Neville Goddard Lectures: “Closing Summary”


We are closing tonight and if it be the Father’s will, I’ll be back in September. My work is finished, completely finished. Tonight I want to share with you some of the things you’ve shared with me and some of the things that have been shared with me from a different source. I have told you that imagining creates reality, and because God creates all things I identify God with imagining. I do not for one moment modify it. God and human imagining are one and the same presence, and that presence is a person. So we’ll start on this level fist that you may apply it in your own personal lives.

These letters came this week, all came this week. I can’t use all of them, I will only use four. One has so many in it, I can only use two or three from that one. Here is the first. “Friends and I went to this luncheon party, a luncheon fashion party. As we got in we discovered a raffle was on…on the table things to be raffled. So we bought tickets, as we all would, and here was a plant, and I thought, ‘Isn’t that a lovely plant…I would love to have it on my coffee table in the den.’ So instantly, knowing imagining creates reality, I put it on the coffee table in the den, and there I saw it in my mind’s eye as I would see it were it true. And in that state I felt the thrill of having that plant in the den. Well, came the raffle, the ticket was called, but I didn’t get it. Then a ticket is called and my friend said, ‘Why, that’s my number, but I don’t want the plant, I can’t use the plant, would you like it?’ Well, need I tell you the end of the story? So the plant is where it ought to be, right in the den on the coffee table.” That’s that story.

Here is why I told you nothing dies I this world, but nothing dies, not even a little flower dies. My friend writes me this story…this goes back now quite a few years…but I only got the letter this week. He said, “This man who was really the porter in our plant, he cleaned out the offices and the plant, and this man works at a bench at a lathe, and, he said, one year after I met him he stopped at my bench one day, called me by name, my name is Clare, and he said, ‘Clare, do you have any religion?’ And Clare said to him, yes, I was raised in brimstone, fire and brimstone, but I no longer accept that. I go to a man, his name is Neville, and he tells me, he tells all of us, that imagining is God in action, that human Imagination is God, and that God became man that man may become God. And so I told him, and he listened, and he said, ‘Maybe,’ and walked away. But, over the next two years he would come back to my bench and he would say, ‘What did Neville say last night?’” after my lecture. And Clare would tell him what I said. He was vitally interested in anything I said about the Bible. “Well, how can Neville interpret that passage of the Bible?” and Clare would tell him.

Well, this went on for two years. Then one Thursday afternoon—his name is Randy—Randy didn’t feel well and they took him home. And the next day, the plant was notified that Randy died under operation. They rushed him to the hospital and operated on him, and under the operation Randy died. “Three months later,” he said, “I felt the presence of Randy. I knew it was Randy next to me. I’m bent over my work and a voice is speaking, and it’s Randy’s voice. There’s no voice like Randy’s and he’s speaking to me. He said, ‘Clare, you are right, you are right, you are right! Clare, you are right.’ Then from within me is coming Randy’s voice and from within me he is saying the same thing, ‘Clare, you are right, you are right, you are right! Clare, you are right’—all from within me. I have tried since that day to hear his voice again but I have never. But the revelation to me means this—not only that Randy that I loved and the whole plant loved him—that Randy survived, but one when they make their exit from this world, they remember this life. That to me is the most important part of this revelation—we remember. He remembered this.”

May I tell you, as I have told you in one of my books, live so that the mind can store a past worthy of recall, for the mind whose contents vanishes that mind has not vanished, as told in scripture, but its world is reduced to the limit of the contents of the mind that has vanished. For things must be clarified, so unlovely things cannot be perpetuated forever. So the mind whose contents vanished, it doesn’t vanish, but it’s reduced to the limit of the contents that has vanished from the mind. It is always a clarification, a purification of the contents of mind. So you are going to live in a world made of the contents of your life. Everything will be out pictured as you have imagined it and lived by it—your hates, your loves, everything in this world. So live by it! So the mind whose contents vanish will be reduced to the limit…but all will not vanish. There were certain lovely things in your life. When you were a baby you loved your mother, loved your father, loved your brothers and sisters. There was something that was lovely, all the lovely things, because God is love. Everything else will simply disintegrate and you will live in a reduced world if today your living is made up of things that cannot be sustained and perpetuated in the world into which you go. He heard the truth—and came back—that Imagination does create reality. “Clare, you are right, you are right, you are right!” So this to him, that man departs from this world but he remembers the life from which he has just departed…but it is going to be reduced to the level of all that can be sustained. Now that is his contribution.

Now comes a third. This lady tells me in her letter—and it’s written this week—“Last night I had a dream. I owned a wonderful sapphire and it was given to me by you and I loved it. I took it to the sea, and then I felt myself without a body, and I rose above the sea to compare my sapphire that you had given to me to the sea, to see if it was as blue as the sea. When I rose body-less and looked at the sea, my sapphire was the bluest of blue. And I knew that Neville had given me the truth, for the blue is the symbol of truth…the true blue. And I woke with this exhilarating feeling, and then as I woke I didn’t hear these words but they penetrated my mind, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’ (John 8:32). And I woke hearing within me, without actually hearing from the outside, ‘The truth will set you free.’” You’ve been given the truth!

Then came this fourth one from our friend Ben, this happened. “A friend of his called him up and said, ‘My little daughter, six months old, is in the hospital and the doctors have given her up. She has meningitis. She’s been unconscious for eight days and they say there is no hope. All the doctors gave her up.’ And he called me and told me this story. I got so enraged when I heard the story, I told him of scripture. Are we not told that whatever you desire, when you pray, believe you have received it and you will? (Mark 11:24). Then I exposed him to the law of assumption, and told him what it really means: how to dare to assume things are that reason denies. And having hung up on this man, I then fell into a deep, a real deep; and in that deep I heard his voice telling me that she has come out of the coma, that she has no symptoms of anything called meningitis, she is perfect! I heard his voice over and over and over until I felt the feeling of relief.” As I’ve told you in one of my books, of all the pleasures of the world relief is the most keenly felt; it’s a creative act. One is in the most intense act, it’s a creative act, and when one explodes, that relief…there is no pleasure in the world comparable to explosion, to relief. He was hearing over and over and over that which if he heard it would imply the child was perfect…and then came relief.

Now, he said, “For the next seven days I walked through the usual furnaces. I heard everyone associated with the child and the parents and the most negative expressions in the world. Everyone knew the child would have to die, I mean the thing was that natural. And I heard it all but I remained faithful to what I had heard. I remembered a story of yours that you had told when I was in San Diego, and you told the story of “feed my pig.” How you found the pig, it was your pig, and you had neglected to feed it, the symbol of Christ, but it still grew but it was rangy. Then you told the story of your pig, how when it came into the changing picture, you said, ‘Feed my pig.’” The story is I asked my daughter to go and get all these things from the bins, and she said, “What would I use for money, Daddy?” I said, “You don’t need money—all this is mine. This belongs to us. Take anything and bring it to me, and feed my pig, the symbol of Christ.” I found the pig and the pig, having found it, at first I fed it…and then turned the page, it had grown but it was too thin. It must have been neglected in the interval. It was grown all right, but very thin.

So he said, “I remembered that story as you told it in San Diego, and so in the seven days no matter what I heard, I fed the pig. I kept on hearing only what I heard that first day that I spoke to my friend. On the seventh day, the child became conscious and the coma was broken. The child returned to consciousness and then the doctors told him there is no evidence it was ever present. And all she needs now when she comes out of the hospital is the normal help and care and rest that you would give to anyone who had gone through such an ordeal. Then, a few days later when the child came out of the hospital, and I met the father, he took his hand and put it into my hand and shook my hand with such feeling, and thanked me, and told me this part of the story. Then within a day I had this dream. I dreamt I was in the foyer of a hospital, and one nurse said to another, ‘Ben paid all the bills.’ Another one said, ‘He paid the price.’ Then I woke.”

Yes. Ben paid all the bills. In heaven there is only forgiveness…the only price in this world. To change anything in this world is forgiveness, and it tests man’s ability to enter into and partake of the nature of the opposite state. She is dying…well, the father brought this little child into this world, he and his wife. They didn’t want the child to die…six month’s old. Here is the evidence—meningitis. Now he paid the price by actually reversing the entire thing in his mind’s eye…and Ben paid all the bills. The other one confirmed it by saying, “He paid the price” and the price is one’s ability and willingness to step into the opposite state and so live in it that it seems so real, there is nothing but. And you step into that state. And Ben paid that price.

So he said, “Strangely enough, at a party one day someone said, ‘Let me see your hand. You know, you were a physician. Did you know you were once a doctor?’” Well, he was never a doctor. Working in his business—what the business is I don’t know—his supervisor came to him one day and said, “By the way, Ben, do you ever go under the name, the assumed name of Dr. Benjamin Gould?” Ben answered, “No, never.” Well, he said, “There’s a long distance call from Denver, Colorado, for Dr. Benjamin Gould in this firm, and they want Dr. Gould to return the call.” He said, “I’m not Dr. Benjamin Gould; I am Benjamin Gould.” And he is the only Benjamin Gould on the payroll. Here a call came asking for Dr. Benjamin Gould. I can tell him tonight he is a spiritual physician, and I would rather call him this night than anyone and ask him to help me; for he knows how to completely detach himself from the evidence of the senses, and go into a state, and see me as I would like to be.

And so, in his letter he goes on with many, but I will give you one more. He said, “I was taken in spirit into a desert, a vast desert, and there was an enormous crowd in the desert. They were all haggard and pale of face, and suddenly out of the nowhere you appeared, standing on a hill, dressed in blue. Before you was a table of fruit, and these haggard, pale-faced things, as they came by you gave them fruit; and as they ate it, the blood rushed into their faces, and you could see the color in their faces, and they became normal, healthy beings again.” I tell you, whether one believes it or not, I am telling you from experience, I am giving you the truth. But you must eat it, not just hear it, you must live by it. You must apply it, as Ben applied it, as the others applied it. One goes to a party, it’s a gay party, what, a luncheon and a fashion display…that’s fun. Whether you win anything or not means nothing, you go for the fun. She sees something and she wants it. She doesn’t just want it she put it where it would be if she had it. That’s acting upon what I am talking about. When I know what I want, what would I do after? Then do it, do it in Imagination. When you do it in Imagination, you’ve done it…and then keep the sabbath.

And so here he said, “I was driving at night with my friend, and suddenly this taxi cab struck a car. In the car was a man, a woman and a little boy two years old. The impact was so intense it turned the car around. First of all, it knocked it thirty feet and then turned it in the opposite direction, and the little boy came hurtling through the window and here I see this little child. I said to my friend—now this is not a dream, this is now physical—I said to my friend, ‘This can’t be real! It can’t be real!’ Instantly I closed my eyes and my head was flooded with golden liquid light, the living light, and in that state I said in my Imagination, ‘Get up!’ to the child, ‘Get up!’ Then I opened my eyes and the child rose. At that moment, all things became animated—the father came out of the car, the taxi driver came out of his car, and all came rushing towards the little child of two years old to give their aid to the child.” He said, “I instantly did it… I said this can’t be real, the whole thing is unseen, it’s unreal, and I revised it immediately in my mind’s eye, and made the whole thing become alive as it ought to be.” That’s what I say is believing what I am talking about.

Oh, one can believe it and repeat it in words as the whole vast Christian world and other worlds repeat these little things. The Mohammedan world, they will bend three or four times a day towards Mecca, meaning nothing, and go and cut your throat one second later. And they will just steal you left and right one moment after they bend towards Mecca. And the Christians will do the same thing. I read here the other day what is the definition of a bandit—a bandit is one who takes from you by force what you, in turn, took from him by guile. And so, that is the world in which we live, the whole vast world is this…but then one hears that imagining creates reality and that we are one.

Now, let me share one more vision of his. He said, “I found myself in the dream with my grandmother and we were going to visit the cemetery. We were going to see our plot and in this plot not only were the family buried but so many strangers were buried. I asked my grandmother, where is my aunt and I called her by name? She said, ‘She’s right here’ and her face appeared on the tombstone. The tombstone was so small and the plot we had so small, I asked my grandmother how could all these strangers be here? And she was indifferent, she didn’t answer. I wondered how could they all be here, and I said to my grandmother, ‘Do you know, if I stretch myself out on this plot, it would just hold me and nothing else?’ She smiled, that’s all. Here all the strangers of the world plus my family.” That’s Israel. Not only Israel, but go into the whole vast world and gather all together, and it’s all contained within one man. The whole vast world is contained within one man. You are the man! The whole vast world! “All that we behold, tho’ it appears without, it is within, in our Imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.”

Now he said, “It was only my height, and it would not have given one square inch more. If I stretched myself down on my back and sank into this space, not a thing more could have occupied it, and yet all were there. Everything is contained within man, the whole vast world. That is the unity of which I have been speaking through the years. Now I say, no greater love has man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends, no greater love. You can’t conceive of a greater love. God so loved us that he laid himself down within us, and took up the same position that you now occupy in this world. God containing all brought with him all when he entered you. Not just a little you, he brought himself; and God being all when he buried himself in man, he buried all. There was nothing but God. God became as I am that I may become as he is, that is, God. There’s nothing but God.

Now, we are told in the Epistle of John, “He who confesses the Son has the Father also” (1 John 2:23). In the King James Version of the Bible, the word “confesses” is translated as “acknowledge.” But these words are defined in the Concordance—listen to it carefully—the word translated confesses means “superimposition of time, place and ordered contents.” God revealed to Abraham the gospel we are told, and “Scripture knowing that God would save the heathen, too, through faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham” (Gal.3:8). The gospel which is the story of salvation is an eternal fact in the heart of God. God superimposes this fact upon the heart of man, and that and only that is how man is saved. The secret of his elective love remains his secret. Why one is called prior to the other remains his secret, but, may I tell you, it is not the Father’s will that one be lost, so all will be saved.

We are saved by the superimposition of the story of salvation: being born from above; becoming the Father of God’s only Son; being raised into the heavens; and having the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descend upon us and smother us with love. This is an eternal fact in the heart of God, which at a moment that comes like a thief in the night—no one knows it, comes when you least expect it—suddenly you are the one elected and you are called. He superimposes the eternal drama upon you in this world of time. While you move across the world of time, it is superimposed upon you like a seal…putting a seal upon you that you may be forever protected against the entire vast world of sin and death. He is simply superimposed upon you.

It’s a story that is true, it’s forever. I confess the Son. Why do I confess the Son today?— because I have experienced it. He who confesses the Son has the Father also. If I confess he is my Son, I am confessing the Father also, for I am the Father. “He who sees me sees the Father” (John 14:9). Yet not the mask that you see, for I tell you, that’s not the feeling that possessed me when I saw David. When I saw David, the feeling that possessed me was the Ancient of Days, a being that no earthly eye has ever seen. You don’t see it with mortal eye, yet that was the feeling that possessed me. I felt myself to be that Ancient of Days spoken of in Daniel, and here before me stands my only begotten Son, and he’s David, and David calls me Father. Here is my seal of approval. So he who confesses the Son has the Father also. And the confession of the Son is the result of a superimposition of God upon that chosen one at that moment. So you don’t earn it. No man can earn it. I can only tell you, for your own wonderful sake live so that your mind can store a past worthy of recall. For if the contents of that mind, because it is unworthy of perpetuation, is reduced…for we’re all being cleansed. After the harvest all things are cleansed and you shake all the things out, and take out the weeds, so the unlovely things are destroyed. And you go into a world so reduced, but reduced to the lovely things that you have acquired while you walked this earth.

So I am telling you from experience, I am not theorizing. I am not in any way trying to create a new philosophy. I am telling you what scripture tells me that I have experienced. It is not my interpretation of scripture as a scholar; it’s my understanding of scripture as one who has experienced scripture. I am not a scholar. I could never in the wildest dream claim scholarship as understood in the world of Caesar, I couldn’t. I have no qualification for the scholar; but I have experienced scripture. And so when I read the commentaries of scripture by the great scholars and the exegeses of these wonderful passages, I stand amazed. They don’t understand it, and you can’t blame them. As you’re told in scripture, “I thank thee, Father, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them unto babes” (Luke 10:21). It is like a babe…and suddenly it happens to you because your hunger had to be satisfied.

From the time I was a child I had this hunger: I had to know something about the reality of God, it was my hunger. The only time I was ever beaten in this world physically by a schoolmaster was for the Bible. But he was a sadist and beat me unmercifully, and just tore my legs apart, and the blood coming from it. That was allowed where I was born and still is allowed, I think. But here, it was a peculiar hunger, it couldn’t be satisfied. I had to know if this thing really is as I was told it. Well, it wasn’t. The whole thing is true but it happens in man. It is an eternal fact in the heart of God, which God at a moment in time superimposes upon his choice, and that eternal fact is now becoming a present fact in the one that he has chosen. He puts it right upon him and he is the Christ Jesus: born from above; one who finds David who calls him Lord and calls him Father; and then split down the middle and moved up to the very heavens within himself; and then the dove descending upon him and some voice saying “He loves you.” The whole story unfolds within us by superimposition upon us by the will of God. Therefore God cannot give me his kingdom and not give me himself because God is the king of his kingdom. I am not heir only to a promise; I am heir to a presence.

So here, I am promised a Son that will be heir of the kingdom. But I am not only heir to that Son. If that Son is the Son of God, I cannot have the whole thing unless I also inherit God. So I am heir not only to the promise of the Son which is the kingdom, but I am heir to a presence which is God. For if I suddenly woke up and here he stands in front of me and he is my companion but not my Son, that’s not my promise. I’m promised a Son, but the Son I am promised is the Son of God. ___(??). If then I am given the Son of God not as a companion but as my Son, well then, God gave me himself. And so, the Father becomes me and the proof of that fatherhood is the Son calling me Father.

This is the most fantastic thing in the world! Just think of the universe existing only for God, and God so falling in love with his creation that he wants it to exist for itself and share with him all that he is enjoying; and the only way to do it is to die and become his world of humanity. Become it! So God emptied himself of his divine form and took upon himself the form of man, and was born in the likeness of a slave: Man. Being in the likeness of a slave he became obedient unto death, yes, the death upon this cross [body] (Phil. 2:6,7) and he walks this long horrible road. But he had prepared the way of escape, and that was the story as told in the gospel, which is the fulfillment of the Old Testament…which man does not understand. The whole thing is told there but not understood until realized in a man. Then a man realizes the Old Testament in himself, and it’s so differs from what when you read the Old it seemed to be. And he tells it and he is rejected—that is not it at all. And so he is rejected, but he tells it, and there are a few who will hear and believe.

Now in scripture we are told in the epistle of John, the friends send greetings, “Give greetings to my friends, each by name”…that is how the Kg. James Version translates it. The Revised Standard Version omits “by name” and they are wrong. The manuscript has “each by name.” They are trying to in some way impersonalize it. No. You are so unique in the eyes of God I can’t just say give greetings to my friends collectively—each by name. You cannot be replaced in God’s world. No one can be replaced; you are unique. And so, give greetings to my friends, each by name. Read it in the 3rd epistle of John, “every one by name” (verse 15). You will find it in the Kg. James Ver. and that is the real translation of the manuscript. To omit “each by name” is to really not get the point of John at all. You cannot, not in eternity, can you be replaced you are so lovely in the eyes of God. Never would you have made anything had you not loved it, that’s what we are told. He would not have made you had he not loved you. And then he doesn’t want just to bring you up as some little thing as a slave. “No longer do I call you slaves, I call you friends” (John 15:15)…“give greetings to my friends, each by name.”

So you and I will meet in eternity and we will meet as the one God who created the whole, who then so loved us he gave himself to us; he became us and gave us his own creative power, personified as David, who in turn calls us Father. We all wait, and we’re all the one God who created the whole; so loved what he created he could share what he is with what he created, and die for it. “For unless I die, thou can’st not live; but if I die I shall rise again and thou with me” (Blake, Jer., Plt. 96). So when Blake tells us eternity is in love with the productions of men…he calls it “time”…eternity is in love with the productions of time. So time is producing all this and eternity is God, in love with what he has created; and then he descends and buries himself in man, and then awakes in man.

So in his wonderful first chapter, called the 4th Plate—but he begins his first chapter on the 4th Plate and he’s appealing to the whole vast world—he said, “I reside in you and you reside in me; lo, we are one.” But man will not believe it. It tells you that I am in you and you in me, mutual in love divine, and we are one. Well, Benny had the vision in the graveyard—“It only would fit my body, it wasn’t more than six feet, and if I would stretch myself on my back, I would fill everything that was our grave. This is our burial plot for the whole family, but there are strangers here as well. And my grandmother said nothing…she simply looked but didn’t react. But I knew the whole thing I would fill it if I stretched out. So I’m to be buried in it, but in it are not only those I know but the strangers as well.” So we are told in scripture, these are the sheep of my flock, but I have other pastures. I have other pastures that I must go to, to bring everyone into the one plot. There is only the one plot where all are contained.

So I tell you, God became as you are that you may become as he is. There will come a moment in your life, you will stand in his presence and you have never known such a moment of love. Infinite love stands before you, and you will answer correctly. He will ask a very simple question and, may I tell you, you will answer correctly. At that moment he embraces you. At that moment you become God, one with the infinite body that is God, one with the Spirit of God, not two, no more two. All things are broken down; one body one Spirit, one Lord, and you are one. You will be sent to tell what happened to you. That’s all right, you still cannot be divorced from that union; you are one with it forever and forever.

Now, man might think that, well, speaking now of Christ as the world speaks of it, they might think of the Christ-likeness of God. How? Well, he is so much that I believe God to be. For they can’t quite reverse it…they can’t quite reverse the God-likeness. They speak how much like God that man…the God-likeness of man…but the man-likeness of God, that seems difficult. But I tell you, believe me as I stand here and may I this very moment just drop before you if God is not man. I stood in the presence of God and God is man. So I can speak today of the man-likeness of God, because God is man. You are man.

May I tell you, when you meet him you will see man is infinite love. One day you will be embraced by him and become one body. I am already one with that body. One Spirit…I am already one with that Spirit. One Lord…I am already one with that Lord. One God and Father of all…I am already one with that God and Father of all. And it is man! Everyone one day will be called; not one will be lost, not one be discarded. Let no one tell you that you’ll be discarded, not in eternity. This story is told us, “If you had ninety-nine and one was lost, you would all go in search of the one.” One cannot be lost. So everything is God…there is nothing but God. So when asked to name the greatest Commandment, what did he say? “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord” (Deut.6:4)…just one.

So tonight, I leave you hoping that the stories I told you will take to heart and act upon them as you desire. So I want a plant? Well, don’t say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a plant.” No, put it where you would if you had the plant. And when your ticket is called and you didn’t get it, you still put it where you would if you had it. If a stranger—there aren’t any strangers in this world—if a stranger got it, she would find no place for it and would wonder, “What lady who came here today would like this plant?” May I tell you, today if someone gave me the most glorious plant in the world, I could not graciously accept it. I am leaving in a couple of weeks and will be gone for months, so what would I do with the plant, let it die? So if I accepted it, I would have to give it to some friend to take care of the plant while I am gone. I couldn’t accept it. The most beautiful plant in the world I could not desire, not today.

So don’t think for one moment others there had the same intensity to have that plant. Maybe a box of candy would be more desirable to them or a carton of cigarettes were it your brand, but something. So don’t think for one moment when God gives you a desire that you are in competition. No. He gives you a desire and the desire is for…and you name it….well then, act in your Imagination as you would act after you had realized it. That is what that story is telling you. When he saw this accident, the child hurtling through the window, he closed his eyes and lost himself in the golden light of his skull, and said in Imagination, a commanding voice, for that little child to rise: “Get up! Stand up!” and the child got up.

So I tell you, I am telling you the truth. And tonight’s confirmation from the lady with the sapphire and Ben’s story seeing me on the hill dressed in blue, giving food that is truth. He said, do not forever go on looking for the food that will perish but seek the food that does not pass away. For may I tell you from experience, that if you had tonight a million dollars, you will not be satisfied. You will still feel uneasy and insecure, you will want two million, and if you had ten, you would want twenty. Do you think Rockefeller tonight thinks himself satisfied and secure? He doesn’t. His job pays him, I think, $50,000 a year. It’s a four year job and he spent ten million to get it. Ten million to get a job that pays you $50,000 a year for four years? He is not secure. No one is secure! Our President is not secure. When I didn’t have one nickel, I thought if I only had a hundred dollars I would feel like Croesus. Came the day I had a thousand, I thought “if I only had two.” Now, today I can leave my body this night and leave my family two million, and I still in the world of Caesar do not feel I am leaving them enough.