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Now and Then East West Living bookstore NYC

East West Living Bookstore

A New Yorker’s search for metaphysical books, will inevitably lead them to the mystical portal of East West Bookstore.  In the early years, a whiff of incense rolling down Fifth Avenue and the subtle sounds of chanting, would tug at the consciousness of the unwary New York seeker of Truth into the wonderful world of Tarot cards, books of all the Eastern traditions and even Western metaphysical, theosophical and magic books all placed on simple white shelves. In the past, the soon-to-be initiate would be greeted by the smile of  a long-haired, mellow young girl in a long skirt or a serious follower of some Eastern Yogic tradition.

Most who ventured once into the store, would become frequent visitors, voracious for Truth or some semblance of meaning and purpose. East West books from then on, would become a signpost for the start of their journey, a journey that would lead hopefully to Awakening.

Recently, the East West bookstore has moved up the metaphorical ladder of consciousness and has morphed into a new version of itself called East West Living bookstore. The white shelves have been replaced by fine wood shelves, a vegetarian cafe in the mezzanine, a yoga studio and gallery.

Though one’s innate sense of metaphysical drama might long to sift through the old East West Book’s dusty shelves, for some arcane gem of spiritual inspiration in paperback form, the new store entices you with free seminars in their beautiful caf?.

Though the quaint purity of the old store remains a memory in many a New York spiritual seekers heart,  this new East West at a ripe 30 years of age, offers a new buffet of source materials, through streamlined, polished and more mainstream.

Their event calendar is full of daily drop-in classes, free introductory holistic events, book signings, angel and tarot card readers, crystal healers and aromatherapy demonstrations; many of which are for free.

The avocado sandwich and vegan coconut cake is fantastic.  A whiff of some wonderful homemade soup fills the air and the falafel looks delicious.  They even have infused the tea with Rose Quartz crystals; an elixir to open the heart chakra.

Recently, East West Living transformed part of its yoga studio into a new gallery called CoSM, on the second floor.  The entrance is next door at 78 Fifth Avenue. It now exhibits selected pieces of visionary artist, Alex Grey’s works of art.  There is an interesting article on an amazing website owned by Jonathan Zap, called the Zap Oracle.  The article, “Alex Grey and Mind Parasites,” is an interesting read.  Jonathan’s Zap Oracle is phenomenal.

The staff at East West Living is warm, friendly and they generously offer spiritual guidance and advice. Many people just walk in and “sychronistically” encounter just the right person, book, crystal or that much needed intuitive confirmation they were looking for.

UPDATE: East West Bookstore closed its doors on Fifth Avenue in NYC