this wonderful coming forth out of man. So man hears the story—that’s the word of God—and the word is the seed. And you hear it with faith. So let us not now be like the foolish Galatians to which it is said of these Galatians that you’re foolish, you’re bewitched. “Who has bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified?”

Now the King James Version interprets that Greek phrase in this manner, “…crucified among you.” The word translated “among” is the Greek N, meaning “within you, crucified within you.” So instead of going out and seeing some little wooden cross where he’s crucified there, Christ, if you accept it, is crucified within you, and crucified within you he will rise from the dead; for man doesn’t realize it, this is eternal death, and he’s dead. So crucified within him, well then, let him remain just like a seed. And now, here is the mystery of the seed, as told in the 12th chapter of John, “Unless a seed falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit” (verse 24). Plant a seed, it has to die before it can be made alive, before it can begin to stir.

Now, how would I know when it’s stirring within me? Read the 13th chapter of the Book of Mark. How will I know the end? How will I know when he’s coming? Now, I use an analogy from nature; for, these signs in nature are infallible. When you see the fig tree and the branch turns into a soft, tender branch, and then little buds and, finally, leaves appear, you know summer is near. It’s infallible. If you ever see that, summer is not far off. Now, what are the signs of his coming? When the sun and moon fail to give their light, and the stars of heaven begin to fall. You mean the sun and moon, this fixed orb of nature? No. You mean the stars that lead the navigator at night? No. But all the things that you held up in your mind’s eye as permanent, these are forever, the things of earth. Your political party, your social background, your this, your that, your beliefs in religion, all these things. Your belief in an external Jesus Christ, your belief in an external God, your belief in all these things and then these are the stars and they will begin to fall within you. And the sun, the most glorious concept of life will no longer give its light.

These are the signs and when they begin to topple within you know that he is near. Know that the kingdom of God is at the door. You’ll feel him within you and all of a sudden the signs as told in scripture begin to appear in you. And you begin to awaken from this long, long pregnancy, as God who found root in you and took root began to grow, and you simply grow. It’s an entirely different world and now you have life in yourself. You no longer are animated. As you’re told, “As the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the son also to have life in himself.” And so, it’s entirely different. So when your moment in time comes…and it must come…it’s inevitable this little garment must decay and it’s buried or cremated or thrown away, it doesn’t really matter what they do with it; but that which grew within it and was born from above enters an entirely different world. It’s no longer on the wheel of recurrence; it’s been removed. It’s called one of the resurrection…he who resurrected, he who rose from the dead, because he heard it with faith. That’s how he got the Spirit.

So I tell you this story in the hope that everyone who hears it will hear it in faith and wed it to faith. For those who heard the word heard the same word that we heard, said the unknown author of that word in epistle to the Hebrews, but it did not benefit them because it was not mixed with faith in the hearers. And so they heard it, the same story, but it wasn’t mixed with faith in those who heard it. So the seed is planted over and over and over and over on the minds of men. But here, without trying to flatter you, your letters bringing your visions, bringing your dreams, convince me you have experienced it, that you have not rejected the word. And so, if it seems long because you’re eager for the experience now, then it’s like a woman in labor, not quite in labor, but pregnant, and she’s hoping and hoping and hoping that this is the day of deliverance.

May I tell you, as told in scripture, it comes like a thief in the night. That moment of delivery comes suddenly upon you after all these things begin to appear. And then all the things that you ever believed in so implicitly and so intensely then all of a sudden you can’t, they’re upon you. Then suddenly it comes upon you when you least expect it, all these things happen to you and all that was said of Jesus Christ in scripture you experience. Then you know who Jesus Christ really is. That he’s not some being 2,000 years ago, in spite of all that’s going to take place this coming week. Oh, they’ll tell all the stories and people will cry…it’s good for them. All the lovely things will be told: how the Jews condemned him, how the Jews criticized him, and how the Jews crucified him. All that will be told.

Now the outer church is beginning to modify that grotesque story. Perfectly all right…people still believe it. They’ll modify it and those who heard the modification will still believe this horrible story that’s been told over the centuries. And it’s the most glorious story. Just imagine that the crucifixion is God’s creative act. You and I will go to a wedding tomorrow and we see the lovely bride come through, we see the groom, and we look forward to the fruit of that union. We think, “Isn’t it marvelous!” and we rejoice in a way. And the crucifixion was God’s actual creative act; where in that act he buried himself in the form of his image, the seed called Jesus Christ, in man. It’s the most ecstatic act. You hear the story and you hear it with faith at the moment of hearing it. Well, I can’t describe to anyone the ecstasy that is man’s when he is nailed by vortices to this body.

So here, I tell you this is what I mean by he stirs in me. I know he began to dream in me…that was shown me so clearly. And I put him to the test and found that I could dream ___(??). Not dreams of the night, but dream objective facts based purely upon an assumption. And then, he stirred in me and scripture began to unfold in me. As we are told, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” So his words, recorded in scripture, began to unfold in me. I heard them. For a moment I heard them as coming from without, as though they were spoken by another; then I heard them as coming from within but still spoken by another; until I heard them as coming from myself and I am the one speaking. So here, I found these stages. What was being whispered from within me appeared to be coming from without; then what was whispered within me appeared to be coming from within but still from another; then, finally, it wasn’t being whispered by another, I am speaking. I am declaring I am love. I am declaring I am faith, hope and love, these three. And all the things, I am declaring. So the word will never pass away and all must experience it. But they do come in the beginning as though they come from without. And then they seem to come from within, but still from another; and then they come from yourself and you are voicing these words. So you know everything will pass away, but my words will not pass away. For my words are eternal truth…and you experience scripture.

So here, I tell you when he stirs within you then the world is yours. It doesn’t really matter what night you close your eyes; if that’s the moment, it doesn’t really matter. The journey is over, the drama is over. You’ve fought the good fight, you’ve finished the race, and you’ve kept the faith. You believed the most incredible story in the world. Seeing everything appear in this world and it waxes, it wanes and it vanishes. Everything dies, no matter what it is. All the lucky giants, they die. The great empires, they die. Now we think this one will last…it won’t last. Nothing lasts in the world of death. It comes in, it waxes, it wanes and it vanishes. The fortunes today, they think this fortune will last forever. Don’t believe it. It will simply vanish. All the fortunes of the world, the might of the world, the great empires of the world, all the things will die. But something is buried in man that cannot die. It’s the most incredible story in the world. So you hear it and believe it. When you believe it, you go through the hell of this world and then it has taken root and when you least expect it, it awakens within you and you are it. So you become the very image of the invisible God, with life in yourself.

So this is how he stirs within us. What in this world is equal to it? Suppose tonight you owned the earth and you die tonight, what would it matter? There are people living today at the age of ninety, you ask them what interests you most in this world? Maybe more money, because, you know, in a strange, peculiar way no one thinks he’s going to die. Even when the doctor said you have six days to live or one day to live, he doesn’t believe it. And so, he’s still hoping. He has all the money in the world and he’s ninety-three and you ask him, “What do you want?”—“more money.” He wants more of the nothings of the world…like one of those stories my father used to play on me when I was a little boy. I’m one of ten children. He said, “If you do so and so, I’ll give you a huge, huge, enormous golden”—and he emphasized golden, then he said—“nothing.” We didn’t realize the emphasis was on nothing. It was golden in our mind’s eye. We did it. “Well, where is it?” “Well, I gave it to you…a golden nothing.” Well, that’s the world. You think it’s the most golden thing in the world to be prominent, and they spend a million dollars a year with press agents to become prominent. And they read Winchell’s column…he’s mentioned in Winchell’s column. And then they read Playboy; mentioned there too, because the press agent has all this money to put him in all these things. And they think that’s important. And then one little moment a little, tiny cell breaks within and he isn’t. Tomorrow, no one even knows he existed.

So I do not know how many of you saw this story in yesterday’s Times. It was just to fill in a column. So advertising comes first in all papers, all magazines, that’s understood, and you have a filler. So there was a whole column to the extreme right. It was a Broadway ad, our department store, and they had taken almost the entire spread, but they did not take the extreme right hand column or the extreme left. But this was the extreme right hand column, and it was all about this nonsense about flying saucers and things…beautifully written in a humorous way. If you want to know whether there is life outside of this earth of ours, don’t go beyond Sir John Eccles. Ask him. He got the Nobel Prize for his experiments on the human brain in ’63…considered possibly the outstanding authority on the workings of the human brain. He said, “In spite of the hundreds and hundreds of millions of planets in the universe there is no place other than this small, tiny, little speck called earth that could cradle”—these aren’t his words but these are what was said—“that could cradle this experiment called the human brain.”

Now they mention the fact that so many physicists say so and so and so many others. He said, “After all they are physicists and engineers. They know nothing of priority. Don’t because someone is great in physics think for one moment he has any concept of biology, the mystery of life. And so, you bring them all…I will say yes, they are great, great, wonderful engineers and wonderful physicists, but they know nothing of biology. And I know no place where it could ever cradle this fantastic miracle that is the human brain but earth.” I have said that, but I am not a biologist or any scientist in any form of the word. But I have known it from my own visions. This is the spot of spots, in this whole vast wonderful display of might. It is all here, this little thing called earth. That’s how precious you are. That’s how altogether wonderful you are. This is God’s experiment: To bring his power, his creative power, to a higher and a higher level of creativity. And he uses man, that wonderful brain of man. In that he buries himself and from that he is born from above.

If you haven’t read it and you still have the paper, you haven’t thrown it away, read it. I happen to know ___(??) the Broadway ad and I saw it to the side and I read it and I cut it out. My wife said to me, after the whole thing, “What are you doing?” “Well, I’m cutting out this little item here, seems interesting to me.” And so, I gave it to her. She had read it but discarded it. When I gave it to her she re-read it, “Isn’t that wonderful!” She didn’t see it, she threw it away. My daughter didn’t see it and threw it away. Because, a little, tiny long column…people want something in about three lines. Oh, that’s alright. That’s why Winchell is so popular, one line after the other. This one slept with so and so last night, this one got married, ___(??), this one is so and so, and all that, one after the other, all the way down. That goes on ___(??). But to take something like the human brain and give a whole long column to it, and then have to read the whole thing? “Oh, that’s too much.” We have radio coming on, we have TV coming on, we have another ballgame coming on in a few seconds, so why read it? And so, I cut it out, and when I was folding it up, she said, “What are you doing?” I said I cut this thing from the paper.

So here, this wonderful thing that is the human brain. Blake who was not a scientist but the most wonderful mystic, whose inner organs were open, for he was born from above, and he said, “The gods of the earth and the sea sought through nature to find this tree; but their search was all in vain: there grows one in the human brain” (Blake, Songs of Experience, Human Abstract). That is the tree of life and it will bear the fruit of life, for all things must bring forth after their kind. So that tree is there and God fructifies it with human belief by telling the most incredible story in the world. And so, you believe it? Well then, the tree has been engrafted. The word has been engrafted, the story of immortality for man. Then the tree brings forth its fruit and you are the fruit, if you believe it. And it comes forth when you least expect it; suddenly it bursts upon you and all the signs recorded in scripture about Jesus Christ you experience.

So I say from experience I know he stirred in me. And I will use now the past tense. He stirred and scripture began to unfold within me in my own words as though I am speaking it, as though I am initiating it, as though I originated the words. I’m not copying. I’m not thinking of anyone when I’m talking, I’m talking just as though the words are mine, and then I bring back the memory of what’s happened to me. And I know he’s stirring and his words are eternal; then comes the outpouring of the Spirit in the entire drama of Christ. So I say to you who are here, from your letters, your visions, your experiences, you have accepted the word on faith, and therefore it will come into your world. You will be the one spoken of in scripture as Jesus Christ, not some little thing on the outside, Jesus Christ.

Now I’m not saying it’s the easiest thing in the world. The most difficult thing in this world for man to accept is a change in understanding concerning his fixed ideas about Jesus Christ. He’s been so conditioned to believe it was a little boy who was born 2,000 years ago from the womb of a woman who didn’t know a man. And that this one grew, taught a wonderful doctrine, was judged and accused of blasphemy because he claimed that God was his father, and he and his father were one, and then crucified by men on a cross. That’s taught and one billion believe it. Now to tell that, or one little section of it, that isn’t so, and tell them the true story of Jesus Christ, it’s the most difficult thing in the world for man to change ideas that are firmly fixed in his mind, especially ideas concerning this which is so precious to the man. It’s something he doesn’t discuss publicly. He will discuss politics, but this is precious and he doesn’t want any disturbance.

You’d be amazed how many men and women in this world, who are brilliant scholars, there are numberless degrees behind their names, they will not discuss it, it’s a closed book. I have friends of mine who are in the legal profession. You’d think the legal profession would be rational. Oh no, not when they accept a certain doctrine in religion. That is something that is irrational, that’s put aside. They want no disturbance there at all. And so, they’re tied to the wheel. They die to find themselves in another section of the wheel, in the same, wonderful world of Caesar. They marry, and they beget, and they die, and then they go on in another section of the wonderful world of Caesar. They marry and they fight and they carry on and they die, until they hear it and accept it and are redeemed from the wheel of recurrence.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

___(??) we’ll be here every Monday and Friday until we close the end of April. It is our plan to be gone until sometime in September. We’re closing the last Friday in April and then after a couple of weeks here at home, off to New York and then to Barbados. Then back in September. So here we will be…I think there are eight or nine left…but it will be every Monday and Friday from now on, same place, same time, and it will be along this wonderful mystery that is the mystery of God. Next Friday is “He Rises in Me.” And so, you’re all welcome. Now are there any questions, please? First of all let me say, do continue with your letters. I have one, I can’t treat it next Friday, it’s wonderful! It came this past week from a lady, in a series of three or four perfectly wonderful experiences, based upon our bold assertion that imagining creates reality in this world of Caesar. But, that I cannot take on Friday, which is a different subject all together. That is “He Rises in Me” or “He Wakes in Me.” But the following lecture, which will be a week from today, I will take it to show how this perfectly wonderful thing works in the lives of everyone if they will try it, that imagining creates reality.

If there aren’t any questions, then thank you.