Neville Goddard Student: Imagination Active – Handle With Care By Tom Murphy

Thomas Murphy is a writer with a deep interest in the power of imagination and the energy systems of the body. Pragmatic by nature he is disinclined to take anyone’s word for anything. He currently resides in London, UK

Imagination Active – Handle With Care

By Tom Murphy

The most notable impact that Neville’s material has on my life is the sense of empowerment that comes from the powerful realisation that everything comes from imagination and I am able to influence my imagination by the appropriate use of my own conscious awareness.

Of course, along with the power is the responsibility. Responsibility for your future actions, which is very exciting but also responsibility for where you are now and how you got there. Oh, um.

But Neville has a brilliant solution to a troublesome past that has a limiting influence on the present- revise it. Use The Pruning Shears of Revision, as he calls it, to change a part of your past, near or long ago, that troubles you by simply remembering the event differently. It sounds extremely fanciful but has powerful and immediate effects.

Since the past predicts the trajectory of your future then it follows that by changing in one’s imagination the events of the past then the future will be different. Easy to say, another thing to do it. Although enthused by Neville I had only really acknowledged his words. It was sometime before I decided to see if it really works.

The turning point came when I finished my previous career but had not yet started making a liveable income from my new one. I decided in the light of my apparent failure to make the transition easily to roll my sleeves up and forget all this imagination nonsense and deal with circumstances as they presented themselves. As I and most other people have been taught from school onwards.

Things got very bad very quickly. I had resorted to living life on the terms of others rather than my own. And quite frankly the way most people seem to live their lives is in a mean, narrow-minded, struggle for survival. How could it be otherwise? Once you have denied your own power and consigned your precious gift of imagination to an external authority then it can no longer serve you properly. It serves others. And no outer authority can ever have your best interests at heart, ever.

In an idle moment I picked up one of Neville’s books, started reading and realised almost instantly how wrong my approach had been. I was filled with the awareness that it was my life and I can take control of it by using such techniques as the Pruning Shears of revision and Thinking from the End to produce my desired outcomes. What a relief.

When I eventually started putting his words into practice I was half-expecting, half-hoping for a nirvana like experience. The full fireworks display and some snazzy brass playing but it was better than that. It was life just as before – how else could it be any different? The imaginal principles are constantly in action whether you are aware of it or not, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not – but better, as no matter what happens I (in the sense of Neville’s greater ‘I am’) am master of my fate.

Results started coming in almost immediately. Amazing synchronicities, chance meetings, commissions from totally unexpected places. A sentence in a field of newspaper text leaps out with a solution to a vexing problem. The list is endless.

I have a sense that troubles from my past after undergoing the shears of revision now bother me less in the present and, hopefully, will have no further affect in the future. I referred to thinking from the end a few paragraphs ago. This is where I imagine I am in a being state where my desired outcome has been already attained. This is a troublesome one for me and I freely admit that excessively ambitious outcomes have had highly disrupting effects as they have manifested.

It is an extremely powerful technique and I have come to realise that when one’s state changes one’s environment and one’s relationship to one’s environment also changes. Things can’t stay the same. How could they?

I have learned to take baby steps with this technique so I am better able to handle the inevitable changes. This is powerful stuff. Unlike other many other players in the metaphysical field Neville actively invites you to test the truth of what he says. He doesn’t at any point ask you to take his word or to believe anything on his say-so. His simple, clear and easy style belies the substantial, powerful and far-reaching implications of his words. Not only is what he says revealing in its nature, it is also practical in its use.

Neville Goddard Student: Imagination Active - Handle With Care By Tom Murphy