Neville Goddard Lectures: God’s Almighty Power And Wisdom

Neville Goddard Lectures: God’s Almighty Power And Wisdom


God’s almighty power and wisdom express themselves most characteristically in the acceptance of what the world calls weakness or foolishness. So I ask you, “Do you know what you want?” and you say, “Yes I know.” And then I ask you, “Do you know what it would feel like if you had it?” and you reply, “Yes, I think I do.” Then I tell you to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Then you may say, “Well then, after that, what?” I say, “Nothing…just assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and live in that assumption as though it were true.” You may question my sanity, but that is the best channel for God’s almighty power and wisdom to express itself. You find yourself behind the eight-ball and you apply it and then it works. You may not have an occasion to apply it for another year, two years, three years, but do you remember what you did?

Now this is the whole story: I tell you that you really are the Jesus Christ of scripture. Tonight we’ll take one section of the unfolding story. He is baptized with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit descended upon him in the form of a dove; and knowing scripture he interprets that to mean that he is the Son of God, clothed with power, clothed with the Holy Spirit, which is the power and wisdom of God. So now he is the power and wisdom of God. Then we are told that he was moved in Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil (Mat. 4:1). And then he hungered, for he had not eaten and he had nothing to drink in forty days and forty nights…reminding one of the story of Moses on the mount for forty days and forty nights (Deut. 9:9) Well here, now we are told that someone stands before him in the form of an adversary, an accuser, and the first one is, “If you are the Son of God, command these stones to be made bread” (verse 3). He replied, quoting only scripture, for “he comes to fulfill scripture” and he has just fulfilled scripture in the descent of the dove. Now he’s wrestling with himself. This whole drama is taking place within the individual and it is wholly subjective. There is no outside objective tyrant; it’s all within himself. He is questioning…what he knows from scripture is happening to him.

He knows from scripture because of what has just happened that he is the power of God and the wisdom of God. Well, if I am the power and wisdom of God, I am testing myself. So it’s now put in the form of an adversary that seemingly comes from without when the whole thing is from within, for he’s all alone. So anyone who records it in scripture, like the evangelists, would have to be told it by the one who had the experience…for no one was present. It’s all taking place within the individual. I know from scripture what has happened. I interpret scripture to mean, well, then I am the elect, I am the chosen, I am one who is now as of this moment the Son of God. Being the Son of God I am his creative power and his wisdom. If I am his power and his wisdom, then turn these into bread…and he answers, “It is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Mat. 4:4). His hunger is not for bread, but for every word. His hunger is for the hearing of the Word of God with understanding…that is his hunger.

Now, the same conflict is taking place within himself and he’s asking himself, but it seems to be coming from without. He takes him now to the pinnacle, “Cast yourself down, for it is written”—now the adversary is quoting scripture and he quotes the 91st Psalm. The first one was the 8th chapter of Deuteronomy. Now he quotes the 91st Psalm, “For it is written that he gives his angels power to lift you up lest you dash your foot against a stone.” He replies (also quoting) “It is written, you shall not tempt the Lord your God.” Now comes a third and final temptation. He shows him all the kingdoms of the earth and said, “All these are yours if you will bend down and worship me.” Again he quotes the 6th chapter of Deuteronomy and he comes back with this, “It is written, you shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve” (verse 5). Then the adversary departed and he’s left with himself now…and now starts the great ministry.

Well now, who is the Lord my God that I should worship and the only one that I should serve? That’s what man must discover. I tell you from experience who it is: I tell you it is your own wonderful human Imagination…that’s the Lord your God. It is one with the God that created the whole vast world. The finest or the richest definition of God given to us in scripture is as “The Father of the Lord our God.” I discovered I am the Son by experiences of scripture, but the Son and the Father are one. The Father is defined as power in scripture and so is the Son. Paul defines him as “the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:24).

Now, in the story as told us in the Book of Mark, at the very end, the high priest said to him, “Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?” He said, “I am; and you shall see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of Power” (Mark 14:61). Power is capitalized…it’s the name given in this passage to God. The name was given first “the Blessed”… “Are you the Son of the Blessed?”…“the Blessed” is the name given to God. He is called Blessed; he is called Power. So he can easily say now, “I and my Father are one” (John 10:30). I am one, for I am the Power, I am the Blessed; and he’s called in Luke, “the Wisdom of God.”

Now here is this being that is everything that is said of God…but it just happened within. The whole thing that God is unfolding is himself, so that all the characteristics of God belong to him. But now he’s puzzled. It has just happened…all these…now he’s putting himself to the test. It is told in scripture as though another being appears…as in your own mind’s eye you’re questioning yourself. You are in conflict with self. If this thing is true, well then, I should be able to do anything in this world, for all things are possible to God. But I must not tempt the Lord. I must not tempt him therefore the only way is to trust him. I do not say, “If you really are God, well then, you do it”; that is “you must not tempt the Lord your God.”

So again, let me repeat what I said in the opening, God’s almighty power and wisdom express themselves most characteristically in the acceptance—now that’s most important—in the acceptance of what the world calls weakness or foolishness. For, it is foolishness for me to believe when I am in a camp and we are at war, and it’s a brutal war, and I know by the traditions of men that I was not given a certain time interval. Like going to jail for six months, and at the end of six months and possibly before, but the maximum would be six months, for that is my sentence…could get off a few months for good behavior. But in the Army you don’t get off for good behavior, you are in for the duration…and we are in for the duration, and we are at war, and it’s a horrible war. But you don’t want any part of it. You firmly believe the scripture. You firmly believe who Jesus Christ really is and he is your own wonderful human Imagination. He is God, one with God, and all things are possible to him. But you can’t compel him: He will act only as I imagine the wish fulfilled. I cannot compel him to do anything. I can trust him. And so I sleep as though I were where I would be if I were honorably discharged and out of the Army. I do everything in my mind’s eye that I would do were it a physical fact…and then go to sleep. Then comes a vision, the very thing that I was denied comes before me and it’s all crossed out, and when the Colonel said “Disapproved” the hand of God said “Approved”…wrote it in bold script. Then the voice said to me “That which I have done, I have done. Do nothing!” Then I awoke and in nine days I was honorable discharged by the same Colonel and back in my home in New York City.

Now, I remember what I did. So a few years later confronted with a similar problem where I am now in an island and can’t get out. But to quote the words of Paul in his letter to Timothy, he said, “I know whom I have believed.” I remember whom I have believed. I couldn’t go to any higher echelon, I couldn’t appeal to any higher state in the Army, it rested with my colonel, and I couldn’t pull any strings. But I knew exactly what I did, so I can say with Paul “I know whom I have believed.” And that change in tense is very significant. I know exactly what I did and I’ll do it again. So when I was told I couldn’t get out for months to come, I assumed once more I am where I would be if my dream, my desire now were true; and I slept in that assumption as though it were true. The next day the phone rang and here was confirmation of what I had desired and what I had put into practice. So then I knew from actual experimental faith the one that I believed. Go out and share it now with the whole vast world.

But I must start with that one solid Rock: That you will worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve. Well, the Lord your God is your own wonderful human Imagination. If you’re going to serve another, then you don’t know God. If you think, “Now he told me this morning, ‘I’m going to take care of you. You just trust me…I will promote you, I’ll get behind you, I’ll do all these things for you!’ and my trust is in him, the boss, and he’s a wonderful man. He told me that “You know, you just do what I tell you, work for so much now, and eventually I will get you more and more” and my trust is in him, then you don’t trust in God. You don’t trust in the real God when you put your faith in anyone outside of your own wonderful human Imagination. That’s God and there is no other God. This is the only God. So if I think “I know the right people,” that’s a false god. If I think “I have enough security,” that’s a false god.

Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember, but I was in London in 1925, dancing for 100 pounds a week and that was $480 U.S. We had these offers to go to Paris, go to Germany, and I said, “Well, pay me in American money…that to me is solid…or pay me in pounds.” The pound was worth four dollars and eighty cents. They said, “No, you’ll take it in Marks or take it in Francs.” I said, “Oh, no you don’t.” You got your money and you got it in a wheel cart and you rushed as fast as you could to buy a few loaves of bread…billions of Marks. They printed it so that they didn’t have enough paper. Paper was more valuable than the thing that you had called money. That…and people put their trust in that. I went over on a boat with this German family from Milwaukee and they had enormous securities in Marks and they thought themselves very, very rich. They were American by adoption, but they were Germans by birth. They lived here through the years, and their son was born here. So we got together, a nice friendly party, ten days across the Atlantic in those days, and they thought themselves very, very rich. Before they got back they were poorer than church mice. Everything was completely wiped out…but everything wiped out.

So, that’s a false god. Your boss, that’s a false god. I don’t care what it is outside of yourself, that’s a false god. And so the third temptation is when he stopped. There was no more conflict within the mind of the one because he’s all alone. There is no devil, no Satan; Satan is only my own doubts. And so I can’t believe it…here is man who by the grace of God was born…believes that things are not possible to God. He, born by the grace of God, now gives to God the feeling of impossibility. So Blake said wisely in his Vision of the Last Judgment, “Satan”—now he personifies the same doubt in the mind of man—“Satan thinks that sin displeases God. He ought to know nothing displeases God but unbelief and eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” Nothing displeases God but unbelief. “Unless you believe I am he, you die in your sins” (John 8:24). If I actually believe that I am the one that formerly I thought to be without, I will continue missing the mark and die in missing the mark.

And so the last temptation, “All these will be yours if you will worship me. It is written” said he, “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shall thou serve.” Well, am I serving him and him only? If I do, things should come to pass, for there’s no other channel that he will accept than confidence and trust in him. So I’ll believe in him 100 percent. Go to bed this night…and I need x-number of dollars. Alright, there’s no one to whom I can turn, no collateral, nothing, but I have to have it. Can I believe in him…knowing that all things are possible to him? Can I turn to him in absolute confidence and trust and assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and for a moment mentally act as I would act were it true? And sleep regardless of all the people in the world who are dunning me to pay off…ignore it completely? I cannot devise the means, I do not know how it’s going to work, but I must actually trust his power and his wisdom, and sleep as though it were true. Then in a way no one knows and I could not have devised it works. Well then, I must always remember whom and not what…this is a person. I’m a person, I am trusting myself, but in the depths of my own being, for I know whom not what I have trusted. I know whom I have believed and that is now assured knowledge. Here, the present knowledge indicates my past trust and all of a sudden it happens. This is how this wonderful principle works.

So I say, no matter what you are this night and how you are behind the eight-ball, the nature of that eight-ball, can you actually meet that third test? There are three tests given. The first is the hunger not for earthy things but for the hearing of the word of God, can you become that hungry? Well, that’s his first test. The second test, when “Cast yourself down. Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” I was on a marathon one night in New York City, six hours on radio from midnight until six in the morning with a panel of five and a moderator. This professor said to me when I was speaking of Imagination creating reality, he said, “If that is true, turn this pencil into yellow.” It was a black pencil or a white pencil but it wasn’t yellow. I said, ‘All right, bring me some yellow paint. I’ll do it right away, turn it right into yellow for you. Bring me some yellow paint and that’s a simple matter.” But no, “I want you by your Imagination to simply imagine that thing is yellow.” I said to him—and he had told all of his pupils in his school that he would be on all night and he’s going to get this man. I said, “You know, you are the scoffer of the Bible. ‘Scoffers will come in the last days saying, “Where is the promise of his coming?’” He was so embarrassed and so annoyed he said, “I’m no scoffer.” I said, “Oh, yes you are. You’re scoffing at scripture, and I tell you, you shall not tempt the Lord your God.” He said, “Are you my God?” I said, “I didn’t say that. You must find him. You find the Lord your God because you’re tempting him and you don’t know it. You haven’t found the Lord your God…but you’re a professor in your college…perfectly alright. But one day you’ll find him and you’ll find him when you are all alone. You’ll find him after a great event when you are revealed to yourself as the Son of God…and the Son of God is the power of God and the wisdom of God. You will know that if you are the power and the wisdom of God you should be able to do all things, for all things are possible to God. And the Son and the Father are one.”

So you will now confront yourself and the adversary will say, “Turn it into yellow.” Within your own mind you’re going to say, “Well, let me take myself together, let me imagine this thing that is now white before my eyes let it turn into yellow, and you know it’s white. You haven’t trusted at all. So I can say, “I want a yellow pencil tomorrow, or a yellow pencil instead of this” and trust him implicitly, and someone tomorrow that you admire, or if you didn’t admire, you would not want to offend, will say, “You know, I saw the loveliest yellow pencil and I brought it for you.” You wouldn’t want this and turn it away. And so you say, “That isn’t turning it into.” Well now, again you come down and you haven’t quite met the test. Trust him implicitly because everyone in the world is a hand of his. Everyone in the world aids what you have assumed I don’t care what it is. It may take one million in this world to play their parts to actually bring to pass what you have assumed that you are or that you have. Don’t judge them…leave them alone. They’re going to play the part they must play to come into your world and actually produce what you’ve assumed that you are. And this is the world in which we live.

So here, Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination. Believe it! If you believe it you will see this wonderful story unfold within you. It’s all in scripture…here, “Blessed be the God and Father of the Lord our God” (1 Cor. 2:3). Yes, he is the Father of the Lord, of my own wonderful I-am-ness, for my I-am-ness is the image of him. His name is I AM and I say “I am,” so it’s the image. But in the end we are one, for there’s nothing but God in the end. “For in that day the Lord shall be king over all the earth; and his name shall be one and the Lord one”…only one. So I say “I am” and I’m told by him “My name is I AM.” So now I trust in my own Lord and firmly and implicitly believe it. Well, if I duplicate it and then I do another one and another one and another one, then I share it with all in my world and they do it too, then I have found the Lord. I have found him of whom Moses in the law wrote and all the prophets wrote. Of whom did they write?—they wrote of the Messiah…they wrote of Christ.

Well, I discovered him. I discovered him, for first of all, I heard of him, and long before he unveiled himself in me I began to practice what he told me to practice. One day he unveiled himself in a series of events. Every event I found in scripture and these events belong only to the Son of God. Then I knew I was the Son of God…the same, the identical being that the world worships falsely on the outside and calls him Jesus Christ. So they go to their church and pray to a God that does not exist, he doesn’t exist at all. The God that really does exist makes you alive or you couldn’t breathe. You could not for one second exist as we understand the word were he not now housed within you. So now find him and trust him, trust him implicitly. But let me warn you, he does not accept any orders, any compulsion. Only as you will imagine the wish fulfilled will he act upon it.

So this enormous infinite power and wisdom expresses itself only as you accept the being that he really is…as you accept it. So do you accept it? Well now, believe it this night. As you put your head on that pillow, just snuggle into the mood of the wish fulfilled in absolute confidence and trust that he has ways and means that the surface mind of himself knows not of…and then trust him implicitly. I waited nine days for confirmation…but I waited. I must confess I was encouraged by the vision of the first night when I saw that paper come before me and it had the word “Disapproved” and it had my Colonel’[s name; and then it came, the hand of God, the right hand, and here it scratched it out and boldly wrote in script “Approved.” Then it said to me, “That which I have done I have done!” and now comes the command, “Do nothing!” So I did nothing. And the same one who disapproved nine days before calls me in and grants me an honorable discharge, and then shakes my hand and tells me, “I will see you in New York after we have won the war.” I thanked him…not going to argue with him at all. He’s a nice man…perfectly marvelous wonderful man playing a wonderful part in the role that he is cast to play. But that’s not my role and back to New York City I went.

My mother-in-law could hardly believe that I was honorably discharged. She said, “Neville, you aren’t running away, this is not AWOL is it?” I said, “No, I’m not any AWOL, I’m honorably discharged. Here are my papers, and now I can take this off right now and get into my civvies.” They fell on me because in the army I simply went down to nothing in weight because I didn’t want their food at all…couldn’t eat it. You have to acquire that taste after awhile. For my first four months I just would go into the place, I couldn’t take anything that they gave me, so I just simply didn’t want the food. And it was from sheer not wanting the food they offered. But you can’t strike and say, well, I want some other kind of food. You take it or you leave it, so I left it. But I remembered…and so I know whom I have believed.

Then when confronted years later with a similar problem, where I’m told I can’t get out, not for months, I had to get out. I had an agreement to be in Milwaukee on a certain day, so I got out by the same application. I trusted whom? I didn’t call anyone on the outside, I didn’t ask anyone to use their so-called influence; I simply assumed that I’m on a boat looking at the island and see it nostalgically because I loved it, and I had that mixed feeling of loving to be there and still wanting to get back to my apartment in New York City…that peculiar mixture of feelings, the bittersweet. Then the next day I got confirmation that I was sailing on the next sailing of that boat. So I tell you, believe it, that you, too, may say with Paul “I know whom I have believed” and you will not fail.

So you’ve got to find the one being in this world that is the Lord your God. And the Lord your God is your own wonderful human Imagination…that’s the Lord your God. And you get to the point that you trust him implicitly, and do not raise a finger to aid. If tomorrow morning you awaken and you’re under compulsion to do a certain thing, all well and good. You will move under compulsion, but you yourself do not devise the means. You don’t say, “Now if I go in this way and argue the point,” no, you simply can’t resist it…you’re moving under compulsion.

Here is a lady whose story I told, I think, in The Law and The Promise, and she took off to Paris with her two children and left her maid in charge of her home in New York City, her apartment. When she came back the apartment was empty and she’d been paying the rent month after month, but the maid took all the furniture and just simply left. Well, she went to the police department, she employed a private detective, and she did everything humanly speaking. Then she came to me. I said, “Let us sit quietly in the Silence, and you are now in your apartment, and you can see everything that you had, but everything, it’s all there. Now look at the piano, look at what you had on the piano…see everything just as you remember it and feel the presence of it…it’s now.”

In the not distant future, matter of days, she goes to her bank on Madison Avenue, and when she came out, she absentmindedly (so she thought) turned in the wrong direction and went one block before she realized that she was walking in the opposite direction. But at that moment she looked over and she saw a very familiar pair of ankles. She said, “Now that belongs to only one person in this world”…her maid, and looking up, there was her maid. The light just turned and she grabbed the maid and said, “I’m not letting you go until you take me to where my furniture is!” The maid was frightened and she began to scream. She called a taxi and said, “You take me exactly to where that is either stored or where you have it.” She did and every piece was in tact. She said, “I’m not pressing anything against you.”

Now, all we did was to simply trust the Lord our God. What would I have done to find the furniture for her when the New York police couldn’t find it, the private detectives couldn’t find it? She employed all kinds of people to find it and they went to all the warehouses investigating, but no one could give her any leads on it. And here, we trusted the Lord our God, that’s all we did. I didn’t get down on my knees and she certainly didn’t. I just simply sat in the Silence and assumed that she’s telling me that she’s found it. I asked her to say to me that “I am now sitting in my living room and all the things that I lost are not lost, they’re all back.” And when we broke the Silence, I forgot it completely, because not a thing I could have done to aid the search, and then it happened. Well then who is the Lord? If it happened that way, then who is the one who creates all things? For we’re told in scripture: “By him all things were made; and without him was not anything made that was made” (John 1:3). Well, I know exactly what we did and I know exactly what happened; therefore that was how it was made.

Now man finds it difficult to believe in such power housed within him. Yet he will read the scripture, “Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?” (2 Cor. 13:5), and “Jesus Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:24), and Jesus Christ and God are one (John 14:20). He reads that but he goes right off and takes all the nonsense in the world on the outside, moving before man-made little altars, bowing before it, and believing that something on the outside is specially equipped individual to interpret God to him; and he dares to claim that he is the sole, I would say, deposit of the wisdom of God. What nonsense! God is housed in every child born of woman. But they are misled by all this nonsense in the world concerning who God really is, and they worship a false god that never existed and never will. There’s only God…there’s nothing but God. There is no intermediary, none whatsoever. So don’t think of God, and then Jesus Christ is the intermediary, and then you…oh no! It’s God and only God, and God became just what I am that I may be just what he is. That is the story.

Read the 20th chapter of the Book of Acts. Scholars…but you must read it in the King James Version because they give the true literal translation. The Revised Standard Version cannot believe their own eyes so they translate the word God as “the Lord” and when you read “the Lord” in scripture, it always means Jesus, so it could be Jesus…and it isn’t so at all. That “By the blood of God we are redeemed”…there’s only God. So God became just as I am with all of my weaknesses, all of my limitations, that I may become as he is, sharing in everything, all the divine nature. And that is used in that translation.

So I tell you, you are his love and that’s why he became you. Now trust it, trust it implicitly. But you can trust it only if you completely accept what is told in scripture: The weakness of man is just what he uses and the foolishness of man is what he uses, because the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of God. They think themselves so wise. They’re going to rationalize everything and find him one day on a planet or in a corner. No, we’ll go to the Moon, we’ll go to the stars, we’ll go to everything, because whatever man can imagine man can do. Don’t think for one second he can’t. And so someone today who knows nothing of science is dreaming fiction….but there is no fiction. Tomorrow, the so-called scientific mind will devise the means to fulfill the dream of the one who knows nothing of science because he’s dreaming. The dreamer is God and all things are possible to God. So you simply dream this night that you are exactly what you want to be; and then trust this being implicitly that you may say, I know I have believed, and then let it happen.

And may I tell you, it will happen! A man stands before the water looking out…waiting for the little ladies to come back, for he heard they had a few cattle for sale. That man was my father, and he and my brother Victor went up to see this little place, thirty-five acres. Well, that’s a big place in Barbados when it’s a home, and these three sisters lived in this area. Then when they came in my father said—having seen the cattle, which he bought for the slaughter house—to her or to one of the ladies, “If you ever decide to sell, remember me and give me a chance to bid.” Then he turned to my brother Victor and said, “This would be the ideal spot for a hotel.” Now, this is years and years ago when I was still in my teens. Well, two died and the third was advised by her friends and relatives that it was too expensive to maintain the gardeners and servants in that place, thirty-five acres, so to move to a hotel where all service would be given her, all meals prepared. She wouldn’t have any problem whatsoever, and all the money from the sale to maintain herself for her remaining days in all the comforts of the world…which she did.

One man in the island with all the ready cash in the world wanted that beyond anything. He happened to be in Brazil on the day of the sale and my father bought it. He simply imagined that he owned it years and years before. Well, they had died…eventually two had died, and then the third one was persuaded to move into a hotel, which she did, and the sale was on. When the man in Brazil remembered, he cabled his lawyer to buy it at any price; he was twenty-four hours late. Now, a beautiful hotel is on the spot, a lovely hotel, very, very popular, always crowded winter or summer. And that whole thing was a dream of my father that came to pass. He could trust his God implicitly. He firmly believed in the Lord God but he new him to be within himself.

He never would go to church…didn’t care for the minister at all. What strange things we have as stories between my father and the minister. Minister came home one day, as he always came every month on his usual monthly visit, and he said to my father, “You know, Mr. Goddard, I am one of the chosen.” My father looked at him and said “You’re a chosen one? You know, I wouldn’t have chosen you.” He was just as brash as that with all that he did in this world. He didn’t care for the man, had no respect for the man, and when he would come home because he was a minister don’t think for one second that in any way changed my father’s attitude towards the man. He wanted to see a man and that minister to him was simply not a man. He was married, he had his children, and he had these things, but that was not a man. It was something that…just made of paste…and he could not in any way persuade my father to change his feeling toward him.

So he never saw the inside of a church save when we were all baptized. My sixth brother…this same minister…my father took two captains as godfathers and the minister said, “Are they Episcopalians?” He said, “I don’t know”…turned to one, said, “Are you Episcopalian?” and he said “No, I’m Presbyterian.” The other one, he’s Methodist. The minister said, “Well, I’m sorry but we can’t have them as godfathers. They must be Episcopalian.” My father said, “You mean you aren’t going to have my friends as the godfathers of my son?” He said, “I can’t allow it, Mr. Goddard.” He said, “Give me my son.” Took him out of his arms and said, “I’ll baptize him myself.” He took the water and sprinkled it on his face and he said, “In the name of Jesus your name is Fred” and then walked out with his son in his arms. That’s his name, his name is Fred Goddard.

Well, that’s the kind of man he was and still is, bold, and just not any bone in his body lacked courage. But he found the Lord and he found him as his own wonderful human Imagination. So when he wanted something, he simply imagined that he had it and slept. No matter what the day was, he could go sound asleep and if you called one minute later he was unconscious. He is sound asleep and I mean a completely solid sleep…until the early hours of the morning when he’s up at five. Always rose early because he went to bed early. But I mean, no such thing as wrestling with himself in bed…he was out. Some thought because of the aid of rum, but it wasn’t always.

But may I tell you, when you find the Lord what peace in this world is yours! When you find him and really trust him; that you don’t have to bow before anything in this world. There’s no man, no woman, no building, nothing in this world is holy. Only the Lord your God is holy, and he’s the only one you should worship and the only one you should serve. He is your own wonderful human Imagination. And grant the same right to everyone in the world. So when you know what you want either for yourself or for others, you assume that it’s done. Just assume the feeling of that wish fulfilled and go to sleep. Don’t raise a finger to make it so, let it come into this world…let it be so. And may I tell you, it will be so!

Now let us go into the Silence.

Neville Goddard Lectures: God’s Almighty Power And Wisdom
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Neville Goddard Lectures: God’s Almighty Power And Wisdom
The God that really does exist makes you alive or you couldn’t breathe. You could not for one second exist as we understand the word were he not now housed within you. So now find him and trust him, trust him implicitly. But let me warn you, he does not accept any orders, any compulsion. Only as you will imagine the wish fulfilled will he act upon it.