Feeling the Effects of Saturn Retrograde 2019?

Feeling the Effects of Saturn Retrograde 2019?

When I see FB messenger filling up with question marks and “what’s up in the sky” messages, but no one books a session. It signals a time to write one of these general astrology updates.

If you are feeling that something is a bit off or even destabilizing your sense of “life as normal”. You are probably sensitive enough to feel the effects of the retrogrades.

Every astrologer in the world is writing about Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde. Google about the Grand Conjunction of all of them in 2020 and you will get a gist of what is going on.

Most of those articles and videos though discuss the global aspects. The effects on society and finance. There isn’t a lot of information about how this is going to affect you personally.

First, I’ll explain a few general basics and then tell you how to figure it out for yourself and your unique configuration.

This entire phase started last year when Saturn entered Capricorn and it gets more intense as he approaches Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter will enter Capricorn at the end of the year and join up with the pair next summer.

You can Google the dates more specifically for your region, but Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct in Capricorn, on January 12th, 2020. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction will be in July of 2020.

But why is everyone feeling this Saturn retrograde so much? Well first because Saturn represents “real life”. The solid to the touch, structures and events we experience with our physical bodies. It represents time and space which creates our 3D world. If this planet slows down and retrogrades, we are all going to physically feel something is up. Time has stopped and those four walls around us are closing in on us. Normally, we sense time subjectively and we aren’t as aware as we might think – of limits of space and the flow of time around us. When Saturn slows down, you become ultra-aware of what you are doing, where you are and how fast or slow you are moving in time and space. It’s a reality check.

The shadow side of the moment is a gnawing voice from the unconscious that says, “I need to make something of my life”. A very Capricornian ideal indeed. An ideal fed to us by society (another Capricorn construct). And not necessary right for everyone, but other Capricorns or Saturnian people. So, be a bit careful of feelings of worthiness or unworthiness. Because the world stage is vibing or dancing to this Capricornian tune, doesn’t mean you have to, too.

Capricornian tunes are quite conservative and conventional. The shadow sides of it are when society tries to return to past eras of simplicity and control. Times where a ruler might exploit “reality” to gain leadership and offer protection, boundaries and walls to a fear ridden populace. If a populace though is “Saturn aware” and each person knows their role and purpose. Each aware of their unique to them duty – well, such a person would be less influenced by fear-mongering. And certainly, would be more aware of what of all the racket is relevant to them or not. Some Saturnians who have worked especially hard all these years though will accomplish much under these auspices with their laborious efforts. But this is for the Capricornian crowd and may not be for you. If you are not one of the Saturnian players, you must look to your Saturn for your part on the world stage.

We all have Saturn in our charts. And this is the best time to get a grip on that. Whatever house your Saturn is in is what you came here to “master” in this lifetime. And whatever house Saturn rules is the stage you will act it out on. Now, how cool is it that you can know from your astrology chart, out of all possible things you can do, what your soul wanted you to be good at?

Now with this retrograde you can pause and reassess and reconsider what your real-life world responsibilities are. What are your soul lessons and gifts? Take time now to integrate and absorb the lessons of your journey. Do an audit of how well you have fared in actualizing your Saturnian gift and purpose.

Also, look at your North Node, the house and the planetary ruler’s placement and house. The North Node will give you even more information on what you are here to do and where you are going.

Great time to realign.

I suggest you all find out for yourselves what that is. Otherwise you may all fall into a hypnotic trance of the Capricorn dance. And it may not even be your tune.

Good luck!