10 Neville Goddard "Manifesting" Techniques and Variations

10 Neville Goddard “Manifesting” Techniques and Variations

What are Neville Goddard’s Techniques?

Besides basic SATS, revision, “I remember when”, congratulations and eavesdropping, here are a few alternates and/or variations on those basic techniques.

1.The Get Pregnant and Leave it Alone Technique

“He Dreams in Me”

Q:  Neville, last Friday you told us about how you had taken appointments in New York, you’d take one case and then go to the next, did you have any specific technique other than what you’ve already taught us?

A:  No, I find that if I would take any request, give my undivided attention to the one who is defining for me in words what he wants, and then assume to the best of my ability that he has what he desires; and then turn—instead of dwelling upon it, wondering how is it going to work after the horrible story that he told me about himself, then he tells me he wants this, that and the other, and I’m thinking of a thousand things and it’s all disturbing—by turning to another I drop him completely and pay no further attention to that state, then I am keeping the sabbath relative to him. For the sabbath is not a day of twenty-four hours. It is not any day or Saturday or Sunday or anything else that the churches keep alive. The sabbath is that moment of rest when the mind is undisturbed, having done the work. And so, he worked and judged everything good. It’s all subjective. So he saw everything that he had done and it was very good, and then the Lord rested. So the 7th day is the sabbath of the Lord and in it man should not do any work. But if God and man are one, well then, do it as the Lord does it. As you’re told, be imitators of God as dear children. Well, if this is how he does it, he calls a thing that is not seen as though it were and then the unseen becomes seen, well then, imitate him. But try to keep the sabbath. The sabbath is that interval of time where you are completely undisturbed.

I was thinking of this sabbath going to New York in May and thinking about two titles. I thought, well now, the word sabbath is not an appealing title for people because it means…well, they go to church on Sunday or they go to church on Saturday and so what. Who’s going to talk about the sabbath? I said to my wife, and I meant it at the moment, quite seriously, she thought it was a joke. I said, “No, I’m not kidding. You put down mystical pregnancy or a creative pregnancy, but get the word pregnancy in it ___(??).” It’s a pregnant state…so that you create, it’s a creative act, and the sabbath is part of the creative act. And so, I create it in my mind’s eye, I see it clearly, and get the emotional thrill, the explosion that comes with the creative act, only it’s done subjectively, and then you keep the sabbath. Well, the sabbath is that interval of pregnancy. And what do you do to aid pregnancy? Leave it alone. Any attempt on your part to aid it will bring about a mental miscarriage. Just leave it alone. It comes in its own good time into the world. So I simply call it a creative pregnancy. And so, if I just take it this way and then drop it completely, and then turn to another, and then drop it, in the same light vein, each then becomes a creative act.

I do not know anything else that I could tell you. I have no secrets. Every time I take the platform I give you all that I have for the moment. I have no special classes that I could give you more than I do for you to discuss. Some people come out of the nowhere, that you never thought of before or for the moment you’ve forgotten, but that doesn’t mean you have a secret. I tell it all.

2. The Broken Telephone Technique

Test Yourself (1967)

Now, repent means “a radical change of attitude”—why?—towards anything in this world that we either dislike or would like to change. A radical change on our part should produce a corresponding change in the outer world. Now, examine yourselves to see whether you are holding to the faith, are you doing it? In the course of an hour you have unnumbered opportunities to test whether you are holding to the faith. You see a headline, a telephone call, the morning’s mail, the daily paper, all these are suggesting unlovely, horrible things to you. You accept them as fact. Because, you will say these are now facts, the paper has now printed the facts of life, just the fact. A friend calls you on the phone and pours out all the bilge in the world, what they don’t want and what is happening to them that they dislike, not mentioning anything positive, all that’s poured out. And so you listen and you…all that’s coming in. If you understand this law, that imagining creates reality, you should, while seemingly listening on that phone as it’s coming through, like a computer, change everything that is coming through. So at the end all you would have to do is to now do it positively, and listen now for the ring and come through…and hear what as you changed it did come through.

Now, let me give you a story. The lady is here tonight. I will tell three of her stories, based upon this technique. She said, “I have found my telephone technique infallible. It never fails, but never fails. A friend of mine wanted to take an examination in the courts to be a reporter, a court stenotype reporter. As she mentioned it to me, she filled me with all kinds of reasons why she could never pass. There were nine reasons that she gave. As I heard her, I changed everything I heard as it was coming through, but everything. When it was all over, all that I had to do is now listen for the ring. I heard the phone ring, all in my Imagination, and then I heard what I had brought to a head as I changed and revised the entire conversation, that she had passed.

So tonight, you can take this simple, simple principle and start with words of Paul, the 5th verse of the 13th chapter of [2nd] Corinthians, “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are holding to the faith.” Now, when you are satisfied that you are, well now, test yourself. Tomorrow morning’s mail will bring good news or maybe not so good news. Now, put yourself to the test. Don’t call the party up and say, “You should not have written this letter,” and do anything about that one…that is simply coming your way. Now you revise it and change it completely. The telephone rings and you simply are not listening to all the stuff that’s coming through, the nonsense, and you’re hearing only what you want to hear. When it’s all over, as the lady said to me in her letter, “I then sit quietly and listen for the phone. I have it ring in my Imagination and then I hear what I should have heard before. Then I drop it. If I should think of it in the future, I will repeat that process of hearing it ring and only what I want to hear.” And she said, “Neville, it is infallible. It just cannot fail…this telephone technique.” So I pass it on to you.

As Fawcett said, “The secret of imagining is the greatest of all problems to the solution of which the mystic aspires. For supreme power, supreme wisdom, supreme delight lie in the solution of this far off mystery.” So I ask all to share in the search for the solution of this mystery. Now, she has contributed this night her discovery and she calls it her telephone technique using. And she uses the word revision, “I revise.” Well now, the Bible uses that word differently

3. Abdullah’s Sit in the Hall Technique

The Secret of Praying

When I was with my old friend Abdullah…I would have an exercise. And daily I would sit in New York City where we lived in this apartment for fourteen years, almost fourteen. In the living room you could not see the hallway towards the telephone. I’m seated in my easy chair in the living room. I would assume that I was seated at the chair at the telephone. And so assume it that I would actually, in my mind’s eye, I couldn’t see the living room and that I couldn’t see myself seated there. I could see it in my mind’s eye only. I had to think, “Well, now, he’s in the chair.” I so made myself sit here at the telephone that I could not and I wouldn’t let myself see the chair. Then I would feel myself back into the chair. Then go back to the telephone, go back to the chair, and try this feeling of changing in motion.

May I tell you, it’s very, very helpful, you get loose as it were. And the day will come that you will think of something and then all of a sudden the very act of imagining will detach you from this dark garment and you will be exactly where you are imagining. So much so you will be seen by one who is there…you will actually be seen. I have had that experience, where I would imagine myself elsewhere and someone present at the time saw me. Then they were startled not to see me there physically, because they saw me as something physical.

Every dream has a single jet of truth, so when you read the story we see the necessity of persistency in prayer until you master it. When you master it, the most effective prayer in the world is “Thank you, Father,” the most effective prayer in the world, after mastery. But until mastery then there is a technique. And persistency is like an art. You must practice any art in this world. First you must find a good method and try to find the best method. When you’ve found it, then it requires daily practice, any art in this world. If you don’t practice, well, then you become rusty. So find a good method first and then practice.

After you’ve practiced you’ll find it so easy that it’s automatic, all through the day. And it’s simply one of thanksgiving, “Thank you, Father!” For the most effective prayer recorded in scripture we’ll read in the 11th chapter of John, when he gave thanks to his Father: “Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. For thou always hearest me” (verse 41).

Now, here tonight, we’ll take a technique of prayer and show you how it works.

Now, how do I do it? Now, you listen carefully. It’s a simple technique, but it will take practice on your part to master it…yet it’s simple. When I have a desire…now that’s my desire, I know exactly what I want—I’m pointing directly at it—that’s my desire. I’m pointing…so, to point, the true direction. I’m thinking of it when I have desire. But now I must transform it from thinking of to thinking from. I stand here and all doors are open to me if I walk with my Imagination as my companion. My Imagination is really my companion. I speak of my Imagination until finally I know I am what I formerly called my Imagination. But in the beginning, man still speaks of my Imagination, it’s all your Imagination, it’s all so and so. So I could say…it’s like my hand, you can amputate my hand. You can’t amputate my Imagination. Amputate my arms, my legs, all kinds of parts of my body. You can’t amputate my Imagination, for you can’t step on me. That’s the eternal self. But to make it practical, I would say, that all doors are open in this world to the one who walks with Imagination as his companion.

I’ll show you what I mean. I stand here and I desire to go elsewhere. Name it. I say New York City. But time will not allow it, and maybe finances would not allow it, maybe my commitments will not allow it. But I do desire to go to New York City. While standing here I dare to assume that I am, right now, in New York City. That act of assumption is a departure from this body of darkness…the very act of assumption. I assume that I am in New York City. Well, were I in New York City I would think of those I know here and love here, wouldn’t I? Well then, if I think of them, where are they? Down the street, over here in the hills, or are they 3,000 miles away from where I am standing? If I am in New York City, then anyone I think of in this area that I know would have to be relative to where I’m assuming that I am. That’s my test. Have I really succeeded in moving towards New York City?

Now the word prayer means, literally, “motion towards, accession to, at or in the vicinity of.”

4. The Walk in “Faith Not Sight” Technique

The Bible is Addressed to the Imagination

What was, when I first came there, Sixth Avenue is now called the Avenue of the Americas. You wouldn’t know where you are, because that was not something…it didn’t exist. So now, that’s how I walk by sight. When I walk by sight I know my way by objects that my eye sees.

Now how do I walk as Paul said he walked and invites us all to walk? He said, “I walk by faith, not by sight.” When I walk by faith, I order my life by objects that only my Imagination sees, that’s all, when I know where I want to go. Where do I want to go? I want to go to the top of his particular business. I want to be promoted from where I am to where I want to be. Well now, how do I rearrange the structure of my mind? I can’t rearrange the structure of the outside physically, that doesn’t help me. But if I walk by faith, I will now walk by a rearrangement of the structure of my mind, all the things of my mind, and so set them up that that’s all that I see. I must now remain faithful to this state.

Now he makes another observation, he said, “This is the one thing I do.” Well, if it is the one thing I do, I should read it over and over and over. What is the one thing that he does? This is in his letter to the Philippians, the 3rd chapter, “But the one thing I do, forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead” (verse 13). Now, you name it. He had his goal. So that was his, but you need not have such a high goal. You can have any goal in this world…a business beyond the wildest dream of man. There is not a thing that did not begin in the Imagination. No matter what it is, whether it’s the highest political position in our world, the greatest financial structure of the world, all things begin in the human Imagination. Because there’s only God and God and man’s own wonderful human Imagination are one.

If they differ, and they do, it’s only in the degree of intensity, that’s all. Keyed low as we are, well then, we have to either walk by sight or walk by Imagination. We may falter in Imagination. Walking by sight is easy, because we know things are fairly stable. They are not going to be rearranged suddenly overnight so that you may lose your way tomorrow morning when you come out and turn in one direction through habit to find the building isn’t there and you’re completely lost. But if I walk by faith, I now order my objects in my mind’s eye, as these are ordered here to my physical eye, and then I walk in that manner.

So we see the same thing, but we see it differently. So I either live by faith or I live by sight. If I want to live by sight, well then, let me be just simply an automaton and accept everything that happens; and if I fight from now to the ends of time to change it, I will not change it. I will change it only as I begin to live by faith. So I walk in faith and not by sight. That’s what we are told.

5. Fish For a Million Dollars Technique

The Real Man (1965)

So I say, everyone here you can prove it now. If this is not true you can disprove it in twenty-four hours. You can’t disprove what I’ll tell you later, but you can disprove the power, just in twenty-four hours. How would I disprove it?

Well, here is one…he writes me a letter, I got it yesterday morning…I don’t see him here tonight…he said, “I went to bed as I always do thinking of nothing in particular, and then I said, ‘What am I doing? I have gone to Neville, I have his books, I believe him, but I don’t apply what he teaches. So I’m going fishing, but literally fishing.” He’s a member of club that’s called The Gun (and something else) Club, The Gun and something Club. I’m not familiar with these clubs, for I’m not a joiner, but he’s a member of a club where it’s called by some other hunting name, and he was going out fishing. Well, you cannot unless you bring back at least a six-and-a-half pound trout even be mentioned among the members. Well, he wanted to be the biggest aspidistra of them all. So in his Imagination he puts himself into this stream where he’s fishing…and he calls it the silver head trout. So ___(??) goes with the crowd. No one is catching anything, but he caught one. It was only about six pounds and a little boy caught one that was something like almost nine pounds. Well, he threw his line in again…all in his Imagination, and before he went to this place he’d done it in his Imagination. And one little hook, and he thought he held some kind of a piece of timber. But it wasn’t, it began to move and it buried itself, and he waded out to his waist and disengaged his hook, and here was a twelve-and-a-half pound trout, the biggest thing the club has ever had. All in his Imagination he did it first.

Now he goes out. He may forget it from that moment on…he’d be so lost in his twelve-and-a-half pound trout. He never tried to catch twelve thousand dollars. He never tried to catch a million dollars. You can catch anything in this world…they’re all fish…everything is fish in this world, but everything in the world just like that. But he thought, “Alright, I’ll try it, I’ll try it tonight,” so he tried it. And the very next day he goes out and he brings back his twelve-and-a-half pound trout, and a length beyond anything this club had ever received. I say, he may go sound asleep once more and completely forget the creative power that is his own wonderful human Imagination that is Jesus Christ.

6. The Breathe Explosion Inhalation Technique

The Womb of the Universe (1965)

So I think of you, and I imagine anything in this world about you, and I set in motion by that act a vortex. The vortex in this world is gathering density to make itself apparent to the world.

So I bring before my mind’s eye you or others and imagine you as I would like you to be. Then I try to find out how I set it in motion, by speculating, by experimenting. And I found one little thing that I’ll share with you and you’ll find it very, very successful. We are told, to make it alive he breathed into it. Well, if I breathe into something you may think I’m exhaling, wouldn’t you? It’s just the opposite. He breathed into it and it became something alive, a living soul. But it’s not breathing into something outside of himself, because God can’t get outside of himself. It’s inhalation in which you breathe. You don’t exhale, you inhale. So you think of someone and you get yourself worked up to a certain state—-just like the creative act—and when you bring them to a certain pitch within yourself, then a deep inhalation. At that moment every atom of your body tingles and you feel as though something has gone out of you. Then you’ll know the words, “Don’t touch me, for I perceive virtue has gone out of me” (Luke 8:46). Something alive seems to go out at that moment when you bring it right straight to a certain focus, and then with one deep inhalation you explode your whole body. Now, what do you do after that? Nothing! That is a self-impregnation. There is nothing, as he saw, nothing but himself. He was the womb of the universe. All these things he saw taking place here and the whole “here” was contained within himself, so where could he go? He can’t go outside of himself. So then Blake said: “All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your Imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow” (Jer., Plt.71).

So here, you look at it and you breathe with a certain rhythm. Try it, experiment, costs you nothing. Then when you reach a certain apex of intensity—just like a creative act, that explosion is from within—you inhale deeply. That one deep inhalation explodes your entire body, and everything tingles. And you have no desire, just like a creative act, to repeat it, it’s done. And just like a creative act you leave it just as it is, for that’s pregnancy now. Just let it unfold in its own wonderful way. You can do nothing about it. You try it; try it just like that, for that’s how it works.

7. Time Exposure Technique (Set Up For the Taking a Picture Technique)

Believe in Him (1965)

Now let me use just a little imagery. I wouldn’t ask you to take it literally, but I related it to my world. I think everyone in our world, this fabulous land of America, or say the Western world, at some time owned a little camera. I know I did, a little Brownie. Everyone at some time either owned one or experienced the experience of having a photograph taken. And so, here we have this silly little thing. Well, many years ago, it struck me forcibly that I would relate my mind to a sensitized film that I would set up in a time-exposure before an imaginal event. But you don’t need much time, you simply focus what you want to take and you set it up in a time-exposure. Well, a time-exposure isn’t going to take more than a second or two seconds at the most. But you set it up and then there’s a way of taking it. Then you take it. Strangely enough this kind of camera is always loaded. You don’t buy the film, you don’t send it off to be developed, it cost you nothing, it simply produces results. It simply develops all that you take and projects it on the screen of space. And there you have a three-dimensional picture in moving, moving dramas in your world just based upon what you’re taking.

So I liken my mind to a sensitized film, which I would set up in a time-exposure before an imaginal event. I could tell you what I’m going to focus and what I would take. Then I discovered how it would do it. I found a great secret concerning feeling. I tried all kinds of things and found that this peculiar thing worked. I would simply get myself as I looked at my picture that I wanted to take and I would breathe and breathe and breathe, in and out; and finally I got more and more excited, as though the thing was becoming more sensitized. Then I found that as I looked at it and made one deep inhalation, I exploded. The only word I can find to describe the sensation, that every little atom of my being exploded, from my head to my toes, my fingers, everything. Then I had no desire to repeat that performance. It seemed to relieve me, a sense of release possessed me, so that I used last Tuesday night an expression, “Of all the pleasures of the world, relief is the most keenly felt.” I discovered that you feel it and you have no desire to repeat it; and then time develops it, and projects it, and it comes to pass.

So I discovered that all that was written about me is true: There is no other savior. You can bring yourself out of poverty into whatever you consider to be wealth, and that’s a relative term. You may not desire a million dollars; you may desire, say, a hundred thousand dollars. That may seem to you enormous security, alright, if it does, that’s it. If ten thousand would make it, that’s it. I don’t care what it is. You take the picture, leave it alone, and then the whole vast world convulses and moves towards bringing to birth this picture. You may not like many things that are going to happen between taking the picture and the birth or the projection of that picture in three dimensions, but you took it, good, bad or indifferent.

Now, if this night seated here, or when you go home, you can actually set up something you want to photograph, set it up in the mind’s eye. You know it costs you nothing. And let me remind you the camera is loaded, you didn’t buy the film, and that wonderful film is very sensitive and all you have to practice is how to take the picture. If you spoil a thousand films it makes no difference, it’s always loaded. If you spoil unnumbered, it doesn’t make any difference. We are here to practice how to take these pictures, and so take them that they will develop and project themselves as three-dimensional objects in our world.

8. The Falling Technique

Occupant or Inmate (1966)

So are we occupants or inmates? Am I an occupant? Then I should be able to move wherever I want to. But I usually go back to the same place night after night. But suppose tonight I desire to be other than what I am. Will I sleep as though I am what reason tells me I am, or will I sleep this night as though I am the man I would like to be? If I dare to fall into that state and sleep, and then carry it into dream so that it is the natural state, and then day after day that’s where I dwell in consciousness, well then, the whole vast world must take on the atmosphere of that state, it must. There is no power in the world that can stop it! I don’t have to ask anyone to help me. I simply fall into the state, but this time I do it knowingly, not unwittingly as we all do

While we are here on earth wearing these masks that hide us, we can apply this marvelous principle, not only for ourselves but for everyone. So like the lady who calls me all the time that they don’t like her, when I hang up I still must do what she asks of me…to have them like her. “Lord, how long, how long?” “Seventy times seven,” until you do it. That’s all there is to it. Until you so put her into the state of being wanted and loved that she remains and occupies that state, you just keep on doing it. That’s what I’m told. Never give up and turn and discard it as something hopeless. It is not hopeless…only if you give up. How long, my Lord, must I do it? If some brother sins against me, how often must I forgive him? “Seventy times seven.” Four hundred and ninety times? No, until I actually do it, that’s what he means. When I really succeed in putting him into the state where it is his dwelling place, he occupies it, and the world reflects it. He dwells in that state and the world sees him as that being and now he is happy in that state. Only then can you relax. He turned to you, didn’t he? Well, if he turned to you, is there another in the world? There can’t be another: God is one. So the one who turns to you, is it not yourself? Is it not yourself made visible? It is yourself extended, and you want that changed, all right, and you do it—if the phone rings forever—until that one occupies the state they desire.

Yes, we are human enough to say, oh, my Lord, when Lord, when will they remain in the state into which I have put them? So they get a job right after they have been fired, a marvelous job, and they all love me. You relax, and the phone rings a week later, “They’re all talking about me.” No matter what you say, “It is all in your Imagination,” they go right back into it. All you can do is not to complain…“Lord, how often? Seventy times seven”…keep on doing it…it’s good for you. You do it over and over and all of a sudden it jells, and then they remain in that state. It is yourself made visible and you can’t discard any being in this world. It is not your Father’s pleasure that one be lost, why?—because he’s in everyone. Because he’s in me, he can’t lose me. Were he not in me and only in you, then he could discard me…but he can’t because he dwells in me and you. Therefore, he can’t discard any being in the world. But because he’s one, then bear one another’s burdens. And everyone who is asking for help, do it even if they can’t see immediate results and it seems hopeless. There is nothing hopeless…it is only a state…everything is a state in this world. And when you see the state, you stand amazed. They are all human. Strangely enough every state I’ve ever seen is personified—hope, love, faith—all personified.

So tonight learn how to move. Move from one state into another state. And it takes no time, just the willingness to let go completely. You cannot serve two masters; you either believe me or you don’t. He who is with me then he is not against me. He said, you are either with me or against me. And so burn your bridges and completely abandon yourself to a state. It seems mad, doesn’t it? Sleep this night as though you were exactly the person you want to be.

So tonight try it. Try this simple little technique, a falling. You can feel it. Sit quietly, so you won’t physically fall and hurt yourself, get on the bed and try to get the feeling of falling backwards, knowing where you’re going to go. Don’t fall into just any state…you are going to fall into security. Let yourself go. Don’t open your eyes because you feel yourself falling, let yourself go. You won’t die, no, not really die. Weren’t you told that by the serpent, not really die? So you fall and fall right into a state and you’ll find it natural to get into it, natural to be in that state. And then from then on you’ll find yourself returning to it more constantly, and the state to which we most constantly return constitutes our dwelling place.

So “Where do you dwell Lord? Come and see.” And you move. If I say come and see, you’re going to move. Everything remains just as it is unless man moves. This world will remain completely what it is until I move. If I move the slightest little way and look at the same room, I see it from a different angle, so I see it differently. So don’t hail anyone as a great important person and don’t put anyone down. They are only in states, though they don’t know it. The majority knows nothing of what you’ve heard. But as you are told, “Thank you, Father, that you hid these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them unto babes; for such was thy gracious pleasure” (Mat.11:25). You aren’t going to find it in books or by scientific research. You hear it right from one who experienced it, and you either believe it or you don’t believe it. If you believe it, you can test it.

Q: How do you get around the fear of height and falling?

A: Lie on your bed and know you are there. Then you can induce a sensation of falling while you can’t physically. If the garment is secure—you don’t want to fall and be injured—then in your Imagination have the feeling of falling into the most glorious state.

Reason will tell you your body is secure, it won’t fall, then let yourself go. What can go but your wonderful immortal, eternal Imagination, that’s all. Just let yourself go.

9. For Those Who Can’t Meditate or Dramatize Technique

My Husband

So in this interval we are all concerned, horribly concerned. And we find out certain techniques by which we can realize our objectives. Then comes the whole thing pounding in on us again, not only our individual lives but the lives of those we love…a telephone call, the morning’s mail, or just a contact. And you don’t want them to go through the struggle, and so you wonder why can’t things be just as they ought to be as you see them, as all things are crowding in on you. This is called the day of the Lord, the day of darkness, not the day of light.

If you don’t take Jesus Christ to bed with you as though you were he, well then, you will take the limited being called Neville, John, Mary, any other being in this world. Then I tell you “I have been crucified with Christ”…and in his letter to the Colossians, “You have died and your life is hid with Christ, and when Christ appears you appear with him in glory.”

So here, everyone this night…and may I tell you from experience…you try it. When you go to bed tonight—it may seem arrogant, it may seem blasphemous—no matter how wonderful you are in this world, forget it! All the honors of this world, all the possessions of this world are as nothing; that when you are really one with this being you own the world.

Now let me share with you a simple, simple technique. It’s very simple for those who cannot meditate more than a matter of seconds, more than a matter of moments, and can’t dramatize anything, this works like a charm. You sit quietly, close your eyes, turn your attention only into your skull, from the outside into your skull. In a little while, with practice…it may not come the first day…but I don’t think it will take too long before suddenly your skull and all the dark convolutions of the brain will begin to grow luminous, and you will see golden liquid clouds forming all over your head. And while in this state think of anyone in this world, but anyone, and when you think of them think of them with empathy. Not sympathy, empathy. Bring them into your mind’s eye and rejoice with them because of their good fortune. Empathize, don’t sympathize. Sympathizing is the acceptance of their lack whatever it is. If they are unwell and you feel sorry for them, you only reinforce what they seem to be to you. If they are in need and you sympathize, you are simply accepting that limitation and make it all the more real in your world. Learn to actually bring to pass through empathy whatever would give you joy concerning them. Empathize! Try it. Sitting in a quiet, simple way, not bursting one blood vessel, not making any physical effort to do anything, just simply losing yourself in the joy of the other’s good fortune. Try that. But always do it in empathy. If you do it in empathy, you’re doing it in love. You cannot empathize with another and not be in love…you can’t do it. Therefore, you are doing the right thing.

So tonight, when you retire (and I would not mislead you, I assure you), when you retire change your identity. Though you have not yet had the experience of the resurrection and the birth from above, speaking from experience, I tell you, you are going to be resurrected in that wonderful skull of yours, called Golgotha. You alone will be born. And if, as told in scripture, we are born from above through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and you and you alone are resurrected when you are resurrected, and only Jesus Christ is resurrected, then you must be he. So before you have the experience, believe it, and therefore begin to identify yourself with him. Don’t wait for the experience but identify yourself with him now and share the power that is Christ before you have the experience of the resurrection and the birth from above.

10. The Be Annoyed Technique

Be Master of the Mood

But here, on this mastery of moods, it is so important that you actually observe yours and use anything to get out of a bad mood, but anything at all. If you want to use an irritation, like you’re in a long line waiting to put in a huge big check, use it as an irritant if that is going to get you out of the mood of want into the mood of affluence. Because if you can deposit a huge big check and annoyance goes with it, just be annoyed. Not a thing wrong with that. And so you want to have it painted and you can’t afford it, and then you put your hands on wet paint and you get annoyed, then put your hand mentally on wet paint and get annoyed. And so, he has that quirk. And so, he’s creative and yet maybe he needs that peculiar quirk of negation to spur his Imagination to create, maybe he does. But if you can use that…that’s a contribution of that to each who will accept it…to bring here and share with me what they did. And then you can use that and apply that to business. If something annoys you in business, it’s so big that you didn’t have time to handle it, would something annoy you? If the oil for ___(??) that you could fill, well, then get annoyed. It’s far better that way than not have any oil. And so, you take this and apply it wisely. It’s a simple, simple technique.

10 Neville Goddard "Manifesting" Techniques and Variations
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10 Neville Goddard "Manifesting" Techniques and Variations
The Neville Goddard Techniques. SATS, revision, "I remember when", congratulations and eavesdropping, here are a few alternates and/or variations on those basic techniques.