Neville Goddard Student: Getting Results! By Jean-Claude

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Getting Results!

By Jean-Claude

I would like to share with you my experience with the Law as taught by Neville. First of all, I will boldly affirm that based on my experience, Neville’s is the most complete system of “metaphysics”. There is nothing else to be added. You just have to read what he wrote or listen to his tapes, study and apply it, and results will follow as sure as night follows day.

Neville was not limited in his language even though he was not “schooled”. When you read him or listen to him, you realize that he used the Law to have the mind of a genius. He had the counsel of the Divine society of the “Brothers” as Abdullah called them.

Read all the systems of metaphysics of the modern “gurus” and you will notice “there is nothing new under the sun”. It’s all old truth repackaged sometimes to make a quick buck. When you think about it, it all boils down to one thing: the use of the imagination to impress the subconscious mind. Neville had an impact on many successful people in the past and even nowadays. He was also copied by many but rarely equaled.

You just have to read the works of Paul Twitchell (The Far Country) and Sri Darwin Gross (Power of Awareness) and you will see for yourself. They were both early leaders of Eckankar. Further more, the whole “Dianetics” of the Scientologists is a parody of Neville’s “Revision”. Ron L. Hubbard made millions with it.

Call me biased but I can assure you that you can be and have anything you desire if you faithfully study and apply what he taught. How many of us can say in truth that we live by the Law all the time? Are we practicing, are we applying the psychological water to make wine?

It takes 40 days and 40 nights to reprogram the mind (in the Bible Moses and Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert). Try applying Neville faithfully for 40 days and you will be a brand new person. Some will even call you “God” (yes, you are God). I am no guru or sri, all I am is a Truth Seeker. Whatever will be said here has nothing to do with religion or theology. We are only discussing Neville and the conscious or unconscious use of the Law.

To the naysayers who could think that my experiences are not true, I welcome your censure but tell you that if I am lying, I am only deluding myself. To those with an open mind take these stories as the life lessons of a fellow seeker who dared to apply what he read and heard. If like me you apply Neville faithfully you will be handsomely rewarded for we are talking about an unchangeable law. The Law does not change; we change.

Enough with the “platitudes” let’s get to the real meat. Years ago, I was tired of getting sporadic results even after coming across Neville’s teachings. I was getting results all right but not as I should. I set out to study the cause behind all this. I put myself into heavy meditation mode. Then, the idea came to me to study all Neville’s books and lectures. The truth that I realized in the process turned the experience into a gold mine. I researched anything associated to Neville. It also dawned on me that Neville had students who, for some, were living proof of the veracity of his teachings.

In the Mosaic Law a fact must be established as such by the deposition of two witnesses. My searches led me to five witnesses. I was led to the works or testimonies of people like Margaret Ruth Broome, Roy Eugene Davis, Louise Berlay, Freedom Barry and Arunachala Ramana (born Dee W. Trammell).

All those people studied with Neville, some for a short time and the others for a long period of time. They all became teachers. We all know that Margaret Ruth Broome published some books on behalf of Neville and wrote her own book The Invisible You. Roy Eugene Davis, who also studied with Paramahansa Yogananda, said of Neville:

“Neville Goddard was one of the quietly dramatic and supremely influential teachers in the New Thought field for many years…In a simple, yet somehow elegant one-hour lecture, Neville was able to clarify the nature of God and God’s relationship to every person. He spoke of God in intimate terms as though he knew God very well, which he did.”


Louise Berlay wrote The Magic of the Mind. Neville mentioned her in some of his lectures (Law Of Identical Harvest). She was very successful in the use of the law. She taught in New York. I came across one mention of her by a student of hers who was promoting his e-book on his website.

Freedom Barry was a dear student and friend of Neville. Neville mentions him many times in his lectures and some of his books. He wrote The Passkey; I Do, and Seven Salient Subjects. You will find his lectures and books on Tirza Ericson’s website at:

My last witness is Arunachala Ramana formerly known as Dee W. Trammell. He used Neville’s teachings to achieve material success and realized he could use the same law to achieve spiritual awakening. He went on to study with the great Swami Paramahansa Muktananda. You will notice on his website that he appropriated Neville’s “Revision” as his own trademark by putting a “TM” next to the word. His teachings have Neville written all over them. Check his website at:

All these successful Neville students showed me that Neville’s teachings were not a fallacy. It works!

Next, I set out to study all case histories in Neville’s books and lectures. I noticed that some of the people who were successful in the use of the law, were not even students of Neville (people such as his brother-in-law the banker, the little boy who manifested the dog.) They just heard Neville’s advice and applied it faithfully.

I decided to duplicate some of the stories. I imagined faithfully for 40 days and within three weeks I started to get consistent results. I even duplicated Josef Berlay’s feat when he was a poor child in Russia. I received a check twice for the same work with a different date on it. (The client got his due).

At the end of this experiment, I was dead set in the belief that Neville’s techniques were the way for me. The shortest way to reach tangible results in the pursuit of my dreams. Unlike the other occult/mystical systems I was involved in, Neville’s did not involve any rituals or hierarchy.

It is pure freedom (The truth will set you free). If you become doers and not hearers only, faithfully applying the Law. There is no luck factor or predestinated fate by a God in the skies. We create our own destiny by the rightful use of the I AM in us. Now here are some success stories of my own. There are many of them, but I will only relate the most recent ones.

About a year ago I was tired of my job as a French Language consultant for the Government of Canada. I was working with government executives. All of them were very interesting people. But I was tired of receiving orders. So I decided I would get a job where I could have people working under me, and have executive hours and also make decisions. I quit my job (please do not do it) in October 2004 and for about three weeks did some heavy revision. I got a job interview with the biggest grocery chain in Canada to work at their head office managing one of their busiest departments. Once on the premises I studied carefully my future “office” and the cafeteria. After the interview, which went very well, I went home and imagined myself using an access card to enter the building, greeting the receptionists and going to my office. I also saw myself eating in the cafeteria mingling with people. Using the “voice technique”, I heard the lady tell me on the phone: ” we are offering you the position with the salary you asked. When can you come to sign the offer letter”. I rehearsed it until I fell asleep in my “Imagination Chair”. The next day I got the call and she told me exactly what I had heard in my imaginal acts. I ended up getting the job beating more than 400 hundred more qualified candidates. I had the degrees all right, but not in business or management. Suffice it to say that now I work in “that” office, eating at “that” cafeteria and managing a big team. I did not stop there. I had to undergo a six months probation period. In my imaginal acts I assumed I was successful in the new position, bringing new ideas and giving a new boost to the department. After only three month they were giving me kudos after kudos for creating new and successful projects. Now after about 10 months, even the VP is sending me his congratulations. They are giving me two weeks vacation (to which I am not normally entitled) plus complementary movie passes and a luxury restaurant gift-certificate for dinner with my family and many more. They are now talking about raising my salary. All this is I owe to the Law.

I also helped one of my employees get a new BMW according to her wish. After only three weeks of imagining on her behalf. Another employee has just moved into a house after telling me four months ago she wanted to move out of her cramped apartment. She also got a hefty raise (not coming from me) that made it possible. The two were the only ones to believe my “wild” claims about Neville.

My wife got a job a month ago after telling me she wanted to leave the private prep school where she taught for two years (she got that job through unbelievable circumstances after I had used the Law). Before that she used to work for a big American corporation and wanted to go back to teaching. Now she wanted to work for the public school system and got a job after two weeks of my imaginal acts. Although she has a degree she does not have the provincial certificate to work in the public system. The Law knows no limitation. So they made an exception for her. She is starting at the end of this month.

These are true stories. And please I am not bragging. This is written to tell you that the Law works if you apply it faithfully and you persevere. Paul urged us to “provoke one another to love and to good works” (Heb 10:24.) There is also the saying “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens the wits of another,” (Proverbs 27:17. NRSV).

Knowledge is not sufficient; you must mix it with faith by applying it. You will get experience as a result. Experience will give you proven faith, which is more potent than blind faith. Because you will know that “imagining creates reality”.

Do not get me wrong, when I say Neville is the way for me I do not mean that I worship the man. He was against this practice and warned us. He challenged us to prove him wrong. That’s what I did but could not prove him wrong. Because the Law will always prove itself in performance.

Neville “created” a system. He did not create the Law. Before reading his work, I was already a student of the Law. I used it to come to Canada over a decade ago by seeing myself driving on one of the busiest highways here (HWAY 401). I have been driving on it to go to work for the past 13 years just like I had imagined. In closing, we will reiterate our claims that Neville’s books are more than enough to accomplish your dreams. But if you think you need to explore more authors, by all means go ahead and secure some of the following old books now in reprint. Neville may have read some of them. In the first one you will recognize some quotes that he used in his books.

Consciously Creating Circumstances (1935) by George Winslow Plummer

Prosperity Through Thought Force (1907) by Bruce MacLelland

The Law of Success (1916) by Bruce MacLelland

Richard Ingalese – The History and Power of Mind (I have one file from the internet)

Practical Methods to Insure Success (1893) by H. E. Butler or Hiram
Erastus Butler

Useful Instructions For A Successful Life (1929) by H. E. Butler or
Hiram Erastus Butler

The Way Out by Joseph Benner

Applied Psychology and Scientific Living Part 1 by David Van Bush
(All his books are good)

The Masters of Wisdom J.G. Bennett

The Secrets of the Ages by Robert Collier

For those who would like, you can also visit Hermes Trismegistus at: His Reality Creator I is a gem. Read his “Simultaneous Time” theory (revising the past) and you will think of Neville. Let’s be clear, I am not benefiting from dropping all these names other than sharing the wealth (of information I possess).

I see you being all successful,


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