Neville Goddard Lectures: "Everyone Has the Plan in Him"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “Everyone Has the Plan in Him”


___(??) the Bible is. I’ll let you decide from what you will hear. For what would I call it? I presume that everyone here has a plan, has a purpose. We find it in business, we find it in government; and we wonder, if we believe in God, well, does he have a plan, does he have a purpose? Is there a plan for the overall picture? We’re told in scripture there is a plan; “As I have planned, so shall it be; as I have purposed, so shall it stand. And the anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind. In the latter days you will understand it clearly” (Is.14:24; Jer.23:20). The word translated anger in our biblical concordance (Strong’s) is “to breathe hard.” He used the word with emphasis on breath. Well, breath, wind and Spirit are the same in both Greek and Hebrew. It could be the Spirit of the Lord, which could be the Lord himself. They give another definition, “to know,” therefore the face, therefore the person himself. So you may read it: “The Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind. In the latter days you will understand it clearly.”

It is not what man was looking for. No man by the revelation in the Old Testament could have discovered his plan, could have discovered his purpose. The New Testament interprets the Old; it’s not the other way around. And when it came to the surface after the fullness of time, man could not accept it. He didn’t accept it then and he doesn’t accept it today. The hundreds of millions who think they have accepted it by calling themselves Christians are as far from the truth as they were when it was first revealed. So from time to time he sends one, as he sent Paul, and he sends him not because Paul was wise, articulate, a big strong man. No one sent seems to feel qualified, and they aren’t qualified in their own eyes. But he who sends him by the very act of seeing him qualifies him. That one qualification is the consequence, not the result of anything that we did but the consequence of seeing God. When you see him you are qualified; not because you’ve earned the right to see him. What he saw in you, you didn’t see, and no one on earth saw. But he sends you.

So Paul in his letters, or his one letter to the Ephesians, he speaks of “the mystery of the will of God, according to his purpose, which he set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time” (1:9). And then he goes on in the same letter and he said: “This mystery was made known unto me by revelation. When you have read it you will perceive my insight into the mystery of Christ” (Eph.3:3)…when you read it. Now he goes on and makes the statement, and you will see from the statement he now makes, that the mysteries of God are not matters to be kept secret, they are truths which are mysterious in character, truths so fantastic that man denies them. They are not to be kept secret and that’s why the prophets of the Old could say: “If I say, ‘I will not mention it or speak anymore in his name, then there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot’” (Jer. 20:9). You can’t restrain it, though in the eyes of others you are a laughing stock. You are sent to tell it…God’s plan of salvation.

Today we think by historical research we will find religious certainty. Historical research cannot give us religious certainty. You may dig from now to the ends of time, find all the old manuscripts that even predate what we have, but you will not have that inner certainty by anything save through revelation. And this one he makes now as ___(??), he said, “To me this grace was given to preach…and to make all men see what is the plan of his mystery hidden for ages in God” (Eph. 3:8). And I am convinced that you may do whatever you think you should do for ___(??), but you cannot hasten the time. It’s like a birth and it’s coming into fulfillment in its own good time. When that time has reached fullness you will experience these signs.

They are signs spoken of especially in the gospel of John. But the signs were not the signs which man was looking for. He denied them when they came; he denies them now. Because the one who brings it, the message, the message of salvation, cannot produce the witnesses, he cannot produce the sign. All you can do is tell them about it. He can talk about it, but he cannot produce the sign. And no man can throw himself into a state deep enough to experience that sign. He has to wait for it to come. But when purpose is known, all things fall in to place. So, “Go and preach.” Preach what? Preach his purpose, tell of his plan. For he’s not concerned with this outer man; this outer man is a shell and he’s given the outer man a law by which he can cushion the blow as it must come, inevitably comes to every man as he turns from hearing the story to its fulfillment. It’s called a four-hundred-year journey. Not any 400 years…that too is a mystery. 400 is the numerical value of the 22nd which is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Its symbol is that of a cross. And so, I will bear my cross in a land where I will be enslaved, ill-treated, beaten, set upon; I will lose everything and be a stranger in that land. Then will come the fullness of time and he will bring me out with signs and wonders.

You tell them of the signs, to look and expect. They will come, every one of them will come. There aren’t many. When the first one appears, the last isn’t far behind. It will all happen here in this section of history. And the millions who think it happened and now hope in some strange way to have the promise of his coming again fulfilled, are looking in vain. The true return of Jesus Christ is when the individual experiences these signs of Christ within himself. That is his only return. Then you stand amazed at this peculiar thing, that God who planned it all is the only one. He planned it all, and the God of the entire drama being one, the end has an ultimate unity. You are that being who planned it all and I am that being who planned it all, and we aren’t two. Yet we do not lose our distinctive individuality, we do not lose our identity, and yet we are one. He plotted it and planned it in a way that no man could ever have guessed. No man is wise enough to work it out; he had to reveal it. So Paul said, it was given to him by revelation, and when you read it you will discern my insight into the mystery that was hidden for ages in God. It could not be revealed until the end. And they called the one who in his own mind’s eye called himself least qualified.

Now what are the signs? They will come… I tell you this from experience. I have friends in all walks of life. Last night, my wife said to me, speaking of two close friends here in the city, and every time we get together he brings up religion. They are pillars of the church in Beverly Hills, pillars of the church; give generously not only of money but of their time. And I wondered if they would be present at a certain party. Well, he didn’t know, because they’re going off to Denver to Billy Graham’s gathering, this enormous crowd. And he had the ___(??) come in to ask me when he was home the last time, about a month ago, looking at his brother, he said, “Do you think”—calling him by name—“that he could understand the Christian mystery?” Well, I was raised in a nice family not to offend my guests, but I thought, “Do you?” He’s pointing to his brother. He’s as far removed from understanding this mystery and to him it is not a mystery, in spite of scripture. “Great indeed” said Paul to Timothy “is the mystery of our religion.” He tells us it’s a mystery and it can only be known by revelation. It can’t be known by any philosophic contemplation…can’t be known that way. Yet he thinks he knows this, he’s going off to Billy, and both will be as blind as bats walking right straight towards the inevitable pit, and that’s where they fall. But they don’t know these signs that all men have rejected.

Let me now share with you from experience the signs. Again, let me repeat, I have no knowledge of having earned them, none. I cannot brag, for I have no memory of this long, long journey that would lead me to believe that the suffering that I must have gone through—for all pass through the afflictions as told us in scripture—qualified me to receive the signs. So I do not claim that I have any memory that in any way would qualify me to have received them, but I’ve received them. Therefore, I would say to all, don’t try to earn it; don’t try to acquire merit that you may earn it. You want to acquire merit, do it if you want to appear big and wonderful in the eyes of men, yes, if that’s what you want; but in the eyes of God no—no, because it’s not by anything known to man here.

So here, when you least expect it…and I tell you it will happen…you’ll be so awed, so surprised you can hardly believe. You know the population, three and a half billion, and you, how could it be? Yet you can’t deny the experience. And you too will be moved in a way that if you didn’t tell it, you too would feel the fires burning in your bones; and you’ll have to tell it, and tell it from morning to night until you close your eyes in this sphere for the last time. You will tell it. Until you actually have the experience, I can only plead with you to believe it. It has been my privilege to speak to tens and hundreds of thousands of people. What percentage believed it, I don’t know. I’ve been promised in scripture there always will be a remnant. Don’t run, he said to Elijah, go back. I have prepared a remnant for you, go back. He thought he was alone and he ran from the horror that he saw in the city.

But there will always be a remnant. It need not be the 100,000 that you’re told are listening or viewing you on TV, or maybe the two million who tune in on radio. Maybe one nth part of one percent may be arrested for a moment and actually begin to dwell upon it. They can’t conjure it, but they could dwell upon it and let it lodge within them. For we are told, you and I in the loins of Abraham were given a preview of the gospel, as we’re told in the 3rd chapter, the 8th verse of the Book of Galatians. Paul takes scripture and personifies it and said, “Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith,”___(??) showed him, revealed to him the mystery of the gospel. So here, one, 2,000 years B.C., if you take it chronologically, was given and granted that privilege of actually having a preview of the gospel. And he saw it, and “rejoiced that he was to see my day,” saw the whole plan as concealed in Christ and Christ as in man. Christ is God in man. Christ is a wholly supernatural being. Hasn’t a thing to do with some little being born as we are told he was born. He is in every child born of woman. He is your own wonderful human Imagination, that’s Christ; one with his Father who sent him, who is all Imagination. And he comes down to the very limit and takes upon himself the limit of the cross, called this [body], and becomes obedient unto death, the death upon the cross. To do it, he emptied himself of his unity with his Father, and he is the Father…God in action now. God’s creative power keyed to the lowest point, brought down to the lowest point of opacity; and he it is Christ in man, your own wonderful human Imagination.

He’s not devoid of a law by which he could struggle in this outer world while he bears the cross. But he carries within him the plan of salvation. Therefore, I can’t teach you and bring it out; it’s buried in you. But I’ll tell you the plan, for it has unfolded in me; it’s the same plan, the same Christ, the same God. You’re not another little Christ, same Christ, only one. Not another little god, there’s only one God. “I tell you this that you may know and believe that I am he…and besides me there is no God. No God was formed before me nor shall there be any after me. I, I am the Lord…and besides me there is no God” (Is. 45:5). One God, the same God that is in you as your own wonderful human Imagination.

Now this is what happens and I can’t tell you the surprise, the awe, well, it’s almost one of fear and yet not fear…I struggle for a word to describe the emotion that possesses you when it happens. You find that you thought all along that you were awake. For fifty-odd years you woke at least once a day—when you were a child, oh, maybe many times a day—but every time you woke into this familiar environment you thought you had slept and this was waking. You carried that forward through the years. And you’re in your fifties and always believed that when you are in this world that’s when you were awake, and when you slept and lost consciousness in this world, that’s when you slept.

Then this moment happens, and the wind, the anger of the Lord God himself is possessing you. All you can see is this vibration, and you know you’re waking. It’s the only thing that entertains the mind, you’re waking. You expect the same kind of waking that you’ve done for fifty-odd years, you expect it. But you wonder why this strange vibration, because if it goes any further than it is now you’ll die. You feel, one more intensity, one little bit more, and you’re going to split. You feel some massive hemorrhage will simply put you out of this world. But you don’t have any massive hemorrhage, you wake. You become completely awake as you were never awake before. You’ve never known such clarity of thought, never known such waking.

And there you are, you’re sealed in a tomb and the tomb is your skull. You know it is a sepulcher, and you know you can’t remember walking in there. Someone must have put you there thinking you dead, for only the dead are buried. And sometime, somewhere you were thought dead and you were buried, buried in your own skull. You know beyond all doubt this is your tomb, but now you’re awake. And you are awake as you have never been awake before, never, something entirely different…and yet you’re sealed. Then memory returns and you know the one point in the entire sealed sepulcher that would give if you pushed it, the base of the skull. You push it and something gives. It rolls away…and you come out your head first.

You know what to do. You’re pushing and pushing and pushing, and when you are just about here, down below the hips, you then take them and you pull, and pull the remaining portion of you right out of the skull. There on the floor you remain for just a matter of moments and then you rise. Now strangely enough there’s no sepulcher…it’s an interior, but you see the body out of which you’ve just emerged and you wonder at the ghastly paleness of it. It seems so white, so much like death. As you look at it, the wind seems to increase, only now it’s divided. It’s still in your head, but it’s over in the corner. For a moment you’re distracted because of it and you wonder, what is it, a hurricane, a cyclone? It’s far greater than any wind you’ve heard.

And so, as you look over, once more you turn back and here this thing, this garment, the body isn’t there. But in its place you find three men, one where the head was and two where the feet were. You look…they can’t see you. You’re more powerful, you’re more wise, and you are invisible. You can discern every thought that they entertain, and their thoughts, not expressed, are audible to you and objective to you…you see them. Their every thought becomes an objective picture to your sight. You look at them. They’re seated and they are disturbed by the same wind. One seems more disturbed than the others, so he goes in the same direction. As he moves in that direction, he hasn’t gone more than a foot before he’s attracted to the floor. He looks down and there before his eyes…he makes an announcement and he calls you by name.

You haven’t lost your identity. Whoever you are now, whether your name is Benny, he will call you Benny, if your name is Mary, he’ll call you Mary; and he’ll speak of you as one he knows (I knew these three), and he will say, calling you by name, it’s your baby. If you are as I am a male, these other two are incredulous as they were in my case, “How can Neville have a baby?” He doesn’t argue the point, he presents the evidence. He lifts this little infant wrapped in cloth and just puts it on the bed. Then you will bend over and take up that little body; and when you raise it, you will look into its face and speak in the most endearing manner to it. I said, “How is my sweetheart?” He looked right into my eyes and broke into a smile, the most heavenly smile. Then the whole scene dissolved and I’m in my inn, my hotel room in San Francisco.

There is a combination; two scenes in one. The waking from a long, long sleep, for that’s what resurrection is, “to rouse from sleep.” Look it up in the concordance. “To rouse from sleep” is the definition given in Strong’s Concordance. And we think it means to reassemble the dust and the bones of the dead, hasn’t a thing to do with that. There is one in you that cannot die. It can’t die, for it is God. It was God who imposed upon himself this self-limitation. It never dies. It was never really born. It simply imposed upon itself the limitations, and then in you it dreams the dream of life. Then must come that moment, the first sign, as revealed to everyone to whom he sends. So here is the sign. “You must be born from above. Except you be born from above you cannot in any way inherit or enter the kingdom of God” (John 3:3). You cannot. It takes a new form; it takes the awakened Christ in you to enter the kingdom of God. There’s no other route. You’re in a new body and yet no loss of identity. But you must be clothed in the Christ body.

Now everything I’ve told you has scriptural support in the Old Testament. You will read the pulling out of one’s self in the 30th chapter of the Book of Jeremiah, word for word. But no one understood it. The question is asked, how could man do it? For the question is asked, “Can a man bear a child?” The obvious answer is no, can’t do it. Then why do I see man just like a woman in labor? Why do I see—the word is shallots—“Why do I see him with his hands pulling himself out of himself just like a woman in labor?” If I see it, and every man is doing it, why isn’t he bearing a child? I see him as though he were bearing children, or rather, a child. That is the 30th chapter of Jeremiah (verse 6).

And here is the grand awakening. He takes it out of man. Takes what out of man? He takes Christ out of man. Did he not tell him in the 7th chapter of 2nd Samuel: “And when you are gathered with your fathers”—meaning when you are dead; this [world] is the death spoken of—“I will raise up your son after you, who shall come forth from your body. I the Lord will be his father and he shall be my son” (verse 12). They’re waiting for that to happen, and they don’t know the mystery of it all. He brings forth himself, for the father and the son are one in this case. So he brings forth himself.

Now comes the crux although it’s only the second of the four signs. I call it the crux because it’s the universal fatherhood, which is the ultimate revelation: to know the unity of God in spite of the seeming diversity. That to me is the greatest of them all. Others do not agree, but I can’t see anything in the scripture comparable to the revelation of the unity of God in diversity. And this is when we’re told, “God so loved the world he gave his only son” (John 3:16). He didn’t give me his son as a companion. He didn’t give me his son as a mentor. He didn’t give me his son as someone who would walk the street with me. He gave me his son, and in doing so he gave he himself. If I have a son, I can say as people say in marriage, I gained a son…he married my daughter. It’s a lovely way of expressing it. And maybe he will be to me a wonderful son. He married my daughter and maybe I couldn’t have a son that would be as kind and considerate as he. But still I am not his father. When God gives you his son, he gives you himself. He doesn’t share him with you; he gives you himself. And when you see God’s only son, he fulfills the 89th Psalm: “I have found David. He has cried unto me, ‘Thou art my Father, my God, and the Rock of my salvation’” (verse 26). That’s exactly what he calls out: “My Father, my lord.” And you know he is your son and he knows you are his father. You not only know it, but you know that every child born of woman contains him; and one day he’s going to call everyone “Father.”

And because there’s only one David and David’s father is I AM, that’s called in scripture Jesse, and Jesse is I AM, so he calls him I AM. Some scribe along the way to give sense to the genealogy gave Jesse a father and a mother. You read it in the Book of Ruth (4:17). The most ancient manuscripts that we have on record show no father of Jesse. You will find that in the most critical of all scholarly criticisms of the Bible and that is The Encyclopedia Biblica. They say there is no ancient manuscript that mentions any background of Jesse. As though he were like Melchizedek, without father, without mother. As we’re told in the New Testament, of Hebrews, and he became a member of the order of Melchizedek, no father, no mother, no beginning, no end. And when you are God, because his son is your son, you’re Melchizedek, no father, no mother. What father would God have? What mother would he have? What origin would he have when he is the origin of all?

And so, here in this is the apex of all the revelation: The universal fatherhood is you, and you are God the Father; and there is no way in eternity that it could ever be revealed save through the Son. “No one has seen God; but the Son, the only Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he has made him known” (John 1:18). Why haven’t you seen God? For we are told in the 33rd of Exodus: “You cannot see my face. For no one can see me and live” (verse 20). Right, you die to everything you’ve ever believed concerning God. There is no other God, and so you completely die to everything in this world when you see the Son, and know that son is God’s only begotten son, and he’s your son.

So how could you now have a God on the outside? To whom would you turn? “Before me there was no God, nor shall there be any after me. I, I am the Lord, your Savior.” That’s what we are told in the 43rd chapter in the Book of Isaiah (verse 11). So believe it, said he, that I am he. Believe it now; tomorrow you’ll know it. You’ll know it by revelation when he gives you himself. To give you himself, if he is a father, you too must be a father. If you are a father, where is my honor, where is my son? So the last book of the Old Testament, the Book of Malachi, ends on the note: “A son honors his father. If then I be a father, where is my honor” (verse 6)? It wasn’t answered in the Old Testament. It’s promised but not answered; in the New, it is answered. So he comes in, and David calls him “Adonay, my Lord, my Father.” So here, that’s the limit, the apex of all revelations, when you are revealed to yourself who you really are.

Now the third one is a sign—they’re all signs, signs taking place in the grand supernatural you—and that is when the temple of your body must be split to reveal your sacrificial blood that made it all possible; for life was in the blood. And now you’re going to redeem it, and so your whole body is split from top to bottom, revealing blood…but the blood is living, golden, liquid light. As you look at it, you not only know it is yourself, but you know it is the Creator and Redeemer…and yet you know it is yourself (Blake, Jer., Plt.96). So who is the Creator and who is the Redeemer? You’re told: “I am the Lord your God the Holy One of Israel, your Savior.” Yes, your Savior, your Maker. If I am your Maker, I am your Creator. And as you look at it, you know it’s not only yourself, it is the Creator, it is the Redeemer, and you fuse with it. Then as you’re told in the 3rd chapter of John: “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of man be lifted up” (verse 14). And so that’s how you are lifted up, right back where you came from, this time completely awake.

And the fourth one, which is a glorious one, but to me although it comes last and should be the greatest, it is only confirmation of all the promises, where he’s satisfied with his work. And that is when the Holy Spirit takes the form, the symbol, of a dove and descends upon you, and smothers you in love, smothers you in affection. When you are all completely smothered and this world becomes infinitely transparent, there is no circumference. And where is it taking place?—within. And then you will understand these strange words of Blake: “The circumference is within you; it’s the selfish center that is without.” The circumference is within, ever expanding in the bosom of God, and you’ve found God. So from now on the whole thing is translucent. There is no circumference, you can’t see it; it’s ever expanding. You’ve never seen such clarity. There is no boundary. And here you are expanding, expanding, expanding. Where? All within, the whole thing is within you.

Now in that day when everyone has this series of events unfolding within him, and you and I meet in that union, can you conceive of the joy of the return of all of us to form one? So he said, then you will know, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one God.” This multiple, infinite series, this divided, fragmented being forms one, one made up of others, and no loss of identity; and all returned, and all the same Father, the same Son. Can you conceive of the joy, can you conceive of such love, when the whole thing is done?

So I ask you to name it. I couldn’t name it when I thought of what I would tell you tonight. But I know as I stand before you, the name is called Neville, but Paul did not have any commission other than the one given me. I, too, stood in the presence of the risen Christ. I answered in the words of Paul, yes, but the words of Paul are revealed words dictated by the risen Christ. He is the Spirit that moved the prophets. He is the Spirit that moved Paul. So when I was asked, “What is the greatest thing in the world?” my automatic answer—as though I was divinely prompted, I didn’t stop for one second to answer—“Faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love” (1Cor.13:13). And then infinite love embraced me and incorporated me into his body, never to be separated again. His body became my body, and yet, in some strange way, sent into this little body. But I could say with the central figure of scripture, “He who sent me is with me”…never left me. You don’t see him, but he hasn’t left me, because I can’t ever again be separated. I can’t be, having once been incorporated into the body of love.

So everyone will be incorporated into that body of love and you will know the statement in Isaiah: “I will gather you one by one, O people of Israel.” Yes, one by one…you’re so unique. You can’t bring a friend, you can’t bring a wife, a husband, a child…one by one. You can’t be replaced; no one can take your part. Therefore you can’t be lost, because if one were lost the temple would be incomplete, and that’s unthinkable. But everyone will be gathered one by one to unite into a single being who is God, and that one being is made up of all. And the rejoicing that takes place when the drama is over! So God has a plan, he has a purpose. He reveals it to his servant and his servant is sent to tell it. And it’s not the servant’s concern who hears it, for he’s planned who’s going to hear it. He has a purpose, and no one can force it upon himself and say I’ll make the effort to be. This is a plan for the fullness of time.

Here, I got a letter today from my daughter-in-law in New York City. My first wife was born and raised a Catholic, now she’s a Jehovah’s Witness. He was married twice before he married this girl. This girl was born and raised a Catholic, but they wouldn’t marry them in a Catholic church because she is the third. He did give his marriage enough…but marriage was in order, and so they got married in a small, little church and came to New York City. Now I’ve learned today from her letter that she’s going to St. Bartholomew and taking lessons to prepare herself for conversion. Now, she knows my books, I’m her father-in-law…she has them. She’s heard me speak, not often, but she’s heard me…but the fullness of time has not come. She has to hear all these things and go through all the blind alleys, and believe all these things told by the blind leaders of the blind, until one day in eternity the fullness of time has come and she will hear it as you’re hearing it.

But the ancients did not recognize the signs, for they were not the signs they were looking for. They thought he would come in the same manner that you and I came, and conquer the enemy of Israel, and establish a new Israel that would simply dominate the world. That’s what they wanted…not the kind that one could ___(??). He comes quietly. Dramatically yes and suddenly, but comes in a way that no one but the one to whom he comes can see. When he comes it’s simply repeated in the one to whom he comes, his story as recorded in scripture. The one is amazed that the whole thing is taking place in him. He had no idea the story that’s written in the gospel was all about him. He thought it was all about someone else—he was taught that—and suddenly the whole thing is all about hm. He can say with the psalmist: “In the volume of the book it is all about me…and I have come to do thy will, Lord.” That’s all I’m going to do, fulfill the will of God; and to fulfill the will of God is to fulfill scripture. That’s all.

So tonight, we’re all plotting and planning what we’re going to do as a nation, as a family, as a business, and chances are in our own eyes it is good. And if we apply God’s law wisely, the chances are we’ll realize our objective…if we apply it wisely. That’s the law. All the ways of men are good and pure in their own eyes, but the Lord sees the heart and he’s not getting off his prearranged plan. His prearranged plan is to redeem himself that is buried in us. That’s his prearranged plan, and he brings it all back. I tell you this tonight because, as I told you earlier, I am planning to go to Barbados and I’m just waiting for one little answer to some request I made. It’s still crowded there…can’t get on the beach it’s so crowded. But I am led to believe maybe the first week of March they’ll begin to disappear and go back to their homes in Canada and England. Then, of course, if that is true, Bill and I will fly off the first week of March. And so, I will be planning to close here approximately the 25th of February…that gives me just four weeks.

And if I am sent to preach, it’s not really to tell you every night how to get another house, and how to get more money, and how to get the things of the world. You know it. I will come back to it time and time again. But what I was sent to tell you’ll find in the signs in the life of Jesus Christ. That’s what it is. And these signs are not the signs for which man was looking, they’re not. So having received the signs, having experienced them I must tell you. Even though I have told you this time and time again, I still must tell it to those who may not have been here before or maybe they haven’t heard it, or haven’t heard it in the way it was told tonight. For these are the signs and they will come to everyone in the world, so don’t despair, and don’t try in any way to hasten it, just believe it and let it happen. They will not delay one second, not one moment, and they will not change. The signs are recorded in scripture and there they remain forever. They will not change.

And you will go back into the ancient witness called scripture, and it will dovetail with your internal witness. And when we come into the court we must have two witnesses. If two different witnesses agree in testimony, it’s conclusive. We all have the witness of God’s word as recorded in scripture; we have to bring the living internal witness that we experience scripture, and when the two parallel and agree in their testimony then it’s conclusive. And we are told, “You are my witnesses, my chosen servant, the ones that I have chosen that you would hear me and understand that I am he.” And so, everyone will be a witness, and the witness you bring is your own internal testimony to the truth of God’s word. The second witness is already recorded; it is the Bible…that’s God’s word. And so you have the witness there, but you have to come with the second witness. For the testimony of one man is not sufficient. You cannot bring yourself as the only witness. And no one can go into court with himself as the only witness. He must have two minimum; three, all the better.

Tonight, I am fortunate. I have a third witness who has the internal testimony of scripture, and so he is a witness to the truth of God’s word. And so, I can present three of us…the Bible and the two of us. But if I can present two—the Bible we can all present, and then yourself—and stand unashamed, unafraid, for it has happened, and no power in the world can deny to you that it has happened; and so you stand as a witness. And you don’t need mortal eyes to see it. When you are brought into the divine assemblage, they know from your appearance whether you are the witness or not. For you are the living book, and you witness to the external witness that God gave to man through his servants the prophets, and you experience within yourself as you come now. And that’s your only judgment, really, no harsh judgment…you’re the witness.

So when you take off the garment here after witnessing these signs, you go as witness into the divine assemblage and you’re one with them all, not less than. For all you have to do is to fulfill scripture. He said: “Scripture must be fulfilled in me” (Luke 22:37). “And beginning with the law of Moses and all the prophets and all the psalms, he interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself” (Luke 24:27). And so he brought himself as the fulfillment of all that they had foreseen, and he was the living, living witness. And the book is a living witness…it’s forever.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Are there any questions, please?

Q: ___(??) wondering if I might have your comment. “Resist not evil” is the sentence.

A: “Resist not evil but turn the other cheek.” In other words, another face: look at it differently. Practice the art of forgiveness as taught in the Bible, called repentance, or called by my terminology just simply revision. You see, what to do with evil, what to you is evil, alright, revise it. See it as you would like to see it. But again, let me quote scripture, he said, “I know and I am persuaded by the Lord Christ Jesus that there is nothing unclean in itself; but any man who sees anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean” (Rom. 14:14).

If we take our code today and compare it against the code of our forefathers, they wouldn’t gel. Tonight, the world is divided in this conflict. At six o’clock tonight I turned on the news and some very hush-hush meeting is taking place in Washington, all the cabinet members, the war staff, our president, and some great decision, which may still be hush-hush tomorrow, but they’re called upon to make a decision tonight. He has to make it and he has to have the confidence of those that would execute it. 290-odd million Americans will be told eventually after it’s done, for they think they are doing right. Maybe they are…but all these things are relative.

I must stress, stick to the signs of the end. Let them become your guide, so that no matter what happens, you know these signs are forever. They will happen; because he in you can’t die, cannot die. He is subjected to this dream of life and he’ll dream it, but he cannot die. In the end, he never really was in you, because he can’t show he’s in you. He’s perfect, the one of whom I speak. And so, if that guides you, even though they make the decision tonight that might ___(??), doesn’t really matter. But these things are relative. One’s good fortune may be another’s misfortune. Tonight, and this seems a bit sordid, but I don’t mean it that way, but it’s a graphic picture. Some family must think…you’ll find them weeping and they mean it, they’re all tears at the loss of a loved one; and some mortician is rejoicing, business is good. So that’s relative. It’s a graphic picture, not a pleasant one, but it’s a true picture, true on this level.

Tomorrow, you watch the market. The market’s been going this way. In New York City, oh, about a year ago, the headline came out someone…there’s a rumor of a possible peace. What do you think the headline was? “Peace Scare” and the market went that way. Peace scare. So if people talk of peace, do you think they really mean it? So why can’t we have peace? And you say the ___(??) can be stopped? And they will say, if they have it, yes. Well, what do we have? We have DuPont, we have General Motors, we have a little of this, well, what do you think would happen to them tomorrow if you have real peace? And when they begin to contemplate the consequences of their stock, they don’t want peace…until they get out. If they could only know the high point and get out, they could talk all they wanted about peace forever. But they didn’t wait for ___(??) to get out…but here was the headline “Peace Scare.”

So you watch the market and you see it, it’s going this way. And there is not a place in this world where you can put a dollar and get more return for your dollar than in a safety account, a savings account: 4.85%. There is no business. I go to the market in the morning and just watch it. I don’t have any stocks here; all I have is in Barbados. I go just for fun. And when you see what they pay in dividends and what they’re selling at, it’s ridiculous. Let these enormous sums ___(??), must get it up. Today there’s no buying on margin, not really. You must get up almost all 100% to buy stock and a stock selling at almost 500, 500-plus, and paying you under three percent. Well, go to the bank and put it in; you get 4.85. And if you don’t feel that the government can go beyond $10,000, open a second one at another bank. They’re all underwritten by the government. Take your money and go from bank to bank. It’s the limit, but they will guarantee $10,000. But you’re getting 4.85% return…to come into the world of Caesar, talk this way. Yet they go up this way, up and up and up. It’s certainly not paying dividends that you can see in the morning’s report. It’s nice to have it and say I have a stock that’s worth $500 a share. And you say, yes, can you live on it? You got in when it was 300, and maybe you can unload it now, had it long enough. But can you really live on the income from it? No one thinks that way. It just isn’t there. But we aren’t going to go into business. I’m not a business man. Were I a business man I wouldn’t be here.

Well, until Friday. Thank you.

Neville Goddard Lectures: "Everyone Has the Plan in Him"
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Neville Goddard Lectures: "Everyone Has the Plan in Him"
You can’t be replaced; no one can take your part. Therefore you can’t be lost, because if one were lost the temple would be incomplete, and that’s unthinkable. But everyone will be gathered one by one to unite into a single being who is God, and that one being is made up of all.