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Should you talk to your kids about money? Study shows they know your secrets

North Carolina State University published a study that finds parents should make an effort to talk with their children about money. The paper, “Money Matters: Children’s Perceptions of Parent-Child Financial Disclosure,” published in the online journal Communication Research Reports, was authored by Dr. Lynsey Romo, an assistant professor of communication at NC State and Dr. …

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UC Berkeley Neuroengineers consultants on movie ‘Transcendence’ with Johnny Depp

In an April 18, 2014, UC Berkeley press release, “Neuroengineers bring science cred, Berkeley feel to ‘Transcendence’ film” Sally Yang tells how and why Berkeley’s top research scientists became technical consultants for the new film, “Transcendence” which stars Johnny Depp in the role of the scientist, Will Caster. Director Wally Pfister, who won an Oscar …

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The future of commuting: Fly to work in a mini eco-friendly Citycopter

Fly Citycopter is new urban aerial vehicle designed by Eduardo Galvani Photo courtesy of : Eduardo Galvani @ View all 11 photos From the ancient Greek Icarus to the Wright brothers our desire to fly has inspired some of our greatest scientific, cultural and political achievements. Now though with our urban population explosion and …

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Fashion alert: Scientists say hipster beards may soon go out of style

Subject displaying the four levels of beard Barnaby J. Dixson University of New South Wales Men are sprouting beards everywhere. Did the economic crisis have something to do with it? Are razor blades and shaving foam too expensive? Is this just another hot indie rocker hipster trend? Scientists are saying that it may not be …

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Astrology Education 101: Where can I get lessons and a degree in astrology?

For those of you interested in lessons, classes, intensive study with courses leading to a degree in astrological studies from an accredited astrology college or school, the following are the top educational institutions. It isn’t necessary to obtain a degree in order to benefit from personal astrological studies, but those of you considering a professional …

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