Neville Goddard Lectures: "Creative Moments"

Neville Goddard Lectures: “Creative Moments”


Tonight, I will call this “Seminal Moments” or “Creative Moments.” The Bible speaks of Jesus Christ as the power and the wisdom of God. Man has misunderstood it and personified it as a man, a man, who lived and died 2,000 years ago. That’s not what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the creative power and the wisdom of God. If you want the record, turn to the first chapter of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians (verse 24). I’m quoting you exactly: “Christ the power and the wisdom of God.” Our effort here is to find out more and more about this power, this creative power; for surely the deeper meaning of power is effectiveness in achieving our purposes in life…it should be. And so, the more we can find out about this power then the more we know of what the world calls Jesus Christ. I say Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination, that’s Christ.

When I speak of God his name as revealed in scripture is I AM (Ex. 3:14). When I say “I am” that’s the center of consciousness. I can’t get any closer to center than saying “I am.” I may say, I am a man, I’m a this, I’m a that, I’m a rich man, a poor man, a beggar man, a thief, but I must first say I am. So that’s God, and God operates and creates through Jesus Christ, as you’re told in 2nd Corinthians (5:19). Here are the words, “In Christ, God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them; and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.” No misdeed is counted against the man…completely forgiven. If man could only become that channel through which he could operate, and completely forgive every man, and reconcile him to his objective in life. It takes Christ as the medium through which God reconciles man to himself. The Bible sets down God as my own wonderful I AM…and take his creative power as my Imagination and start from there. See how it works, put it to the test. If it proves itself in performance, well, what others say doesn’t really matter. What does it matter what anyone in this world will tell me if I have evidence to support my claim? And so, we’ll take it from here tonight.

A week ago tonight, a friend of mine told me a story based upon an experience of his. It happened in a dream. Well, most people would discount a dream, but the Bible doesn’t discount a dream. We’re told in the 12th chapter of the Book of Numbers, “If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord God will make myself known unto him in a vision, I will speak with him in a dream” (verse 6). Well, here this night in question, he went to bed in the assumption…first, he asked the question, “Who am I?” Then he answered based upon what we claim here, “I am Christ.” Here is a man younger than I am by, say, five to six years younger, a man within our sphere, a normal man, a man who works for a living, successful business man, an artist, he said, “I am Christ. I am awakened man. I am God aware of his creative power.” These were the thoughts that permeated his mind, a week ago tonight, and then he fell asleep.

“In the sleep,” he said, “I did not hear a voice, not at first, but the depth of my own soul communicated to me through the form of some mental telepathy.” Well, this man is a writer, professional writer. He said, “I didn’t hear words, but I got the meaning of this communication. It said to me, ‘When you use your Imagination for another, use it as you do when you write a story.’ Well, said he to me, “When I write a story, I must play all the parts, but all the parts. If I dramatize a love story, then I must make love to myself. No matter what I do in the story to make it natural, I have to actually feel it and play it. I must become every character to make it natural. Well, if I’m now to use my Imagination for another as I use it when I write a story, then I must become the other.”

So he started to practice and he took many friends, person after person, and then as he became them, he led them towards the fulfillment of his desire for them; and gave to them in this imaginary act what they either could not give themselves or did not have the faith to give themselves. So he went through the night, or rather, the interval, just simply practicing this way. As it came to an end, this experiment of his, a voice spoke for the first time and the voice said, “Tell this to Neville!” which he did a week ago today, and I shared it with you. Since that night those who were present have tried it (I’ve tried it) with great success. It was a different technique. Others tried it. I expect all who were here to have tried it and that you will share with me the results that I, in turn, may share with others.

A friend who is not here tonight (he wasn’t here last Tuesday) but he called a friend of mine (who is here…I see him), he said, “What did Neville talk about tonight?” Well, he told him everything graphically in detail what the whole technique was about. This was then 10:30. He said, “Well, I will think it over and try it, and if it works I should be told something in vision or in dream to confirm that it really is something I could use.” So, he said, “It was 10:30 when I called. After I put up the phone, I took a shower and retired. Then I took many members of my family, I became each member, and my consciousness led their body to the fulfillment of my wish for them. Then I took associates in my business, I became them; and my consciousness led their form to the fulfillment of that which I desire for them.”

Then he said, “I fell asleep and woke at 3:30 with this vivid, vivid dream. I dreamt that I was in an Oriental gift shop. I was attracted to one of these little chimes, these little things where the wind blows against the chimes and it sort of sings somewhat. I went through the entire store looking at different objects, and to my surprise I came upon a scene of American Indian clothes and all the things that American Indians wear. I thought that’s a strange thing, how incongruous in an Oriental shop, run by an Oriental lady, that these things should be present. So I took a coon skin cap and I put it on. I turned to a man who was with me and I said, “Watch this!” I felt myself to be my son Michael, and at that moment of feeling I am Michael, a boy in his, what, eleven or twelve, suddenly Michael appears before us, pushing himself between the two of us, dressed in an Indian outfit. Then I woke, convinced of the truth and the reality of this technique. God has shown me on a more pliable level of my being that this thing does work. Maybe on this level I may have to wait an interval between the assumption and its fulfillment, but in the level of dream it worked just like magic. I put this little thing on my head and said to him, ‘Watch this!’ I assumed I am Michael, my son, and instantly he appears before me, pushing himself between the two of us, dressed like an Indian.”

Now, my friend David, who brings me here twice a week, he decided about two months ago to sell a unit that he had. He has an apartment house, three units, and he thought “Well, I’m an Associate Professor at U.C.L.A. in ethnic music, it takes all my time to prepare my work, and I don’t really have the time to give to supervising this apartment house, so I’m going to sell it.” So he got in touch with an agent, and the agent said, ‘I’ll list it and take care of it.’ She got a buyer, the buyer said, “I’ll buy it; we go into escrow immediately, the price is just right, but we will go into escrow with one condition, that every unit must be rented.” Only two were rented, so he told me he had to have the third rented. They could sell it, alright, but there would be an adjustment in price if at the end of the time (it was today) the unit wasn’t rented.

So I simply heard…I did not know this technique, because my friend Bob had not revealed it…he only got it a week ago…but in my own technique I heard him tell me it was done, and I felt the emotional reaction that would accompany the thought that it’s sold, it’s all done, and that was it. Well, a week ago, as time moves towards the inevitable end, escrow is today, it’s the end today. He said to me last Tuesday before we came here, as he picked me up, “You know, we only have a week, but you told me it’s done and so I believed you…and yet I can’t in some strange way completely put aside the anxious, critical, conscious mind. It still gives me a little needle…we only have a week, and so the time is moving on…only a week.” I said, well, David, I can only tell you I stood perfectly still in my kitchen, I thought of you, and I heard you simply say to me, “It’s done! I’ve sold it; the whole thing is done!” and I got the emotional thrill that would accompany that coming from you, my friend.

Now, I cannot say tonight if that was the moment, or if what I did following hearing the story from my friend Bob. Because, having told the story which I told you last Tuesday, when I went home that night, he said to me (having heard this thing tonight) “I feel so much more encouraged…I should try it when I go home.” Well, that night when he left…now David recently has taken to shaving his head. Well, I’ve never had hair that close to my skull since, possibly, when I was born. But I had to feel David…he’s smaller than I am in stature, and so I felt David’s head, it’s my head. I had to feel myself bald. Then with this, I too took my consciousness and then led him to be standing in front of myself-as-David, and have myself-as-David tell me “It’s all done.” Well, Saturday he called me to say a total stranger in the neighborhood…now he had to advertise, based upon this agreement with the agent. No one responded to his ad, no one came from the ad. The agent sent no one to see him. Someone in the neighborhood desiring to move but not out of the neighborhood passed by and saw the sign out front, and came in, and rented right on the spot. Seized it right there and then on Saturday and today the whole thing is behind him.

So I cannot honestly say which of the two…because I have no way of knowing. I only know I heard it distinctly, his voice, and he told me that it was done; and I felt the emotion, the thrill of accomplishment, knowing that God creates reality out of imaginary circumstances. So I take an imaginary circumstance which would imply the fulfillment of my wish for a friend, and then create the reality of it, make it seem natural to you, then it comes to pass; well, isn’t that the power, the creative power of God? So when we are told Jesus Christ is the power and the wisdom of God, haven’t I found him? Is he someone in space, someone in time 2,000 years ago? No, he’s right here in every child born of woman, and that individual little child’s Imagination that’s Christ. The God of whom we speak is in Christ operating, and that power is your own wonderful I-am-ness. That is God operating through Christ. Now we are told, “We are ambassadors for Christ, and God has appealed through us” (2 Cor. 5:20)…so we are ambassadors through Christ.

Now, are all these stories true in scripture? I tell you, they are true. Listen to this one, taken from the 2nd chapter of Hebrews, “For he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified have all one origin” (verse 11). The one who sanctifies and those who are sanctified have all one origin, all one. Then he asks a question…but first he makes a statement and then he asks a question, and the statement is this, “He was not ashamed to call them brethren” (verse 13). Then he quotes from scripture the 22nd Psalm to support his argument, the 22nd Psalm, the 22nd verse, “That I will declare and proclaim thy name to my brethren.” Then he quotes again from the 8th of Isaiah, “Here am I and the children God gave me” (verse 18). If you turn to the 8th of Isaiah and read the entire passage, it’s fascinating. The children are called signs and portents of the Lord of hosts, who dwells on Mount Zion. I have at least forty Bibles at home, many commentaries, exegeses, all kinds of books dwelling on the Bible, and many written by brilliant, brilliant scholars. They come to this passage and they all agree the words of “the two children” mentioned in the 8th of Isaiah are unknown. They cannot find the roots of these words. They try to arrive at them based upon the text itself. Some come to the conclusion the first child mentioned means “a remnant shall return”; and the second child mentioned is simply “the spoil, or spoiling Judas’ enemy.” That’s all they can arrive at; they do not know what the words are. But we are told, if you read it correctly, no one believed Isaiah, and so he sealed the script as Daniel did. He sealed it until that moment in time when the seal would be broken, at God’s appointed hour; then one could read it with understanding.

If these same scholars who wrote this would accept my experience, they would have no problem. For I have had the experience of the two children. But man seeing the Bible as some secular history will never see them, because Isaiah, if you take it chronologically, was supposed to have lived in the 6th Century B.C. If you take David, he is supposed to have lived 1,000 years B.C. Well, certainly David could not be one of his children when he came 400 years later. The word Isaiah means “Jehovah is salvation,” the same word that you find, the same meaning of the word Jesus or the word Joshua, same word. There’s only one Savior and that is Jehovah: “I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior…and beside me there is no savior” (Is. 43:3,11). For the word Jesus is simply Jehovah; the word Joshua is Jehovah; and Isaiah, “Jehovah is savior, is salvation.”

How can I take these two children? Who are the two children in this case? I can tell you from my own experience. He said they are signs and portents; they aren’t children like my two children. I have two children, a boy and girl. They were born as you were born and I was born normally from the womb of a woman. These children are not born from the womb of a woman; they are signs and portents of something taking place in us, individually. The first one, which is called “a remnant shall return,” it doesn’t mean that at all. It is simply the little infant that you find when you are born from above and called Son of God. You find yourself being born from above, and the symbol of your birth is a little child wrapped in swaddling clothes. That’s the first one—“I and the children that God gave me”—-the first one. It’s a sign, a portent, of my own birth from above. Then comes the second, and the second also…but he’s a youth…it is David of Biblical fame. That’s my sign of the discovery of my own fatherhood that is God. God reveals himself to man as Father through giving to that man the one mentioned in scripture as his only begotten Son: “Thou art my Son, today I have begotten thee” (Ps. 2:7). That’s meant and said to David. So David comes suddenly before you, out of your own skull, and there you stand and you see him.

The whole vast world here is only God and God unfolding. This is the great tree of life that is God. All these are buds within the great tree that is God, and at moments in time they unfold. These are the “last days” when the children begin to appear. So you’re told in the 8th chapter of Isaiah “…the children that God gave to me,” and to this very moment all scholars are going completely berserk trying to find out who they are. They happen within man as the tree comes into ripeness, and these buds begin to flower within man. So I say, everyone (not a remnant) will return. Not one will be lost. How could one be lost when God became every man! So, every man in this world is God; and as he uses his Imagination it is God hoping that that Imagination is filled to capacity with love, that he can reconcile the world to himself.

So my friend, a few days later…and for you who were not here, he had the experience where he used this technique without love and he was trapped. So I tell you tonight, don’t use it unlovingly. Don’t use it for any purpose other than love. You can give everyone in this world that you desire exactly what you want for him. And don’t be concerned as to how it’s going to happen. You have the power to reconcile everyone to fulfilled desire. There would be no need for reconciliation were it not that man is missing his aim in life, his goal in life, which is called in scripture “sinning.” For, to sin is “to miss the mark.” If someone has a goal in life, he has a mark, and he isn’t hitting it, he’s sinning. But it isn’t held against him, it’s completely forgiven. Ask any man, do you really believe in the gospel of reconciliation?

So tonight, you know the gospel of reconciliation. You can, this very night, sit quietly, assume that you are your friend that you would help and then your consciousness leading his body towards the fulfillment of his dream, or his desire. Do nothing more. You don’t raise a finger to make it so; it was so when you did it. That little interval of time between what you did in your Imagination and that moment when it’s fulfilled in the world, what does it matter? If in dream…as my friend (who is not here tonight) found that it happened instantly, alright, he was on a different level where the substance itself is more pliable. But here on this level we have reached the limit of contraction, the limit of opacity, so it takes the little interval of time between the imaginal act and the fulfillment of that act.

So here tonight, if you know anyone in your world who desires…and it comes within your code of decency…if they want you to kill someone, you don’t do it! If they want you to rob a bank, don’t do it! It doesn’t come within your code of decency. But no matter what they want, it goes way beyond their capacity at the moment, judging from appearances, to realize it, you grant it. You simply put on their little form, and simply move towards the fulfillment of what they want, feeling all the time that you, as the little one called John, called Mary, called by any name, that you have it. And feel the emotion of success, the emotion that would accompany that claim. And then drop it, and return to your former state called by your present name. You’ve done it!

My friend said to me, “You know, I found it the easiest thing in the world to do. I took all of my relatives, I took my associates, and it was so easy to do it.” I do hope that everyone who was here last Tuesday tried it. If you tried it, you should have success now. I do not know what you did, but I hope you did it. Because this thing works! It’s a simple, simple technique. You simply assume that you are the one that you would help until you feel that you are wearing that form; even if it’s a female and you’re a man, or if it’s a male and you are a female, it doesn’t really matter. In the interval, I’ve taken my wife, I’ve taken my daughter, I’ve taken other sexes, and it didn’t seem strange to wear it. I wore them and I took them towards the fulfillment of what I would give them, and then dropped it.

So I ask everyone to try it. If it doesn’t make sense, well, forget it, it doesn’t make sense. What doesn’t make sense? I turned the TV on the other morning and this man is explaining that a little bomb, not bigger than what you would hold in the palm of the hand was what was dropped in Japan, in Nagasaki. Only something you could hold in your hand. Then, said he, only a half of one percent of the energy contained in that was released, only 20,000 tons of TNT, and that only amounted to a half of one percent of what was held. We did not know then how to really unlock more. Now we know how to do more and more. But you don’t need a bigger bomb just to release all that is there that could be released. And a half of one percent was all they could release, and it came to 20,000 tons of TNT. Then he was using that as an example and explaining to us how something else followed, an N-bomb. I’d never heard that one before. But here you drop it on places today and no one is killed unless they are very near it. But it goes through trees, it goes through villages, it goes through everything; it goes through the man and makes him, well, one who has lost the urge to even defend himself ___(??). It’s called an N-bomb…a neutron. So instead of destroying the area, you drop it and it penetrates all kinds of buildings and all trees, everything, goes through people and then they become…if they are very near they’re killed yes. If they’re not and they’re far away, it goes through them anyway. That’s what man has done with power.

Now, you and I are thinking of an entirely different kind of power, something infinitely greater. Not destroying anyone but helping everyone that’s in need in this world. It costs us nothing. So tonight you can take a child or take a friend, take anyone and give him what he hasn’t the strength or the faith to give himself. First, become him and then lead him towards the fulfillment of your desire for him. That desire that you hold for him might have been voiced by him and he wants it, or she wants it, and they do not know how to get it. Well, you can grant it, grant it by actually moving towards the fulfillment of it, wearing their garment, just as though it were true. Then let a thing happen in its own wonderful way…and it will happen.

I tell you from my own experience when these things begin to work, all of a sudden it’s at an end. The tree begins to blossom, the tree begins to put out all of its fruit, and all of these insane statements made in scripture come true. They come true in you. Who would think that you in 1965, you are the father of David of 1,000 B.C.? Who would think that anyone in this room would have the experience of being the Father of David, God’s begotten Son (Ps. 2:7)? Who would think that anyone in 1965 would make the claim that the same little child wrapped in his little clothes, little bands that you held in your hands was only a sign and a portent that you were born Son of God? For you’re told that the child to be born will be holy, Son of God. Well, the little thing was a sign, it was only a portent. That wasn’t born: It was you who came out of the great tomb of your own skull, and you saw the symbol bearing witness to that event. Then months later here comes the second child. And there are only two; the Bible doesn’t mention a third. It says “the children” and they name the children. But no one today can find the root of these words and they speculate all around the place as to the words. And it’s so simple when it happens.

So we are told, when he comes and he breaks the seal you will read it then with understanding. But who will believe him? He says, “Who will believe my report?” So I stand here and I tell you the names of these two: One is the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes that is only the sign of your own birth from above, and the second reveals to you that you are the very tree itself which is God the Father. So when he says, I will proclaim your name to the whole congregation, what was the name he proclaimed?—Father. He said, God…the name called “God” is really Father…and “I and my Father are one” (John 10:30). There’s only God; there’s nothing in this world but God, one being unfolding. When one really believes it or sees it, and when one has had the experience of it, well then, listen and try to put it into practice.

So tonight, this would be reconciliation. You could reconcile any being in this world to God, because with God all things are possible. If I’m missing the mark, then I’m not reconciled to God. But he’s reconciled to God through Christ and Christ is my Imagination. So, “In Christ, God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us this wonderful gospel of reconciliation, entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.” Well, to be reconciled I must now be atoned. Another word for it in scripture is “atonement.” Well, atonement is at-onement, so I would become at-one with my friend. So I cease to be another, I am my friend; and then I move my friend through my consciousness to the fulfillment of that wish that I hold for him. Then I take him straight forward, and it’s all done. Then I return to the being called Neville. And then take another one, and take him towards the fulfillment of my desire for him. Then take another one. I have no responsibility beyond that reconciliation. In a way that I as a man called Neville, well, I do not know the ___(??). I only know that all I need do is to bring about the reconciliation, and then the thing will mold itself into his world. And I will prove to my own satisfaction that I can create reality out of imaginary circumstances.

So if you tried it this week and you have results, please let me have them. Don’t be bashful, write me. If you don’t want me to tell them, write me anyway and tell me not to tell them. But give me the satisfaction of knowing that you tried it and that it has worked for you. I know it will work, for this week it was sheer ___(??). I tell you that it can’t fail. If it can’t fail and it’s so simple and costs you nothing, why not try it? Well, you try it in this simple, simple way. And it’s easy, may I tell you. If you’ve never tried feeling that you are another, well maybe you’d be embarrassed. Well, don’t be embarrassed; try feeling anyone. I can’t tell you what an amusing thing it was when I began to feel that I’m David…I mean the David of today, my friend here…because I have never felt such a bare head. Because he puts the ___(??) on at night ___(??) puts the whole thing on. I had to feel almost, on a hot day I had to feel almost cold I was so bare headed. Then his voice is higher than mine, I had to catch that mood as I was talking to myself. So I became David and put Neville in front of David, listening to David’s tale, and have David tell me the whole thing is done. The apartment is rented and no change of escrow, no change of papers; the whole thing is done. And may I tell you, it was a very pleasant sensation to just feel David and just be David for that moment, and talk to myself. That’s all that I did. And so, on Saturday when the phone rang…I came home and got the news, and I was thrilled! But, really, I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t surprised. I was thrilled with him and for the working of the law.

So you try it tonight and don’t limit yourself to what you think you are capable of doing. It isn’t you, it’s God. God is your own wonderful consciousness…that’s God. All things are possible to God; but he has to work through an agent, and the agent is Christ, and Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination, that’s Christ. There never was another Christ, never will be another. This is all Christ. So he calls us brothers…that one person awakes, and the tree blooms first in one—he’s called “the first fruit of those who slept; the first to be born from the dead.” But not the last one! The tree is awakening. And so he calls us all brothers, because we’re all from one origin. The origin…that “one” doesn’t mean Adam and it doesn’t mean Abraham; it means God the Creator. So we are all of one origin: That one is God, God the Creator.

So when he is asked in scripture to name the greatest of all the commandments, he doesn’t name any of the ten; but he summarizes the ten in one taken from Deuteronomy, and there are ten words, for that’s what it really means biblically. The Ten Commandments literally means ten words: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord”…ten words (Deut. 6:4). Not two Gods; no room for two, only one. So he became the seeming many, and he has set up within the unnumbered fragmented parts of himself a means by which it will awaken to discover it is still that one: So he sets up his own Son. And strangely enough, when you and I read of David of scriptural fame, we think of him as a thousand years B.C., 3,000 years ago. When he appears before you, he’s contemporary, and, strangely enough, he was always your Son. You do not have a feeling that suddenly someone forced him on you. Because now you have awakened from the dream of being another to the consciousness of being God the Father, and his Son stands before you and calls you Father. If David calls you Father and he is the Son of God, then who are you? Therefore, everyone will have the experience of being the Father of David.

Now, before you have the experience, try this technique my friend so generously shared with us. I know it is true from my own experience. But may I also show from scripture, the 3rd chapter of Exodus and the 6th of Isaiah, that when vision breaks forth in speech, then the presence of Deity is confirmed. When it broke forth, the tree is burning but it doesn’t consume itself, and suddenly the voice is heard coming from the burning bush, “Moses, Moses.” In the 6th chapter of Isaiah, suddenly he beholds—it’s all vision—then he hears the voice, “Who will I send?” and then Isaiah answers. But the vision breaks into speech. So in my friend’s case, after the experiences, suddenly comes this voice, “Tell this to Neville!” So he told it to me. But before he told it to me, the presence of Deity was confirmed by the breaking forth of vision into speech.

So I ask everyone here to try it and try it tonight. Of a friend that isn’t well, try it. Try it with a dozen ___(??). May I tell you, it’s such a wonderful feeling! You get into a nice quiet mood and feel one character after the other, and you become the wonderful actor. For that’s what an actor does; he has to feel, to some extent, the naturalness of the part that he’s going to play. We’re told in the works of Blake, “God only acts and is in existing beings or men.” He’s only an actor. Well, your consciousness only acts, but it acts through this frame called Jesus Christ which is your own wonderful human Imagination. Without Imagination, you couldn’t throw yourself into any character. But you can throw yourself with Imagination into any character and feel the naturalness of that character. So feel tonight you are a successful man. Well, who would share it with you were it true? Well, then your wife, your daughter, your friends, alright. You can take either part of yourself or just take the part of a friend who would sincerely rejoice because you are…and then have you as the friend congratulate you, standing in front of a friend, concerning this. Try it in that manner…try anything…and then see how it works.

So when this was revealed a week ago tonight we shared it with those who were present, and many have received results. But I want everyone to receive results, not just one. But keep on building it up more and more. I know my friend who told it to me also gave me a wonderful one that he did. He received a horrible blow. His director who had been directing his shows for, well, years now, he went to the studio to discover that the man had a stroke. It paralyzed one side, found it difficult to speak, and had lost ten years of his memory. He knew no one that he had met in the last ten years. He was now planning the shows that he was going to do and they are already done. So he took this technique and got into the friend’s body, and simply revised the whole picture. Went to the studio and they told him that he is recovering rapidly in the use of the arm, his memory has returned, he hasn’t forgotten this interval of ten years, and he’s rapidly coming back to the norm. No one gave any hope for this man, but he (the friend) received it like a blow, a physical blow when he heard it. And after something very unpleasant happened to him because of his acceptance of that as a blow, he then turned to the application of this principle and applied it toward his friend’s recovery. He hasn’t written it out for me in detail as yet, but he told me the last time we were here, which was last week, Friday night, that it will be a wonderful story when he gets down the details of it.

So let nothing stand in your way. Just simply grant everyone what you would like them to have. If they want wealth, alright, wealth, if they want fame, fame. What does it really matter if all is created out of imaginary circumstances? And in the end, after you’ve exercised this power—for that’s all that we’re here for—in the end, there will only be God…and his name is one. So in the very end, all of these fragmented parts are brought back together, and in that day “The Lord will be king over all the earth; and the Lord will be one and his name one” (Zech. 14:9). You and I are that.

Now let us go into the Silence.

* * *

Are there any questions, please?

Q: Neville, may I add some more, a bit about the apartment?
A: Certainly, David.
Q: First of all, thank you for the promotion. I’m only an assistant professor, but you made me an associate. I’d like to add this, because I think perhaps it might help other people, it may be useful. When Neville told me the apartment was sold, intellectually I believed him, but I have always been rather a lone wolf and by myself, and I have a tendency to be word oriented. My problem is even though I believe something like Neville saying it’s done on a mental level, one still has one’s own inner conversations…you battle. So at the beginning of last week when I was confronted with this rather negative attitude with everybody concerned, I remembered something that I read in one of the ___(??) of Virgil. I thought that this was a good thought: Virgil said that you have to remember yourself continually. I think it’s very useful if we can remember that we are an “I am” playing a part. So I realized that what I had to do in order to ___(??) was to get my own negativeness out of the way, because I could so easily have neutralized the whole thing by dwelling on inner conversations which where built on fear. I know very well had I done this that which I feared would certainly have come upon me.

So I found that for me the thing that I did was to fill every single moment of the time that I was conscious with a conscious guiding of my own thought pattern in ways that would not be negative; in other words, even at the expense of repeating phrases such as “my Father and I are one” over and over and over. This was very helpful to me, because it isn’t a vain lip service or pleading. You’re not really asking for anything but affirming something. The mind can never think of two things at once, it can only think of one thing. If you guide it by the hand, not force it, but if you guide it, you think of something which you are consciously putting ___(??), it will dwell on that, it will not dwell on anything else. I find that when I find myself ___(??), I stop, I say I am aware that is what I’m doing, I will not accept it, and I start right in again. Fortunately, Neville has allowed me to record a lot of the lectures, and I tell you, I’ve sat in that apartment house and I wore out several sets of batteries playing them over and over and over, and thinking of specific lines. I think that perhaps this might help others in order to fill the time gap which we are subjected to on this level. You have to fill it with something, so you might as well fill it consciously with something of a positive nature. I have found this was the greatest help to me, simply to guide the mind by the hand.

A: Thank you very much, David.
Q: (inaudible)
A: No, I wouldn’t do that. I would take on the personality. I couldn’t conceive of ___(??) by love being in any condition I wouldn’t want to wear his or her body if by wearing of it and then moving towards the perfect healthy state you would really produce the results. So, as Paul so beautifully stated in his 13th chapter of 1st Corinthians, speaking of this power that is love, and he was the perfect example of it, because he became the complete unobstructed channel between God and man by loving what he would do. He’d fall in love with you, a total stranger, and no matter what you might have as a disease, it would never stop him from assuming your body, and the freeing you (that he’s now wearing) from any form of disease. So, it’s simply put on the form. It doesn’t really matter.
Q: Could this be applied to the problem I spoke to you about earlier?
A: Yes, my dear.
Q: I could do it myself?
A: Certainly. I hope you listened well. There’s no need to hurt anyone in this world. First of all, there is no “other.” And so we think there is another…we’re just fooling ourselves. In the great dream we see “others,” but there is no other. So you can really assume any form in this world, and then give to the other what you give to yourself, because, really, in the end you’re giving it to yourself. “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord”…the greatest Commandment. But man on this level finds it difficult to keep that alive. So he calls us “brothers” because we have one origin, and that origin is God. When we awaken, we are God, and he has these signs by which we awaken to the fact that we are he. So if I take one simple little thing, which is so true, I am the Father of David…that I know. I also know that you one day will know you are the Father of David. But David doesn’t have two fathers. Therefore, if you become aware one day that he is your Son, and I have become aware he is my Son, then are you and I not one? But I know that everyone will one day become aware that he is the Father of David, and that’s how God reveals it’s the fatherhood, at the same time, brotherhood of man. So these two words, brethren and children, are very significant in this passage.

Q: Neville, are we not in some danger in trying to give somebody else what we think…giving them what we think they should have?
A: Not if you do in love. If you exercise your Imagination lovingly on behalf of another, something that you would willingly accept for yourself if rejected by the other, then you are on very safe ground. I wouldn’t take it upon myself to say that I’m going to separate these two people. No, I’m here for reconciliation, rather than separation. My friend told this story, which I shared with those who were here last Friday. So if you were not here, I will tell you because it really is quite an important thing as part of this technique. A lady asked…first of all, he gave her a new car. She hasn’t had a car in the longest while, so he assumed that he was this young lady, and then gave to her the car by wearing this garment, going to the street, seeing the lovely new car (which was her car), got into the car, had the top down—he saw the make, saw the color—then drove off with the wind against his face, all driving as this young girl. Then he pulled over to the curb, got out, leaving the girl now—he got out of the girl’s body back into his own—and he is now on the curb. She waved, smiled a nice, sweet, tender smile at him.

The next night, he went to the restaurant where he always goes. This girl is a waitress there, and she was so excited when they came in, he and his wife. She took them out to the street and showed the new car. It was the make, the color, and the top was down. It came to her as a gift in a sense because her mother not seeing her as often as she would like to see her daughter and knowing the reason was that she didn’t have a car, thought “this is selfish on my part, but I want to see more of my daughter so I’ll give her the money for a car.” And she bought the car. Now with the car giving her freedom which she had not enjoyed, that kind of freedom, in quite a long while, she asked him to now sever a relationship, that she depended on this man to take her home when she worked late and ___(??). The friendship became, well, closer and closer, and she asked to be free of it without hurt to the man, for he was kind and tender and sweet, considerate in that interval. But she wanted no more of it, but she didn’t want him hurt.

He, on the other hand, subconsciously must have resented this monopolizing of her time by this man ___(??), and so when he got into her body once more to free her of this man, he did not act in a kind way, with the result he found himself trapped and could not get out of her body for six hours. To the point where his own wife looked at him and said, “Who are you, ‘cause you’re not my husband!” He couldn’t get out of the body, he was trapped. And so he said, “I know now that without love you could be trapped; therefore, caution the class not to ever exercise this terrific power save in love.” After he got out after six hours of struggling he was so exhausted that he fell asleep and slept for twelve unbroken hours. Then the voice woke him in a very tender, tender manner—-the voice said, “I have restored my soul. Now I am gathering my own in love, beauty and joy.” So again, the vision broke into speech, confirming the presence of Deity.

So, to answer your question again, do it only in love. Whenever you do it in love, you’re doing the right thing. Someone may reject my gift, but am I willing to receive it back again and willingly? Alright, let them reject it, it returns to you. So do unto others that which you would have them do unto you.


Neville Goddard Lectures: "Creative Moments"
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Neville Goddard Lectures: "Creative Moments"
So here tonight, if you know anyone in your world who desires…and it comes within your code of decency…if they want you to kill someone, you don’t do it! If they want you to rob a bank, don’t do it! It doesn’t come within your code of decency. But no matter what they want, it goes way beyond their capacity at the moment, judging from appearances, to realize it, you grant it. You simply put on their little form, and simply move towards the fulfillment of what they want, feeling all the time that you, as the little one called John, called Mary, called by any name, that you have it. And feel the emotion of success, the emotion that would accompany that claim. And then drop it, and return to your former state called by your present name. You’ve done it!