Neville Goddard Student: Free Will, Boss Gods, And A Manifesting Technique By Chuck Stockdale

Neville Goddard Student: Free Will, Boss Gods, And A Manifesting Technique By Chuck Stockdale

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Free Will, Boss Gods, And A Manifesting Technique

By Chuck Stockdale

There is nothing more hideous and unloving than the outdated and archaic model of a “boss God” who thrusts his sons and daughters kicking and screaming down into the cauldron of physicality. This is so very far from the truth as I can attest to from my own memory. I willingly chose to condense myself into this realm. In a celestial vision I experienced myself standing at the edge of eternity trying to get up my nerve while watching some other bold souls jumping into a giant psychological funnel leading down into the worlds below. It was terrifying to watch what was happening to them. As their primal bodies entered the funnel, an unspeakable compression occurred, their rib cages becoming compressed until the breath of life was almost squeezed out of them. There were screams of terror, exhilaration, and excitement as people tried to adjust and cope with what was happening to them. Downward they went into the narrowing funnel, slipping and sliding down into ever increasing psychological density. There was nothing to cling to which could slow or stop it. The expanse and non-locality of their Imaginal bodies was literally being crammed into the minute idea of a flesh body within a psychological straight-jacket of space/time.

As they descended, spiraling down into the matrix, each of these courageous spiritual pioneers began entwining with the instinctual and genetic patterns, the biological links to the histories of their Souls. Once bottomed out in the earth world, the inter-dimensional foundation was laid and they were able to move their awareness up and down between psycho-strata, traveling between psychological stations in nightly intervals while the physical self was sleeping.

I don’t remember my own compression. It was so traumatic that I’m not yet prepared to fully recall it. I only remember taking a deep breath and jumping into the funnel, my memory goes blank until I’m aware of being enshrouded in flesh. I have since been able to move consciously between dimensions when I’m in an extremely relaxed physical and emotional state. While outside of the physical consciousness, I meet ancient friends and roam familiar inner cosmic stomping grounds. But I still don’t remember my descent.

Many people have asked me why any self-respecting soul would want to leave a world of bliss, eternal youth, and happiness to voluntarily subject themselves to the experience of physicality? My answer is that it’s a wise thing to do. The image of man was created as a thought-ideal, a consciousness vehicle for the Gods to mentally ride within. Through the man/woman venue, the Gods can experience Imagination in the material form; they can sense the texture and smell the fragrance of a flower; they can touch, embrace and speak to one another, they can fly planes, sing songs and be Imaginally volatile to each other and to their environment. This was a whole new universe, a whole new adventure in order to obtain the invisible divine essence called FEELINGS.

We, the light beings without mass or density as we currently know them on earth, voluntarily entered a density appropriate to our adventure ideal of physicality. Through the mass of physicality we could express in yet another reality, another reference point outside of the native land of the Soul – Imagination manifested into the form called matter. In that, we became God, Divine Imagination, interspersed into the intelligence and biological mass called mankind. We became God-man, Man-God, God expressing in the density of human form, man, expressing God within him to continue the expansion of the Total beyond the existing bounds of eternity, far beyond what was before humanity.

Thus far, I haven’t elaborated on the question why. Why on earth would anyone want to do this? Many think that to be human is to be backward, to be less than the angels, to be less than the unseen. But actually here on earth is where humanity, the marriage of Imagination and matter, the union of the soul and the flesh, is at its peak of evolution. Neville talks about earth being the result of the one sperm that pierced the cosmic egg and burst forth with life. Earth truly is the cradle and psychological platform of the awakening soul. How then could humanity be behind or less than the upper portion of life that can’t be seen with mortal eyes? We are not! We are on an amazing and daring adventure into the understanding of the WHOLE of our eternal Imaginal selves. We are the upper invisible portion and the seen! Without becoming God in the form called humanity we could never understand the vastness, the divinity, the foreverness and all inclusiveness that we are, that God is. Without doing what we are doing, no one could.

The Kingdom of Imagination is expansive – from image, into light, into matter and form. God is not only the higher frequency bands of Imagination; IT is also the lowest and densest frequency octave of Imagination known to science as gross matter. Only when you have become humanity is it possible understand and express what God is in all forms of Imagination. Those souls who haven’t done this (and I’ve met many) do not have the complete emotional experience of God’s reality to reflect upon in order to gain the wisdom and understanding of all life, of themselves. They are content to live unconsciously in the high rarified heaven of the Imaginal Realm, not questioning or comprehending their exalted estate or how they got there. Only we who have traveled in spirit to this plane of blood and bone and become a part of its splendor and limitation – only we who have interacted with it, and FELT it, can understand the intricacies of love, sorrow, joy and creation.

Still not convinced that choosing to become God-Man was a voluntary and wise thing to do? Neville wrote in one of his lectures of a vision of the golden fields of eternity where each of us was arrayed as flowers with faces. When one of us smiled, all smiled, when one flower swayed in the wind, we all swayed in involuntary unison. This was his vision of the stultifying condition of the ONE before IT decided to divide ITSELF into countless holographic parts, to begin to know ITSELF, what IT was, and what IT could become in divine life. IT was forever reproducing only the evidence of ITS Imaginal senses, locked in an Imagination feedback loop of cosmic proportions.

The desire of God to break out of this lockout resulted in a condition which allowed this desire to be fulfilled. Imagination exploded into a Genesis of Creation, into a vast matrix of Imaginal potentialities. God then realized that by dividing ITSELF into divine units (souls), placing the original of creation in each, giving each the complete likeness and powers of the whole, and granting complete and sovereign power of choice, that IT could expand ITSELF beyond what was, beyond the existing perimeter of forever.

Through individual descent into the material dimension, we each, in turn, ascend as expanded, realized Gods. By dipping our immortal souls in dust we unravel and conquer the mysteries of Godhood. It is wise, it is necessary, and it is the ultimate in adventure, self-comprehension, and love. If we had remained as flowers in that eternal fields of gold, we would have forever remained in a state of unknowing unison. There had to be a voluntary “going out” of the prodigal sons and daughters. And there will be a joyous homecoming reception for each of us, the likes of which, no mortal has ever Imagined.

O.K. I’ve done enough talking about the limitations of context in this testimonial. Now that ground wires are connected, I would like to talk of reality potential and possibility for this coming year. Negative inertia (the condition of being at rest) is one state of consciousness and enthusiastic action is quite another state of positive inertia or being in motion. We must learn how to move from one to the other.

To get going on your dream and move out of negative inertia into motion, find the smallest unit of action that you can perform, and DO IT TODAY. The self-esteem that comes from action affects the Imagination in a very positive way. Imagination often works in a circular causality. What we Imagine affects what we do, and what we do also affects what we Imagine. Large grandiose efforts are often so intimidating that we don’t initiate any forward motion at all. We stay at rest. Small, modest units of activity don’t intimidate the way that this grand notion that if we’re going to do something important, we have to do the “whole big thing” right now does. To be happy and fulfilled you need to be doing what you love and if you take a look at the smallest part of what you’re gifted at, you will feel that emotion of love and start moving. Emotion is the soul-in-motion which in time becomes the body-in-motion.

IMAGINATION RECIPE – Here is a quick recipe for achieving smaller dreams like pay raises, promotions, better relationships, etc., which may be nearer on your psychological horizon than larger ones such as a new career or being a multi-millionaire. First define, then focus and crystallize your desire image in Imagination. Now proceed to the emotional bin to dip it in feeling batter. Sprinkle some conviction on it, garnish with slices of belief, and bake for six days. Remove and allow to cool for one day (sabbath) and you are ready to partake (experience).

After you’ve gotten fired up by achieving a few smaller successes, then go after that big “impossible dream” this year. And here’s how you can do it using a “big-dream” technique which I have personally tested which will connect you with that which may be a bit farther away psychologically from where you presently are.

Goal setting usually doesn’t work because it often creates feelings that we don’t yet have what we want. On an inner psychological map, it places you “here” and the goal over “there”. Imagination always works in the present “now” tense. Over “there” must become “here and now” in order to get results. Instead of goal setting, play with your fantasy by asking yourself; “I now own and am enjoying that big house that I used to fantasize about. Now how did that come about?” This is outcome thinking borne of Imagining FROM the end. How did you get that dream house?

A reporter from CNN is calling you and asking how you managed to accomplish this amazing feat starting with no money. They are doing a television special on how people realize their dreams and they want your secret. Now state on paper how you did it as if you are talking to the reporter. You may be wondering, If I didn’t really do it, how can I know how I did it? Ad lib, fake it, get inventive with the truth. Start from the end result and then mentally go back through all the steps that led to the end. They are all there in your Imagination as all outcomes and procedures are finished creations waiting for you to access them. Faking it initially is a great way of accessing the data in your Soul History and coming up with the truth, the answers waiting in the “not yet seen” that you are trying to connect with.

Here’s my comment for the reporter regarding how I was able to go from having no spare cash to obtaining a forty-two thousand dollar plane and becoming a renown airshow stunt pilot;

” Knowing that image is where it all starts, I had a friend paint an oil color rendition of my dream plane; the DeHavilland Super Chipmunk, painting the image of my head and shoulders into the cockpit for added realism. He even put my name on the side of the canopy in fancy script. I sat in my warm bathtub and meditated as often as possible on that painting, feeling myself inside the plane – flying it, looking out from the cockpit at the earth passing by under me, hearing the roar of the engine, sensing myself being pushed back into the seat with the powerful acceleration of the Lycoming 260 horsepower engine.

I did this at least three evenings a week for about a year while working in my aircraft sales job selling Pipers and Cessnas. In my spare time I was teaching a friend how to do aerobatics in a rented airplane and he introduced me to an Iranian gentleman who was looking for an aerobatic instructor to teach him in his own plane. I signed on and we began intensive instruction to prepare him for the demanding art of airshow flying.

After about six months of work we were approaching the advanced level, getting into outside maneuvers and low-level altitude control. The Iranian chap casually asked me one day while we were sitting in the airport lounge; “What is your favorite airplane?” “The DeHavilland Super Chipmunk”; I replied without hesitation. He asked; “Do you know where you can find one? After replying in the affirmative, he asked me to come to his office the next day and we would discuss this dream plane.

When I arrived at the address he gave me, I noticed that it was a twenty-three story office building. Glancing at his business card, I noticed that he was on the top floor. Only when I entered his office did I realize that he was the owner of the building. I was shown in by his secretary to a lavish suite with large picture windows offering a commanding view of the downtown Houston skyline. Looking around I noticed pictures of aerobatic planes on the walls and aviation memorabilia adorning the tables and foyer. This guy was HARD CORE just like me! We obviously had a lot in common.

I showed him some pictures of the Chipmunk and he was really impressed with its clean aerodynamic shape and flowing lines. After looking at the pictures for five minutes or so he set them down on the coffee table and looked me in the eye. “How much?” he asked. “Forty-two thousand” I replied. Without hesitation, he said; “I’ll give you the cash and you can pay me back whenever you can”. I was floored. Blood flushed my head and the room seemed to change sizes as if I were looking at changing resolutions on a computer screen. “O.K., you’ve got a deal” I blurted as I rose to shake his hand.

He had his driver go down to the bank on the first floor and fifteen minutes later the well dressed black gentleman returned with an envelope with forty-two thousand five hundred dollars in cash (an extra $500.00 expenses for the trip to pick it up) which he handed to me. My friend then saw me out of his office saying; “I’ll have my secretary arrange air travel for you to pick up the plane in Charlotte.”

I felt like I was floating on an air cushion all the way home, marveling about the wonder and power of the human Imagination, its ability to arrange incident and circumstance to execute my fondest desire! I kept feeling the envelope with the cash in it to see if were real, if it was really still there. It was such a foreign experience for me to be carrying that much cash with me that I kept looking in the rear-view mirror to make sure bandits weren’t following me in my car. Did they possibly see me take the money and were tailing me waiting for an opportunity to run me off the road and steal it from me? The whole thing was so surreal that these kinds of thoughts and images kept floating through my mind.

But it all started with that painting. The “Genesis” of my ideal began there in the warm Imagination womb of my bathtub. With my physical body suspended in a state of poise and relaxation I gazed at stretched canvas and oil drenching that image representing my ideal in thick, dense emotion. And I involved all of my senses in my Imagining. And it worked. It worked Big time! The day I actually saw the real plane on the ramp in Charlotte, North Carolina I almost keeled over onto the tarmac. It was almost an EXACT REPLICA of the painting. The hair started to bristle on the back of my neck. This was uncanny. Perhaps this really is a world of Imagination after all.

Flying the plane back home to Houston, I gazed outside of the large plexiglass bubble canopy at the real estate passing below me at 130 knots. Shit, this is just like I Imagined! The reassuring purr of the Lycoming engine further unfolded and anchored the dream into my experience of reality. “This is the EXACT FEELING that I had all those evenings when I was laying in my bathtub, living inside that painting in my Imagination! Yet this is more, it’s expanded, it’s pressed down and running over with emotion and fullness.”

The above story is true. The oil painting and pictures of the real plane are shown below at the end of this testimonial. It’s a fantastic technique that demonstrates how you can establish your image, go to the end result which that image represents, and then perceive a bridge of incident leading up to the fulfillment of your desire. It doesn’t matter whether or not your resultant physical reality exactly follows your Imaginal story so long as you get to the fulfillment of your desire. In fact, it will almost always exceed it.

Have an artist paint a picture of your ideal. Personalize it and live inside of it emotionally as often as you can. Very powerful stuff. It might cost you a little bit of money but it is magic I tell you! Then write your own story for the TV news reporter describing how it all came about. Deep feelings will arise from your account and mingle with your images. Now lose yourself in your Imaginal images, with steadfastness and regularity. If you do this I assure you that you will one day find yourself standing (or sitting) smack in the middle of your dream as this world truly is a world of condensed Imagination.

Have the best year of your life, so far.

Chuck Stockdale

Neville Goddard Student: Free Will, Boss Gods, And A Manifesting Technique By Chuck Stockdale
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Neville Goddard Student: Free Will, Boss Gods, And A Manifesting Technique By Chuck Stockdale